Are Christian Spiritual Travel And Astral Projection Different?

There is much debate about whether there is a difference between “Christian Spiritual travel” and astral projection. In this video, I provide testimonies of both and allow you to decide for yourself.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.


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  • Why are people doing this????? When did this become part of the scope of the Christian walk of holiness/righteousness?????

  • The Bible does speak about people traveling in the spirit, although not frequently but it was the Holy Spirit doing it. Traveling by our own will sounds like crossing the line to the other group. It’s not Scriptural.

  • The difference is that Astral Projection is Voluntary, this is Witchcraft.
    Christian Spirit Travel is involuntary. Which is from God.

  • There IS a Silver Cord! I have only experienced this once in my life.. at the time of my husbands passing! We were young! Very much in love & I was 6months pregnant with my oldest son (who will be 50 this year)!.We were with another couple on Labor Day. When we reached the beach.. I had an ominous feeling that he should not go in!! I even plead with him. The surf was rough & choppy! Very threatening! I even kissed him before he went in the water! IIt wasn’t more than 5 mins before in got into trouble!! Our friend swam over & tried to get him out but he was too heavy! (He had an Awesome build!, very strong..but dead weight)! We were All upset! Our friend was beside himself because he had to let him go! Of course.. I was hysterical! I would not leave the beach.. hoping he would show up!!After hours.. a man who had a beach house (Forbes of Forbes Candy) let us go there until the authorities came. I couldn’t Even speak! I was in Shock!! I laid down in the back of the car as we traveled home a few hours away! The house was filled with people when I got there (this was my husbands parents townhouse)..I was still in Shock & couldn’t talk! & didn’t even acknowledge any of those (Sweet & Kind) people! After 3 Days.. in bed.. crying, weeping.. (this was my husbands room).. I was lying down on the bed. Inhad a dream that my husband was on the moon (inside) on the operating table!! (Weird)! Anyway.. right after that.. I saw a Silver Cord (that looked like a Beam of Light SNAP!! From my head.. Soul, Spirit?.. You know how the Bible says that “the two will become One flesh?” I think at that moment when the Silver Cord snapped..(or was cut).. that’s when my husband (who I was deeply in Love with)..separates!! That’s what God Revealed to me anyway! It’s never happened again. But.. I did NOT go looking for an experience like that! I really don’t believe God wants us to “Pursue” that kind of an experience!! He wants us to Pursue HIM!! & Believe we walk in the spirit! Common sense to me.. tells me this isn’t what God has called us to!! It’s a “soulish” practice (no matter how you want to justify doing it)! It’s Dangerous & you’re dealing with the second Heaven (where Satan’s throne is)! It’s a matter of fact.. I Pray Against Astral Projection & Remote Viewing (ESP..& Psychic & Hidden Knowledge)!! Bringing Down Principalities & Powers! The Rulers of the Darkness if this world & Spiritual Wickedness in high Places!! Evil Entertainment, evil people, evil images, evil entertainment..Evil thoughts & Words & Scenarios!!..MUCH Spiritual Warfare!!
    There is Much “Deception ” going on..& God said it would BE like this in the Last Days.. Which we are in!! PRAY!! To ONLYSeek Him & His Wisdom & Understanding & Revelation!!
    His Word is Truth!! Turn to Him for Salvation!! He is Coming Soon! Get Ready Spiritually & Get Your House in Order!!He is at the Door!!

  • Sorry but I came out of the occult. And these practices are at the heart of increasing ‘self’ to to levels and trust me, a demonic spirit IS involved ~ not in alignment with our Lord Jesus Christ nor the Word. Jesus did it ALL. Being humble is realizing that we cannot add to what our Lord has done for us. You’re toying around w/a dangerous element. Been there; done that and it is NOT of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • When I was 17 I was doing a yoga meditation and was on the ceiling looking down at my body on the floor… fear or noise just there. I thought it was pretty awesome but after a while, it started to concern me so I went back to my body before going out a lighted door I saw there. I didn’t ask for it and never heard of it ….it just happened. I know satan has a counterfeit for God’s gifts and I know this is done with Christians. I was saved at 18 and will be 60 this week. I would love to experience God’s way of doing this.