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greetings dear light workers of the universe astral projection or out of body experience is the ability to separate your astral body or your soul from your physical body and travel into the astral realm everyone can leave their body an astral travel on their own desire for some it comes natural even when they sleep for others it’s a bit difficult and they need to use astral projection techniques to accomplish it but it’s not impossible it’s one of the secret human abilities hidden deeply within ourselves we only need to unlock it in general astral projection is an amazing ability that can change your life drastically a lot of people are showing a great interest in astral projection and out of body experiences there are hundreds of questions regarding that interesting subject I’m going to give you the answers to some of the most common ones such as can evil entities hurt you can you have astral sex can you meet with your friends and much more let’s start number one is astral projecting dangerous your projection is not without risk in the astral world you can encounter beings from lower vibrational frequencies that will drain your energy or cause you psychological harm however this beings rely only on your reaction to them in order for them to drain your energy you need to experience fear in other words you can easily protect yourself if you keep your vibration high and you don’t let your self fear from them if you are afraid you can always Fuhrman Archangel Michael or your spirit guides to help you in the astral world you are not alone and you can ask for help at any times there are a lot of high vibrational beings who are ready and willing to help you at any time I’ve heard the astral stories of many people who enjoy fighting and killing low vibrational beings such as demons it sounded funny for me the first time I heard it but it made me realize how powerful we actually are you are a very spiritual being and if you don’t experience this low vibrational emotions you can do anything you want and no one can stop you number two can I have sex in the astral world as of many things astral sex is another great thing you can do while you are out of your body astral sex is completely different from the physical one for many reasons physical sex is based on penetration and has many limitations in the astral realm you don’t have gravity holding you down you don’t have your limbs getting in the way you don’t have to worry about STDs or pregnancy you don’t have to worry about social awkwardness or hidden agendas because you can feel each other down to the very core of your being it’s a blending of souls to a degree which is a very powerful and passionate thing to do this is why I stress this is also not to be taken lightly as with normal sex and just about anything enjoyable this too can be addictive if you can find a partner who is also accomplished at astral projection then the two of you can meet on the astral plane and engage in astral sex together it’s a difficult thing to accomplish as you have to be out at the same time on the same plane and at the same astral frequency the closer you are to each other emotionally the more accomplished you are at astral projection and the more you practice meeting each other in the astral realm the more success you will have pick location ahead of time and a time when you will attempt to meet if one of you is better at astral projection fly to the other person’s house and wake them up astrally Europe and then fly to your romantic destination together once you’re ready you will simply hug or merge your energy together cast loving and sexual thoughts at your partner and you will trigger a release of pleasure that will reverberate through your entire energetic self and probably also to your body back on your bed the pleasures from the astral sex are many times bigger than the physical pleasures there are however some very great dangers for example in the astral realm sex with demons or lower vibrational entities can be very bad for you sometimes an entity that normally resides on the astral plane can come to you and stimulate you sexually for the purposes of swiping your energy there are this well known entities called incubi and succubi incubi and succubi are sex demons who feed on your energy and rain you just like energetic vampires they have no specific appearance since they generally take their form from the mind of the person they’re feeding from they rarely materialize physically they prefer to appear in the dreams or to induce sleep paralysis in the victim they may also be encountered on the astral plane these entities can come to you against your will and essentially rape you if you’ve ever been stuck in a sleep paralysis state and felt someone touching you in your special areas and you get very aroused by this touch even though you were terrified you’re basically being naturally raped these things can be very dangerous if something like this happens to you you must immediately call in your angels or spirit guides to come and remove the interloper your energy is being violently taken from you you will wake up feeling lethargic and it can take you a whole day to replace that energy unfortunately sometimes people end up in a parasitic relationship with such entities the entity gives you a ton of pleasure and we’re talking about way more pleasure than any human being can generate you start to feel like it’s worth losing a little of your energy to obtain such great pleasures this is why you don’t resist or push the entities away in fact you invite them to come back for another session over time this leads to you losing a ton of energy which can manifest as apathy towards the real world or real love it can bring you depression anxiety and sometimes shame fear and suicidal thoughts not to mention leaking little parts of your soul to an entity who doesn’t have good intentions if you’re a woman having sex with a demon or astral entity will feel like someone’s stimulating the g spot of every single one of your chakras at the same time it’s ridiculously pleasurable and something no human can accomplish so it can turn enticing very quickly whatever you do you should avoid those kind of experiences in the astral world if you do find yourself in an unwanted sexual relationship with a noncorporeal entity you’ve got to ask the Archangels to sever your connection and protect you from being visited by them anymore number three can someone take over my body while I’m astral projecting one of the greatest fears people experience before they try to leave their bodies the good news is that no one can take over your body while your astral projecting when you leave your body there is an astral silver cord which you sometimes see connecting your physical and astral body but even if you don’t see it it’s always there this silver astral cord is like the reserved sign on a restaurant table it holds your place and no one can take it you can be fully sure that nothing and no one can take your body while you’re out the worst case scenario is to see an entity that will try to make you believe that you can’t go back to your body and try to bring fear into you don’t believe that you are allowed to go back to your body anytime you want simply think about going back inside your body and you will instantaneously be back number four can I spy on people while I’m astral projecting this is a very interesting question dr. Charles Tarte and dr. Harold Puthoff parapsychologists who published a book entitled mind which in which they presented the results of their experiments about astral projections in one of the experiments dr. Charles Tarte used a girl patient who would go into an astral projection the doctor placed a piece of paper with a five digit random number on the top of a shelf right above the girl the girl’s task was to try to go into an astral projection and when she reaches the ceiling she could see the number and tell it to the doctor the number could not be seen from the bed or from any other place in the room except from the ceiling the doctor changed the number every day on the first three mornings the woman said that she had felt that she had left her body during the night she said that she couldn’t see the number since she was outside of the room and outside of the building she had no idea what the number was on the fourth night the girl woke up at about three thirty five at the morning she said that she had an out of body experience and she had risen to the top of the room she claimed that she had seen the number and told the number to the doctor the number that the doctor had placed was two five one three two and the girl told him the exact same number a side of this experiment a lot of people have stories that actually prove that you can spy on people very easily while your astral projecting most likely they won’t know you’re there unless they’re super intuitive it’s also a lot more difficult than you’d imagine to go spy on someone you don’t know it will take a great deal of concentration to go visit someone unless you have a strong close bond with them or that person is very near you outside of your house for example or in the next room number five what exactly can I do when I’m astral projecting the simple answer to this question is everything when you’re out of your body there is more than one plane you can visit if you stay on the prime material plane you’ll just fly around your house looking on your loved ones and maybe fly down the street you can also move yourself to a higher plane where spirits and angels dwell where everything is extremely beautiful peaceful and happiness and high vibrations are everywhere you can move through time but only as an observer you can even see some historical events covered in history that no one knows about you can discover other planets other galaxies and civilizations you won’t be the first one who have done it you can use astral projecting for professional creative purposes for example if you are a painter you can see the greatest painting and even draw them in the astral world your senses your mind your creativity is in its prime power you can even train a physical sport like boxing and become better in the real world from the astral trainings the possibilities in the astral realm are endless I’m going to make a special video on this topic in the near future number six what’s the difference between an astral projection and a lucid dream in a lucid dream you are in the dream construct the dream world the characters in that world our fabrications of your own mind and subconscious they are not real you can control them you can snap your fingers and create anything you want objects or people but none of those things is actually there alternatively in astral projection you are awake and leaving your body there are no dream elements you are in your room or where you lay down to do it any being view encounter are real and simply living on the astral plane as opposed to the prime material one when you leave your body there is no question whatsoever whether you are dreaming or not it’s quite unlike anything you’ve experienced in a dream even flying if you experience astral projection and lucid dreaming you will know the difference without the need of any explanations number seven can you remember your past life while your astral projecting we observe that people leaving the body can recall previous lives way easily then while in the physical body the reason for this is actually very logical the physical brain belongs to this current life and therefore doesn’t hold any memories of past lives because it didn’t exist then but the brain of the subtle body did actually exist during all of our past lives and periods between lives so it’s much easier to access memories of our past when we’re outside the body and using what is called the para brain there are several benefits involved first if you can recall a past life maybe more than one you might remember some mistakes you made for which you ended up paying a heavy price for and so the memory allows you to learn from that without having to repeat the experience in this life or you might recall a past life and say that you were suffering from a shortcoming or limitation that you still suffer from in this life we also have periods between those lives in which we might have to re evaluate our past as well as planned our future meaning this current life so if we can recall what we are supposed to be doing now we might feel more productive and we will be more assertive and at the end of the day also happy with our performance number eight once I feel the tingling sensation and the high pitched whine sound in my head then what do I do if you reached that state that means you are one step away from an astral projection first you should not be scared and remain calm through the process after that you should use some technique for leaving the body I’ve made a whole compilation of the best astral projection techniques the link is in the comment section pick the technique that suits you best and use it once you are out of your body the tingling sensation electricity feeling and high pitched sound will all be gone number nine how can you know if the thing you see in the astral world is a living person or a ghost entity it’s not really easy to tell because you’re both occupying the same space and you are both really just ghosts a ghost is simply a spirit without the body also people have mentioned that they have been questioned by astral entities this entities frequently asked them if they had bodies in the physical world which means some of them cannot tell as well the only time you can tell is if you can sense that they have died in the physical world some of the times you will probably know that number ten do all people end up wandering as ghosts in the astral before they go on to their next verse people only wander around the earth if they are lost confused clinging to the material world or to a person who has not died yet there are many places and people to experience in the afterlife we choose our next incarnation at our own pace after we review what we accomplished and what didn’t get learned this can be a short while or a century in physical life terms time is non existent 1 in the astral or higher planes when you finish your physical earth cycle you will go to the next plane of existence never to return to Earth unless you chose to in order to teach lead people heal them etc going through the earth cycles can take a thousand lifetimes or just several it depends on the actions we take that is why it is so important to not cling to material goods to carry fear and hatred in our hearts all of the spiritual figures throughout our history have taught the same thing the true meaning of life is to love each other and ourselves all things that we pursue to make us temporarily happy are unnecessary in the long run and our only obstacles that keep us from our true path of enlightenment thank you for watching share this video with your friends so we can all learn this incredible ability please give us a like and join our spiritual Kingdom by clicking the subscribe button..

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