Astral Projection Tips And Tricks 3: Sit Up Obe And Astral Slipping

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she’s covering fire and half overhead it’s time awake Moloch I hear my hand hey everybody and welcome to the Horry sheet show in this video I’m going to be sharing how I left my body several times a week when I was a bit younger and there’s also a term that I’m going to be using in this video called astral slipping and after hearing my explanation of it and how it applied to me getting out of my body so much by accident really I hope that you’ll be able to take that information and actually begin to explore more techniques that you can even make up on your own so first of all let me begin to tell you my routine that I feel is very important for this experience to happen so consistently I was sixteen years old still going to high school sophomore year I didn’t really have a bedtime anymore so I would end up going to sleep at about three or four in the morning and I would have to wake up and wait for my school bus to pick me up at about 6: 00 a. m. and I was only leaving myself just a few hours of sleep here when I would wake up from my alarm clock I basically just stumble around turn off my alarm clock and I fumble around and put some clothes on you know and I just was hoping I didn’t look too terrible right I would then just grab my books and drag them down the hallway and into the bathroom from there I’d wet my hair just a little bit I’d start brushing my teeth keeping myself real sleepy the whole time then I’d go in the living room I’d take everything I’d sit in the living room and I’ll just close my eyes and wait for the school bus to start making its way down my street I was the first one that this bus picked up in the morning so I had to wait for it to pick up all of the other children before we ended up having to get off the bus and this process took about 30 to 40 minutes for him to pick up all the other kids after me and all I would try to do was fall back asleep the whole time and this made my mind basically get so many power naps and I tried to keep myself not really awake at all and I did a lot of this with one eye open sometimes I just get dressed with like one eye and walk everywhere the whole time just keeping myself mostly asleep anyway once this bus would finally reach school it would be at the middle school okay so that’s the one I graduated from in eighth grade which means I’d have to get off of that bus and get on another bus and let it take me to the high school and that’s another 20 minute ride or another 20 minute power nap for me anyway when I would finally get to school from the second bus I would get off the bus and I’d either sit or I’d stand there along the wall just like this and really trying to go back to sleep the whole time just waiting for the moment I could get into class and when I finally get into class and sit in my desk this is where the magic happens but before I get into that let me tell you why this routine is so important and let me just recap everything that happened real quick starting with about two maybe even four hours of sleep I would wake up then I would get a few quick power naps on the first bus to the middle school also I would get woken up a lot by random bumps and noises and things like that too so very interrupted naps okay then I would get on the other bus and have the same thing for about 20 minutes after that I would wait around keeping myself as sleepy as possible outside school like this just standing along the wall for about 15 minutes until the school doors finally opened and I got to sit into my desk for class so several opportunities for power naps here is very important whole lot of interrupted sleep at this point okay my body is extremely tired it is ready to finally go back to sleep without being on a bumpy noisy bus and that’s really all I was trying to do this whole time I just wanted to get back to my desk and go to sleep so I would throw my hoodie over my head and I would sit up in my desk and try to fall asleep so this is how I would fit in the desk I would put my right arm in my lap and I would hold my left elbow with my right hand and my left hand would be on my face just like this so I would be holding my head up with it and my right arm and elbow would just be relaxing and sort of helping me brace my whole position I would get my back in the chair you know comfortably I made sure I wasn’t going to slide out of the desk and I would throw my hoodie on and and and it would be cold a lot so I’d be nice and warm and comfortable in this hoody and I would just sit like this I’d lock everything up and just sit like this a pretty awkward position I know but comfortable for me for some reason I don’t know why I would prop myself up like this as comfortably as possible trying to lean back and balance myself correctly and not fall out but I was always worried about falling out of the side of my desk and and this subconscious worrying is important I’ll get into that in just a moment but anyway this is how I would sit for about 15 minutes until the teacher finally came in so for the whole time I would just be passively observing the changes in my environment while simply trying to listen for the teacher to come in and call roll so he wouldn’t mark the absent and all I was doing is listening to students come in and set their books down or start to gossip etc etc just kept my mind fairly active and my body was so ready to go to sleep after about 10 minutes of sitting in that desk and after after about 10 minutes I’d start to feel the sensations of my body falling asleep but I didn’t know that that’s what was happening for example I’ll be listening to somebody like talking about their homework or something that night with a friend and all of a sudden I’d feel like I’m slipping out of my desk sideways and for the longest time I would simply shift myself back a little bit and reposition myself and I’d get comfortable and all of a sudden that starts feeling like I’m slipping sideways so I shift myself back again to get comfortable and then it starts slipping out again and it was basically happening so often that I got really tired of it so to make a long story short after I began to notice that every time I would shift my body back to a comfortable position I would instantly snap back to that position it took me a while to realize I was actually doing this snapping thing I thought I was actually moving my body just enough every time to get perfectly back into that comfortable original position that I started it but under close inspection I realized that this movement was happening instantly it wasn’t like my body had to slide back anywhere to get back to its original position once I would feel like I slept a slipt about three to four inches one way and I’d go to fix myself I would shoot I’d be right back to that original position in a snap so this really confused me a lot but it happened so many times in like one hour that I had to really start studying it so anyway I told myself look I’m not even going to care anymore I’m just going to go ahead and slip right out of the desk and if I’m really slipping I hope I wake up before I hit the ground I just really wanted to go back to sleep so the next time I felt like I was slipping which happened again fairly quickly I just let myself go I felt like I was simply falling further and further out of my desk like like the friction that was there on my back being pressed against the back of my desk was just not making me stay there anymore at this time I just didn’t care though and when my body was going over the side of my desk into a free falling position basically I suddenly got vision and I was actually in my astral self falling out of my desk I still remember my nose almost touching the bottom of the floor during that experience because I felt almost all the way to the floor and I picked myself up and I looked at my body sitting in the desk and that’s when it hit me so I told you the whole story the whole morning routine to say this because I was worried about falling out of my desk due to the way that I had to sort of balance myself in it in the first place just that little bit of worry about falling out was actually starting to take place at the moment my body fell asleep so the slipping was actually my astral body slipping out of my desk just the way I was worried about it doing at the point of my physical body falling asleep so my mind was active and listening to my surroundings and waiting for the teacher to come in and start class so I was keeping my mind fairly active and fairly awake throughout this whole process however my body being a bit sleep deprived and really wanting to go back to sleep was just trying to fall asleep as quickly as it could and because I was worried about falling out of my desk that’s the first thing that would happen and it wouldn’t always happen like this sometimes I would feel normal exit sensations I would get a tingling at the top of my neck when I would sit there like that I would just get a tingling and it came with a burning sensation you know how a cat makes that purring sound it’s it’s kind of like that feeling happens in my bones when I’m in paralysis state that’s what the vibrations feel like to me most of the time and for me I mean vibrations and paralysis come at the same time if I get those vibrations or purring feelings in my bones I’m in the paralysis state so if you’re going to try my sit up OBE method you’ll want to figure out a simple way to create astral slipping you can do this by either replicating my body position that I gave in my school story or another way that I figured out how to do this was by planting the bottom of my foot straight on to a wall in front of me so if there’s a wall in front of me and my foot was just planted straight on to it as I’m sitting in a chair that’s what I’m talking about and I sort of tricked my mind into believing that my foot may slip and fall to the floor at any moment and I can do this by keeping different amounts of pressure on the wall with my foot and maybe moving my chair a little further back from the wall so it barely has any grip just to get that grip just right so the trick is to have your foot not gripping the wall to firmly but only enough to have it not slide down and if you like me you may feel like your foots going to start slipping after a while so trying to make yourself think that your foot probably won’t stay on the wall by itself remind yourself you know that it’s not glued to the wall remind yourself that it’s barely there and you got to try to believe that they start slipping if done correctly there may be some part in the back of your mind that tells you it could fall in any second and try to go to sleep like that and sure enough as soon as you go trying to go as soon as you’re trying to go to sleep you might feel it start to slip down the wall if this would happen to me during chemistry class because there was a certain table in front of me that was there and it would allow me to prop my foot on it and I was trying to go to sleep in that class I didn’t want to learn any chemistry and it would just start slipping the same way that I would start slipping out of my desk it’s the same concept here that I’m talking about this astral slipping if you can create some part of your mind that worries about your body moving one way or the other given the position that it’s in you should be able to create astral slipping and at the point of your body falling asleep your astral body will separate because it will begin to make that thought a reality one way or the other upon your senses slipping into the astral realm so if you’re keeping your mind awake throughout this process you’ll feel some some slipping or some moving if you manage to get these sensations at all start doing your favorite exit technique or try to enhance those feelings of the moving limbs so for example if you feel like you’re falling out of the desk or letting your foot slip to the floor all you’re doing is allowing your astral body to fully separate once you get far enough from your physical body you should get vision and you may also have vision throughout this whole process everyone is different now if you don’t get the slipping feelings but you’re getting the tingling in the back of your neck when you’re trying this technique simply try to visualize yourself sliding out of the chair or falling out of the chair or maybe visualize your foot sliding off the wall at that point try to make that astral slipping happen with your body’s position if you’re lucky your limbs will start separating and parts of you may feel floating otherwise simply try to visualize yourself standing up and getting out of the chair once you get that tingling or vibrations or paralysis feeling when you do this though you need to feel every part of this you have to get all of your senses involved and recreate in your mind exactly how it would feel to actually stand up and move out of that desk or that chair if done correctly this would create vibrations throughout the parts of your body you’re thinking about moving go with it and focus on that vibration feeling couple that with the movement of your visualization that you’re doing and assume that the vibrations are your astral self because that’s what it is the vibrations are the separation of your astral body from the physical frame there are several different ways to actually leave the body once you reach the paralysis of the vibration state and I’ll be sharing some of my other tricks in time if you have any questions let me know and I’ll make a follow up video or something like that I also may take this technique and shorten it up and put up a different video at another point but I do feel like the sleep schedule and the morning routine was extremely important for this to work I don’t think it’s required to make this technique work I just think it’s allowed this technique to work a whole lot more consistently thanks for watching the video everyone and if you have any questions leave them down below in the comment section please if you like this technique that’s presented click on that thumbs up button subscribe for more all that jazz let me know what you think because listen your feedback is totally appreciated I’m just here to help everybody and share what I know and it really helps me shape my next videos too so check out the Facebook page for more and I’ll see you next time on the horror show you..

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  • Same experience here! I started to develop my OBE at 4 years old without knowing it. My dad delivered newspapers riding a motorcycle, so I started to wake up and ride with him from 4am to 10 am. I understand the technique that you explained on the video because I was always trying to sleep but my body tried to keep me awake by the internal survival mechanism. I ride on the back of the motorcycle with my arms around my dad’s waist, after spending about an hr putting the newspaper together and loading the motorcycle; my dad and I started driving againg with me seating on the back seat of the motorcycle riding on top of a high stock of newspapers. I did this for about 8 years until I was around 12 years old. I got so good that sometimes people warned my dad about me been sleeping on the back seat of the motorcycle while driving at high speeds swarling over object or batches on the road. After I few months I was able to leave my body at will and have some experiences where at the moment seemed as I already had them or ” a repetition of events”. It was frustrating at the beginning because for me it was as if I was going thru the same past!?. I understood with time that I was able to see,experience and trust my intuition, six sense, etc.. at the moment I am able to do many other things with my mind and body, I also acquired a pretty good understanding about life,earth,the human brain, the dinamics on true decerning, compassion and the realization that we were created of a unique light,energy, or force. therefore, when humanity realize that we are all one with God and that we don’t need “Human Guides” because WE are all capable of distinguish between destructive and creative actions. We don’t need to consume more than we need. The moment the humanity realized that money is destructive ,unnecessary to survive and that we can evolve to our full potential the way we were meant to be, that we don’t need governments, religions, ideas of prestige, power, money,animal killings, and fear. That will be the day when humanity wake up and realized that We are ONE and can function in a harmonious and lovely place call Earth, all we need to do is closed our eyes,ignore our deciving minds and follow the light and force that make our hearts beat…LOVE!

  • A while ago I had an out of body experience. As I was lying on my bed I went into a deep meditation. A strange feeling came over me and I had a sensation that I was levitating. Soon I was close enough to the ceiling that I could easily touch it. Suddenly I turned around and could see that my body was still there lying on the bed. It was then that I realised that I was not levitating after all and that I had in fact left my body.
    I decided to see how high I could go and with that thought I effortlessly floated up through the roof and into the night sky. It was a clear night and the stars were twinkling. Higher and higher I rose. The buildings looked so different from my new perspective.
    Eventually, I had reached a great height, far, far above our world. It was then that I suddenly came to a halt. Looking down at Earth I could see for miles and miles in every direction. The land and sea seemed to go on forever. I saw no edge to this immense plane and by the same token I could see no curvature. What I do know is that Earth looked so peacefully flat from my heightened perspective. I wondered if I went higher still that I might encounter the roof of a dome (firmament). With this limited thought I suddenly came rushing back down into my body. This was not a dream as it was so very vivid and real and I was not sleeping in the first place. I usually go off in meditation to many places but not out of my body like this.

  • I have many problems with trying to astral project. I’ve tried for over a year to astral project but no luck. I’ve tried everything, guided meditation, binaural beats you name it. I recently tried a couple nights ago to keep myself from giving up because of loss of hope and different feelings from normal came to me. Can you maybe help explain them and what they mean? My list of feelings listed below:
    1: Increased heart rate: I was just laying there, completely relaxed, and all of a sudden my heart begins to race, My breathing gets a little shaky then it goes back to normal a minute later my heart and breathing.
    2: My hands or legs: While I relax sometimes my hands or my feet get… I wouldn’t say numb but its like I would forget they were there or I couldn’t feel them until I thought of them.
    3: A ringing in my ear:…I mean it’s not loud at all… it’s more of an everyday sound you have in your ear.
    4: A feeling of tugging towards my chest: It feels like something inside me wants to get out but it cant. I used to think it was my astral body trying to get out.
    If you could help that would be great! Thanks

  • NIce video!!! I have lil problem i guess. I write my astral practice and my drams too. so, yesterday was my 35th time to practice atral projection and im still in my body..
    I have some feelings ill put them down
    1. I feel something like buzzing, vibrating, jumping inside me. SOmetimes is sooooo hard and strong and sometimes is easy and slow.
    2. Sometimes i hear voices of one or many people talking, laughing, or something.
    3. Sometimes even i have high pitch sound but it isnt lout, its like hmmm, the everyday sound in your ear.
    4. Sometimes i have, visions. It isnt from my astral body i thnk because i got only random pictures. Example, one night when i was practice astral, after i go through some sensations i got picture of sunflower, train, clock.. Its just pictures tho.
    5. And sometimes i have “the feeling” im ready to separate but idk how.. I lose all my 5 sense, i cant feel any thing, hear, taste, smell and i just know that i have the opurtunity to go and explore but idk how..

    That is all, sorry if i have some grammar mistakes but im on my work now and i write this comment in speed of light before my boss comes back XD

    Thank you! YOu have follow from me

  • Dude keep going for sure. You make quality stuff, putting time into these videos. Also sharing useful knowledge.
    40subs now – 40k soon. Btw one video idea which interests me a alot. Whats about dreams, lucid dreams, like bigger picture.
    Are these just our subconcious? Talking to someone else in lucid dream. Dreams are so vivid, just like shifting to another reality.
    Much love, peace! D

  • My husband would Astral project a lot as a child now. He’s able to do it now as an adult but not as easily as he could as a child. I like your videos! I’m trying to do it myself now after watching 🙂

  • yes this is Brillant, felt like you when describing going in bus to high school too!! such a familiar feeling haha, Im still practicing but weed is not a good allied, recently I had a lucid dream , I went for a nap in the evening and as i was practicing the phase, without smoking weed for a week ,I realized I was dreaming , the dream was at work and suddenly dont know clearly how I realized it was a dream , I was at work almost starting a fight with a costumer for some change missing, when I realized. then as soon as I knew I satrted to dance at the sound of globebusters,haha I had such a good time . Also have to tell you my ayahuasca experiences, something very deep bro, it’s worth trying for sure, they all include sleep depravation, and you just cant believe what you see, Again brillant video and please keep doing all you do , my girlfriend does reiki too , and jin shin jyutsu is an awesome japanese tecnique that , you must try!!!