Astral Travel/ Out Of Body Travel- Meditation/ Pineal Gland/ Dmt

Out of body experience, or astral projection is a technique which will allow a soul to leave the physical body for a period of time.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

The soul begins to vibrate and percieve on a higher frequency, allowing the soul to seperate and travel beyond space and time, usually in the fourth or fifth dimensional frequency.

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– spiritual reality of meditation ( part 4 )

Write up:

body is a to of the self to perceive other frequency realities astral body is one more form of our consciousness just like our physical body in normal condition our consciousness is spread throughout our physical body when we receive sufficient amount of energy and when we feel to perceive other frequency realities consciousness moves in the form of astral body we perceive astral body experiences unconsciously lastly which we call dreams one can perceive astral body experiences consciously in meditation astral body travels beyond space and time after conscious astral experiences we start perceiving new dimensions in meditation after receiving abundant cosmic energy the consciousness which is spread everywhere in the body starts moving towards a point while consciousness is moving we experience jokes in the physical body we feel as if our body is floating we don’t feel the hands and legs we feel lightness of the body like a feather movements may be experienced in different parts of the body or sometimes one may experience as if the whole body is rotating these are known as astral movements by practicing more and more meditation we get more cosmic energy the consciousness takes the form like an astral body starts rotating very fast which causes heavy movements after the movements the astral body starts coming out of the physical body with a link called silver cord silver cord is nothing but a high vibrant consciousness which transfers the messages of the physical body to the astral body and vice versa with this we do ask for travel astral travel is a travel of our consciousness to known and unknown places and frequencies by doing astral travel we get highest knowledge and understanding of the self in astral travel our astral body can pass through all physical materials all elements like earth water fire wind and ether astral body can go to all other frequencies without any limitations after coming out of the body the meditator sees his own physical body by this he gets a great understanding he understands that he is not just the body and mind but he stays in the body this is a great understanding everyone should experience astral travel by experiencing astral travel our limitedness will vanish and we will understand that we are unlimited by this experience we understand that we are the consciousness we understand that we are unlimited we understand the new dimensions of life you..


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  • I feel very sorry for all the people that are totally brain washed by religion; categorizing mystical experiences, like OBE, as demonic. I don’t judge them because I was like that too. But I found out that when I directly connect with that higher energy, which I often call it God, there’s no need to belong to any religion. Religion just separate people by their differences of thoughts. That people are just lost in a program.

  • This is demonic and forbidden by God. This is done through the power of a demon spirit. The only spirit we should have contact with is the Holy Spirit. This is done by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and asking God to Baptize you in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues is simply communion with the Holy Spirit. It is when your spirit and the Holy Spirit come in contact the result is an unknown language. Ii is a language beyond the intellect. It is a way to
    communicate with God and receive revelation knowledge from the Spirit of Truth. God who is a Spirit communicates directly with the spirit of man. All other forms, yoga, meditation, astral travel, Hinduism, Buddhism are real however they will lead you into deception. Jesus is the only way to God. Don’t be deceived by the enemy.