Astral Projection Technique Step By Step. This Method Eliminates Physical Reality Limitations.

Learn Astral projection for beginners step by step quickly! Astral projection is often-times made to sound unnecessarily complicated and this is because many continue to apply physical notions to metaphysical realities. Your astral body activates upon moving to the fourth density of existence, this is the green ray (heart chakra) body activating, you currently inhabit the yellow ray body . Attempting to free the astral from your physical body causes a thought form manifestation of a body which you wind up believing is an astral body. Anyway, that’s by the by. You can travel through all realities simply by focusing your consciousness in other directions, just as you do when you are dreaming. With solid intent and good visualization you can astral project and astral travel anywhere you like. No restrictive physical notions. Much love.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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greetings my dears in love and light astral projection a simpler way in a few easy steps now I recently did a video on the difference between remote viewing and astral projection and just really quickly I’ll say that there’s no need to manifest a body when you’re doing astral projection in a previous video of mine so about a year ago I explained how you can do astral projection by manifesting a body to go travelling with and this is one way to do it and it’s kind of a simple way to do it for those who are still sort of thinking in terms of the earthly illusion thinking in physical terms but I’m going to give you a way to do actual projection that just involves your consciousness I also said in the previous video on the difference between remote viewing and astral projection how when you’re doing astral projection the soul does not leave your body because your human body is the projection of your soul or consciousness we are part of an overriding mass consciousness which is creation and our consciousness is focused in lots of different places at once in lots of different existences and they’re all happening at the same time because time does not really exist so instead imagine it that instead of your soul coming into your body when you’re bored and leaves when you die that your soul or higher self projects your human body into this energetic illusion into the sky of the illusion because all is made of energy so when you astral project there’s no need for your soul to leave your body there’s actually no need to manifest a body if you’re thinking in physical terms you can just travel using consciousness and I’ll explain now how to do that in just a few quick easy steps so the astral project using consciousness alone step one get into a meditative state meditate for about 15 20 minutes so that your brainwaves reach the Alpha and preferably the theta state you’ll know when you feel very relaxed step set the intention of where you want to go it can be anywhere in creation it doesn’t matter step 3 we’re going to use visualization please see my video on visualization and intention for help with this but we’re gonna visualize rising up out of your body while meditating you visualize simply rising up out of your body and looking down on yourself it’s imagination imagination is key because in alternate levels of existence in other layers of existence imagination and thought manifest reality and reality claim manifested at will you can do whatever you want with your consciousness just like you do when you’re dreaming so you visualize rising up out of your body and looking down as simple as that step 4 visualize rising higher and higher rise through the roof of your house and up into the sky now this step 4 isn’t actually necessary but seeing that we’re talking about astral traveling astral projecting we can travel there or we can just appear there just like with remote viewing you can set the attention intention just to be there you can just be there using your consciousness but if you still want to use physical terms or enjoy the journey you can travel there so step 4 you rise up higher and higher and you can look down and see your house see the surrounding area look around you and see the land around you the countryside the trees whatever so if you don’t want to just reach your destination instantly what you can do and just get there using a consciousness you can travel there and see the land beneath you step 5 so if we’re traveling there let’s go just start traveling move across the landscape if you’re traveling to a point in Earth then do so if you’re traveling to a point in space then do so if you’re traveling into other layers of existence for astral plane are there areas of existence completely to other planets to all kinds of bizarre existences you can’t even imagine and you just want to see what comes out what flows into your mind just do so just start traveling net and see everything whizzing by step six you reach your destination now let images form in your mind just let images flow in there let your surroundings appear around you take a time and let them form remember what you see you can explore while you’re there as well and taking everything you see and try remember in a meditative state when your brain waves are lowered it can be a little harder to remember but set the intention of remembering explore for about 10 15 minutes your physical body is fine it’s safe at home on the bed or the chair whatever you’re in but your consciousness is traveling and time and space don’t really exist you’re not going to get lost your consciousness can focus back in your body instantly you can just open your eyes if you get lost or scared you can just open your eyes and you’ll be there again it really is that easy so after step 6 after you’ve looked around and enjoyed your surroundings it’s time to go home again and as I just said moving into step 7 you can just appear back again you could just open your eyes and be home again or as part of step 7 you could travel back again and you can visualize the surroundings whizzing past you the land or space or any kind of view that you have of your surroundings then it always past you until you reach home again and visualize dropping down through the roof and into your body again as I said that isn’t necessary but if you want to enjoy the journey do so or you can just open your eyes and be there again consciousness can be focused back into your body instantly you’re not going to get lost or anything you’re there you’re always attached and then step 8 write down your experience because it can be easily forgotten especially after a couple of hours write it down straight away so that’s astral traveling for you it can be over complicated because people are thinking in physical terms your consciousness can just travel wherever it wants to go using visualization and intention an immersive state you don’t need to complicate it with physical ideas and concepts enjoy your travels don’t forget to click Subscribe if you’re not already a subscriber to receive regular spiritual inspiration on your journey through life I can share also because we’re raising the mass vibration together so go now in love and peace ..


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  • Oh what a pity! This is where our ways depart. There is nothing in common between visualization or imagination, and astral travels. If you can’t leave your body, you can only imagine that you are travelling to some place, but you are just traveling in your head. It may be beneficial, but it is not astral traveling. Explorers of other worlds have to leave their body. This has been done throughout the ages via the use of so called hallucegenic plants, certain meditation techniques that allow you to pop out of your body through the crown chakra, and the safest method which is through dreaming. Dreamers leave their bodies and travel to other worlds through the solar plexis. They may or may not be lucid dreamers. This often happens spontaniously in the sleep state. Sometimes lovers leave their body briefly during sexual intercourse, women may leave their body when giving birth, and extreme illness can also cause the consciousness to slip out of the body, temporarily. Altered states of consciousness are not to be confused with astral travel.

  • Nicky, why are you wearing short-selves when it’s freezing cold up there in the mountains? You must be cold-blooded, like a lizard, or something. I certainly hope you’re not a Reptilian, and, if so, I’m going to notify David Icke, who will call you out on it to the public! That aside, mountain-girl, this is actually the exact way I meditate, and I tend to envision myself in a Garden of Eden-type setting, for that is truly a peaceful-atmosphere and the way God intended the world to be. I also like to envision looking at my physical-body while in the meditative-state, and I know the process worked if I realize that I completely-forgot about my surroundings once I snap back to reality. All this is a staunch-reminder of how great meditation can be if done properly.

  • Just because you are consciously aware of your body doesn’t mean that you aren’t Astral projecting your consciousness. Transcend your mind and you will see beyond your vision.

  • don’t listen to the demon people. astral projection is bad. you could bring back evil spirits with you! we living humans have no business in the spirit world! you will go there once you are dead.

  • You have such a sweet voice! I think I’ve already AP without trying (maybe) I never seen my body asleep. I’m flying above city/water looking down on the lights and having a great time. I can smell the air and feel the wind on my face! If this is AP and I control where I travel that is AWESOME!