Astral Projection, Obe, Lucid Dreaming, Techniques – Lesson 2

Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming.

How to have an Out-of-Body travel experience

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genuine practice of phase entrances best begun with the easiest most accessible methods indirect techniques which are conscious actions performed upon awakening from sleep results can be expected immediately following the first few attempts after waking from sleep remain motionless eyes closed immediately picture a swift compulsory fall into sleep for five to ten seconds and then returned to wakefulness followed by an attempt to separate from your body if separation does not occur within three to five seconds immediately try alternating several of the most effective techniques phantom whittling observing images rotating and straightening the brain if you are unable in one minute who entered the face go back to sleep to use subsequent attempts after next awakenings forced falling asleep is quite simple it requires a cessation of internal dialog shifting mental focus away from external stimuli and a strong desire for a quick rien trance to the sleeping stage followed by renewed wakefulness after several seconds the separation attempt should be carried out without any imagining but rather with the desire to make a real movement without straining the muscles rolling out lamentation standing up etc if separation does not occur within three to five seconds immediately try alternating the most effective techniques tantum weakling try to wiggle the part of the body for three to five seconds but without using any muscles if nothing moves during the attempt try a different technique if a sensation of wiggling occurs even in the slightest continue to employ the technique striving to increase the range of movement as much as possible as soon as the range of movement gears or exceeds four inches which may take just several seconds the following situations may arise one momentarily finds oneself somehow in the face or the wiggle part of the body begins to move freely the phantom whittling technique is not meant to produce an imagined movement by a phantom body the point of the technique is to attempt the movement of a physical body part without using muscular action observing images observe the blank space behind the eyes for three to five seconds and try to locate recognizable pictures images or symbols if nothing appears during this exercise the technique should be substituted if something appears continue to passively observe the images meanwhile the images will become increasingly realistic literally enveloping the practitioner the image should be experienced as a panorama taking everything in doing so it yields two possible results the practitioner becomes part of the surroundings and has achieved the face or the image becomes borderline or absolutely realistic and separation from the physical body is possible rotating immediately after waking from sleep remain motionless eyes closed imagine the physical body is rotating along an axis for five to ten seconds if no unusual sensations occur try another technique if vibrations occur during rotation or the movement suddenly feels realistic then continue the rotation technique as long as there is progressing the sensation s development the imagined rotation will replaced by a very real sensation of rotating amid which separation from the body is possible straightening the brain make two to three squeezes straining the brain if nothing happens try another technique if migrations occur during this exercise try to move the vibrations around the body and amplify them by continuing to strain the brain the stronger the vibrations the higher the probability that a separation technique may be applied if you are unable in one minute to enter the face or even if everything worked out it is still better to go back to sleep to facilitate subsequent attempts you ..

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  • this is the first video i watch years ago when i came to youtube to learn about lucid dreams… i’ve come back here a few times trying to track down the next video I watched next… it worked so well on me… if anyone can help me track it down… I remember it was a man talking in a very calm voice… he was talking as if it should be me talking… the video i think was just a picture of the earth from above i think… he spoke saying something like… “wait is this a dream? ah yes it is a dream, this is a dream and I am dreaming” it was something like that… i went to watch it again and couldnt find it… if anyone knows if it still exists please let me know

  • Wow! I had to watch the video 30 times without looking at the girls to get to the part about the thing that the video is about.

  • hola a todo /as me gustaria saber quien puede tener estos videos traducido en espanol para poder ingresar ala fase por michel raduga. desde ya le agresco a todos o tadas

  • pretty good, is your natural voice not usable for some reason? i find it easier to listen to a human voice, they contain emphasis. still, very useful vid thanks.

  • hello) I can say that)) When I was little I’ve seen the same dream 5 times in a row and could no longer change their wrong actions in the past dreams, at this point I would even call himself a master output as you say in phase)) because I have said many times and knew I was fully aware that in a dream, and create general unrealistic)) is obtained often I would say out of 100 times if you want to get exactly 70)) thanks for the video)