Blindness In The Astral Projection

Blindness during out-of-body experience – why this happens, what to do, techniques to prevent it lack of vision or impaired vision during astral projection.

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To purchase my book Vibrational State and Energy Resonance: Self-tuning to a Higher Level of Consciousness

Write up:

what I would like in these videos to share with you a little bit of my experience and some strategies I hadn’t used to improve vision while outside the body but also want to discuss with you some of the studies and what seems to be a consensus in terms of what sort of situation of 10 nomina can cause this condition of our vision not being as vivid and as clear outside of the body if this is your first time here be very welcome I am NOT citronella I am a consciousness researcher and I have been doing research on the Autobot experience for maybe 20 25 years I have had some experience as a child of course later on also and that’s what made me interested in studying the out of body experience in this video I want to share with you about a specific aspect of the out of body experience when our vision is impaired somehow we need to distinguish different situations that can cause that one is very natural and I it’s just a matter of us learning how to deal with it however the other ones they may just be a condition in which our lucidity our awareness is reduced therefore we need to acknowledge that because the interpretation of the experience we have had to understand what we just experienced has to go through a filter of our examination of what quality of experience of death how lucid we were of all of the elements perhaps the number one thing we have to understand is that our vision outside but it does not depend so much on the eyes because of course in the same way that we can fly outside of the body and we cannot fly here same thing is in relation to other senses in the condition that you that we use our non physical bodies not just because we have the eyes they’re in the same position means that we are only going to see in this direction and through our eyes actually we can see independently of our eyes in many conditions we are projected and we can sense when somebody’s approaching us from the back can even see who is there even though you were facing towards this direction or not that direction where the person came from when they say the person I mean the non physical person that we met in the auto body experience that means that what causes us to see is not so much the eyes of the non physical body per se but rather our lucidity there are conditions in which we are so lucid so conscious in which we can see like 360 degrees sometimes you can focus on something like say you are flying or validating and then you can focus on something far away and your vision does that kind of a zoom and approach and see that from very close or you can sit through a wall for example so our vision operates in completely different ways when we are outside the body the more lucid and conscious we are the more clear will be our vision however there are many aspects in which the vision outside body does not operate in the same way we would expect from our vision here inside of our body so maybe I need was separately to to explain that because there are too many details but the point is lucidity is the key here there are conditions in which we are projected we are lucid however we cannot see in the factor that causes the most ninety percent of the cases that this happens and we are lucid is because we are too close from the physical body so we call that a blind projection of course we are not blind but just meaning we cannot see there’s a sort of blindness in that experience one thing that is very important to understand is that the techniques we can use we varied the ending on the condition that caused that of course when the situation that produced this is the closeness to the physical body what we are going to do is to focus on gain further from the body so we can say that that’s pretty much the first technique that you are going to try to apply however sometimes we are not so close to the body we are already somehow far from the body but we are still in that condition that means that our new physical body maybe with a ballast of energy ballast meaning an extra weight an excess of energy from our energy body or even from our physical body so what are we going to do we need to produce some sort of energy effect over there when we are projected so that we release the excess of energy making all of our manifestation our perceptions in general our capacity to move our capacity to think why we are there and of course likewise our vision making it to improve because we are in a better energetic condition excess of energy when we are projected is not a good thing because it causes us to be heavier in a way and it produces the restricted manifestation a restricted perception of the experience some authors and projectors they will agree that around twelve to fifteen feet from our body would be the ideal distance so that we can have more freedom from that weight or restriction of those energies and we can be more free in our manifestation but other authors then you say that we need thirty five forty feet from the body I guess it varies a lot from experience to experience and from projector to projector of course we can have a perfect clear vision when we are close to the body that’s why sometimes we are projected in our bedroom and we can see our physical body very clearly there are many situations like that I have had balls I have had experiences which I saw very clearly in my body and I have had orders in which I was completely conscious I where everything was I knew who was there I mean no physical personal physical consciousness there I could communicate I could even move around but I could not see so that varies a lot from one experience to another a third thing that is very important a very critical factor here is not to allow yourself to dive into the idea that you cannot see because of course not that you’ll be emotional I cannot see our nervous no but it can be just maybe a fixation maybe just something that will get anxious about like you try too hard to see you give too much importance to that remember in a blind projection if it’s only the case of a blind projection you are lucid you are you are experiencing things you are acting there you are just not seeing so maybe you just tell yourself okay let me focus I’ll see in a moment also in that moment that we focus on seeing there’s a first thing that we can apply that is to work with our inner just work with the innards of our energy body the energy body connects the physical no physical body therefore the condition of energy are very very critical if you do not know how to do that you take a look at the link that I’m going to leave in the description here there are different ways that you can learn from it I have written a book about it so it’s very important that we can rely on our own mastery to be able to change the conditions of our energies to leave the body but to leave the body with lucidity but to have a good experience out there to have clear vision and use all senses very clearly but also go back to the body and remember the experience we have just had if there is any of these that you want me to address more specifically please leave in the comments down below and I appreciate you being here up to this moment I hope this was useful to you thank you see you next time..


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