Astral Travel Guided Meditation | Gateway To The Astral World | Astral Projection Hypnosis

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This is an epic Guided Meditation where you are projected into the Astral World assisted by your Spirit Guide.

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On your Astral Projection journey you will encounter the Akashic records and the keeper of the records; you will recognise your past lives and you will finally meet the beings of light that prove to you that the utopia you have always dreamed of is a real possibility.

This is an emotional Guided Meditation aimed at assisting you with your life purpose and giving you fresh impetus for living life to the full in this world.

Enter the gateway to the astral world…a portal to pardise!

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ASTRAL TRAVEL Guided Meditation | Gateway to the Astral World | Astral Projection Hypnosis

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I want you to find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit somewhere warm and cozy I want you to close your eyes and lay your hands on your life and take a deep breath in through your nose and gently exhale out through your mouth again deep breath in and slowly and gently breathe out through your mouth again deep breath in slowly and gently breathe out through your mouth one more time deep breath in and slowly and gently breathe out through your mouth and relax now I want you to imagine roots coming out from the soles of your feet now once you see those roots going deep into the ground as far down as you can get them to go remember you can only fly as high as your roots are deep now I want you to see yourself surrounded by a pure white light you can feel this light this energy that forms around you like a cloak of protection and you can feel it as it enters your body and fills you with pure love this light comes from the source of everything and this light brings with it peace and relaxation and remember you’re part of this energy and this energy is part of you now I want you to see yourself in an open field and this field is filled with beautiful wildflowers of every kind the aromas from these flowers are filling you with their scent inhale lift aureus fragrance as it fills your heart with joy you feel at home here because this is your private place your sanctuary the place where only you are allowed and always remember you are safe you are loved and you are protected always in front of you you see a misty shape taking form and you watch it at its staff to resemble the shape of your spirit guide this beautiful being of light who is here just for you smiled at you and reaches out their hand for you to take you smile back and you raise your hand as you place your hand in their hand and you feel safe and protected and you feel happy knowing this beautiful being of light will take care of you and you feel loved you feel yourself starting to rise upwards with your guide and your body becomes very light and you feel weightless and free your guide is taking you somewhere very special what can you see when you look down underneath you the busy city seems so far away you are moving very quickly now you look down and you realize you’re high in the sky you are not afraid your guide assures you you feel safe and loved and protected you can feel yourself traveling at a great speed but you can still see clearly more vividly than you ever have before and you become aware that you are now high above the earth and you can see the Stars and all their glory you can even see the Milky Way you see many other planets and solar systems as you move you are astounded by the sheer beauty of what your eyes are witnessing and are overwhelmed by the wonderful feelings of joy bursting out from you like cascading showers of light and your guide takes you higher still you can see plaintiff is just a little blue ball in the distance your everyday problems seems so insignificant I’m so far away and will leave you just for a moment to take in the majestic vistas outer space you see in the distance a vast circle of light a light so big you cannot see what it begins or where it ends this light is so bright so alive but it doesn’t hurt you to look at it your guide leads you towards this wondrous light and you cannot contain the joy that you feel deep inside of you this is a portal to another place a portal to paradise maybe you enter the glowing portal with your guide holding you close to this side you feel great excitement look around you what do you see what can you sense what are you feeling right now you realize that you are now standing in a beautiful peaceful garden a garden lettuce flowers and trees that you have never seen before and you don’t recognize any of them at all yet you feel so at home and so relaxed here your good feeling was right it is a portal to paradise a portal to another dimension as you look around you can see magnificent buildings taking shape in the distance what are they like what are they made of what color are they you realize you see other beings moving around what do they look like do they look like you or are they different some of these beings are surrounded with a beautiful golden light who are they some of them are surrounded with a white light and some of them have colored lights all around them who are these beings do you know always remember you are safe you are loved and you are protected your guide leave you into one of the magnificent buildings the most impressive building of them all and then lead you into a huge spectacular room this room is so vast that you can’t see where it begins or where it ends it is so light and so bright you have never seen anything of the kind before and you notice that there are pictures on the walls and you stop and take a look at them and to your amazement you see this picture of you in another lifetime and you recognize yourself instantly despite your appearance being different you remember this lifetime clearly in all of its glorious detail take a moment to see this life you had before now you continue to walk towards the back of this impressive chamber and you notice that there are many more rooms leading off from it your guide lets you choose which room that you would like to enter look around you which one are you drawn to which one calls to you you gravitate towards the door that compels you and you turn the handle what do you see there’s a room of great peace and there is a tangible atmosphere of reverence in the center of the room there is a very large round marble table on that table is a large single little candle and you peruse the room again and you notice there are photographs in beautiful ornate frames all over the walls and some of them are very very old as you move closer to them to have a proper look you see that every image is a picture of you picture of you in the many lifetimes that you have lived and you recognize and remember each and every one of these lifetimes in great detail the faces are all different but you have no doubt that each one is you and you are in all of just how many lives you have had you turn back to the round marble table before you you see a beautiful being surrounded by the most amazing glowing light the sight almost takes your breath away this is the keeper of Records an assign protector of the Akashic records and is kindly being gestures for you to take a seat go spend some time getting to know this saintly being use this time wisely I will leave you for a few moments to sit and talk ask any questions you may have you do you have the answers to your questions you feel a piece now so relaxed so calm and so very loved you thank the keeper of the record for helping you and you instantly feel great love entering your heart you have never before felt love like this and you are eternally grateful it is now time for you to leave this wondrous place place where you can come back to anytime you like you take the gentle hand of your guide and are led out of the room as you leave the building you once again see the beings of light that you saw earlier you realize as you arrive back at the garden at the beings of light have a school to do being the light ask you to sit in a circle with them and you willingly oblige they tell you not to be afraid because they want to show you how they live as you sit in this circle they start to sing a beautiful song you don’t know what language this is but somehow you understand the word it has a melody and rhythm that you have never heard before and your ears have never witnessed such beauty they tell you that they will project images of their life for you to see how they live with their own families and you see before you what looks like a huge cinema screen and on it you start to see the images of their lives you can see their homes what do they look like you see their children are they like your children you see many images of their peaceful and serene lives how they live the fresh food that they eat and how they love each other unconditionally your heart swelled with joy to see that life could and should be this way for all beings they have no pain they have no suffering they have no wars the utopia that many believe is impossible on earth is what they have all of these wonderful beings live life to the full with pure love for each other and for all peoples and planets they are truly blessed and they truly understand they are willing to share this piece this joy and this love with you you too can have what they have you to have the seed of all potential within you showing you health and are showing you that all selfishness leads to suffering the innate knowledge that we are all one that we are all connected and not by hurting each other we ultimately are hurting ourselves take this pure love back with you to your home to your family to your people this bliss starts with just one person and this person is you the emotion you feel right now is something you cannot describe but you know that this is how life should be and will be and it feels like an epiphany you thank them for what they have given to you and you will never forget how they have made you feel if you could you would stay here with them but you know in your heart that is not possible this is not your destiny right now for you have work to do work that you have always known in your soul the work you were sent here to do your life purpose so now your journey begins you lower your head to contemplate the work you have before you and as you look up you see that you are back on earth back in the field of flowers with no knowledge of how you’ve got there feeling a tremendous sense of joy and purpose you have found a new sense of direction and you are filled with great joy you feel confident taking the first of your many steps towards the joyful and peaceful life you and everyone else deserves be the change you wish to see in the world you..


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  • Hi
    I’ve been attempting to astral project for 5 years now. I felt my body floating but then the feeling disappeared. I never felt intense vibrations, Is it because I swallow I can’t help it ! I do this at night the only time my house is quite… I just get numb all over my body and nothing happens why is this? Also my muscles seem to twitch some times and my eyes are so queries they open some times please help 🙁

  • everytime I do this, my body feels like its burning in the middle of meditating and i also can like something else is forcing itself to come out of my body. Have any one had this kind of experience before??

  • Everything was wonderful. I’ve done previous regression sessions and know if had previous life’s. For some reason I could not see myself in any photos. After I asked why I can’t see myself, I was shown pictures of a crystal blue city, next one trees, another space and planets. The blue crystal city was so strong. Came through all the time. No idea what to make of it. But was beautiful. Thank you for the upload.