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yo yo you know the earlier video on me mm hmm Dobis I liked it I watched it and I was like oh yeah that’s me there’s so much to say after that video but I’m gonna talk about astral projection and then next video I’ll talk about would be human evolution maybe that or the DNA hybrid humans and our species and everything like that monkey he’s probably more DNA than ever I’m talk about how were hybrid species however we have hybrid DNA in our body isn’t that but I want to talk about rejection right I watched a nature boy channel master teacher my nation TV and he said that wouldn’t work where actual rejecting in the wrong places the wrong location supposed to be in nature and we’re supposed to be outside Ashley rejecting not in houses because we open portals and higher beings are lower entities that’s why a lot of people have actual attacks because they’re a negative environment they’re the negative society they’re negative community and the thoughts and all the consciousness of that collective community is observed or experienced or reflected okapi you and you go into a realm that is similar to what that collective thought is actually thinking about or experiencing so now when you when you are when you answer with Jack I’m gonna just flow with Italy actually but Jack he’s supposed to be outside I’m gonna drop some knowledge on my wisdom were y’all with my experience for the ash projecting basically yeah she projected about four to five times in my life consciously conscious astral projections I’m not gonna name them all but those are your blessings help all your blessings that’s what Jesus say when this what he meant when he said count all your blessing count your blessings it’s counting how many experiences you have and all the blessings of experiences all the good experiences and stuff like that not the bad ones for the good ones so I’m gonna go a little bit deeper with with the actual entities and how they affect us and what those told me when I read them on your tablet so let me start off with okay I had a gather my thoughts for that so astral projection you know everyone can actual object it’s very simple all you need to do is just lay down and I’m gonna give you guys oh my god I got download I got some wisdom for you personal experience right is good basically I put my hands together you know how you have your hands the other hand right here you put you to think all you put all your fingertips um well each one on a certain or unique finger so that you didn’t extreme you put it on the other index finger and the middle thing you put on the middle finger it’s not as math it’s not complicated just put your fingers together I can’t do it cuz I’m holding the camera but you wanna you wanna do it like that and it’s gonna cut it’s gonna touch your fingertips both your hands and touch with fingertips you’re gonna hold this energy you’re gonna stay still very still and okay and then you want to like be very still and gather a lot of lifeforce or Chi that’s how you gonna gather Chi and I’ve observed Bechard do this and I understood why he does it so he does this a lot and he’s basically gathering Chi for is channeling cuz his whole in his own energy how to give you a higher self energy haha that’s how you gonna do it hold your hands like and put it over your head now what’s gonna happen is you’re sure your crown chakra I observed this for myself and experienced it the crown chakra is is your higher self or the chakra above your crown chakra is your higher self so you’re creating a vortex of energy over your head and you’re giving your energy to your higher self to the higher you you’re creating another bubble or a vortex or chakra over your head and it’s gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna shine upon your your crown chakra but you’re not gonna feel anything until you actually let go like when you’re finished with the whole process let go relax this is how you really relax and add sugar jet cuz I’ve learned that we do this like I haven’t learned it but this is the results that I would get when I keep doing this Qi exercise is that you hold your energy above your head you gather all that Chi and read over your solar plex you hold it over your solar plex and then you put it over your head and then it’s like oh I feel so good and then you become so relaxed you become so relaxed and very tranquil and very melt meditative your body gets weak you’re out of energy and stuff so that’s when you want a really action but Jax is when your body’s out of energy your body can sleep so the astral projection astral projection is when your body falls asleep but your mind is a week now now the the actual entities and I was talking about those in more tablets of what he told me the actual entities are lower vibrational energies or lower forms and energies and lower aspects of yourself the lower self that wants to force you or to give you information of negative or bad information or or bad experience a bad trip and he’s a he he is or it is putting his energy on you basically get all he could do is all he can do is touch you and you feel a lot of negative that’s why people day sometimes when that’s what people say Satan is all your chest or saved and sitting on your chest you know saying that’s that’s really what he’s putting his hand over your chest and he’s corrupt your heart he’s still your heart energy so every time you have a connection your heart pumps this interviews flows overflow this energy and that’s the true self of that’s really unconditional love coming out into its purest form because you can’t see the energy but it’s there you feel it it’s a feel ization so there’s a lot of energy that you can feel and you can’t see it so that’s why you can’t rely on your eyes or your five senses but your touch your your empathic senses your your your your emotions are the the true or the empathy that Pathak emotions that you order energies that you feel and you touch something spiritual or a spirit you can take those chills and your neck your hairs on your neck rise up or ghosts or anything something spiritual your your energy is a your feeling energy your feeling energy when you feel energy your hands start to tingle the heart chakra starts to buzz your crown chakra starts to buzz your third eye buzzes you’ll say it’s activated stimulating because your chakras are connected to the spiritual room so when you acted when you open your chakras and you open your third eye all that stuff’s you’re connected to the spiritual room and you experience spiritual things so yeah I think your chakras are opened or your heart chakra open immediately or or you know not immediately but automatically and you’re gonna want to pump you’re gonna want to focus on your heart chakra cuz that’s really the unconscious your unconscious body or your body mind can’t sense the of your chakras they cannot sense the chakras there’s certain levels of consciousness that your body can tap into and your mind get that into and then your spirit to tap into which is all the higher energy or the higher level of consciousness that your spirit can tap into so now the total both in his Emerald tablets he said that bondage of men is the fetters of darkness and the bondage of men creates the feather the fetters of darkness create the bondage of men so that means you can’t the bondage is where your soul leaves the body so weird bondage and I’m in bondage because I haven’t had a national objection a minute but there’s a lot of people have it but there’s some people that are actually rejecting fluently and so the bondage is when you can’t ask you project you can’t leave your body your true self can’t leave your right you can’t leave your body so the fetters of darkness is a force of darkness there’s dark beings or the night the darkness of night that come is a force this is the dark force that comes over your body that’s why people saying Satan to sit on your chest sometimes you can’t breathe sometimes you’re you’re paralyzed and you can’t move it’s the bondage just the fetters of darkness your spirit supposed to be able to fly out like immediately as soon as you go through a process of ash rejection and the fenders of darkness trapped you in your body so that you can’t see those other realms so you will have lack of knowledge lack of wisdom lack of experience but you can get all the experience that you need that’s necessary from the earthly room the earthly realm has all of these barriers that you need you know you don’t have to go into that into the actual actual remote or the next world to experience more of who you are you you just can embody from you get embody the higher energies into your physical your physical form your physical vehicle your body and that’s the goal instead of really leaving your body because something could actually come inside you I don’t think that’s really possible with it I’ve heard it a lot and I’m convinced that that that actually happens but you know you never forget that you never forget yourself you’re always gonna know yourself to a certain extent if you’re very unconscious or you’re hyper super high come out just to see you always gonna know yourself doesn’t matter if your soul is your body always gonna have a connection with your body or your soul grab condition with your body no one’s gonna have a connection with your spirit so oh the guys gonna watch you guys can look at them on tablets this very beat it’s a full of information for wisdom tired a whole in the camera like this I have to sit up but all those..

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