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hey boys and girls ladies silver vixen here and this is going to be with my third or fourth attempt to doing this I I’m trying to crunch it in the 15 minutes astral projection for beginners is a lot of information so i may end up breaking this apart yes I used to have a video called astral projection for beginners I’m remaking it um I’m going to jump right in because there is a lot of information that I’m trying not to ramble too much um the first thing I’m going to talk about is the three planes Joe three spiritual physical planes that we really had a parallel to each other physical plane which is what we’re on the ethnic plane which is parallel to ours the astral plane which is parallel to the earth right now a lot of people have seen the movie insidious I’m glad this movie was made because I can now be just debunk it int airport um insidious was not astral projection insidious was ethnic projection the difference between ethnic and national is really simple a lot of people will try and tell you that it’s the other way around it’s not every website that I have visited every experienced practitioner I have talked to including my own personal experiences will all tell you its physical ethic astral ok the other plane is parallel to ours because of the level of physical interaction which you can do with this with this plane most of the time when you hear about apparitions full physical apparitions that’s where this is happening it’s where the ethnic plane is bleeding on to the physical plane because we are literally parallel as you can see in my little scribble picture there is a there is a border between each of these planes however the one that’s between ethnic and physical is very very thin when you hear people talking about the valus thing that’s what they’re talking about they’re talking about that border is thinning out and it does do this it’s no different than the moon it waxes and it wins it will be really thick some days and will be really thin other days which is why functions very as much as they do now I want to answer some really general questions um these are some of the most common questions that I get the main one is can I become possessed no you cannot become possessed unless you you allow yourself to become possessed there if you your body puts up a natural defense against any kind of entity coming into your body once you leave it there are some people who mentally or spiritually may be weaker than others which allow this process to happen most of the time it happens on a subconscious level not only conscious level which means that it’s not necessarily happening voluntarily there are some people who volunteer themselves to go this route however most of the time those who are voluntary you usually don’t end up with it but anyway back to the point no you can’t become an you can’t become possessed while you’re actually projecting your body puts up a natural defense there are also other methods that you can use from putting a ring of salt around your bed wearing a protective symbol or holding a protective symbol while you’re actually projecting if you have any kind of protective symbols that hang above your bed such as a cross the star David a pentagram a pentacle anything like that these are all protective symbols whatever is a protective symbol to you use if you really have any kind of fears um the other thing the other question that I get asked a lot is well if I have a lot of fear will this hinder me yes yes it will um if you have any kind of materialistic attachment to this world if you have fears that you just can’t seem to overcome or if I’m trying to remember where I wanted to go with us if you really have doubts in yourself in your self confidence it can really hinder you from your progress on you’ve got to be very confident in your you have to trust in yourself you have to trust in your spirit guides if you believe in those trust in your angels are people even those on really really feel that you’re safe and that you can do this um all these things will hinder your progress by creating doubt in your mind whether it be just doubts in general fears or any kind of attachment to this world but you cannot let go of you have got to face these things and really break them apart so that way you can’t you gotta let him go is basically what I’m trying to get at you have to let these things go otherwise if you you might as well just give up on astral projection because most of time most people who have these kinds of attachments they usually not successfully actually project and when they do it usually ends up leading to some sort of negative experience because they bring that with them one of the other things that I get a lot is should I clean myself before I actually project or the other one is can I use drugs part about cleaning if you’re which definitely please do so cleanse ground and center those are the main three things we witches do cleanse ground center cleanse ground center do it before astral projection of actually projecting um part about drugs this is highly controversial if you cannot function without either smoking pot or drinking alcohol because you’re addicted to these things learn to break the addiction first on if you cannot break the addiction or you just don’t want to because you enjoy the weird sensation of being drunk and high as a kite um I can’t really tell you not to that you can’t you can’t actually project because of this um because your body at this point has become dependent on it oh definitely try to break that addiction if you absolutely can but when it comes to marijuana when it comes to alcohol when it comes to things like peyote and other human genetic base drugs there’s a lot of these things that have been used throughout the centuries to actually trigger astral projection experiences as well as spiritual journeys and you can look it up please feel free to I’ve done my fair share of the research you guys can go and do that these things have been used for centuries I do not recommend it for people who are teenagers or children who are under the age of 15 um guys it if you’re an adult if you’re over the age of 18 if you’re 18 and up that is your personal decision whether or not you want to go that route plain and simple I’m not going to tell you not to i’m not going to tell you to to do that route that’s your choice if you’re used to it it’s probably not going to hinder any kind of experience that you have it may hinder your memory of it but yeah anyway moving right along on some of the methods there’s multiple methods you’ve got the Monroe technique which is the most common it’s also known as the rope you also have the fallout technique you have the roll up and stand up the work that just stand up the set up the roll out and set up and there’s there’s more I changement think of them think of them all the hammock technique is the other one that i was thinkin up that alone is seven different techniques um I’m going to break down two of them real quick the Monroe technique is really easy as well as the fallout technique the only reason I’m going to break down the Monroe technique is because it’s the most common of all you’re going to go through a complete state of relaxation whether this been through meditation listening to music trying to put yourself into almost like a lucid state of dreaming but do not fall asleep please do not fall asleep the whole goal of astral projection is to do this while you’re conscious not while you’re unconscious from there you’re going to visualize a rope that leads from your solar plexus navel area or belly button as most of you probably know it as and it will lead straight to the Asheville the astral is a realm of thought as well as spirit so whatever you think will occur there this is why I keep telling you guys don’t have doubts and don’t have any kind of negative attachments or being a bad mood when you try this it will follow you there on the other thing once you have visualized the Rope you will do a hand over hand motion to pull your spiritual body out just simple hand over hand okay climb until you feel yourself release from your physical body and until you reach the astral plane you will not be harmed during this process nobody’s going to hurt you nobody’s going to try and take over your body just relax okay relax and climb that’s all you got to think up think of the astral plane and concentrate on your hand over hand lotion alright some of you may want to try and practice this on your own um an easy way to do this is to take a piece of rope or a piece of string attached to your ceiling and stretch it down so that way it settles just very gently on your stomach and then just practice practice the hand over hand it gives you something to really visualize while your eyes are closed yes you have to have your eyes closed your whole goal is to when you’re doing this on the outside before you even get started neutralize all distractions you don’t want any actions you don’t want to make candles lit you don’t believe in sense burning although these things are helpful walk during the meditation process and in the relaxation process you don’t need these things burning and setting your house on fire while you’re actually projecting not a cool thing with it you will experience very odd sensations every person experiences something different some of the different sensations include but are not limited to tingling cold feelings hot feelings just like somebody’s watching you and there’s a lot more to each person like I said experience is something different and sometimes you’ll experience more than one of these while you’re doing the process you are safe you are fine don’t worry about it the fallout technique is the other technique that I wanted to talk about very briefly go into the state of relaxation and when you hit a true state of relaxation you will get a falling sensation just roll with it just keep falling don’t stop falling don’t kick yourself out of this out of this feeling or out of this process that your body is going through you won’t hit the ground like to do in your dreams which is what snaps you awake don’t do that let it go just release all your fears all your cares or worries and just free fall just do a free fall on it is where your body is hit a complete and total state of relaxation you want this to attach to Lee project because when you hit a certain point your spiritual self is going to go and slide right out of your physical body okay and then from there just think of the astral plane and your body will lift up and go straight there a lot of people ask me about well while I’m nationally projecting can I go and view somebody else’s house two things with that one if you are there in your spiritual self that is a third projection not astral projection so no um not in the astral sense and yes in the ethics sense you otherwise if you are not there spiritually it is called remote viewing and that is something completely different and for another video but anyway guys um I’m running really close on time here if you have any further questions please email me message me comment something if you need another video posted up about general astral projection methods different meditation techniques things like that please let me know I will try as hard as I can to get something new up this is Lady silver vixen and I’m signing out now..

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