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alright what’s up my charger plug back in and wait for somebody to pop in the chat room I can make sure that him from this noise doesn’t come back well I see nobody in the chat room but I see a thumbs up so I know as usual that people counter never actually shows how many people are in there alright hopefully there’s no noise coming through there hey my sky Deborah Gail Hickman how y’all doing it’s my sound coming in okay how do my likes astral project well you know I’ve talked a lot about Gary Baxter what’s up I’ve talked a lot about in videos you know working with dreams name the 7 it’s a little low alright I’ll try and try and just talk a little louder as long as that static noises are coming through and I’ve talked a lot of videos about you know lucid dreaming how you doing Maggie and how we can access the astral by you know gaining lucidity in our dreams and developing a habit of becoming conscious in our dreams and then from there we can transition into an astral projection but I thought maybe I would go over how to bypass the whole trying to work through your dreams because you can actually just lay down and have an OBE bring yourself out of your body now this is something it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about going through your dreams to astral project or raising the energy in your body until you’re able to have a astral projection to OBE either one there’s always a sign I look for if I want to know if somebody’s telling the truth and not just telling cool astral projection ghost stories is that there’s there’s something I always look for and maybe putting putting it out there now everybody’s going to adopt that and talk about it but the thing I always look for is I want to hear them talk about how freakin hard it is to do it’s very difficult and especially if we’re going to talk about raising our energy to a point of being able to to astral project project by raising ourself out of our own body in a meditative state for one thing if you have a full time job you almost don’t have time for this already right there if you’ve got a full time job you’re gonna pretty much have to dedicate all the rest of your time to these practices it’s just how it is the shamans and ancient cultures didn’t spend 30 minutes a day actually doing practices and then looking on at videos the rest of the day or or going to a 9 to 5 and dealing with stuff you know they spent all day long with these practices this is what they did day in day out morning noon and night this practice was their life and it it pretty much has to become your life if you really want to achieve this now it can happen spontaneously to people that does happen sometimes what if you want to get to a point where you can consciously lay down in your bed and decide ok I’m going to come out of my body and in transition into the astral this takes a lot of work and that’s usually the first thing I look for is expanding how you doing and someone who talks about the difficulty of keeping up with all these practices and having time in a modern lifestyle to actually do it so I’m going to kind of bypass all the dream work and it’s not that that’s that’s very important you know there’s a lot to be done and the dream work but one thing I haven’t really gone over is the actual techniques you can use to to do this yourself and it’s I particularly like wanted to address this because when we go through our dreams there’s a lot of points there we’re saying that it was that an astral projection did I project I’m not completely sure well doing it directly from a meditative state there’s no question once you come out of the body I know for me when I did it deliberately the first thing I said was holy shit holy shit holy shit I’m doing all these shit it was I couldn’t believe this was really happening I was really out of my body and then moving around the the room that I was in and it you know no matter you can have all the faith in and that you want and I think the first time it actually happens to you you’re still gonna be bewildered and you can’t believe this is really happening that you can really do this so it should be that level of consciousness like wow this is there’s no mistaking you know it should be very clear to you that this is what’s happened going through the dream it’s a whole other thing you’re kind of peeling off that dream unconscious in this a little bit by a little bit as you develop this so there’s a lot of fuzzy areas where you’re not quite sure if it did or didn’t happen what I’m talking about in this video hold on the story you just like you can touch your hand and say you’re awake right now and you’re conscious you will be just that awake and just that conscious and during the OBE and the book I learned to do this from was astral dynamics Robert Bruce I believe is the author of that book and since then he’s come out with a astral dynamics part 2 which I think he’s maybe refined his techniques a little bit I don’t know I hadn’t read the book itself but for me astral dynamics worked and it worked very well but it did take a lot of time and a lot of effort now I was to the point where I was about to give up you know and doing it for doing a lot of the practices for about a month straight I was finally like man this is this is just not working yeah I’m trying everything I’m doing everything it says I’ve completely rearranged my whole life you know changed my lifestyle to where this is all I do and right about that time it finally happened but a lot of the techniques that I use I got from that book but there’s also a lot of things that I talked about that are related to Qigong that very much fit right in with the practices of doing an astral projection I talked a lot of times about trying to concentrate on that knuckle and put your mind in there you can you can concentrate on this hand the fingertips and you can start to feel them feel the arrow but this hand will kind of get a little blurry in your consciousness now you can switch that consciousness from this hand and then focus on this hand and all of a sudden this one becomes has more sensitivity you start to feel this or more and this one a little less you can switch back and forth feel this one more this one must this one more and this one less so that’s an easy way to start to determine that you can put your consciousness into different areas of your body and become more aware of those areas and that’s what I’m talking about when I talk about moving your mind around that knuckle in a circle and really you don’t you don’t just feel the outside of your skin you have feeling inside of you as well you can feel the meat inside of your body you can feel the underside hey how you doing Trey you can feel the underside of your skin and it would become very numb to it but you can feel these things if you start to concentrate on it long enough and that’s a big part of it not just your knuckle that’s a good place to start you could do all the knuckles and work with different places until you kind of feel a thumping oh oh oh you should start to feel that energy thriving a little bit that’s enough all you need to do is just feel it throbbing a little bit and you know why I say it takes so long to do this is you want to start you know with the knuckles on your fingers do that to you feeling feeling feeling you know that would then work down the next level of knuckles then down to the next level of knuckles and you can do that and it does take time with each one but you can start to feel it and you can start to really feel that energy that Chi pulsing inside of you now we could also do this with our feet getting that energy active like that and there’s a technique called sponging like if we were to start to feel that energy and our fingers we can imagine just a sponge starting to pull that energy upwards and moving that energy through the body and what we’re doing is just becoming conscious of every part of our body inside and out but we’re also energizing and developing our astral body a lot of people probably have experienced failed astral projections like you’re starting to go to sleep we all sit by whoa what was that you hit something you don’t even know what happened you throw the bed shake a little these are just failed astral projections to where you almost did that without even knowing you were doing it but you don’t have enough energy they’re kind of like trying to have a space shuttle launch and you only put a squirt of fuel in there or a dab of fuel in there but you know it’s not gonna go up you’ve got to really fuel that tank by getting that energy circulated and moving through your whole body you’ve got to fill your your rocket with that fuel enough to get you into liftoff without coming crashing down immediately so that’s a big part of it when and of course most of my videos are all related to this really it’s all you know all these energy raising techniques are good most all Qigong is good for this because it’s going to raise the energy and the Chi in your body so you know that’s that’s a whole work in itself just getting your your energy becoming aware of your energetic body mr7 says I did a midnight meditation last night in the snow got to do it when we can I guess yeah definitely yeah okay what the weather stopped us from spiritual growth but yeah just getting enough energy becoming aware of your energy and developing that energy body or we can look at it as if we’re building our astral astral body and we have our consciousness in the astral but in most people it’s very wispy you know there’s not a lot of substance there to it as we do these practices we start to really build that body and strengthen that astral body so when we do try and do this we we have that energy there it’s almost like not doing these practices and building your energy it’s like not eating for a week and then going to try and do some kind of athletic sport you’re going to run out of steam very quick you need that fuel so all that aside once we get to that point there’s a couple different techniques we can do and there’s kind of a balance here we one say we’re going to get that energy up to a certain level I’ll also be needing to be incredibly energized we also need to completely relax they call this in yoga the corpse posture and that’s when you really just let go let everything drop and sink we have a lot of places of tension where we’re holding ourselves tight and don’t even realize it sometimes and we need to learn to just let all those things go and that’s where a practice I’ve talked about for before kind of picturing that energy coming down almost like syrup just dripping down to the ground and making you more and more relaxed you know it’s a work in itself to to learn to let that tension go in the body a really good way to do that is is flexing squeeze and relax completely squeeze and relax and do that practice several times squeezing and relaxing and we can get into a very relaxed state just check out some comments here doc says I found some information on Bhagwan seven that I have been looking at seriously trying to decipher any disinformation when I move I’m going to be doing all my videos in nature and getting back in touch and that’s awesome yeah I think it’s so important to really stay connected with nature I can feel it when I don’t when I spend time away from the woods I’m sorry I got a noisy truck right beside me and it just keeps pulling up and forward and backwards but yeah that squeezing and relaxing is one of the best ways to really let go attention you know your arms aren’t too bad it’s not too hard to completely relax your arms we don’t get a lot of tension out there what we do get a lot of tension is in our necks in our chest and our stomach even in our growing we we hold a lot of tension and you do have to be careful you don’t want to cause yourself any injury squeezing your neck so you would do that maybe a little lighter but you can squeeze your shoulders and the neck and then relax and then relax and you want to work with that through the whole body until you can really until it almost feels like you’re floating on water when you start to completely relax of course if we did this with without doing the energy development practices I will be teaching you a technique to fall into a deep sleep and that’s what will happen if you don’t have your energy high we should do a sponsor hike dot revisit 7 yeah be cool yeah yeah so you’ve got to find that balance between having your energy up then having your body relaxed and that’s sort of a way to look at it is that we want to keep the mind awake and put the body to sleep you want the body in the same way as if you’re in a hey yes okay you doing you want the body to be in that same state as if you were just gone tout in a deep deep sleep yeah one of those sleeps where you don’t even move all right that’s how you want to get your body but at the same time you’ve got to keep enough energy to to keep you conscious and not let yourself fall into that sleep so now assuming that we we put all that work got our energy body raised to a very high vibration also learn to let go of all our tension and deeply relax we still have a third part here is that we need to learn some kind of technique yeah we can’t just say okay energy body off you go into the astral we have to use visualization to to give that motivation of that energy body to want to to leave the physical body and move outward and there’s a couple of ways to do that I’ve seen people do the visualization of climbing the rope now of course you’re not going to actually use your hands being completely relaxed your hands are gonna be down and what we’re going what we call ghost hands as if you picture your head and then your real hand will be laying down there but you picture a ghostly hand grabbing a rope and pulling yourself up like if you were climbing up a mountain and try and really get that feel of what it would feel like to grab that rope and pull yourself up a little bit climbing climbing climbing and we fall asleep doing this and it’ll really put that into our consciousness to to move upwards some people just like to imagine themselves floating up out of their body and that’s more of how I go about it is to I imagine myself if I’m laying down I would imagine my head about right here and I’m picturing like what that would be like to have my body just behind me and that’s that’s how I do it but there’s also you know these these are kind of difficult to get used to and these take a lot of practice to just start to be able to to really feel this and feel yourself moving when you do these things I got people all around my couch distracted and crap out of me another good one that you can do is when you get in that relaxed state without actually moving yourself picture yourself rocking back and forth and I’m talking like a quarter centimeter such a tiny bit you almost don’t even notice it but without actually moving yourself as I said put yourself rocking from side to side you know start moving the energy body within yourself and you can kind of the more you do that you’ll really start to feel a momentum you know you you’ll feel like you’re pulling out a little this way then pulling out a little this way and back and forth and as you start to you know as you start to develop that you’ll feel it stronger and stronger eventually where you know like ice talked about moving above yourself and imagining yourself behind you and below you you could also go off to the side and imagine yourself beside yourself and a lot of times you say I’m beside myself in a bad way oh this is one good way we can do that you can be beside yourself you know these these techniques take a lot of repetition to really start to become solid and build that inertia to to make this happen and to really put it into practice yeah people around again my car is like a magnet all right back to what I was talking about it’s like let’s everybody come around like but yeah moving moving yourself and you’re kind of getting that that rocking feeling I like the rocking idea yeah that’s that’s that’s definitely a good one you know just lay there and start rocking back and forth inside your own body I just want to teleport no seriously good now it takes that now I was talking earlier about ghost hands without actually moving your hands like picturing their hand and come up and do something now this is a very good experiment to do if you’re laying in bed in the dark one thing you can take with your eyes closed you can move your hand in front of your eye and try to actually see your hand and you won’t see much at first but eventually spending some time and enough focus on doing that you’re gonna see something move now of course if it was very bright and I move my hand I’m just seeing the light get blocked from my eye and it’s gonna look very much like that like you just waved your hand in front of a light and you just see the shadow but of course if you’re in the room in your room and they complete dark there was no light there to cast a shadow but that’s that’s how you’re going to start to proceed it’s going to seem like a shadow moving in front of your face and you know that’s using your actual home but was with ghost hands that’s something else we can do is leave our hands down completely relaxed and picture you know our astral hand rising up out of our regular hand and then start to take that hand and wave it in front of your face with your eyes closed and you’re gonna see that you can produce that same effect you’ll actually start to see the light on the aura of your hand moving back and forth in front of your face even with your eyes closed now that’s another thing about the whole ghost hands if you really work with this technique we talked about moving energy around the neck you know you can touch your finger like this and do that but of course you can’t actual project like this because you’re using your muscular tension and it’s taking too much alertness to be able to do that and picture that energy so with ghost hands you know even with our feet we can just imagine that astral hand rising up out of our hand and because it is astral it can reach all the way down to your toes while you’re in a relaxed position you know it doesn’t matter it’s an etheric hand so it can be four feet six feet long however long you want it to be but working with that technique with the the astral hand at the ghost hand you can start to touch that knuckle of your toe and actually you know since it is a ghost hand you can go right into the skin you don’t have to stop at the surface and you can actually go around and move energy around that knuckle bone and with your finger inside of that joint and you know from there without having to do anything you can really start to raise energy up your body and that’s I talked about that sponging technique where we move the energy up towards the center and that’s usually always what we want to do we want to come from our feet up or torso up our arms up all the way up to the top of the head and that’s that’s one of the easiest techniques to use to raise and gather hidden I’ve talked about the microcosmic orbit which is good because it keeps it raises that energy and keeps it circulating but you know that’s not necessary for every single practice so yeah doing those that ghost hands once you start to get used to that you can start to use your hand and work that energy pull that energy up the body and move it with that theory pan the more you do this the more you really develop these things I will leave it to your imagination the the limit of the potential of which you can do with a pair of a theory can especially if you can learn to do it while you’re awake and you have these extra etheric appendages and you can start to interact with your new waking real life environment these days awesome but that’s maybe getting a little out of the stove what I won’t in this video okay so I told you how to maybe I should talk about what what’s it gonna be like when it does happen for most people it is quite a shot when you first do this and you know I’m not not trying to put any fear out about it but a lot of times and I think this is based on the the negativity or the internal conflicts that are within the person that sometimes people will experience what seems like dark entities I’m doing this and you know you definitely will overcome that there’s a lot of things you can do you know a positive intention clearing your space out not letting a bunch of negativity you get into you if you’re gonna do these practices and you know one of the best things is and this is this is not just a belief this is the truth out of the whole universe even though we are you know stuck here on this planet and we don’t really see a lot of reality we are some of the most powerful beings in the whole fucking universe there isn’t if we are grounded in our own power there isn’t much of anything that can even contend with us on a only spiritual level so I would say first know that you know no matter what it is if you’re getting because for me you know I definitely was had a lot of turmoil in my life at the time I was somewhat negative you know bitter about a few things that had gone on in my life so it’s very likely that some of the negativity I experienced was just because of the state of mind that I was in but you know I did I would have when I was almost about to get out I would hear beings in my room kind of whispering to each other I would hear them like running over towards my bed like they were gonna come come after me and just a lot of aggravation and it was keeping me from doing it so that was something I had to overcome and you know gaining that knowledge that when it really comes down to it there’s there’s nothing out there that can contend with us if we are fully in our power and aware of who and what we really are you really don’t have to worry about these things because there there really isn’t anything that could continue contend with you if you’re in that state of mind and in that state of knowing the truth you know anything that would want to harass you it’s counting on you not realizing that it’s counting on you being confused about who you are and becoming fearful and once once you do that once you you really take an assessment of that and understand that you are one of the most powerful beings alive in this universe then nothing’s going to bother you because they know they can’t do anything other than make themselves look silly but you know I just wanted to throw that out there because you know you might get tested by something like that so you know if you do you know and I would say a lot of times it is just us and and we’re putting out negativity that it’s reflecting back at us we might see it as some level of astringent II but chances are it’s us that doesn’t mean that that can’t happen sometimes it could be possible that some someone has some spirit attachment and it certainly would not want you to become full in your in your full potential in your power like that but I will say one thing that having some unpleasant experience and then just deciding never mind I don’t want an ass Triple J because of that well that didn’t make it go away it’s still there so if you did have a any sort of what seems like a negative entity you should be even more atom and more determined that you’re gonna get back to your astral body become fully calm doesn’t belong there has no right there but ignoring it won’t make it go away all this stuff is already happening right now whatever’s there is already there you didn’t create it by doing these practices and learning you’re just becoming more aware of what’s there and if something is intruding in your personal space or vaporizing your energy then you got every right to go in there and kick it out and you have all the power in the universe to do that all you have to do is just accept how powerful you are and recognize your own potential and it’s not even a problem once you do that it’s it’s like there’s flicking off flee off of there nothing the only power they have is your confusion as soon as you stop being confused and afraid and they got nothing check some comments here I had an experience like that when I was really tuned in while awake I have a lot to recover there said with distractions about home through yeah I learned of just turning that out sometimes but it is I don’t know what it is if people seem to gravitate towards my car when I park somewhere but I am really glad oh I do they a video with mrs. seven on Facebook earlier too and it’s now uploaded on her channel we did a part two of talking about vegan veganism and spirituality so if you guys want to check that out it’s up on her channel but I’m really glad got this great spot out here where I can actually go out into the woods now but my battery ran out doing the doing that video so I had to come back here and charge my phone back though that’s why I’m not out in the woods right now doing it but yeah I’m pretty happy that I finally found a spot out in the woods but I could do videos there will definitely be some more of nature and qigong videos and hopefully I might have to go kind of do some walking and sort of set the video up but you know that’s something else that I haven’t really done in much videos of yet but you know I’ve been practicing foraging for natural food and medicinal herbs for many many years so that’s something I might consider doing some videos as if it was in the other spot where I can’t get a signal it would be no problem because I already know where most of the plants are out there that I could show people but I’ll have to go out into these woods and do a little scouting see what we have going on here but I could kind of I think really give some useful information on how to how to go out and find wild plants or how to determine what the plant is maybe talk about hand dowsing when we just hold it unfamiliar herb and start to get the impressions of what that herb would be good for now of course that’s a skill it takes a long time to develop you don’t want to go out there and do guesswork on that and eat a poisonous herb it’s a very takes a great deal of seriousness to to work with anything like that but I think there’s a lot of things I learned about that that people would really appreciate here so those those are probably some videos that I will do as soon as the as soon as the weather warms up in the plants start to sprout might you just go do some some nature walk videos and show some wild food and medicinal herbs and fire away all right well I guess I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up here that was pretty much all I wanted to cover about astral projection in this video there’s definitely a lot more techniques along those lines the book I was referring to is Asheville dynamics and to me that’s almost like the Bible of a student or astral projection there’s probably a ton of other books I think it’d be good to do some comparison videos between Scotland and Virginia yeah that’s gonna be a whole a big thing for me is when I do finally move to the UK I’m gonna kind of have to relearn a lot of stuff I know I know my area and the nature that grows here very well gonna be out of my element when I get there it’s gonna take a lot of relearning a lot of different herbs and plants there it’s gonna be interesting all right well you know as I said there’s a interview with me and mrs. 7up on her Channel so if anybody wants to check that out go over to her Channel how to watch and think I’ll go ahead and wrap this up here so appreciate everybody being here and I appreciate all your good comments and I will see you all later..


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