Beginner’S Astral Projection Obe Hypnosis / Meditation (Extended Relaxation To Release Astral Self)

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Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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The text:

welcome to this beginner level astral projection hypnosis this is designed for those who are new and interested in astral projection or have been trying to have an out of body experience and find that they are blocked or need extra assistance to separate the physical self from the astral self locks may come in the form of the physical body and the conscious mind keeping you distracted from going to a deep relaxation we’re just trying too hard more powerful than guided meditation alone but gnosis contains embedded techniques to persuade the conscious mind and the physical body that you are asleep while maintaining the subconscious mind alert this session will keep you safe by ensuring that you can both travel and return to your physical self focus on getting yourself comfortable and it is best to lie down so that the physical self can relax and let go completely make sure that you have enough neck and head support but don’t worry about keeping perfectly still ensure that you are in a safe quiet environment with no other conscious tasks or responsibilities right now so settling in turning down any lights in the room and allow me to remind you that a lot of the work has already been done here for you and you can simply decide to allow your mind to follow the guidance so knowing that you are safe that you may enjoy an astral experience now just commit to letting go and as you breathe in and out bring your mind back to every moment just noticing every breath as you breathe in and breathe out and the best thing that you can do is let go let go of all expectations and simply stay open and receptive and notice how it feels so nice to rest so deep as you sink down and bring yourself back to this moment notice the feeling of your bedsheets around you notice the weight of your body resting on the bed beneath you fill the air as you breathe really feel your breath and with every breath feel that your Airways clear that your mouth and throat are just moist enough no effort here just bring your mind to observe your breath at some level inhale air flows up exhale breath flows out and whether you need to cough or clear your throat with every movement every adjustment your breath gets easier and easier and in fact every inhale loosens and relaxes your body even more and you feel every exhale calm the body down the easier you’re breathing the easier it will be to leave the physical self easy breaths settling your physical self into deep calm and of any part of you is holding on to expectations let those go now breathe them out going back to the moment by moment movement of your breath in and out Jes moves up and down and as you feel your chest move up and down every inhale adjusts to easier breathing every exhale soothes and sinks the physical body that’s your conscious mind slow down some more and yawning is always relaxing even movement like yawning stimulates the relaxation response and let your conscious mind move to one side starting to step to one side knowing that the subconscious is paying attention to every word whether you consciously hear it or not the silent observer at the back of your mind is watching and waiting and now feel as your eyes relax all muscles relax soften and smooth but you can open them if you want and however often you open your eyes every time you close them tonight it will send a signal to your body for your eyes to relax your face is often for the eye sockets to rest and all muscles from head to toe to let go and you can feel all muscle tension releasing as you feel the face muscles go limp they’re soft and relaxed there’s a newborn baby and they’re deep asleep you feel your cheeks your forehead your jaw and chin all of these release as the back of your head feels a little heavier feel energy transfer from the conscious active engaged self to the observing silent energetic subconscious self and feel as you breathe feel the gentle currents of air as your breath ruffles the energy waves around you making waves in the air and notice how the same breath intensifies the sense of two selves within yourself as you breathe feel every inhale lift your spiritual self you energize your astral energy and with every exhale feel your physical self sink deeper become more still slowly drifting down to that deepest state of Delta sleep feel this weightiness in your physical self like a heavy blanket all over your body that diffuses any twitch any itch or tension and if there is any twitch any itch or tension know that with every exhale any last tension or stress is pouring out of you draining out through each fingertip leaving your arms so heavy and relaxed draining out the tips of each tone on the left and right foot feel all muscles melting your physical body getting more relaxed than even more still as the physical conscious mind starts to switch off like flicking off lights in a room as darkness descends keeping the physical self protected in the night as every inhale elevates the energy of your astral self like a string of stars mapped across your body and feel see experience the physical self is calm cool and more still with every moment feel lightness energy a sparkle across your astral self and enjoy the visualization of a cosmos a sense of stars maybe pockets of bright energy all connected like fairy lights on a tree or like a line of streetlights on a quiet night all lights on a runway showing the way and with every inhale you send energy to your astral self to get lighter freer and with every exhale your physical self will go down to another level feeling heavier cooler calm as you feel your perspective detach as I speak I remind the astral self to stay with my words to leave the physical self behind for some time as your astral self is listening keep that one light on in your mind feel that one light like a candle flame at the back of your mind and you may become aware of that single light in your mind like someone forgot to turn off a light and in that room one person is still working late into the night and with every inhale fear this light expand and fill up the forefront of your mind feel it energized the electricity of your astral body be aware of that light and start to send it through your mind feeling energy rise in your body still allowing the physical self to sink down and if you have any tingling on your skin and you may or may not just remind yourself that every tingle or itch transforms to energy as your astral self starts to elevate to rise up through the physical self you may feel an image of strings of lights or your body like a map of constellations each light connected through silvery or golden thread you and take a couple of minutes just to focus on the astral self reminding the physical self that it is sleeping now and as they count down now from five to one you may feel your astral self get brighter elevate even more separate from the physical self even more and five physical self sinking deeper astral self rising higher for body Karma energy rising three deeply kong getting closer to that perfect state to sinking deeper into the boat feeling ready to leave the physical self behind and warn feeling that little lift that spark that energy ready to take flight notice any shift in perspective any sensations that are more vivid now feel the energy of your astral self engage with the currents of the air around your body as you start to infuse with the atmosphere around you maybe you feel more in tune with the energy around you and as you start to separate from your physical self be aware that you should only send out positive intentions as you are raw energy if needed continue to repeat now and at any time I let in only love and light feel the cosmos of your astral body the constellations that form your energy shine brighter the spheres get sharper and come more into focus as you feel your perspective send your focus up to the ceiling and notice how you can slowly rise perhaps feeling sparks of energy like sparks from a firework gently cascading or like a waterfall of energy and now send your attention to the farthest wall in the room and drift over if it helps you may cast an energy line and anchor to the ceiling or the wall in the direction you wish to travel and pause and look around the room is there any object you can move closer to and touch and now if you want you can elevate up to the ceiling and look back and see your physical self sleeping and safe where would you like to take flight reminding yourself that you have done this before in a state of deep sleep your mind has traveled has explored whether you remember or not you have done this before and now that you have decided who or what or where to visit you may find it easier to move to a window to see outside realizing that you can pass through any physical matter but that sight and visualization may make this even easier and as your physical self continues to be so very relaxed your astral self is tuned in a different direction looking out of the window or perhaps just imagining what is on the other side of the wall and I want you to really build a picture of the other side of the window or wall what is outside is it nighttime or the stars out what covers the ground what objects are on the other side fill in as many details as you can and now notice we’re physical and astral self are connected as this will be your means to return and just as light passes through glass feel the electricity the energy the light of your astral self cast a beam through wall or window slow or speedy as you wish and outside now as the night expands and gets brighter everything physical gets darker takes a step back into the background and as you feel the stars the sky the moon takes center stage everything above becomes brighter and like a moth to the flame like the pure energy being that you are you become more and more attracted to the lights above and just get used to rising and sinking controlling your navigation touch the ground and launch into the sky take a few minutes to get confident with navigating your astral body you now choose who or what or where you wish to go either weaving your way between earthly objects heading up to the heavens above or to the universes beyond there will be some good quiet time now for you to explore and you can set off now on that journey and in a couple of minutes now we will descend back down to earth breathe out now and feel yourself sink back down and start to see your home again come into view sink down easily through the wall or roof and into your room and notice your physical self breathing easy in a deep state of sleep and allow your energy to merge into your physical body again feel your astral eyes settle behind your physical eyes and as the astral self starts to settle as the lights dim a little as the subconscious mind moves to the back again and the conscious mind takes the helm remind yourself before you completely fall asleep at all levels that you will remember and document your experience tonight and every time you listen to this session again you will go deeper and faster again and it will get easier and easier to travel with the astral self and as astral eyes close physical eyes remain closed re engage with your physical breathing feel the residue of the journey is tingling over your skin re engage with the physical sensations of your body and reunite your astral breath with your physical breath committing this experience to memory so that you will have full recollection in the morning and with every breath now you can sink down deeper down into the deepest level of sleep and allow the astral and physical self to rest as you complete a full and relaxing deep night’s sleep you..


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  • I’ve been trying to project for a while, but I’ve been falling asleep almost every time. I think I’ve been trying too hard to separate, then give up as I’m right on the verge. I’ve listened to this one a few times now, and the last 2 times were more successful. I finally found myself separating and was out of body this last time. It felt amazing! Unfortunately, I think I got too excited, while at the same time, my son who was in my bed rolled over and smacked me in the face! I saw my body on my bed, saw him next to me, and watched his arm come up. I instantly snapped back into my body, but fell asleep trying again. I remember drifting in and out of dreams before I projected, but was still awake. Hoping tonight will be a full success. No babies climbing into my bed tonight!

  • Man I got to a point where I could just feel myself rising, my heart started racing, I got this amazing feeling feeling over my body, I got these vibrations.. and then cause I’m dumb I opened my eyes. I’m gonna try again, that was amazing feeling. I need to do this!

  • Oh my god, I cannot even begin to explain what just happened to me. I literally left my body and was flipped onto the ceiling, and then was doing soft floating around the room. I touched my curtains and a couple walls as I was floating. And the sensation of being lifted off of the bed took my breath away but in the most amazing way, the visuals I experienced were more beautiful than anything I’ve seen in real life.

  • You ever get excited to try this, read the comments of peoples experiences to hype you up and theres always that one person who talk about demons smh