Be Aware : Most Powerful Astral Projection Music / Instant Obe / Very Powerful Binaural Beats


Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Be Aware!!!This is a powerful 2 hour deep theta LUCID DREAMING ASTRAL PROJECTION MEDITATION OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE MUSIC with powerful 9 tone theta binaural beats layers ( matrix ) EXCLUSIVE TO THETA REALMS.

This brainwave sound journey is a powerful THETA ASTRAL PROJECTION LUCID DREAM INDUCER…Real deep…OMG deep!!!

Starting in the lower beta range and taking the listener deeper and deeper as the brainwave meditation music ramps down to THETA where it cruises for a good hour to Stimulate potential Lucid Dreaming Experiences and astral plane navigation. The THETA BRAINWAVE rhythm then proceeds to go deeper and take another 15 min to ramp down where is it settles in DEEPER THETA MEDITATION STATE for a good hour and a half and drops even further in the last half hour.


STIMULATION for experienced sound induced theta brainwave meditation practitioners. However if your new you can still give it a try without fear and perhaps you will have a powerful experience with lucid dreaming , astral projection and super deep meditation. As a rule if any audio program with sound wave or tone stimulation makes you feel not good THERE IS ALWAYS a choice to not use it or listen to it. This can be applied to Theta Realms Brainwave Meditation music or other content creators.



THE 9 DIMENSIONS is a fancy way of saying that I embedded this sound journey with 9 CUSTOM AND UNIQUE layers of binaural beats. These binaural beats are all synchronized to the main THETA frequency settings. In other words all 9 binaural beat tones resonate in unison to induce deep theta. These 9 layers of binaural beats also resonate in tuned pitches or sound tones and they are all different. Perfect for intense lucid dreaming experiences or super deep theta meditation.

These 9 Binaural beats tones were specifically selected by mr theta for his and your lucid dreaming astral projection deep meditation needs. Indeed all 9 binaural beat tones create a distinct matrix of sound that is powerful and you will feel it fast upon utilizing this brainwave meditation. So do be aware and be prepared to go deep! real deep!


Just like the 12 tone matrix series the 9 dimensions is a matrix of binaural beat tones that i will use for future sound journeys and meditations – As an original creative thought dictates to promote new and interesting experiences brought to you by theta realms – creating the best lucid dreaming music and deep astral meditation experiences.

Music Custom Composed by mr Theta for Theta Realms – Theta Realms Brainwave Meditation Music Creates best Lucid Dreaming music to induce Lucid Dreams and extremely powerful Binaural Beats Brainwave Theta Meditation Music and Astral Projection Music to navigate what many call the Astral Plane. Amazing Theta Binaural Beats and custom Music created for Out of Body Perception.

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  • Guys what do I do!! I went through the vibration and all of the sudden i opened my eyes and my hands were in the air and everything felt so STRANGE! But Im not in the astral… I felt like i was for a split second. What did I do wrong!?!? Please help. i am literally shaking

  • Yo!!! I freaking flew, I became lucid and I thought about flying and I did but if this is astral projection and THEN WTF HAPPENED

  • README.txt
    You are reading this before you are trying this track so here is the answer:

    After using whatever method you want to use to become paralyzed and you start to feel the vibrations, try not to think about it, continue concentrating on your breathing or whatever method it is you are using. Once the vibrations and/or sensations passes, you are in your astral body. All you have to do now is stand up and open your eyes.

    While you are lying down probably on your back, you will kind of feel like you are lying in a odd position and no more on your back. This could be a sign you are already in your astral body.


  • Finally projected on the first listen here after trying hundreds of times with others and with the guided meditations etc. Great track.

  • i totaly astral projecged multiple times listening to this. not just trying to boost veiws either im a sverage mid 20s male in south carolina and my dreamscape was firing off at a multidude of exciting astral realms.. im usualy a flier in my dreams but this was so much dif ofn experiences, i left my body 8 times ”

  • I’m being completely honest . This worked for me within the first time of using this . I’ll try again but without headphones this time and give y’all an update. I’ve never fully astral projected until yesterday . I saw a pink person with a ball of light in their stomach area it was extremely bright and every time I tried to go somewhere elder i saw it but I couldn’t fully open my eyes and every time I shifted to another place my abdominal area would flex as if I also had that source of light in me . Eventually I freaked out and asked to return

  • Oh my heaven. Instant gratification for,this masterpiece . I close my eyes and immediately the colours running through my mind, is so wonderful . I have to breath and relax to sink myself more peacefully and deeper, as the rush, desires to take hold of me and show me so many wonders of other realities and states of pure blissfulness . Thnx, thnx, thnx

  • I immediately traveled through our galaxy saw very amazing things saw also some undiscovered planets and solar systems. Thank you so much. I will travel a lot for free

  • In the astral world, YOU are god. You have complete consciousness and control of your thoughts and actions. You can go anywhere. You can fly to outer space. You could talk to your lost beloved ones. You literally can do anything if you actually succeed to astral project.

  • ayyyyyy not bad at all, I started vibrating after only 20 minutes even though I just had a really heavy meal lmao. will try later tonight on empty stomach. I can get to the heavy vibration but not sure what’s supposed to come after that lol

  • turn the music on with volume at a moderate level. allow the sounds to sink into your mind, become the world around you. relax, untense your muscles, and breath.

  • First time I listened to this I projected easily and intensely. great track to listen to. I had premonitions that happened the following day….seemed to really open my third eye. highly recommend this for anyone that is into astral planing. getting ready to go again. thank you so much,
    love and light!!