Astral Projection Method (Astral Travel) – Self Guided Hypnotherapy

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Here is a self-guided relaxation technique to assist you in experiencing a Astral projection, guided, hypnotherapy

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

OOBE *Out Of Body Experience aka Astral Projection.

In the coming months I may be looking into doing some that will be available on CD for private purchase.

Topics I intend on covering will be:

Changing my Financial situation.

Relaxation with a positive mind.

Attracting the right situation.

Just to name a few including this one 🙂

I hope you enjoy this audio and I recommend doing this once a day over 7 days, write a date 7 days from the time of playing this on a calendar and next to it put ‘I WILL ASTRAL PROJECT’

Music: Meditation music for relaxation and dreaming.

Free relaxing music for commercial use.

I will always try to find time to reply to every post comment, I respect everyones views however all I ask is you respect mine.

You will never be forced to believe anything, I simply try to provide the evidence I am given. Please view my videos with an open mind, my reasons for sharing is to show you there is more than just lights out when we take our final breath in this world 🙂 ~ Karen


Respect the afterlife because someday we will all be a part of the New World. The skeptics and Atheists will realise it, my reasons for sharing these with you all is to show how Spirit connects with each and every one of us. Spirits have never attacked me, scratched me or possessed me. I welcome those that come to me, I don’t force them.

I am not here to brag about my ability to me this is normal, I’m simply sharing my experiences, each one of us will learn something in a unique way, some are born with ie: the ability to draw (they just know how to hold a pencil) some are born with the gift of song (they sing like Angels), I just happen to have this widely criticised often misinformed gift I’ve lived this since I were a child. I don’t have awards for top in class of Psychic or Medium training, I never trained, some perhaps like me, are approached at an early age and guided by Spiritual beings. And before someone jumps in saying demons, if that were the case I’d be rich, be flying around the world, after all, isn’t it said that when a person sells their soul to a demon or the like they want for nothing in this life?

I give my thanks to God, I believe 100% thee is a living God.

So my faith I feel is strong because I know there is a New World waiting. And I look forward to it!

When you think about it, there’s more evil the living do as it is, so its these that in my opinion are the demons.

And another thing, I have been told by Spirit never to approach someone randomly in public to tell them of the souls they may have around them. Why? Because often these souls are aiding their healing in some way, publicly drawing attention to that person can be damaging, and prolong real healing to occur, once you walk away who knows what that person goes through, there would only be a minority that this experience will help them in a positive way, for the others’ moving on can be stunted and/or psychologically crippled.

Spirit only seek to be acknowledged, accepted and through them we can all see that it’s really the living that should be feared, not, the living dead. Then there are Spirit who want only to be left alone, this is why I never force them to communicate, it is up to them, not me or anyone else. And we should respect that, as we would want our wishes respected.

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If you prefer to read:

okay so you’re here for one reason and that is to reach a level of consciousness that is subliminal and also helping you to achieve deep relaxation in order to have an out of body experience let’s begin firstly make sure you’re comfortable in an area where you are less likely to be disturbed if you have children perhaps the best time for you to do this will be either when they’re having their afternoon nap or during school hours but anytime that you are able to get a time of about half an hour to an hour to yourself this is the best time to do that now find yourself a comfortable chair where you can sit with ease having your feet firmly flat on the floor and your back and neck supported now rest your hands on your thighs gently allow your eyelids to close and just begin to allow yourself to relax letting all your cares and worries go and at this moment in time nothing matters as you switch off your thoughts allow this time for yourself so that you can unwind completely as you begin to feel more and more relaxed letting go of any worries or problems that may have been on your mind lately there is no need to fight any unwanted negative thoughts they will soon drift out of your mind again just as easily as they came I want you to take a couple of deep breaths now slowly inhale filling your lungs with fresh air one two three four five now with every out breath as you gently slow your breathing down breathe out slowly as though you are blowing out a gentle candle flame in front of your lips five four three two one you begin to feel more and more relaxed more and more comfortable you’ll feel your whole body sinking into the chair or the couch breathing again on a count of one 1 two 2 three 3 four 4 five 5 hold the breath now slowly release that breath 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 now before you take in another breath I want you to try to push more of that oxygen that has been inside your lungs and belly out again a little bit more on the count of five four three two one good you’ll will notice how relaxed your whole body is beginning to feel from the top of your head to the tips of your toes to relax yourself even more bring your toes up towards your knees pointing them but not moving your leg lift your foot off the ground and point your toes upward hold it take a deep breath in one two three four five good now exhale five four three two one now relax your feet back on the ground begin to feel that through the floor now comes up a beautiful gooey blue liquid it’s warm and it’s entering the tips of your toes filling up your feet your ankles it’s flowing up in your legs the back of your calves the front of your shin up over your knees going up your thighs into your waist your buttocks relax and let go let go let yourself relax even more feel the whole weight of your body sinking and becoming one with the seat you were set on feel the warm liquid the blue liquid going up into your waist rising up across your abdomen up your back across your chest as it fills up as though you are a container visualize that liquid going up into your shoulders and running down your arms down your arms into your elbows right down to your fingertips and as that has done so the blue liquid begins to rise up into your throat up into your jaw your cheeks around your ears the back of your head all the way to the top of your crown chakra and through this area the center the top of your head I want you to visualize that area there is open and now I want you to visualize a funnel shape coming down like a light into the top of your head almost like an upside down pyramid but more rounded and through that visualize that blue warm liquid rising becoming one with the light swirling and moving up higher hi more and more your whole body is beginning to relax even more you feel the weight of your body going down down down into the seat and yet the warm liquid is now flowing up into that funnel of light and as it draws up it moves up out of your feet up into your ankles moving slowly out of your body this warm funnel of blue gooey liquid is releasing everything inside of you all of your spirit is now rising through that beautiful light above the top of your head like a funnel see it moving up and as it moves up it has the same type of shape that it formed inside of your being hold that vision your eyelids have become very heavy if you feel like twitching try to resist even if you feel a slight itch resist that temptation this is the transition you’ve been waiting for begin to let go of all the tension that you’ve carried through your body through your mind through your thoughts your heart and all the pain from the past is releasing from you now all your muscles in your jaw have become limp and relaxed open your mouth slightly and fill the back of your head go back let it drop and relax in seat you are set as your jaw’s sinks down your tongue walrus gently on the bottom of your mouth and you are beginning to drift down deeper deeper feeling more and more relaxed with every word I speak as this wave of relaxation spreads down your neck and shoulders all the way down your arms to your fingertips you may feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips as your arms grow as heavy as led soon you’ll become aware of growing peaceful inside a feeling of calmness in content as you feel every muscle in your chest and abdomen becomes limp and relaxed all the muscles in your back relaxing almost like a mental massage all the way down your spine the muscles loosen and relax you drift down deeper and deeper and into complete relaxation allow this wave of relaxation to spread all the way down your legs your legs become as heavy as let every muscle in your legs becomes limp and relaxed you’re completely relaxed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and as the outside world fades more into the background you hold the vision of yourself in the form of that blue gooey warm liquid thus it’s above your crown chakra in a aura of light you begin your journey into your own inner world unique and special it is a part of you and you are a part of it only you can go to this place continue to let go let go of any negative thoughts or feelings any sounds around you or in the distance let go deep deep or the sands around you or fade into the background the only sound that will matter to you will be the sound of my voice I’ll continue to take you deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation soon you’ll find your mind begins to wander if it does it doesn’t matter where you drift let go picture where you want to go where you want to go visualize that place now that place or that person you wish to see they could be here among men among men or on the other side in the new world continue to relax relax respond to me on an unconscious level in a few moments time you’ll hear me say the word now now when you hear me say that word now begin to move forward mentally visualize that blue warm liquid that a part of yourself that is now above you visualize it moving forward as you visualize it moving forward don’t force it just repeat I want to move forward I want to move forward to me I want to move forward to move visualize yourself moving with your eyes closed put your surroundings around and visualize yourself moving forward living as though you’re floating though floating through the doorway of the room you’re now e where are you picture the hall in front of that doorway go down that hallway to the end door visualize yourself moving slowly toward the door that is closed in front of you don’t worry about opening you don’t need to open the door to your soul can pass through this is effortlessly definitely when you reach the other side of that door of that door you will be your where you want to be where you want to be in front of the person you wish to see then you wish to see in a home or a place you want to be in all the nervous tension that you’ve had up until now is leaving your body is now ready to move forward through the door ready now now say I want to move forward I want to move forward you are passing through that door notice the sensation do you feel the tingling is the resonates through your being mates will be do you feel a strange type of energy energy passing through you now once you get to the other side of that door look around you here’s a different place all together you are no longer in your own home you are no longer in the place you lift your body you feel yourself moving without any effort whatsoever notice how light you feel like you feel notice how free your body feels how effortless it is just by thinking do you want to move forward what you are doing you are doing you can do it it’s part of who you are your soul is only limited by the body was once contained in don’t panic you will still be able to return you are attached by a silver cord that is running from that funnel of light that’s streamed through the top of your head it’s still attached and it won’t break and it won’t break it will be your conscience that is making you move forward you move forward now now I want you to look down and see the floor beginning to move into flowers lots and lots of tiny tiny colored flowers now now move forward forward will yourself you are moving forward and were you happy it’s all pride there’s no it’s all right about you if the light doesn’t hurt your eyes there’s a really wonderful feeling that you have inside of you a desire to see what you will or who you want Peter please do not be concerned there are no worries II I worry there are no troubles here drop your free free afraid to move forward you’re free to see who you want to see who you want to see go you want to go you are not restricted in any way any way and your soul is illuminated in it slide in spirit there is no holding on to the past there are no worries no pain nothing that keeps you stuck in any way this moment is yours you are free to go and do and see whatever you want feel the air moving through your body as you say I want to move for what I want if you fall asleep at this time don’t worry enjoy your journey when your soul is ready to come back or when you are ready to come back all you have to say is I want to go back I want to go back and your body and so who reunite once more do not be afraid do not be afraid this is your time this is your time nothing can hurt you nothing can hurt you now you are saying well they all around you are angels watching every meeting every move to make sure your journey was safe and positive breathe out if you are ready to return now listen to my voice listen to my voice only listen to my voice is nothing else around you are ready to come back I need to come back I want you to visualize you are standing before it only with you know on the other side of that door we’ll yourself to walk through that door never mind about opening it you don’t need on the count of five I want you to say I wanted I must before I didn’t go back 1 1 2 3 4 5 before through the toy the toy back into the move into the room where you are seated on the chair look at the way you look so relaxed will yourself to move forward to your body and study how you look for a moment are you happy with what you see are you happy with you are if you answered no the moment you begin to reenter your being everything about you unchanged you’ll become more positive you’ll change your happy mood and it will be left on all the time you have released yourself from the bondage of negative karma you are free soul and you know you can visit anytime any you are able to do this because you can now I want you to visualize yourself sitting back in that chair where you are seated as though you are moving backwards into your body begin to feel your fingers they may feel like pins and needles that is the adjustment if you feel yourself jump a little that is your spirit of lining with your body visualize now that that funnel of light above your head is our ceiling and closing you are packing your body with your eyes still closed to sit for a moment think about what you’ve just experienced think about what you want to do next time you you if you do this once a day for seven days you may not need me to guide you after that because you’ll know one to do it will become like an autopilot second nature when really it is your first danger now slowly open your eyes do not make it ever just gently open your eyes enjoy that relaxed feeling you have all through your body’s real body take a knee take a knee feel an embrace and relaxed mode next did you feel right now feel right now notice all the tension has flowed away from you away from you notice how different do you feel on the count of five you’ll begin to wake up more ready ready 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 I thank you for being a part of this astral projection self guided meditation if you enjoyed this please like and subscribe and let me know how this goes for you remember sometimes we don’t get instant results but allow yourself time to accustom your way to this method and soon you’ll be doing this without any effort whatsoever you ..


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  • I’d just like to address my fellow Australian subscriber who watched this 3 times a total of around 33 seconds of this each time using a tablet device on 9th January and hit unlike on this video and decided that within 33 seconds you were dissatisfied with it, firstly, I’ve never had the need to hit unlike without at least given the reasons for doing so in the comments section.

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    Thanks ~ Karen

  • I have a general question…I watch many many different videos for AP , always trying to find the right one for me. But last night, I listened to one and I literally felt pulled in a scary way out of my body. I felt my ear buds were choking me, the whole experience was terrible and I could not wake up. Is there a mindset to help me not be so startled and out of control? That was terrible. Any advice? I felt not gently lifted but yanked upwards. I don’t want wantto feel like that for future experiences.

  • Woah that was amazing! My first day today, I’m actually crying it was so beautiful. Things have been hard lately, but what a positive experience!!! X 🙂