Astral Discoveries | Two New Things I’Ve (Recently Learned About Astral Projection)

It seems I’m still making Astral Discoveries to this day whilst I play around with astral projection. In this video I share a couple of my out of body experiences and how I’m making some odd connections between the two. Connections that are helping me make more sense of the astral realm. So sit down, get comfortable, and get ready for another astral projection story.

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I’ve been in astral projection a little bit more recently it’s one of the reasons as to why I started this channel and hey if I’ve ended up discovering a little bit more about astral projection it’s probably an understatement quite a lot more about astral projection and I’m quite excited about telling y’all today some of it I’m kind of curious as to how I’m gonna be able to tell you this information because every time I make video I struggle a little bit to get the information out I have to try to make it make sense to the public and so I am curious as to see you know upon re watching this video how this story pans out after going to rythme on having an out of body experience there on plant medicine I ended up discovering something about astral projection the the astral realms actually which if you experience a specific type of experience in this part of the astral realm then that experience could actually tell you something about your past life they tend to mirror or you’ll tend to reenact or go through something that you’ve actually already been through in a past life within a specific domain of the astral realms okay now those of you who aren’t on my main channel Ryan cropper you had just gotten a kind of spoiler alert or a sneak peek as to what I’m going to be talking about any follow up to my ayahuasca experience video it’s over there right now and so you’re a little bit lucky I was trying not to tell anyone about what happened on that day just yet but because of the nature of this video I kind of had to you see I’m learning more about the astral realms and one thing that kind of didn’t it just one thing that made me curious you know was the fact that every time I’d astral project only a handful of people would remember me visiting them in the astral realm the others simply couldn’t remember they they can’t remember the actual meditation that we had has gone through then they had just laid down fell asleep and yet they couldn’t remember what they had just dreamt about or they’re just experienced they were quite drained but then there was me who could actually remember taking their hand and putting them out of their body and seeing them in the kind of vegetable like state they’re very non responsive and this is because not many people are able to keep themselves together when their consciousness leaves their body so they tend to kind of lose it a little bit you know I wondered as to why if that wasn’t the case why was it that I could actually interact with some people in the astral realm and yet still after calling them or messaging them in this reality they tell me another story yeah they were speaking to me this time we were doing things so what changed thicker figured it out this is the hypothesis if anything not a theory a theory is an idea something makes sense in your mind and so it might be true and I pollicis is something a little different it’s it’s when a group of scientists use a bunch of practical means in order to try something out okay whilst in Costa Rica I asked her projected and actually took my partner with me now we didn’t go anywhere but our bedroom but I was able to actually have an intellectual conversation with her then I up coming back to my body after which seeing her astral form fall into our physical body I asked her straight after do you remember that she had no clue I am back home now you know and in Costa Rica it’s very noisy we live in the jungle for about a month and so I was quite surprised I was able to do a lot of meditations there with her especially astral projection and so when I came back here and I laid down astral projection became all that more easier because I done natural projection and other meditations in a very stressful difficult environment and so when I came back from Costa Rica I lay down I left my body and I chose to go and see her I was walking around her with a buddy it was kind of what quite literally attached to me you see before I asked her projected that morning I was doing a shadow integration method okay because of what was happening to me past two months a lot of healing emotional healing I was around a lot of disturbing energies my consciousness will starting to be pushed into two different directions I was still attached as I was able to discuss with a part of myself which was really just the whole of myself a series of scenarios that I went through over those past two months things that weren’t quite sitting well with me you know it’s kind of a resolve a lot of stuff I’m hearing now it’s very peaceful here I’m going to ground myself and deal with a bunch of things to clear out some energy and I was doing that and I got a little bit bored you know I still wanted to switch it up a little bit and so I left my body in the middle of meditation and that is when I looked to my right hand side and I saw this extra part of me which was a childlike self fuels my childlike self in the form of a shadow type being and as I’m walking around the assholes with this thing attached to my side I’m thinking I’m gonna find her I might fly it’s saying or I might walk it’s saying no what if I run really fast and kind of squish space in front of me you know fold space this said no and so I said okay well then do you have any bright ideas and said yeah I took out its hand a literally karate chop the space in front of me creating a tear within the space I then went through it and kind of went backwards propelling myself down without a rope and waving to this other part of me that I left behind it dissolves so I don’t know I’m just assuming that it found its way back to me somehow or maybe it just dissolved in that dimension and when I came back here just reattached to me I’m not so sure but it feels like I’m complete now hopefully I’ll and for you first but she’s still not there and so I get the idea instead of me trying to get to her what I just summon her to me and I tried that and the space around me kind of sped up and in front of me the view changed into a room that I’ve never seen before and in kind of slammed into my surrounding environment when I found myself in a bedroom and in the corner of the bedroom where she stood out of that corner and I noticed that she also had I’m gonna call it a personality attachment and there was a part of her that was just off to the right also but it was further back into the corner you couldn’t really see it until you made this thing mad you see it’s my belief now after having this interaction with her that everybody has a part of this subconscious mind that is protecting them or at least looking out for them in a specific kind of way whether that be in the astral plane or just giving you information inside of your head you know positive reinforcement or telling you what not to do and what to do in life because when I was in front of this well my partner I say this because it’s gonna make sense in a second but when that’s in front of my partner I was able to actually read its thoughts but I could feel that this figure behind her was actually created out of her idea of what this thing should look like it’s kind of it’s actually you know what come to think of it it’s a Tulpa it’s just a little bit more attached to a person’s astral form which is the next point on when I get across something else I learn about astral projection is that this wasn’t her it wasn’t it wasn’t if also talked to her nowadays and I was to tell her hey do you remember when this happened she wouldn’t remember that instance in the astral plane and I came to that hypothesis because when I was able to read this form of her I realized that it had multiple memories that came from different timelines it felt like that astral form of her was a nexus point connecting to all of the other minds of her that exists right now within different parallel timelines different versions of her and that I could pull a memory from any of them through her and so this thing this it this astral self of her was existing within the astral plane and now this is why I’m starting to reel this is one start to think at least that perhaps everyone even you has an astral self and this astral self is literally an extension of year in the same way that is an extension of the other versions of you sing and this is why not many people remember being visited by another astral projection er because it wasn’t them with their ordinary awareness they were here was instead something that they left behind what I took from this experience was the fact that one I could speak to an astral self and literally attained the thoughts and the ideas and what a person is going through just by speaking to this version of them in the astral plane rather than me speaking to them here not just attained information from this version of them in this reality that me and you are in but also other realities and to tapas are extensions of our subconscious mind I knew that before but not like this before made a video on tapas whereby I mentioned as to how you can create a tapa through using objects I believe you can attach tapas to objects basically their thought forms you create them in your imagination or you can go to the astral plane and create them and there isn’t really something that’s attaching them to you that you can see and for this reason you can get them to go somewhere send messages and stuff like that I also talked about a story aware the dead girl her would leave me messages on my bed when the messages were not instant messages they were literally handwritten notes but they weren’t handwritten Dover thought of they were thought up so to speak there were thought forms manifest as a piece of paper on my bed and I’d read it in that case is cool but I’ll not go to bed I’ll lay down I’ll try to go to sleep but then I’ll just end up after projecting again and there’ll be enough note on my bed and so yeah it’s gonna be about do it please video guys I just want to share these these things that I’ve learnt so far about the astral realms I’m probably gonna actual to it later on today it is quite early right now it’s actually know my time is one messed up I thought it’s five o’clock in the morning it’s actually 10 Spiti all pretty soon subscribe to meet you channel for more videos like this if you want to know how to astral project I do have a video course on my website rank over comm that video course really did help me out because it allowed me to understand the dynamics of astral projection because of that I don’t actually have a method anymore I can just slide straight out because I understand it that much check it out and I feel pretty soon peace..


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  • Your hypothesis is describing the gaurdian of the threshold. A being created out of karma of current and pass lives. More importantly this being protects the person who has not become conscious of themselves in the higher planes, both from people who tries to influence someone on the astrals and from themselves if they haven’t properly dealt with their own internal baggage.

  • “i had a lucid vivid dream about being on a spaceship with like 100 other ppl all dressed in crystal space suits ready too launch into space where there was a spin top looking portal spinning very fast and only had one opening every ten or so seconds when you’d see a light where you entered it. the best part was speeding out of the space craft towards to portal spin top thing and as ya got closer to the opening everything slowed down and i timed the entry and went in. there was a sensation of going up and down at the same time and a sense of moving forward into white nothingness very very fast, after a while i landed in my body and woke up!!!!”

    that was a few years ago in 2013 and i feel that was me entering earth through this vessel that wasnt being used properly basically i was an empty shell till 2013 and my whole life changed after that dream of arriving on earth

    and another thing i should mention is since 2016 29th october after a night of seeing many many lightships down at the beach all night now i see at least one each night its not cloudy like thats my overwatch team ready too pull me at any moment (thats how i describe it) not in a scary way either because i get goosebumps when they’re near like my vibration rises as they approach somedays i get a sudden urge to go outside and sure enough they are flying over my house, truly amazing times here on earth,