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This Guided Meditation/Hypnosis was created to aid with Astral Projection or what is otherwise known as an Out of Body Experience (OBE or OOBE).

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

During this meditation a technique is used to gently guide you out of your body in a place that is always safe.

You are gently guided during this journey by a soft female voice.

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Astral Projection Guided Meditation | OBE Technique | Astral Travel Hypnosis

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Video text:

close your eyes and relax take a few deep breaths breathing in through your nose and exhaling out through your mouth breathing in and breathing out breathing in and breathing out breathing in and breathing out now imagine a beautiful white light surrounding your whole body see its shine brightly like a halo around your very being feel its protection as it settles around you feel it touching your skin it feels warm and tingly now imagine roots coming out from the soles of your feet see them as they go into the ground beneath you now push those roots deep deep into the ground as far down as you can make them go this is grounding you to mother earth anchoring you in the here and the now I’ll take another few deep breaths breathing in and breathing out breathing in and breathing out breathing in and breathing out and relax now I want you to go to your safe place the place you love the most the place where only you can go it’s raining in your safe place a gentle light rain it is warm and cleansing as it touches your skin in the far distance you can hear thunder rolling across the sky but it’s too far away from you to bother you in any way you can hear the scurrying of the animals as they run to take shelter from the rain you can hear the flight of the birds as they too seek warmth and shelter in the branches of the magnificent trees ahead of you the birds are chattering to each other and this makes you smile you feel very safe here you feel loved and protected you walk along your well worn path through the magical forest surrounding your safe place the path you have walked many times before as you walk you are getting wetter and wetter the rain is very warm as it runs down your body it is a cleansing rain and you can feel all the negative energies you’ve been carrying being washed off your body as the rain drips off you so do all your worries and tensions with each step you take you can feel your body becoming lighter and lighter it almost feels as if you are walking on air there is no stress here there is no tension or worry because this is your special place the place where you are safe were you are loved where you are protected always this is the place where you can be truly happy so let go of all negative energies and let the past be the past as you continue walking you see a clearing ahead of you and you enter the clearing and look around the grass beneath your feet is dry and now so are you you realize that you are surrounded by a truly magnificent lush green magical forest but you have all the space that you need you find a place to sit down with your back against a beautiful old tree in the clearing in your forest and you can feel a grouse beneath your hands you run your fingers through it what does it feel like to run your hands through the luscious grass it smells so fresh and clean just like newly cut grass does if it’s still raining in your forest and you could still hear the Thunder in the distance the rain does not touch you here here in this amazing clearing deep inside your forest you sit still and very quiet you feel peace here so relaxed so calm enjoy the sounds of this truly wonderful place just close your eyes and sit for a few moments and enjoy this blissful solitude you feel very calm and very peaceful very very relaxed just breathing gently so peaceful so calm you stand up now feeling your body becoming lighter and lighter still feeling so peaceful so relaxed you begin to feel your body slowly starting to lift from the ground as it becomes even lighter feel yourself rising up slowly and a little bit higher and you realize that you are two feet off the ground you can see the earth beneath your feet you keep rising and your body feels so light but so full of energy and zest the higher you rise the lighter you feel you have almost reached the top of the trees now and you are not afraid you are very calm and very very peaceful so peaceful that you look down and see the clearing below you and it’s then that you realize you can see yourself still sitting on the ground below you realize that you are now out of your earthly body and that you are traveling in your astral body you look around and could see the whole of your magical lush green forest stretched out before you can you see it Soapy’s so called as you go higher still you realize that you are flying you are soaring through the deep blue sky you pass beautiful fluffy clouds as they float past you you can feel the wind in your face and it’s so refreshing you feel so excited up here amongst the clouds and the vast expanse of the glorious sky and you feel so alive return and head back towards your forest but you decide that you would like to go and see your home from above you would like to see your house from above the rooftop so you begin your journey toward your home passing familiar streets and roads it looks so different to you from up here and you have never seen the area where you live from above before in the distance you can see the street where you live you look down again and you realize that you are above your own home and you can see your own rooftop and you hover for a moment above your house taking it all in seeing the tiles seeing the gutters and the edgings you can even see the true color of the tiles on your roof so peaceful so calm so relaxed you start to descend now and you realize that you’re going down for the roof of your home you can see the Arctic the beams you can see all of the stuff you have stored in boxes your stuff you pass through the ceiling of your bedroom you can see your bed side tables you see the Wardrobe the carpet but still you descend further downwards you pass through the floor of the bedroom and see the you are now in your sitting room you look around and you can see someone sitting on your sofa who is it what are they wearing you look at the clock on your mantel and you notice the time what time is it the television is turned on what program is showing on the screen you see a book on your sofa what is the title of this book remember it you move to the window in the room and you look out what do you see what do you see out of the window take a few minutes to look around your sitting room and enjoy what you see it’s now time to return to your forest and you rise slowly up off the floor gently rising through the ceiling and once again into the bedroom above you continue on and pass through the Attic noticing once again your possessions that are stored there you pass through the tiles of your roof and up into the sky above you you rise higher still and turn to head back to your lush green magical forest as you fly high above you look down and see the streets and the roads below you in the distance you can see your magical forest you can see the clearing and all the time you feel so peaceful so calm so relaxed you slowly and gently descend back down into the clearing and you can hear the sounds of the forest again and you could hear the rain and the distant Thunder once more you see your body sitting up against the tree where you left it and gently and slowly you merge back into it feeling safe feeling peaceful feeling calm and relaxed so sit for a moment with your back against the tree and think about where you have been what you have seen all the time feeling so peaceful so calm and so very very relaxed whenever you are ready and ready to return to this wonderful world you live in wriggle your fingers and your toes and then slowly and gently open your eyes you..


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  • I just started to try to ap and haven’t had success but I got to the vibrations during this video!!! It was so scary and my face got so hot but nothing happened after and I’m really confused. Am I supposed to do something after I get vibrations?

  • Just made the gudided meditation. I saw many different things and do not know how the are supposed to be connected, should they be connected. Starting from me going down to the earth to seeig my home-the whole universe.