Astral Projection: The Dangers.

This video describes the dangers of untrained people doing astral projection and having out of body experiences. It also touches on the possible sources channeling information.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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hi everybody my name is Bob Saunders and I’ve come today to speak to you about the dangers of astral projection now I recently put online a video that I called meditation basics for beginners in which I explained three methods of safely contacting going into the meditative state and possibly going into the astral realms and all the rest of it now I want to talk today really about the various videos that I’ve seen on concerning how to astral II project easily okay astral II project in three easy lessons you know this may be you know the sort of video videos that I’m talking about and I want to give you a warning that this can be very dangerous now I hate doing these sort of videos because I much prefer to talk about positive things but this is one of these negative things I must talk about and I’ll just give you a silly little example if you remember when you were a child someone would have taught you how to cross a road safely and whilst they’re showing you how to get across the road safely they’re also talking about the dangers if you do it wrongly well this is one of those sort of messages now be for those who don’t know very much about the etheric and astral realms I will just give a brief overview of the of those areas we are in the 3d world here all that you see around us we call the 3d world your physical body the planet Earth the whole galaxy it’s all part this 3d world but now around us we have another set of bodies they’re actually attached to us and they have various names but they’re very real bodies standing on very real planets in a very real galaxy it’s as if the whole cyst is repeated a number of times each one on a slightly different vibration rather as if you were watching TV and with the telly command you’d click and click and click in you change channels and when you know how you can go from this body into those other areas okay now the etheric body is the one that’s closest to us and it’s quite easier actually to see if you stand and look or sit and look into a mirror and deep focus your eyes for a moment gradually you’ll see a sort of a greyish white mist around you now that is your etheric body and the planet Earth and everything on it has an etheric body as does the whole galaxy this the planet Earth repeated in a slightly different vibration and when you go into it it actually looks very similar to this but it’s not the same though some people when they first go into that area think that they’re still on planet Earth they might well be in the etheric version because he looks virtually the same however and this is the point here on earth planet Earth 3d body we’ve learnt to be careful not about good people they’re not the problem we’ve been we’ve learned to be careful about bad people because we’ve learnt to be able to lock our doors and windows to stop burglars coming in we’ve learnt to be careful when we drive so that people don’t smash into us all the vice versa so that we don’t smash into other people we’ve learnt to be careful that people don’t aggressors okay we learn all that but now if you go into the earth Eirik world you’re going to go there without any form of protection at all because it’s an area that you’re not trained to go into and so you need to be careful because of the nasty creatures that are there I won’t describe them they’re actually most of them are actually of thought forms i will just say this if you consider all the wars or the hatred or the unhappiness that there is in the world at the moment that creates in the etheric world forms that all jagged and horrible and actually can take a form of life of their own and although it’s not a permanent form of life it’s nevertheless real in that dimension and if you do one of these exercises where you’re lying on a bed and you’re learning how to click out of your body into your tharok body or you’re listening to these musical tones wherever frequency they the teacher might suggest you listen to and once again you click into the etheric body you’ll find yourself wandering about in that area and you may sooner or later be attacked by one of these creatures that’s that’s there and then when you come back to your real body you’ll have this thing still attached to you and it’s bad news and often quite difficult to get rid of so already that’s not a good idea to go to go into the area unless you’ve got real spiritual guides with you that are protecting you because you’ll be just like a child wandering about in there and won’t know what’s going to future now I’m going to go on to the next level we’ve talked about a physical body three dimension we’ve talked about the etheric body now the next click on the titty command takes us up into the fourth dimension the fourth dimension split into two the higher fourth dimension is what we call heaven that’s where the angelic beings start to live and they go up into the higher and higher dimensions and also the your guides will live there it’s the place where you go when you die and it’s an amazingly beautiful lovely peaceful spiritual warmth joy bliss all the very positive emotions you feel in that area now unfortunately between us our Theory buddy and that higher fourth dimension is the lower falls dimension and that is a bad news area it’s the area that is the opposite of everything that you can think of as being heaven it’s not hell hell is just another aspect of the higher fourth dimension it’s just a correctional place that the people who’ve gone off the tracks while they were down here I have to have to go in order to learn too that they don’t want to go down that road anymore but it’s under control of angels and part of the higher fourth dimension the lower fourth dimension is a totally different area and I’m not going to go into too much detail but all like all I want to say is that if you can imagine somewhere let’s see there is the opposite of everything that I just mentioned about heaven it’s the opposite of light it’s the opposite of warmth it’s the opposite of joy bliss peacefulness opposite of love and it’s not hate it’s a different emotion is weird in it’s horrible now the point I’m coming true is that in this area are a lot of very nasty creatures they’re the ones we call demons jinns archons also unfortunately the grey aliens that okay the little robots are in there as well no that little grey alien robots the things but behind them are these demonic creatures I believe that that live there and when you do this astral projection without any training or any projection of any protection you’re going to wander off out of your consciousness here on earth and either into the etheric world or into the low fourth dimension and you’re not going to go into the high fourth dimension because you can really only do that and this you’re an exceptional person you can really only do that with a lot of training and help and it’s a it’s a real it takes years to learn to go into that place safely but now you in the lower fulfillment oh sorry Myrtle’s just appeared saw him she’s she’s grown a bit starstruck I’m thinking of sending her off to Hollywood to to appear in a movie anyway I’ll leave her here until she annoys me too much now and you go into this low fourth dimension you what when you when you come out of your body doing this actually projection thing you’ve got no real control over where you’re going you might just go into the etheric world which is bad enough it can be dangerous enough or if you’re really unlucky you might go into this low fourth dimension and they’re almost certainly because when you go into that area we here we don’t notice but we’ve actually got a light around us the spiritual light so that when we go into those dimensions the creatures that live there see that light in their dark realm that they live in and it’s at all there’s a Wally here there’s a some idiots come into a my role and then and they attach themselves to you to experience life through you down here so when you return to your body you bring one of these creatures back with you and it’s really bad news I’m I don’t know if I mentioned but I’ve I’m often consulted by people who have done these experiments I think I’m going to put the cat down and a bit worried about you’re making the micro friendly and funny and I’m often consulted by people that have done these experiments and have got some creature attached to them and it’s not very easy to get rid of them and so it’s been so not to get these things in the first place and they really will upset your life and make make life a complete misery for you and all your family not all sorry now now I just want to talk about one final thing and I’m hesitating as I speak about this because so it is bit chaotic now I I want to talk about channelers now channelers often there’s a load of videos on about channelers and they all have things in common one of the things is that they all are being contacted by some very very high angelic being archangel gabriel jesus prime creator and it goes on and on and they’ve all got some strange message of joy peace and love and quite often the person who’s channelling tends to go into a trance and speak with a funny accent and i and the message usually says all dearly beloved we’re so happy to be back with you again we’ve got a message of peace and love for you you’ve had it rough this last period of time but i am here to assure you that everything is going to be sunshine and light in the future and it goes on and on and on like that now that’s great you know I hope that we we are going for a period of sunshine and light because it has been rough this last few years but if you listen to it the message every time one of these channels gets one of these messages it’s a variant of the same thing now I don’t want to give the impression that I am anybody special but I’m the training medium and I’m in touch with my guides and when they talk to me first of all they give me their real names the names they had here on earth and second of all they they talk about sensible things they talk about oh we’ve just learnt that so and so such a man or a woman somewhere has got a health problem and we’d like you to go and do something to help them and or or somebody’s got a different sort of problem and they asked me if I will help in some way or other and it it proves true when I go and see that person they say yes I’ve got this problem thanks for coming to help ease it’s not some bulk stuff it’s it’s not all this wishy washy you know all over everything’s going to be sunshine and light it actually it they’re here to help in a very real way now once again I don’t want to offend anybody I don’t want to suggest that the people that are doing this channelling are not contacting some high being but I’ve got a feeling that some of them are in fact either listening to their own mind talking to them and I know from personal experience when I was first learning to do all this stuff years ago if your mind talks to you you’ll be the last one to know that it’s not coming from somewhere else because it sounds so real and we have to learn to differentiate that now you see they’re coming from their mind or it’s coming from a nature spirit that’s playing with them or it might even be coming if this thing exists from some artificial intelligence machine that the graders have put into the astral in the theory world to give us this garbage okay now please I don’t wish to offend anybody at all if you’re somebody that’s doing channeling you’re convinced that it’s actually coming from some hype angelic being I’m not sewing it isn’t good luck to you but be careful and if you’re a person that listens to these things be careful and analyze what the message is and see if it makes sense to you rather than just placate you and makes you feel happy okay so I’m just going to quickly recapitulate because I’ve wondered about a bit as I often do now astral projection you can learn to do it quite easily but if you’re not trained to do it and you don’t have guides with you to protect you and help help you sooner or later going into the etheric or the low astral you know fourth dimension you will be attacked by something and that’s the last thing you want okay so my advice to you if you want to learn to meditate and to go into the higher dimensions is do it properly and sensibly I put a video on online meditation basics for beginners that you can follow if you want and it will help you because it will be safe to do or you can follow somebody else but make sure that the person that’s teaching you teaches you how to protect yourself okay that’s what I want you to say I feel very apologetic that I’m once again this is a negative sort of video but I think it’s it helps us to have our eyes open and know what we’re facing in these astral and etheric realms that we really don’t know too much about okay that’s what I wanted to say today thank you very much for listening I hope that some of you at least have got something from this I hope that I haven’t offended anybody across speak to you again another day bye..


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  • My experience with OBE/AP, if that was in fact what occurred was quite alarming and accidental. Many years ago (around 2002 – 2003) I broke a bone while skateboarding and after going to the E.R., I was given some painkillers (Vicodin). Later that night I fell asleep before taking any of the pills I was prescribed. I woke to intense pain as the Vicodin I was given during the visit (2 10mg Vicodin) was wearing off. I decided to take another 2 as was prescribed and waited 30 or so minutes before deciding to take another 2 (4 10mg Vicodin total). I begin feeling at ease as the medicine really began to help. I don’t recall falling asleep, but I was laying on my back in my bed. Suddenly I recall being very awake and alert and thinking to myself, “Why am I sitting up?” I stood up from my bed and noticed that something was very, very different. I felt light and very alert and I decided to just lie back down, but noticed I was already in bed and the terror faded as the excitement of traveling without limitation was realized.

    I decided to travel to an adjacent room and passed through a wall when almost immediately it was sirens and alarms were screaming, “Go back… Go back NOW! Something is wrong! You’re body is not safe!” Suddenly I was sitting up feeling very very very f’ing terrified that there was something dangerous in my room with me. It was perhaps one of the most frightening things I can recall. I turned on my lights and stayed up till the early morning when my parents woke. I was 22 or so then and although I struggled to consider this perhaps a dream but knew that this was not a dream. As such, I have never wanted to experience being out of my body again.

    Recently I’ve been successfully using guided hypnotherapy to battle insomnia. In doing so, I stumbled upon OBE/AP guided hypnotherapy sessions on YouTube. I was still frightened from my previous experience, but decided to try doing so as I reconsidered that perhaps I was just frightened about passing through a wall and being out of my body… But recalling that very very immediate and real feeling that something else was trying to enter my body as I was out of my body is something I’m not able to shake. However, I decided to give it a go. While visualizing a mist of white around myself, I began to feel very aware that my past experience was not a dream and was not a result of being medicated due to the sensations and the separation I was beginning to experience between body and mind/spirit/my astral self. As I continued moving further away from being within my body and closer to AP, I could feel a growing fear that this was something I SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING WITH!

    I’m very intrigued and compelled to continue exploring AP/OBE, but now being certain that AP is no BS and that what I was experiencing is something very real comes with some very profound and terrifying negative realizations. If being able to travel out of my body in a separate plan of existence is real, than that too means that the possibility of “spirits/demons/shadows” having the possibility to cause harm is perhaps real. For now, I’m not willing, nor will I ever be willing, to explore that reality any further. At least not until I am able to become well educated, well versed and connected with those that have plenty of experience SAFELY navigating and guiding others into that plane. I know myself that this is not a joke. Please consider that if you know/believe it possible to AP, then you too should know that there are things that exist in that world that you are not familiar with able to cause you real harm. Please use sense people. The terror was so intense it makes me uneasy writing about it now. I don’t dare push that any further. Best of luck to you all.

  • Lots of triggerd people in the comment section.
    He’s obviously not addressing you if you have the relevant training and experience to be safe in the other world.
    He is trying to reach out to young vulnerable teens and adults who have probably seen a video on YouTube and gone “Oh this looks fun, imma try it!”.
    There is so much sensationalism around AP and people need to be warned of the dangers that can come from it.

    I can speak personally on this matter as couple of years ago, I became terribly ill and almost died. During a near death experience with the illness, I accidentally ended up in the etheric world. I had an encounter with one of the nasty creatures bob was referring to and the experience (although I escaped unharmed) scarred me for life. Being aware of the risks before you dive in is only sensible and it will save your life.

  • Most people that can AP actually enjoy it, while the remaining have a bad experience.

    Everyone can jump into a swimming pool, but those that can’t swim, should not enter in.

    There are many spirit realms that exists and are parallel to our own 3D realm. I have personally experienced many of them. Some of them will appear scary if one is not prepared.

    Can AP inflict physical harm to you? No. However, if one is fearful of it, or not prepared for some reason or another, it can definitely cause psychological trauma.

    If a person is fearful of it or has had a bad experience with it in the past, I do not recommend this person to attempt AP.

    One thing is certain though: “Jesus” has nothing to do with AP. I am not sure why people even try and combine the two. Sure there are evil spirits that lurk around in these realms, but evil spirits existed before the Bible existed. In fact, many many things existed before the Bible existed. But that’s a completely different topic.

    Years ago when I WAS a Christian, I accidentally went into sleep paralysis for the first time and was fearful. I tried calling out to Jesus with my voice, mind and strength, but he could not help me.. What set me free was my own intentions of getting out of it.

    So yes, those that are fearful of AP should definitely not attempt it as it may cause psychological trauma. And if you think Jesus will save you in this life or in the astral realm, think again.

  • don’t listen to any Christian who tells you anything about Astral Projection, especially when he never did it himself.

    I can’t even watch this video with such title. this is another form of propaganda that will instill FEAR into you. look up Robert Monroe. he teaches many methods, some of which are protection before you even leave your body. you need protection, and open mind. fears you will have to face yourself. there are limits, and you could bend them, but fear will get in the way. one of those fears is in those people who watch this video. this man spreads nothing but fear. give into it, or break through it. the choice is yours.

  • Hello there Mr. Bob, my name is Crystal. Know sir I want to thank you very much for your efforts in sharing this video with me or many. Thank-you for your time, and most your strength. So , Bob I have a question for you,ok. There this individual ( Male) , who feels very intimidated by me, he’s very upset with me. I don’t even know him. The only thing with him and myself is that a while back he asked me to help him bring him some clients. I didn’t know why he called them clients . So I ignored that help by promoting and did bring him lots of them . But then he wanted strictly young guys. Flag went up in my mind. I stopped. 2 days later a very large group approached me looking for him, I contacted him but he literally ignored all the people. Why? I wandered . Turns out he’d been lieing to these kinds, making them pay him a good chunk of change, so ” that he can channel deamons of wealth and they would be rich”. Now the excuse was that the ” demon would encrypt their funds til 10 yrs. But ever month ok these youngsters would have to pay him 60$ a mth .So many of em at 60 mthly.for10 yrs ,do the math right. So when I was approached , people parents were very angry.ofcourse I don’t blame them. So he just ran basically.months went by. Now he has a channel speaks very ugly or offensive literally cause people,human beings a piece of shit***. That he’s this and that. I have nothing to do this behavior suddenly, he started invading my dreams, I never have this person in my mind ever.He comes trying to seduce me while I’m my husband is asleep of course in our bed. If you know anyway to help please help me. He needs to stop.Hes intimidated because I was born with a gift of sight , I never have to read anything I live my way of life, I simply cure the I’ll.boy he hates that, he uses devils, I don’t. Devine is what cures through me, I alone am nothing without my Devine.hope to here from you soon

  • Its called the 3rd heaven where you go. There are demons in that dimension. Play there, you may stay there. It is a facade. Ever hear of people dying in their sleep?

  • Peace. I guess I would be one of those people you mention who posted a video saying how fun AP is… Interesting.
    I got into AP by accident. It naturally happened to me before I knew what it was. I have never been a fearful person and I believe if you expect a bad situation you’ll surely get it therefore I don’t teach fearing anything. I’m sure you mean well and you sound like a caring guy but I personally don’t believe AP to be dangerous (sure it can be scary however). If we truly do exist in a multidimensional universe (as some science is beginning to address) then we already exist on all of these planes to some degree. If you attract negative in your life you will do so rather you project or not. Like attracts like.

  • Bob. Mertle is from the lower fourth dimension, he’s making your life a misery ha ha. I used to try astral projection when I was 16 having read a book from my local library after hearing all the wonderful experiences you have. I then found out from another book of all the negative things that happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. I never ever tried it again. You are spot on, good video thanks.

  • It’s a shame how people learn others fear. i have been doing astral projection ever since i was 12 and have never came across danger except once and that was when i thought about danger. what you think is what you create if you are always in danger when doing astral projection than your mind is screwed up. stop placing fears into peoples minds

  • Michael,
    Please stop trying to do lucid dreaming and AP. For the untrained person they are very (and I mean “very”) dangerous. There is nothing to be gained by this nonsense and everything to lose.
    What you experienced is not AP.
    I repeat, and please take my advise, what you are doing is dangerous. I am very angry with the people who put these videos on YT telling you what fun it is. It is not a fun thing. You are entering realms that contain all sorts of evil and harmful entities. You all that do this are just easy prey for them.

  • astral projection is dangerous, because you are in the spirit realm ,so yiu are able to see the demonic spirirts and angels. when we are in the flesh we canot see them. we are spirits inside this physical body, once again the bible talks about walking in the spirirt. the bible talks about the 1st,second and third heaven

  • I find it funny that someone (Not just you obviously.. But here I am on your video) would discourage something as natural as AP. Fear is a major part of the learning process. To not face your fears you will suppress them.. not get rid of them. I encourage everyone to not take this guy serioussly. He has some fears that he himself needs to work on. And being a “frequent flyer” I have never found anything to be so fulfilling spiritually. The possibilities and the lessons you learn about yourself are endless.

    “when you come out of your body, doing this astral projection thing”

    -actual quote from this gentlemen.. Please dont take this guy serioussly.