Beginner Past Life Regression Hypnosis Guided W Instructions

I made this guided, hypnotic past life regression video to assist people new to the concept of past life regression – PLR. It will also be good for those with PLR experiences already.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

It has a short series of instructions in the beginning designed to make the experience more effective. Like riding a bike, anyone can do a guided past life regression, but like a bike, maybe not on the first attempt.

The video walks the explorer through a past lifetime including best and worst days, special skills, important relationships, etc. It also helps the viewer/listener release and forgive old, negative energy.

Relax, explore and seek the insights from this past life regression that has the power to transform your present life.

I’m Peter McLaughlin, CHt a Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach practicing since 2006.

Each person has an inner-magnificence and unique gifts to bring to this world.

It’s my calling to help you access this magnificence, break through longstanding mental and emotional barriers and realize your dreams.

Offering In-person and Remote Skype sessions along with pre-recorded and customized audio programs.

My journey began in 2003 with a leukemia diagnosis. This life-threatening condition led me to the discovery of how powerful our minds are for creating illness, health, failure and success.

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Also, your comments are valuable as each person’s journey is unique.

The work is based on great authors and practitioners of hypnotic regression such as: Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Mary LeBay and Andy Tomlinson.

Music Credit: “A Quiet Thought” by Wayne Jones YouTube Creator Studio.

Video and Photos: Pixabay

past life regression, guided meditation, hypnosis, reincarnation

Disclaimer: This video is for information and educational purposes only not as a substitute for qualified medical or psychological intervention or assistance. Do not drive or operate potentially dangerous machinery while listening.

Write up:

take a moment to get comfortable and do this at a time in place where it’s easy for you to relax and in a time and place where you won’t be disturbed and as I share a few basic instructions with you you can begin relaxing your body preparing yourself to just allow all of this to happen and if you think you may fall asleep you can sit in a chair versus lying down it’s important to trust the deeper part of your inner mind even if things don’t initially make sense or you think you’re making it up it’s important that while you’re going through this process you suspend your disbelief in the same way we do in a theater watching a play or in a movie theater watching a movie to hold back all judgment until everything is over and you have re emerged and while you listen to these instructions you can easily begin the process of relaxing deeper if letting go into a peaceful and warm state of being you may see things with your inner eye you may hear things with your inner ear feel things or just know things communication with others will be mind to mind you have this ability to go back in time so it’s important to trust yourself and if at any time you wish to terminate the session you may easily do so by thinking fully awake and then return to the present time and place so just breathe and focus in upon a part of your body that is already comfortable this could be your feet it could be your earlobes it can be a hand but as you breathe if you haven’t already done it just close your eyes down and focus in on this part of your body that already feels comfortable and begin taking your mind into this part of your body that is already comfortable this part of your body that already feels perfect notice the quality of this perfection and imagine you can take your whole being into this part of your body and share this feeling of perfection with your entire body so that the muscles of your body can relax deeply as you listen to my voice so that you can feel better and better with each easy breath you take so that you can go deeper with each easy beat of your heart in a moment I’m going to count from 10 down to 1 and as I do this I’d like you to imagine that in your mind you are descending a beautiful marble staircase at the bottom is a beautiful and deserted beach on a perfect day 10 9 8 taking the first three steps down the stairs with each step you take down with each number I count feel free to drift deeper to feel better 7 six five three more steps down just letting go the more you let go the more you allow tension to drain away from your body the easier it is to relax deeply and regardless of how deep you go into relaxation just allowing my voice to travel with you for three to allowing all of the muscles to turn loose as if you are shutting off switches like light switches that control the muscles flicking those switches to the off position so that for now and for a while all the power is shut down to the muscles so the muscles can become heavy like lead as you sink farther and farther down into a blissful state of peace just listening to the sounds of my voice one zero all the way down and now walking along this beautiful beach this deserted beach on this perfect day and standing upon the warm sand the cool breeze coming in off the sea over your face and see how far out over the sea to the horizon that you can see as you relax deeper feel better allow my voice to travel with you and the deeper you go the better you feel and you wonder as you wander along the beach where the sand and the water meets at the beauty of your existence and how deeply relaxed you may become as you travel to places you’ve been before it’s so very long ago with each step you take along the beach feeling better letting go and you come upon numbers written in the sand as though these numbers had been written with a stick starting with the number 1000 and you notice that right next to this number is 999 and beside that 998 and so forth as far as you can see down the beach with your foot I’d like you to gently erase the first number erase the number 1000 just by gently using your foot to smooth out the sand in and around this number and when you have erased the number here the word gone in your mind gone as you go deeper and now you erase the next number 999 just by gently and smoothly using the sole of your foot to smooth out the sand in on and around this number and when the number is gone here the word gone in your mind as you go even deeper twice as deep as before and keep erasing the numbers one after the other until you notice that they all begin to fade they all begin to disappear because they’re just not important now and a wave comes in it covers where the numbers used to be and as the water recedes back into the sea you see that all the numbers are gone it’s just clean smooth sand and you go twice as deep as before just letting go drifting even deeper down to this place that feels even better where you feel filled with peace filled with tranquility you continue walking along the beach and just up ahead there’s a small campfire burning on the beach you walk over to the fire you sit down and you stare into the flames watching the fire dancing orange and red and yellow and as you stare into the flames just allow my voice to be like the voice of a trusted friend or confidant you are now more and more just letting the outside world go for now as you travel deeper into your inner universe the place of your greatest power so close your eyes and feel the eyelids becoming heavier and heavier and heavier as though they are made out of lead heavy and leaden eyelids feel this as pure peace as though you had two small cool beanbags one resting upon each I gently pressing down allowing you to go even deeper and you know that as long as you keep tension out of your eyelids and for as long as you keep tension out of your eyelids they just won’t work and that’s a nice feeling to feel all of that tension gone so that you can drift and sink and float and as you go deeper you feel more confident you feel more secure in your inherent loving strength and power you are strong and filled with peace now and when we return in time to an earlier lifetime wherever your mind takes you you will be inherently safe and secure no matter what happens no matter what you experience or remember so feel you’re safe golden light that surrounds you now feel this golden light as guarding you as the loving energy of the universe this beautiful golden light that surrounds you your muscles are relaxed soft warm you are content and peaceful in this deeply relaxed and wonderfully natural state and you know that in a few moments when I count down from three to one that whatever life to which you return it will be for your highest and greatest good when I count the number one and snap my fingers you will return to a scene from an earlier lifetime that has benefits to your present life three drifting back in time one just be there now in this earlier lifetime and when this scene becomes clear to you you can notice if you are standing sitting or lying down and look down at your feet and notice if you’re wearing shoes or sandals or boots or if your feet are barefoot how are you dressed what clothes are you wearing and what do those clothes feel like on your body do they feel coarse or fine rough or smooth heavy or lion and notice where you are notice whether you are inside or outside notice the details of your surroundings whether you are alone or with others what time of year it is and is there anything in your environment that helps you understand the time period tools implements clothing furniture structures and notice whether you are male or female whether you are a child or an adult and what does it feel like to be inside this earlier body is the body strong or weak healthy we’re sick and notice if you are simply observing or if you’re engaged in some type of activity in a moment I’m going to count from three down to one and when I snap my fingers I’d like you to move to the very best day of this life you’re examining now three two and one it’s the best day of this earlier life you’re examining now notice how you feel what are the feelings inside in this very best day of this life you’re examining now and what makes this day so good what’s happening how does your heart feel how are you standing what does your own voice sound like and what is it about this day that makes it such a wonderful day are you inside or outside are you alone or with others are you doing something are you just being in a moment I’m going to count from three down to one and then snap my fingers when I do I’d like you to go to a scene in this earlier lifetime that illustrates the most significant relationship of this earlier lifetime three two and one be with the person with whom you had the most significant relationship in this earlier life what makes this relationship important to you is it something that you’re doing with this person is it where you are with this person or is it just being with them that’s so important what does it feel like to be with this person does this person remind you of anyone in your present life either the way they look the way they act or their energy ask this person what your name is what do others call you ask this person what year it is ask them where in the world are you what country would Kingdom what town what village what city ask this person if there’s important wisdom or advice they wish to share with you it will be easy to remember every detail that occurs as you remember this lifetime later when your eyes open all the details of this earlier lifetime will be crystal clear to you later when your eyes open in a moment I’m going to count from three down to one and snap my fingers when I do this you will be engaged in whatever work or profession you chiefly engaged in in your earlier lifetime 3 2 1 just be doing the work do the work you did in this earlier lifetime and notice again if you’re inside doing work inside or if you’re doing work primarily outside are you happy doing this work are you unhappy doing this work why do you feel the way you feel about the work you do and do you use some kind of tool in your work or a grouping of tools are you compensated for your work if you were paid with money see the money in your hands notice the details of this money in your hands when I snap my fingers go to the moment of doing this work where you felt the most satisfaction the most competency 3 2 1 notice what this feels like notice what you were doing and how it feels to be doing it in this moment of satisfaction with the work notice if you’re alone or with others and if with others how they interact with you in a moment like this when I snap my fingers again go to a moment of doing this work of great frustration 3 2 1 go to this moment of frustration or perhaps even disappointment with this work and notice why this is happening notice whether it’s the work itself or if it’s interacting with other people in some way co workers customers a boss for something else and notice if this moment of frustration or if the earlier moment of satisfaction is something repeated in your present life are these moments similar to anything in your present life when I snap my fingers again go to this moment of your greatest skill or capability it may be the same moment of satisfaction and maybe different but when I snap my fingers go to the moment of your greatest skill or capability three two and one re experience this moment where you’re engaging in your greatest skill or capability feel it as though it’s happening all over again what is it that makes you so good at this notice all the details of how you feel what you’re doing how you’re doing it so that you may bring it back with you into your present life like reawakening this skill or capability rediscovering this skill or capability remembering all of the details of how you did it to bring it back with you into your present life when I snap my fingers again you will go to the worst day of this previous life 3 2 1 just be there now in this difficult in this worst day of your previous life notice where you are who you’re with if anyone and what exactly makes this such a difficult day is there something about this difficult day that you carry with you in your present life do you notice any patterns that might have been created or deepened here that you experience in your present life if there is any emotion associated with this day it’s okay to release it to allow it to leave it’s okay to release and let go of any difficult energy from this time to let it simply drain away from your being you can even imagine that there are small drain plugs on the soles of your feet and that any difficult or painful energy from this day is draining away from the soles of your feet like old dirty motor oil draining away from an engine so that you may be free of all this just let it go let it all go so that you may be free and when I snap my fingers you can go to just moments before you pass from this life you’re examining now just before the end of the life 3 2 1 notice if you’re standing sitting or lying down notice how old you are if you are alone or if there are others with you notice if the cause of your passing is natural or an accident or violence of some kind and let the process be smooth and peaceful as you pass through all of that and float above everything so that you can look down from a neutral place of safety and peace and calm and see everything clearly and from this neutral place of clarity you can form larger connections you can understand larger lessons of that lifetime see how the people of your life were all connected to you to the events of your life to decisions you made decisions deferred patterns repeated patterns and from this perspective of safety and peace and wisdom you may be able to incorporate new ideas incorporate new beliefs based upon your broader understanding and your deeper learning from this higher perspective if there is someone you need to forgive perhaps you can release them now from this higher perspective if you must be forgiven perhaps you can gently ask for forgiveness and be released from this higher perspective if you need to forgive yourself perhaps you can do this now in a state of peace and love and tranquility if you need to forgive yourself perhaps you can do this now when I snap my fingers again you will be seated on the beach staring into the campfire 3 2 1 just be seated on the beach staring into the campfire at the flames filled with serenity and tranquility and wisdom perhaps even feeling as though a great weight has been lifted from your chest or from your shoulders feeling more whole and complete now any difficult aspects of the past remain in the past at a distance at a safe distance and wisdom and learning from the past insights are now fully present and utilizable in your present life you are fully and completely at peace now you are whole and complete like a great weight has been lifted from you you make your way along the beach back to the marble steps as I count from one to ten you start ascending the steps so that when I count the number ten your eyelids will flutter open like the wings of a butterfly feeling perfect in every way so that when your eyelids open and I count the number ten you feel this deep sense of relief like a great weight has been lifted one two and three slowly and calmly taking the first three steps back to this time into this place four five and six every muscle every nerve in your body is loose and relaxed so that you feel perfect in every way physically perfect mentally perfect emotionally calm and stable and balanced and serene balanced physiologically balanced emotionally balanced psychologically seven eight and nine almost all the way back perhaps even feeling a deep sense of accomplishment a deep sense of wonder of optimism and excitement for your life and on the next number I count eyelids fluttering open as you return fully and completely to this present time and place with a perfect memory of everything that transpired and ten all the way back you..


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  • At first I saw myself I say Young blond boy around the age of 6 or 7 years old in front of and old Greystone Church with the big circle window towards the point of the church I thought the front wooden door. There was a stone half wall encircling the church like a fence except it was all the same stone that the charge was made of round and gray stones. There were very green too dark green leaves entries behind the church I was standing in front of the church on a narrow Stone Street and behind me was a sidewalk with a few shops older-looking shops. the time frame I think was probably mid to early 1900 I want to say I felt as if it were the 1940s or maybe even the 1930s. It was about midday too early morning and I felt that I have been staring at the church for quite a while feeling and knowing that this would be my home from now on. I felt the feeling of being out of place and scared of the changes in my life because I was now an orphan given to a small town Church. I was wearing brown leather and tethered shoes and dark navy blue shorts made of fabric like from a suit young child suit with a suit looking kind of jacket that was also navy blue and under it was a white collared shirt and a tie around my neck. I think that my name was something that started with an O and it also had an had an n i and r or k…. I think my name was NIKO OR ONIR., I think I lived somewhere eating Eastern Anglo-Saxon place like Belgium or Holland or maybe even Germany. My favorite memory of the past life child was standing in front of the living room window around sunset and in front of the window was a round eating table and there was a white cake with confetti sprinkles and candles were lit and on my left side my mother went down and sang to me at my ear and on my right side my father went down and sing to me in my other ear. They say to me the Happy Birthday song and they loved me very much and they gave me a kiss I was their only child. and I think I had just turned 7 years old. In the past life my daily work was to do my homework with a leather satchel at my desk and some books and a pencil our home was warmly and dimly lit and it felt very comfortable almost like doing my homework at Candle Light type of feeling very comfortable home. I enjoy doing my work or should I say homework because it was the right thing to do and it pleased my parents and it also pleased my teacher & I felt very proud of myself at school when my teacher wood tell me I did a good job with my homework. The rest of the kids in my classroom also did their their homework and I felt as if we all had the same Target and goal and that was to be good kids with a straight education and we respected our elders. I guess the worst memory from the past life was finding myself mostly alone in a small Church different from the one in the beginning this church had a big stained glass by the front door and two rows of pews which in total were probably 12 pews because it was such a small Church I didn’t see the caskets but I know that I had lost my parents at the same time and I believe it was a car accident this is how I know it was around early 40s or 50s because there were vehicles. anyways at the church where the funeral was I didn’t look at the bodies and I refuse to look towards the front of the church instead I just walked over towards the stained glass window that late afternoon and felt nothing I think I was in shock or I didn’t know how to react to the deaths of the only people I loved I just felt out of place and I didn’t have the capacity to handle such emotions so I just kind of locked up and kept to myself alone in that candlelit church with no one else in there except except me and the coffins which I couldn’t turn and face to look at. the trait that my father showed me when he was still alive was making butter I was good at that or so he told me and I would use a long stick in a barrel to turn it over and over again turn churning the butter till it became thicker and smoother.. when I was older I believe I was a very quiet man with a good heart but I kept to myself I think I am listed in the service for military work I wore an all beige uniform and I think I went to some type of war or battle for a while what I didn’t really focus on that it was just something to do and I had to do it and I survived it. the day that I died I was an older man tall and thin and I had a farm house with a lot of land and trees and circling my Acres of land and right in the middle of my land I had my small farmhouse it was late afternoon and the Crickets were chirping and my outside light bulb was on and I was standing outside by the front door just taking in the Peace of the late afternoon and my front door was open to let the air Circle through the small farmhouse from the porch Where I Stood I could see my wife in the kitchen and older woman I believe she was fixing dinner and so I sat by the door on my front porch on an old rocking chair and I died I died slowly thereafter I believe from a heart attack or old age but I died at peace. what I can relate to from this past life is that I am a person who is afraid to let people in my life because I still feel the loss of my parents and I feel that I can share him in the fact that sometimes being lonely even though it hurts to lose the ones you love hurt even worse and also that I am a loner and a child who loves their parents and wants to be the perfect child for them.

  • I was one of the grays but our skin wasnt gray it was yellow/tan/gray/ baige. It was like 580 years ago. I was 4 ft tall-ish with black plastic knee high boots and a gray jumpsuit. I was very evil. It was me, like 6 other grays, and a tall female gray and we were taking the baby out of some medieval lady. We were on a dark metallic ship with giant windows

  • “Take a moment and get comfortable”?!? Don’t you mean, “pause this now and take a moment to recover from how blasting loud that opening was”?!?

  • So this is the first time anything like this has properly worked for me. Let me just say that that was amazing.
    I couldn’t quite visualise, however I could sense and feel so I could see in that aspect.
    I was a Sheppard and I sold wool, I was a very happy and content man, I gave some of my sheep to people less fortunate than myself and I was very good at telling story’s and bringing joy to people.
    Yeah that was amazing.

  • I have been trying for quite some time to do this and never could. This time was amazing. I was a shepherd and Israel is what I was told was the place I was in. I had a wife and baby. My wife and child went out with me to tend the sheep. We were in a field of tall coarse dark green grass. My wife was collecting something I’m not sure what but something. Then a lion came from no where and I tried to protect her but it was to late it had killed her. My child was not harmed. Then I fast forwarded to lying in this same field it was night time as gazed up at the beautiful night sky I looked to my right and my son was with me he told me my name was Malab or Malad. Fast forward I’m laying in the same field but I am older and this time my son was grown as I lay there I realize I was very hard on my son growing up but it was out of love and as I lay there he lets me know that it’s okay that he loves me and holds nothing against me. That he knows that I love him and that I loved his mom very deeply and that it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t help her that day. As I lay there looking at my son I slowly fade away and transcend above and watch in peace as my son stood there just letting me know he’s okay and he always will be. As I go towards a massive glow I see my wife and as I start to apologize for not saving her she tells me it’s okay but but as she is telling me she turns into my cousin. He died 13 years ago and I have never gotten over it. As I wake up at the end of the session I realize at some point during this I have been crying very hard. For some reason I feel more light hearted and at peace as I write this. I don’t quite understand all this but that is where this took me.

  • I tried this but it was too long. After 30 minutes I was back in the real world worrying about the work I had to do today.

  • Not sure if my mind was making stuff up but I don’t really feel like it was. This is long but I wanna put it somewhere as the bits I got still are fresh.

    I was from I guess the wild sest sort of days, the only date I got was 1871, as in a memory at the beginning with an important person. My mother, I remember her answering the questions while I was cradled on her. We were on old rocking chair in a small little house with very old (and kinda ugly) furniture. She was beautiful, and had her hair in a nice bun. I had a hard time with faces, those felt blurred, but I remember her having deep brown eyes and freckles. As far as the other things.. My name was Jimmy, and when I asked about the location she just said the “west”

    About the rest, but I did some dirty work but also some farm work. I had done some work, something like gang work it feels, with one person named (or nicknamed I feel)”Tax” and I couldn’t really feel the other name. I was very close with a horse, and I remember riding around like crazy in a small part of a field by some sort of fence (but I believe I was on the outside of it)

    I should mention, in my teen years I felt weak, I was definitely messy and had messy light brown hair. I was male, and as later years went on i gained some strength.

    Speaking of later years I continued doing much of the same work, and my happiest memory was a marriage. The name I felt was like “Kimberly” but I’m not sure. She was pretty, I remember mostly beautiful blonde/brown hair, and slightly tan skin. Her dress for the wedding was kinda ugly and plaid, but I loved her anyway. There was few in the crowd that I didn’t get a good look at, but I remember kissing early into the vows for some reason lol.

    The worst memory, and also the memory I went to at the start was me being brutally beaten. I was probably about 30, and everything felt so fast but I indeed remember a wooden floor. I felt was someone was getting revenge, and I heard lady screaming and getting dragged away (my wife?) but it was all insanely blurred besides the floor..

    My mind told me that it was someone getting revenge on their brother that I had accidentally killed with the two others I mentioned earlier. It felt really negative and I’m happy I’m out of it. I think it was my death too, as I remember dying alone on the floor with fast breaths.

    Overall idk if my minds playing tricks on me, but it felt interesting… Might try this again in the future.. Sorry if it’s a mess to read as I’m tryna get it all out.. This is the first time I’ve tried something like this, apart from basic meditation experiences.

  • I was a woman in Mongolia , and I was over 19 years old , i lived in some kind of tribe in northern Mongolia (which is a country that I know nothing about ) in 1264 , my name was Leila but they called me Mynra and I was wearing a dress and sandals and I think my dad was the head of the tribe , that’s why I didn’t need money in exchange of my work , I was a writer and I wrote a book but my dad burned it because he was against the idea of me becoming a writer which was so sad , the happiest moment of my life was when we had a family dinner we were all gathered around the table and I was so happy , I was good at throwing arrows and javelin , and the most important person was my dad , he told me to be myself and that If I want to do something whatever it is I can do it ! the saddest memory was when I got my house burned in some kind of war and all my family passed away I felt so lonely which was such a common feeling , I comitted suicide at the age of 22 because I have lost everything important in my life which was my family … It was such a nice experience , but sad at the same time , I found myself crying , and also I’m a great writer and everybody likes my writing in real life , and I had suicidal thoughts in the past and some feelings that I couldn’t understand but now it makes sense !!

  • Shit!!… I’m only 11 minutes in and his voice is just making me aroused ???.. like seriously I don’t feel it’s gunne work ? Is this normal? I know it sounds funny but I’m being serious iv stopped cos his bloody voice was getting me more excited than bloody relaxed!!!!!

  • Alright! For me: I followed the guy voice and seen the beach, but when he clucked with his fingers and ask me go twice as deep like this, I woke up screamed out loud like from a nightmare! :/ It was really scary!

  • Man, this brought vivid, vivid memories to the surface that I didn’t even know I had. I’m known to have a vivid imagination, but I know when I’m making stuff up, and this was not one of those times…

  • I don’t know if it worked bcos I fell asleep and couldn’t hear the video anymore. But it was a lucid dream cos I was half dreaming and half awake. Two scenes played out and they were both really vivid like I was there. The first one I could vaguely remember but there was a window and I was trying to move to look at something and I felt like my legs were moving for real too. I then stopped moving bcos I didn’t want to wake up yet. The second scene I told myself to remember as much details as I could. I think I was in a moving vehicle looking towards a white building with red, white, blue on its side. Dunno if it’s a flag or paint tho but the top of the building has this weird looking ship that’s also colored red white and blue. Then as my vehicle is moving away, I see these smaller buildings that appear to be made out of bricks. I see this TETE sign on one of the buildings. The second building has CANTATE/CANTATA sign. Both signs are in red and cursive. Then I woke up to a phone call. After that I couldn’t go back to that dream state again so I tried to research the building but couldn’t find anything resembling what I saw in my dream.

  • I was young women living wealthy in white dress at first I had long hair and was aboard a ship. In England lol when you said work I was a black Smith and also wrote on paper. When you said what you were best at I saw myself making love to a guy in front of fire place lol not sure how to describe that feeling haha . Bad part about this is I got beat up in my worst memory.

  • My past lifes name was Philliup Robert Anderson (I know, a mouthful, right? Poor kid). My best friend (around the same age as me) calls me Philliup, while my mom(who I loved so dearly) called me Robert. I am 5-8 years old. It is 1801 in Augsburg(or somewhere starting with A), Sweden???(idk if this is an actual place but that is what I found).
    My best friend tells me to “always work hard. ”
    I like to sketch the sea and the green valley around my house. I use charcoal.
    I work on a ship transporting food and people. I work here to get money for my mom, she is sick.
    Fondest Memory:
    – It is my birthday, I am at home, my home is…like a white cement with brown tiles for a roof? It could be wood though. The house is small, warm, the wooden table is in the middle of the room, the only bed is behind it. My dad (i cant see his face for some reason) hands me a brown small puppy (i think a lab? Not sure. All I know it is a puppy, so I am happy). I remember seeing my mom smile, her hair cut to her shoulders, a flower crown around her head. The light hit her face and I was just so happy, because she was happy. Which was rare.

    Worse Memories:
    – my mom laying in bed. Clutching onto my hand. The handmade quilt laying over her. She looks into my eyes and smiles, A tear rolls down her cheek. Her hand falls. She is gone. I couldnt save her. My dad abandons me the next day at the empty house.
    – I was in a shipwreck. I look out over the cold coast line, the feeling of saltwater in my lungs, I cough it up, scratches sting all over my body, I ache. Im scared. I look up and see my dog. He…drowned in the wreck. I clutch onto him crying. I look around and ser the bodies of the sailors I worked with, covered in seaweed and wood. They looked cold. Lifeless. In the sand. My captain lay motionless to my far left. His hat clutched tightlyin his hand. Seaweed covering half of his face.
    I cry. Im alone. Again.

    My death:
    I am still a kid, skinnier, i am with my close friend again. It is verycold outside. We are in a dark alley. There is cobblestone below us, it is damp. There are other kids with us. Our faces are dirty and gaunt. When I find/steal food. I give it to them and that white stray cat that lives nearby.
    We huddle together. My friend is holding my hand, they speak. I feel so numb and my tummy hurts alot. Im really really tired. So I close my eyes thinking of my moms smile. And that’s it.

    This past life, has me feeling alot of different things. I dont really feel comfortable sharing them on here though, please forgive me.
    I tried this out because I was honestly curious.
    Also, I do wanna mention…for some reason, at some points I took the viewpoint of a seagul flying over a lighthouse…???

    Sorry for the long reply but I wanted to share.
    Thank you.
    (Sorryfor spelling errors).