Astral Projection Hypnosis For Learning Your Soul Name (Guided Obe Sleep Consciousness Spirit Guide)

Welcome to this guided astral projection hypnosis session, which I have created to allow you a dream state / out-of-body experience for learning your true soul name.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Learning your soul name in this deep trance journey will help you to discover and manifest your best passion, purpose, and motivation for living your best life.

This session encourages deep relaxation, designed to enable an experiential communication between your conscious and subconscious or unconscious mind. A higher level of personal congruency can be realised when we are able to listen to our deeper truth. You may find the answers to many ongoing personal problems and issues, if you simply take the time to ask your inner self for a new direction.

In this journey you will meet your own powerful spirit guide (your higher self), who will also help you to see, feel, and hear all of your own internal qualities and resources; so that you may become more and more freely aligned to your own positive worth, and who are truly meant to be, each and every day.

You may practice this hypnosis and meditation session as often as you choose, as it is suitable for repeated listening. Regular practice and listening will also compound all positive suggestions and / or your own positive results.

This is a guided hypnosis session for deep relaxation, designed to enable an experiential communication between your conscious and subconscious or unconscious mind. A higher level of personal congruency can be realised when we are able to listen to our deeper truth. You may find the answers to many ongoing personal problems and issues, if you simply take the time to ask your inner self for a new direction.

Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

This recording is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede any medically diagnosed conditions. The author accepts no responsibility or liability for use of this material.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The power for positive change resides within your own mind. If you choose to accept the suggestions presented in this session, you can rest comfortably knowing that you are the one safely in control of your own positive results.

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do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery only listen when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort have you found yet your best passion purpose and motivation to be living your life’s truest meaning or are the answers you seek still floating somewhere out there or perhaps hidden deeper within the year like a buried treasure chest or secure safe waiting to be discovered and unlocked if only you had within you the right key hello this is Michael Seeley welcoming you to this guarded hypnosis session I’m talking to you now with the intention of bringing you a very unique experience an experience where you may enjoy your own astral projection journey please know at this outset that my voice here is simply a guide a guide for your own deeper trance journey because if you choose to allow it expect it and desire it all of your inner subconscious resources will now do everything that is truly necessary for you and whether this is your first experience with hypnosis or you are will practice please recall that all hypnosis is self hypnosis since it is you yourself who brings hypnosis into effect and now just by wanting to go into hypnosis you can be confident to do so confident that you can retain all of your own power of choice and control and so as you begin to relax and bring your awareness to the here and now you can expect a number of positive changes to occur within you over the course of the next little while now make yourself even more comfortable relaxing your whole body now as you find that just right position in your chair or stretching yourself across that couch or your bed or wherever you are listening aligning yourself or more and more comfort now I would like you to bring up your right hand and raise that hand towards your face and with your first two fingers of that hand gently press against the center of your forehead there just right there pressing gently in that special space between your two eyes so go ahead and feel that soft pressure of sensation now as you enjoy your own touch against your brow and now allow your eyes to focus out further past your palm just allow those eyes to lose that closer focus as you breathe in now a deeper breath and exhale and relax and now still with those fingers gently pressing there as you exhale close down those heavier eyes now the eyes close down and take in three more slower and deeper breaths and on the third time you breathe out allow those fingers at your forehead to let go and release dropping your hand down to return as if all by itself down there to your side breathing slowly in and slowly out taking your second breath breathing in a little deeper and calmly out and now your third breath breathing in and now out as those fingers release now as the hand relaxes down with it down and down returning all the way to rest at your side and you are now going deeper and deeper down and down further and further down still so deeply and easily dropping into absolute calmness and tranquillity all the way down into the basement of your unconscious relaxation you now just by focusing on the sound of my voice you can make the choice to always come back to my words because even as your conscious mind may at times wander your unconscious mind continues to focus in and listen and now as you continue to relax the more you relax the better you feel and the better you feel the more you allow yourself to relax even further down so your physical self sinks deeper and deeper and as you notice your body releasing all of that tension your non physical self is becoming more and more aware and notice our opening of those internal sensations and you are becoming more and more attuned because right now all that is left to remember is that you are entering some delightful space within we’re all previous limitations of gravity and location and the relativity of time transform further out beyond all usual meaning so notice now that gentle flickering of your eyelids where all of those seething sensations once began because those relaxing vibrations their baby felt as a tingling kind of warmth that brings you comfort and feels so wonderfully good so now let that pleasantly special warmth flow all the way down from your forehead just enjoying that wave like energy that continues to relax here reverberating like a calming echo inside of you all the way down across your face and your jaw or muscles which are becoming loose and limp just lazy and relaxed and now picture and imagine the muscles of your body one by one at a time further releasing and letting go of all tension just as if a pair of gently massaging hand were softly soothing your neck muscles now as the back of your neck and your upper vertebrae oh just let go and relax and now you can see and feel those chest and shoulder muscles easing and relaxing releasing into even deeper comfort because the relaxing energy of that pleasant tingling warmth is flowing down and down now across your stomach and all the way around to your back as the energy of this vibration is now beginning to circle here and an even more soothing spiral pattern and as it does you can begin to see a white mist forming all about your relaxing physical self a spectral aura now brings with it an even deeper sense of healing white and now that white mist slowly spirals as your physical being begins to gently spiral with it always taking you deeper and deeper down and now down across your lower back region and your hips are releasing and this energy of relaxation feels so incredibly good and now that white light mist washes down across your thighs and your knees relaxing your hamstrings and loosening your calf muscles clearing all remaining tension entirely away and now even your shins and your ankles are turning loose and relaxed as they just let go and now all the way through your feet to the very ends of your toes picture and feel for yourself those muscles lengthening and loosening as you continue to enjoy this positive warmth of energy taking you deeper down still down and down into the absolute deepest comforts of peace and now you’re relaxing deeper than your physical being may have ever known now I want you to imagine that what I’d missed expanding all about you as more and more of that mist flows in from those other dimensions dimensions from all spiritual astral planes everything that is in tangible everything that is not matter or physical energy and everything that isn’t yet and yet everything that can always be all of that cosmic sense is now completely unfolding around here so bring your more internal awareness to all of that developing possibility that your unconscious mind already has within it a very special navigational map to somewhere else entirely so imagine now where it is that you can be once free of all limitations and all earthly restrictions where is it here that you are taking yourself as you imagine your clearest depiction of perfectly felt serenity so the color there now wherever it is that you choose as you say and hear and feel yourself released becoming present into your most ideal safe place be it a fantasy made manifest or a real memory made even more real now I want you to remember that you can return and come back to this tranquil safe place whenever you might choose at any time during this journey just as easily as thinking to yourself the word safety but for now notice the growing distance of where it is as you begin to drift in new and interesting ways floating from where you once began with all of those positive anticipations that you remember feeling way back there and notice where it is now that you will soon emerge so find yourself moving deep as down beginning to drift down the astral hallway of time and space itself going deeper and deeper because time starts to swallow in space begins to spiral before you just like that circular pattern of that coiling white mist and now you are emerging to somewhere entirely new your spirit self is floating more and more and more moving further up and away from your earthly form and now you feel your astral self our lease from hole gravity now you have easily detach and drift as you begin to truly explore allowing the mystic aura to lighten and transform your flow and now as you see and observe your own karma body there notice the representation of your physical self floating in space right before you and take this time to truly appreciate and value every aspect of your physical body as you know your physical body is the earthly vehicle that carries all other parts of you and because you value your body as your precious healthy instrument you appreciate your temple on that houses your essence of self and yet become aware now that you are also so much more than your body and now find yourself floating and soaring to somewhere else within this infinite realm as you look upon your emotional self take this time to observe your emotions in their representations before you acknowledging them with your deeper safely detached awareness as the white mist is allowing you much much deeper understanding you have emotions and you value your emotions because your emotions express your being in so many different ways yet your whole self is also so much more than your emotions and now you are floating further through this dimension and all dimensions as your deeper awareness expands and continues to grow her and the white aura coast of that astral reality is always bringing you now more and more deeper meaning and as you drift through the timeless current a vast spaciousness itself you look now upon your thinking self as you witness and observe with that special detachment you look upon your own thinking mind and now you value your thoughts your appreciate your thoughts because your mind contains your ideas and your memories your contemplations and your decisions and your power of choice your mind also expresses who you are yet you are also so much more and only your mind now as you reflect upon and appreciate each part of you realize you have arrived at the center of your pure consciousness aligning to pure awareness as you are now truly aware now allow yourself to journey even further into the vast expansion of the universe knowing that your higher self is activated and open and see now about here that white mist is clearing entirely as you find stars and planets and galaxies themselves rushing past you in this pure infinity because you are soaring through total existence feeling so incredibly light and free and now notice that you hear within your spirit mind the angelic echoes from the distant edges of all space because you are being cold now beckoned and cold towards a very special destination and as you realize a new light is appearing to you in incredible orange burst like the beauty of a newborn Sun and that Sun has drawing you closer and closer as you move flying at the speed of the light itself and you are thousands and thousands of light years away beyond and above all know on locations and now you find yourself flying a closer you arrive and you can see through your spirit eyes the orange light of that Sun is transforming as it flickers and changes and close into a deep purple now a scarlet red and now a crystal ocean blue and now a forest green and suddenly you find yourself standing outside a dimensional sanctuary as an astro Hall of Records rises up before you you see this hole is made entirely of crystal glass and as you watch each color of the spirit plane reflect and refract shining within those pure crystals you hear now the ancient voice of your spirit guide because you see the keeper of all records appears to you now and you recognize this keeper as your astral spirit guide who is welcoming you to this special place and whether you see a deeply smiling face of a kindly wise old man or the deeply smiling face of a compassionate wise old woman or the beauty of ik benevolence of a neutral angel it is entirely your choice as you find that there is that part of your truest self that already recognizes that being peaceful voice and so you listen now to what the keeper has to say as you see your guide extends a hand to here and is offering towards you a very special book and as you look upon a ancient cover of that book you recognize a written title there and it says a book of your life because this is your soul’s code for this ancient book contains all of your deepest lives purposes and meanings within it’s incredible pages and now you know all of your deepest questions about your own life may be answered here whenever you take the time to look further within so now receive this ancient book from your guardian as you reach out and accept the gift of your soul code and now as you hold the book in your hands and you feel the weight of its immense power you may open the cover and deeply experience what is within and to your amazement and wander you find that each page brings you a multi sensory experience as each new page brings you revelations of sites and harmonies of sounds and deeply felt epiphanies of feelings and even tastes and smells you can all experience each and every one of these symbolic messages carries a deeper revelation to you so go ahead and turn to those particular pages that you know can answer any specific question that you may desire now to ask of your soul’s code and now I want you to remember that each and every time you interact with your own soul code you find it easier and easier to experience your truth as messages from your life’s purpose manifest more and more real to you in each and every way and always in total alignment with who you are meant to be and as you experience the pages of your lives eternal records you realize you have come to the moment that your special journey has brought you to as you look back to your kindly smiling guardian spirit you’ll find them once again looking patiently with fondness upon you and the keeper of all records now speaks dear and you hear their voice say you were once given a purpose at the beginning in the birth of all time and all eternity for you well given your very own souls name and such is the power of your original name but when you now hear its sound you all know precisely what this name means dear because just by its utterance it contains all of the significance of your deepest life’s purpose and now your spirit guide returns to silent waiting there only for you to ask what is my soul name what is my soul name so when you are ready you may ask now in your own time so go ahead and ask as you accept and receive all of your deepest purpose and the keeper will now give you your sole name now you have received your sole name now bring into your heart all of your names meaning all of its intention and all of its revelation as you just open your heart to all of this felt significance and now you find you can secure each and every meaning there away to be accessed later where it will become apparent to you’re more conscious waking mine and so he now close the pages of your souls code and you return that book back into the hands of your smiling spirit guide because you know that the keeper of all eternal records now guards and protects your souls could forever and ever and all the time you know within you that you can return to open and read and truly experience your own book of life anytime that you choose just by taking the time to relax and go further within you and now you say thank you and bid farewell to your guardian spirit record keeper as you let him or her know that you will forever treasure and cherish all that has been revealed and now you find yourself floating backwards again backwards and away from your spirit guide in that Hall of Records as your spirit guide smiles and gestures kindly to you from that distance enjoy returning back through all space and all time back through all dimensions once again stars and planets and galaxies rush by you and you’re speeding backwards now at the speed of light backwards and backwards you are flying and floating all the way drifting back into that white light mist feeling so deeply relaxed within yourself and you find now that within you the positive seat of your truest purpose have been planted in all richest and deepest ways in some time within the next coming days or evenings you will find that you have a sudden moment of clarity a sudden moment of profound enlightenment as the understanding of your deepest purpose or suddenly unfold and unlock as if all by itself for you and some incredible extraordinary way so you might wonder where exactly it is you will be when your conscious mind feels that sudden and spontaneous joyously happy moment of content because you are realizing that all of your personal values are aligning and you’re realizing within your own heart that you have a strong and deep sense of passion and motivation to now move more and more towards following your life’s true direction now as you continue to deeply relax you’ll find yourself returning completely now back there into your waiting physical body as you ground yourself completely and you integrate all parts of your spirit self connecting solidly back to your healthy emotions and joining completely with your healthy mind and thoughts and firmly back now inhabiting your physical body in all ways and you might like to feel a wriggling of your fingers and toes as you gently reorient your being into your energizing body just noticing how each muscle and nerve feels wonderfully good and you find your circulation flows smoothly and calmly and you are breathing easily into your lungs now in a moment I’m going to count up from one to five and when I reach the number five you can open your eyes and come back to fully alert awareness feeling absolutely amazing in each and every way knowing that your life is now waiting to be live with your fullest passion and purpose because you carry within you the flame of that revelation of your soul’s true name now just before you return you can affirm to yourself that each time you listen to this recording you will go easily deeper and deeper into hypnosis because each time you hear my voice is speaking to you you find it easier and easier to go into trance so that with practice this journey becomes more and more clear and more and more real so now one coming gently back towards your conscious awareness feeling solid and grounded within your own body and mind and to your arms in your legs feel full of energy feeling refreshed and awake three bringing your attention now to your surroundings noticing all of those alert sensations and for your eyes are sparkling clear as if they have been bathed in fresh cool spring water and five eyes wide open coming completely back as wakeful awareness completely returns and you might like to move about and stretch or perhaps yawn or smile to yourself remembering that you can ask yourself some time very soon how will I share and enjoy my newfound knowledge and now I’ll leave you with that happy thought as I thank you once again for listening and I will talk to you soon you..


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  • Wow. I received “Soltana,” which I researched a discovered is Arabic in origin meaning queen, leader, ruler, or authority.

  • Quite a few subscribers have offered some great inspiration for this session: Brandon had requested an astral projection journey; Melissa was wanting some deep breathing techniques; and Simon-Pierre was looking for something that could help bring passion, motivation, and real purpose towards finding our live’s meanings … and countless others of you continue to inspire me with your positivity, so thank you all 🙂 May this bring you some benefit and joy – M.

  • did anybody else see a beautiful eye looking at them? or orange patterns. this was a great experience i sat through all of it, i was feeling hopeless before the video and now i just feel good