8 Signs You’Ve Had An Out Of Body Experience. What It’S Like To Have One

What happens during an out of body experience? What are the signs and symptoms? Some people will only have an out of body experience once in a lifetime, others more. It usually happens under unusual circumstances such as illness, extreme fatigue or stress. We may experience strange sensations and then find ourselves moving around, leaving our body behind resting on the bed. Here are some signs that the weird experience you had, that felt like your consciousness left your body, may have been an out of body experience.

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greetings my dears in love and light what it’s like to have an out of body experience now out of body experience is another term for one of those things that happens on your spiritual path or might cause you a spiritual awakening if it happens to you spontaneously now so I class and others class an out of body experience as where you feel that the soul or consciousness has left the body and it’s exploring usually the earthly realms of this planet or maybe other realities but it happens in sort of a dreamlike state but you feel like it’s real so it happens when you’ve become unconscious when you’ve fallen asleep where you feel like you fallen asleep so astral projection it can be done when you’re meditating and you’ve lowered your brainwaves and you’re in a very relaxed state you’re right there in the Thetis stays close to sleep but not quite and the same with remote viewing that storm while you’re conscious but in a relaxed state now an out of body experience you tend to lose consciousness you leave your physical body behind so this is what it’s like to have an out of body experience number one you’re unconscious so you may have laid down to go to sleep or you may have meditated and fallen asleep and then you find yourself out of body it’s kind of like being in a dream but not because it’s very vivid and seems very real and when you wake up you feel like you were out of body rather than classically in a dream it’s not so fuzzy it’s a lot clearer I forgot this extremely important point this is what it feels like to have an out of body experience at number one be oftentimes and this happens to me vibrations are felt it can be like a buzzing feeling experienced all over the body especially focused in the head for me it stops and starts before I lose consciousness again it’s felt like a vibration a shaking or an intense buzzing that you have little or no control over in fact it can be a bit arrey the first time or the first couple of times it happens number two you view your surroundings and they seem real so in an out of body experience you could find yourself walking through your house but look down and you don’t have a body or you have sort of a ghost of a body and you’ve left your actual physical body behind physical we use that term loosely and you’re walking through your house or you’re seeing other people in your house and they can’t see you or you leave your house or it might be in hospital and you’re walking around or you actually explore other realities too so like a portal might open up or you might find yourself in space so you might find yourself on another planet you might shoot to another location because space is just an illusion see my video on space being an illusion as in distance and find yourself somewhere else so it’s your unconscious and your walking around or flying on a house I’ll get to in a moment but you feel like the surroundings you’re seeing all very real like literally as real as looking at them number three as I touched on there’s a sense of leaving your physical body behind now you might come out of your body and turn around and see it see it lying on the bed seeing it lying on the hospital bed sit lying on the beach having a nap and then you may or may not see your body but there’s a sense of being free of this and being lighter and being able to do what you wouldn’t normally do like walking through things number four you might find yourself flying or floating now the laws of this third density physical reality don’t apply because your out of body your consciousness is left for a bit so you might see yourself floating feel yourself floating turn around you’re floating above your body and gets a bit of a surprise or you might start flying you might suddenly find yourself become aware while you’re floating over the city flying over the city I’ve had many clients explain to me their out of body experiences and they might be walking down the road they might be flying over there city they might be flying over the countryside or whatever they’re always unconscious it’s very varied very real and they become aware gosh I shouldn’t actually be flying this isn’t quite right but it feels natural to them and if I already mentioned they could fly through objects or walk through objects and go where they will number five you tend to be snapped back to your body so when it’s time to go back you will suddenly find yourself in your body you don’t have to travel back or anything with astral projection or remote viewing it’s the same thing with remote viewing you’re not leaving your body you’ll see another part of creation with an out of body experience you often feel like you’ve been snapped back in there or sometimes there’s an entity that says what are you doing here get back in your body I’ve had that a few times because you’re just in a state that you’re not really supposed to be in when you’re in dream time your consciousness is a way doing all sorts of things and everybody everybody is like that in dream time you come back with these memories you’ve translated into earthly terms and that’s why they can sometimes seem really strange now you’re in a state where your consciousness is very aware of this earthly reality most the time they’re experienced in this earthly reality and you’re literally wandering around in a conscious state that you wouldn’t normally be in and that’s why it’s like it seems strange to people and that’s why it’s given its own term of being an out of body experience so sometimes you’ll encounter an entity or consciousness maybe a spirit guide or something saying hey stop it get back number six people are often able to describe events or experiences or things that are said when they’re having an out of body experience if they’re having an out of body experience within a hospital for example they might be able to describe a conversation that a nurse is having or if they’re having an out of body experience while they’re at home they might be able to describe what’s a sibling is talking about on the phone and in another room when they wouldn’t normally be able to hear they can bring back information about other places and draw pictures of of monuments or places they’ve visited so information can be brought back and then good validation proof is gained number seven some people have these out of body experiences more than others some people sort of suddenly find themselves having one and that’s usually the case they’re kind of hard to be brought on it’s hard to bring them on now some people will feel like they’ve gone to sleep and suddenly find themselves having it or some people will have it more than others it’s just if you’re meditating a lot in your third eye is quite active and it’s your intention to do these things it will probably happen more everyone’s different like some people more psychic than others some people can communicate with spirits but a lot better than others some people are clairaudient others not some people can hold objects and feel energies from them some people are empathic all of these things everyone’s different and we all have these abilities to some degree even if it’s a very small degree but some people just find themselves out of body a lot but others may never do and number eight they’re usually a bit unpredictable out of body experiences are a bit unpredictable because just like the dream state you can’t usually create a dream with too much ease now it can be done and if the intent is there as I mentioned if you’re telling the subconscious you want to do something it’s much more likely to manifest it’s for you so that you can program the subconscious through repetition and emotion and visualization but repetition would be key in this case so you could meditate before bed and say to yourself have an out of body experience always in the present tense always positive have an out of body experience you can say please if you like and you’re more likely to have fun if you program the subconscious mind then you’ll go to sleep and then hopefully have one then as I say they need to be held in an unconscious state or in a trance state if you meditate and get into a trance state you can see my video on trance if you like but usually it happens when you fall asleep accidentally falling asleep or a purpose now when you’ve programmed the subconscious mind have an out of body experience that may not happen that night it may not happen for a few days sometimes the subconscious its timing is a little bit wonky and you might have to wait a few days or program yourself for a few days so that was what it’s like to have an out of body experience and some advice on how to have one so leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve had an out of body experience and what happened to you and we can get the conversation going in the comments section because then we can help each other can’t we and don’t forget to click Subscribe if you’re not already a subscriber and hit that Bell button to get notifications because we’re raising the mass vibration together so go now in love and peace ..


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  • Had a crazy one.
    It was during a semi conscious state, after a nap.
    I was lying in my room, and could see my room, but there was a colourful kaleidoscope tunnel to my top left field of vision.
    I knew if I looked into the kaleidoscope/light tunnel, I would rise into it.
    When I went into it I was fully autonomous and saw different beings and locations/ was present for different scenarios.
    I was able to leave the other ‘realms’ at any time, (on a whim, if i didn’t like where I was) and fall back into my physical body. When I was back in my body, I could still see the tunnel and I kept going out of my body, by looking into it, then falling back, then back in etc. I did this over a period of hours. A lot more happened but it’s too much to write!

    On the final time that I rose up out of my body, I didn’t enter the tunnel and Instead I floated in my room. But I was also in my body- I had the distinct experience of being in two places at once, behind two pairs of eyes, with two bodies.
    I lifted my physical body’s arm and it was heavy, and I then lifted my other floating body’s arm and it was weightless. It was mind blowing to exist in two places simultaneously.
    And also to have so much control in coming in and out of my physical body.