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Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

how to astral project

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what is up guys there’s a regime at here and all with microphone got broken because it was a really old mic I had for so many years it just finally broke down so I have a new mic now so I’m gonna make this video since there’s been a very long time a lot of people been asking and the most requested video topic was Astra entities so today that’s what I’m gonna talk about I hope you guys enjoy it and sorry for the way I’ve just been really nervous to make a new video just the other two they got so many likes and comments and stuff I just want to make this video as good as the other ones so if you guys liked the video make sure you leave a like it lets me know if I’m doing a good job and you know some constructive criticism is definitely appreciated maybe different videos to put there in this video it’s just gonna be me riding around with my dad because my last video a lot of people were talking about the spirit science thing and they were like that’s not your video you didn’t make it they didn’t read the description in the description I gave them credit but since that happened I’m not gonna use their I don’t think I’m gonna use their clips nowhere I’m just gonna either edit my own or just use me riding around anyways let me get into this video so if you follow my other two videos and you’re making progress you might want to know what you’re gonna see in the Mollet video I spoke about the things you’re gonna see like what it feels like can you touch objects and things like that but I didn’t really touch on the the actual entities very much because one I don’t I try to keep my interaction with very limited because in the astral plane it’s a lot different from real life in the sense of you really don’t have any idea of these guys are good or bad you know in real life you don’t have an ideal either the biker with the big beard and tattoos could be the nicest do in the world but in real life you can generally have an ideal and the actual plane you have zero idea so it’s up the way there’s here is one way this is one thing I want to point out when you see it definitely a definite bad entity you will start to feel very just very bad your start to feel drain and start to feel scared that’s the easiest way to tell it’s a greater bad anyways what I’m gonna tell you to do I’m gonna show you some ways that I use to avoid them so the first tip I will give you is simply avoid them if you see one go the other way or if they’re in your room just go back to your body turn the light on maybe just wait try again later do you have more courage but really just avoid them my second tip would be to put a bubble around you and this is a good tip this is when you fight against these negative entities you can put a bubble around you you can protect you from them hurting you or you can keep them away from you you can put this bubble around your physical body or your astral body you can just do both and this right here will keep them away from you I can’t confirm it I’ll keep all them away from you but if it’s just like a shadow creature or something like this you can definitely keep them back and if here’s the third thing I wanna say in case of your emergency let’s just say there’s a very powerful entity and for whatever reason he’s in your room and he wants to mess with you don’t be afraid to call for help because if you’re brand new into the astral projection thing and there’s a lot of very powerful things around you you might not know how to harness your own energy to fight them away or use a bubble so you can call for help call for any type of thing that you think will help you out you can call from the mighty Archangel Michael or just say help me positive entities but the fourth thing I just wanted to tell you to do is stay positive when you’re positive and you’re not thinking about negative stuff like things are gonna get you or you’re gonna die it’s gonna keep them away from you because negative entities they’re like sharks sharks the blood when a shark smells blood it goes straight to where that blood is and he wants to go get it so if you’re a negative entity or demon in the actual plane and there’s a just inexperienced dude and he’s out there and he’s very nervous and you send a lot of negative things you’re gonna attract it to get you you’re gonna attract it you’re gonna attract it towards you and that’s the opposite of what I want you guys to do and I actually had a lot of experience with these entities since my last video this is the main reason I’ve been in this video off I don’t want to make it video and not be very experienced so I got a little bit more experience and there’s this book I recommend it’s called the astral codex and I’m gonna put a picture there it’s a free download book so you have a Kindle you can download it and it gives you a lot of information it gives you more information that I can give I believe this dude’s ten times more experienced than I am so I definitely recommend this book to anyone out there who’s wondering about astral projection if you liked this video make sure you leave a like subscribe comment I’m gonna roll reply to every comment I can see and I’m gonna try to help as many as I can but a lot of times doesn’t alert me to the comments so I miss them so I miss your comment I’m sorry and this is just a brief introduction I’m gonna make another video about this and go in more depth right now I just want to introduce you into this and just give a couple ideas to help you out and make sure you guys you have any comments leave it in the comments section I will definitely get back to you another video I replied to at least 80 or 90% of the comments the ones I miss is because didn’t alert me or some of them I wasn’t able to reply to for whatever reason so yeah leave a like comment subscribe and let me know if you like this video because if you like this video I would definitely keep making them peace..


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  • RPG MATT, you seem to be one of the more active astral projectors. Could I ask a favor? That you record your projections with video and documentation evidence? There are scarce official publications about astral projecting/remote viewing to show that it isn’t actually in a person’s head but that it is an actual interaction with the world. The test I have in mind is simple. Have a partner place a large object on an empty table in another room without you seeing it and you describe the object. Do it several times and however many times you get them right over the total could show real significance. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to do it so oh well. It would also make for an interesting vid.

  • I have a question .when I am starting this every time i always scared and can’t travel even when I am telling my self that there is no creeps here I am still scared when it begins to travel so I try to get back and today at afternoon I was rlly heavy scared just I was thinking a little bit of negatives. and the second question is I can do this so often I read I could do this just every 90 mins but when I fall asleep it is doing that so I really can’t sleep right .I hope you can answer me

  • I’m getting really into the idea of astro projecting. I tried to do it last night but I got scared and decided against it. My friend does this and be said if you project while you’re mad or scared you’ll go to the lower level or start to imagine the things that are scaring you, anyways I wondering if we can talk on skype, I have a few questions I want to ask before I attempt this a second time just so I have a clear understanding of what I’m doing. My user name is Neonfxcks

  • I’m tempted to talk to some of these “entities” to see what they are, what they what, etc… I’m not sure if this is a good idea though…

  • Hey Matt. I’ve been looking into astral projection for a few months and have seen hundreds on videos on it and I have tried a few times but never been successful, but that’s besides the point. My main question is, I like to fight. It’s fun to me. Is there any way I can fight some of the negative entities? I know that you’re supposed to send love and happiness and that towards them but I would like to get your opinion

  • i havent done astral projection but i have beem studying it . but something i havent found out yet is if i can find where someone lives , i know that sounds creepy but my good friend and i live far apart and i dont know where they live and i just wanna be with them . so is there a way to just find or go to them ?

  • Dude, the alias of the guy who wrote that recommended book is belsebuub?! As in Beelzebub?! THAT IS A DEMON! I have very mixed feelings about someone who uses a demons name telling me what I should do.

    Thats like a rapist trying to tell my why I should always carry contraceptives. It’s like, ‘whats your angle?’.

    Even as a Christian I am considering astral projection. But as a Christian, like hell I will ever turn a listening ear to advice from someone who openly calls themselves demonic.

    Also as advice to people, knowing the name of an entity IS power. At least in this realm, you can banish evil spirits away through Christs name and authority directly by calling them by name. As far as using it in the astral, I haven’t the slightest as I haven’t ever heard of a Christian Astral Warrior commiting vigilante acts in other realms… Lol, sounds like a plot to an anime! XD But seriously, NEVER call for a demon. Confronting it in an altercation IT started is one thing. Calling for it or out to it is just an open invitation to allow it to attach itself to you.

    Now, of course you should never go looking for trouble. But if Christ is in my spirit by my faith, and as I believe he goes with me wherever I go according to what I read in the word, then doesn’t it stand to reason that his spirit is with me in the astrals?

    Now I understand there are those of you not of Christian faith. Im not looking for a religious debate, just an opinion on my logic. Doesn’t using a demonic entity’s, even if in name only, information sound like an oxymoron at best? And downright dangerous at worst? Call me skeptical… But Beelzebub hasn’t been good to my kind… (History lesson, Beelzebub is another name of Baal, the false god of the prophetess Jezebel who sought to destroy Gods prophets in the Bible. Also, Baal liked people sacrificing babies to it. So please pardon me if I offend you because the name sickens me.)

    Big, BIG red flag here…

  • is it poss to go to different planets and demitions and also can one travel past the astral world into somthing higher like heaven or lower like hell

  • Would it be bad to do this if I have anxiety? I have panic attacks and I’m scared that if I were to do this I would be afraid and something scary and bad would come.

  • DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THESE ENTITIES!! There purpose is to scare you back into the physical, they CANNOT harm you physically. The only thing they can do is scare you. You are far more powerful in the astral you can do and imagine anything you want. Command a shield of light to protect you or command a weapon on light to destroy those negative entities(that’s right they can’t hurt you but you sure can hurt them!) Or call upon your spirit guides or any beings of light you wish to aid you. good luck travelers!

  • I’m his best friend, if you have questions and he does not reply to you, please send me a message on skype @exetracx