Astral Projection: Meditation Techniques For Energy Cultivation

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I you today I’m going to talk about Qigong if you’ve been checking out my other videos you know that this channel is primarily focused on astral projection how to do it and the reason this video is going to be completely devoted to meditation and Qigong is because if you did check out that other one on how to ask for project i talked about how meditation and energy is really essential to be able to have success when you’re attempting to astral project and so i want to give you guys some very specific Qigong techniques that you can utilize in order to raise your energy to be able to get out i’m going to kind of give you basically what i used in the past i don’t use all these techniques right now but I’m going to tell you the ones that I started with and it probably give you a good basis to go with and then I’ll kind of give you an idea to what my current regimen looks like there are two different kinds of Qigong only probably more than that but what I’ve been through anyways they talked about and I don’t know if I’m saying this right can I speak Japanese but I don’t speak Chinese may well so you don’t have to excuse me if I’m not saying this correct but there’s wide on and Naida why dun chick chick hung really focuses on a lot of movement you’ve probably seen videos of this you know where they’re kind of doing these things where they’re going like this it looks a little bit like Tai Chi somewhat it’s very effective and there’s also nate on Nate on is the kind of Qigong where it’s pretty much entirely mental and my experience with Qigong is that even the movement kind is still mental but it the movements give you that mental ability to be able to picture and visualize what’s going on and that’s why it’s so effective but after a while once you know what the she feels like and how to move it then you don’t need that movement anymore you can just do it with your mind the first kind of Qigong that I was exposed to I told you was kind of at that hand Jitsu seminar that I mentioned any other video because I do martial arts and I was first exposed to it at a seminar but after that I when I was do my own explorations i came across ken Cohen’s videos and he has a history where he does Qigong is kind of a combination between you know the movement and the mental because he’s got done some different types of meditations that he throws in there and that’s really what I started with when you first start doing this chiong what does it feel like well at first when you’re starting out how it feels it’s going to be mostly just your imagination you may not feel actually be feeling the energy moving or you might think you are but it’s probably mostly going to be an imagination unless you’re already kind of freedom but that’s fine you know what to begin with feeling stuff in this is your imagination that you feel like that’s that’s start right there what it feels like for me these days is not how it felt when i first started when i first started i pretty sure like other people have said and like I just said it was imagination but it had not start somewhere how it feels for me now can feel like heat that’s moving pressure more often than not for me it feels like electricity really really strong electricity like I’m being electrocuted but when you’re first starting it you just you know probably the most Lego feel the heat or maybe not feel anything at all you don’t feel anything at all don’t be discouraged that’s just how it starts we’re gonna actually show you um what I started doing end is you can get this from Kent Cohen’s DVDs as well but I’m just going to give show you ones that I found to be really effective of the ones that he gives out and you can go from there and give it a try first one I’m going to show you is something just called gathering the Chi is really really simple all you have to do is actually get in a standing position and stand with your feet kind of shoulder width apart and your feet actually not normally like it i kinda want to go like this but actually just put point them straight out and said he calls it the chico and stance of power doesn’t work I don’t know but why not yeah so plant your feet can appoint and straight forward knees slightly bent and then what you do is your going to gather the energy into your hands by just starting at the round here where you pull the energy up from the ground and then you’re holding it in your hands and then you bring it up and you can actually even hold it slightly over your head like soap and allow energy from the sky to enter your hands as well so the energy from the earth and the energy from the sky is mixing together in your hands then you turn it over and then bring your palms down your body and then just feel the chief flowing down run your hands through your body all the way down through your legs and you race Eddie repeat so gather the Chi lift up here whole gather cheat turn down and through your body you can do that 10 x 20 times however many times need to do it when I first started doing it and this energy starts flowing I would start sneezing every single time I don’t know why but I did start seizing ah choo ah choo ah choo so I have mice music’s great i have to blow my nose from out then you come back to it once everything was like kind of opened up and I would stop sneezing but like the first two or three of these start sneezing yeah you’re not alone it happen to be to the another one that talked about is and that I really enjoyed that really helps to gather Chi in your hands and then from your once you got it you know good concentration of energy in your hands and you can use it to move your cheat your body or you can use it to actually affect other people’s energy as well you know take away headaches and things of that nature so it’s called one fingers n here’s kind of what looks like so you start just by standing again in a cheat on the stats empower and you slightly bent palms facing down like so and the way I do it is I just stopped and i feel the pressure of the energy as it comes is coming up from the ground there is a pressure just feel that pressure and then you may start to feel heat or i started feel tingling in your hands once you’ve got that connection once you feel that connection even if you don’t feel the connection just imagine got it to start with once you have that connection and you move your hands slowly together like so where your wrists are crossed over so it looks like this and what your point your hands are down like this and they’re not touching but they’re so your wrists are over top of each other on an angle like so and then you just feel the connection between your wrists feel the energy connected between your wrists just hold that for a while wherever long you want to hold it for turn your hands over and hold your hands palm up palms up one or the other and again feel the connection between a few this palm to this hand feel the pressure of the energy between I can feel it right now I can start feeling tingling happening here feel the pressure feel that she gather and feel the energy gallery turn this hand over so now your palm to palm so it kind of looks like I could be holding a ball like this has small ball feel the connection of the energy between your palms once you’ve felt that connection and you start to rotate it around long hand stays still top hand rotates around and you’re moving the energy along the palm of the upturned hand so you can feel energy rotating around down by my palm around my thumb up around my fingers down around my palm and II feel the energy moving around you’re actually moving it with this hand here and this one is feeling it just rotate around one direction ten times stop rotate at the other direction once you got that connection bring this hand up to your forehead feel the connection from your third eye which is the spread point right here between your eyes here right forehead feel like connection from your third eye to this hand and then down to this hand so there’s kind of like this triangle lab as we’re goes out like this and then now so you feel that connection hold for a second or two or as for as long as you want to and then push down like you’re contracting the energy expand the energy contract it when you contract it you should feel a pressure between your hands or you might feel that tingling you might feel that heat expand and contract up down up and down stop here down here where you got that ball again right we can feel like there’s a ball of energy here now you’re going to do the same thing but your middle finger points down so now you’re concentrating all of the energy coming from this hand out of that middle finger so before we are doing kind of a broad energy sweep now we’re concentrating all of it coming out of that little finger you could even make imagine a little laser coming out of there sometimes I pretended to like sit with a little bit of a start working so have that concentrated piece of energy going down you should feel like it’s a laser a really strong point in the palm facing up and then you rotate it around you should have the same sensation of the energy moving in this bottom palm of hand but now she just feel far more concentrated you can go up a finger each finger is your moving it around in there you should be able to feel that energy moving which I can you may not at first but keep a turn and will eventually and then again bring it up to your forehead feel that connection with your third eye to your hand going down through your finger down to your palm of your hand feel that connection and go down and up contract the energy expand the energy you should feel the energy like a little pinpoint because just comes just only out of your finger in the palm of your hand and stop hold that ball you can hold that ball for a long as you want go here play with that interview ball and what sounds ridiculous but you just you can form it turn your head sideways feel that energy now you should at this point you should have a lot of energy concentrated in your hands what do you do with it it’s up to you here’s one what i usually do with it after I’ve got it it’s like man it’s weird once you can actually feel it you can actually I have to move it slowly otherwise it feel like it sounds nothing are you drop it say bye lose control I have to move it slowly and I take it and I just drop it down to the energy center of my head from there you can move it other places once you get more proficient I just kind of moved it down a little further down the whole center my body stopped it they called the don t n which is they call this an energy center right down here now am I your belly button and you can repeat that whole one fingers n but do the opposite hand on top where you go like this left hand my case on top turn the palms over like so put that hand over you know like this and I’ll play with it look just like this sequence I told you but do with the other hand another thing I should tell you I’m wearing my watch which actually I don’t usually like to do while I’m doing this kind of energy work i find that wearing a watch or rings or any kind of jewelry for some reason some inexplicable reason interferes with it don’t know why so i would take that why you’re doing this as well so that’s kind of my you know my beginner exercises that I started with where it involves a lot of movements and you know what you’re doing with that energy but it’s a great place to start another thing that I do sometimes usually if nobody else is home because it seems kind of embarrassing it I don’t even know what my wife and kids know I do this it still feels silly when I do it and it’s so well let me start by saying it I actually I’m a piano tuner part time on the side and there’s this thing called sympathetic resonance that you may have heard of I’m tuning a piano in like a band room at a school for example there’s a snare drum there when I hit what number is at the a below middle C for some reason well I know why it’s called sympathetic resonance the snare drum will start vibrating they relay that a and if you know anything about tuning Panetti on let’s do there’s three streams on a piano note for the most part somehow to in the Lord in the base section and then there’s just one in the in the very base section but for the middle and treble sections just three strings per note and to tune a piano you match the beats because when the piano when those strings those three strings are in tune with each other your mobile and when I’m tune in that a witch has three strings to tune to each other and there’s a beat the cove wah wah wah wah wah the snare drum will vibrate with those beats it’s called sympathetic resonance difference things will vibrate according to sound also you probably heard interesting or seeing those cartoons with the Opera single Oh and then shatter is the glass right that’s sympathetic resonance again where the opera singer is singing a certain note that’s going to vibrate that glass at the right frequency to cause it to shatter has nothing to do with power it’s just has everything to find the right frequency your energy centers in your body also are subject to sympathetic resonance a lot of well there’s these owls that you can get or these bowls that you hit the bolting and it is a certain note they say it will resonate and stimulate the energy centers in your body well you can do kind of a similar thing with your own voice you got to get the right pitch and you got to get kind of the right tumblr or sound as well and there’s one that can cohen uses that actually goes along with that one finger Zen meditation I he actually did it has you do it before you start the one fingers in and what it is it’s an ohm ah whom I’m gonna do for you guys even though it’s embarrassing but I am by myself while the cats over there he doesn’t care yeah so know why still work so I don’t feel so silly anyway so here it is here’s what it would look like Oh Oh each of those ones the ohm you do it right and that’s the pitch that works for me you might have a different pitch but at the ohm right here you get it right can find the right pitch it will start you’ll start feeling the vibration right here in your third eye ah right here you’ll feel right here in the throat chakra and that mean right here for your heart chakra again I know it looks silly it sounds silly but if you do it right you will actually feel the vibration in each of those places which actually I found helps to open up and activate those energy centers in particular for astral projection purposes the ones that are important that I found here and actually your crown chakra which actually is goes along with that home one it kind of like that all are everything up here and then your heart chakra why are those things work again I don’t know but it does so that’s another thing you can try well I mean you don’t mind feeling silly here’s what I currently do so I kind of started out doing just like what i showed you for quite a few years you know that movement version of Qigong what I do now and what I found I’m able to do is what they call the nave on Qigong where you can actually just control the energy with your mind so how I do it is actually I sit in kudos ax which is just a cross legged position actually I’ve got I got a net myself a meditation cushion I’m gonna go grab it and I’ll show at E so here it is it looks kind of like a little buck or a heart depending on how you hold it it’s uh Brown because my choices were pink or brown I didn’t want pink uh huh so here I got this brown and it’s full of these Kenna it’s like chaff we chaff except it’s not that I can’t remember what it’s called exactly that’s in here but I actually like this kind of quite strong so it doesn’t compress super much and there’s the reason there’s this little gap in here is because you can bring your legs in there titers if you’re going to sit cross legged so this is what I sit on my meditation cushion so I sit on my little heart but shaped cushion and first thing I do is I just try and get myself relaxed so I just concentrate on my breathing take a few deep breaths slow down my mind kind of relax my mind and then I gather cheap into my body just mentally yeah you’ll be able to do this eventually if you just keep at that other stuff you won’t need the movement to do it anymore I still do use some movements sometimes you know if I’m having trouble getting things going then i’ll use the movement it helps i don’t know get things running but you don’t need it you can just control it with your mind it but which is a little harder to do it first so i recommend you try the movement once and do this kind of technique later so anyways what i do is cuddle is a breathing slow down my brain and then i started gathering chief first in to my legs and I can move the Chi up my legs to my hips and then I move it down and back again down my legs up my legs down my legs up my legs and if the cross leg like that it’s kind of funny because you’re really little kind of figure 8 thing you can do this lying down to if you’re that works for you as well and when you ask for project actually that’s what I do I’m going to be I do the same thing as when I’m telling you right now to start to reject what I’m doing a land yeah but just my daily meditation where I’m not actually trying to project I just do it in photos a sitting on my little cushion so you move the energy up and down your legs and then I do the same thing with my arms I usually have my hands you know you know how they said I like this with our CP of netting with their fingers together like this all there in their cross legged position with their arms on their legs it’s like that except I don’t actually do this thing I just have my palms open I tried that because I was curious is like no wonder what I do that I didn’t do anything for me so I just had my palms open and I start by just moving energy in my hand starting at my thumb up this finger this finger up this finger up this finger down around my palm same thing and then I go down Oh fingers again back and forth back and forth and then eventually I’ll just kind of circle it this is all mentally by the way I’m just doing this mentally just start circling around in my palm once they feel like I have enough of that energy gathered into my hand and then I’ll start moving it up my arm to my shoulder and down again actually when I find works very spices start going to my elbow first and then back down elbow down to my head elbow down once I’ve got that running then I go all the way up the shoulder and down all the way up the shoulder and down then I’ll do the same thing on my other hand or my other arm get everything going there and then I’ll do it together with both hands and both arms at the same time where’s going up and down both arms at the same time so after I’m done you know the arms and legs think then we start with the entrance centers so I start right here the top both chakra just other energy there then move it down to the third eye right here right the center before head move it down here to the throat chakra throat energy center the cold energy center chakras whatever they are lots of cultures have them they just called different things it can calm everyone and then there’s your heart energy center or your heart chakra and then just below that is your would write with your solar plexus is one there and then one down by your belly button and then the other one that could call your base chakra right it’s your tail so you just move moving energy from one energy center to the uh that’s what I do and then once I’ve got that flow going to go up and down up and down up and down rotating it up and down over and over and then eventually it usually happens when I do that is it get this kind of a build up of energy that I just release and allow it to flood everywhere in my body and it can be quite overwhelming quite surprising if you’re not ready for it sometimes when I do that it feels like there’s a flood coming up from your abdomen all the way up through your head and out some people have this thing called raising Kundalini I don’t know if that’s what that is when it’s happening to me or not but whatever it is pretty cool and it allows you to gain access to different abilities this energy knows like ask for protection it can do other things for you to diff all your goal is to just meditate and do chi gong and your goal isn’t to astral project you’re getting at lots of benefits of doing this I mean from when I started meditating doing Qigong it was not for the purpose of ask for projection that was just a byproduct that ended up happening things what you can do you can fix your own headaches once you learn how to move energy get a lot of times for my self anyways if that I’ve got a headache it’s often energy related you know Chi related and I think it I think it is for a lot of people they just don’t realize it so you don’t actually have to take the tylenol if what you can do is just sit down five minutes or so concentrate on moving that bad energy from that headache go away and you can remove it all on your own you without drugs drug free you know those twitches you get those muscle twitches nowhere like your eyelids fluttering or like you get a little twitch here no wonder you get when your butt cheek that’s the worst right those twitches I found in my experience it just misplaced energy and you can get rid of those muscle twitches through meditation in chico you can just move that energy out of there or just do this kind of exercise where you get energy flow and it opens up the energy channels and gets that trapped energy out of that twitch twitch ething take away hips I’ve been able to take weight hiccups on many occasions from people the other options just scared them to death take away other people’s headaches growing pains you know my kids off and have growing pains I had them really bad and I’ve I was a kid too you can help get rid of those or what I’ve done with my kids is you know taught them how to do it themselves and if they’re patient enough to actually do it they can get rid of their own growing pains without drugs but usually if they’re not patient enough or I can help them to do it and it often gets rid of it emotional stability I’ve never really suffered from depression to speak of or other things like that but there are many Qigong practices nurse who have suffered from depression and they have said their testimony say that Qigong helps balance the energy in your body in order to know balance the emotions as well another thing I found with my meditation practice is yes I can move the energy mentally by just concentrating and moving the energy kind of like you’re imagining it but it actually is happening much in the same way that I decide to move this hand like this I decide to move energy that’s really what it ends up being in your body but what I’ve also found is the energy actually also just obeys your commands like if you just say to the energy go here it does this is something I just kind of figured out in the last month or so where I would I’d be meditating and i would say instead of just you know mentally moving energy i would just command and say hey go to my third eye oh it would boo mid be there and i say all right open my third eye poof you know would actually a last couple weeks I’ve had some really interesting experiences with opening my third eye and being able to actually see stuff with my eyes physical eyes open almost probably not in my physical eyes that are receiving is probably the third iron I don’t know how it works but either way whatever is happening it’s been very interesting i’ll have to make me talk about that another time so if your goal is to ask for project start doing these energy exercises is Qigong your goal is just to be more balanced gain other abilities just to be able to be to be healthy then this is good for that too I used to get very very sick all the time last couple two or three years I well I had flu but I don’t get colds anymore I used to every time my kids got a cold I would get it inevitably but the last two years I haven’t gotten it I’ve been able to stay healthy whether its product of being able to move my energy more freely I kind of think so i think it’s part of it for sure so lots and lots of benefits to learning to control your energy and cultivate your edge anyways i hope this video helped you guys and be sure to check out my other ones if you’re looking asked to reject i got some information there for you if you have any questions go ahead and post those questions below i’ll try and answer them for you the next video i’m hoping to put out here is actually going to be one that really looking forward to its we’re going to talk about what’s called the guardian of the gate and what lots of people think of as a negative entity where you when you first come out of your body you see this horrible thing there and that’s why a lot of people are afraid to project but we’re going to talk about that thing in particular so I’m hoping to get that one done sooner than later anyways thank you very much..


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  • Could I also practice Tai Chi and get simililar results as with qi Gong or would you say that qi Gong is a much more effective method of gaining control over the energy body?