I’d say you probably can. I just never tried. It’s kind of hard for me to do such thingsand if I ever got ‘so’ enlightened as to be able to do this easily, then I’d probably not want to eat at Mc. D’s anyway.

I did want to find which Mc. D’s served Mc. Ribbs though, and found an ‘app’ for that. And I did search for my dream girl using AP, and found her. But I found her in some old looking village that had a comic book shop. I went in and found her in a comic book, so she was just some fictional character, but a totally awesome one! I never saw her again though, neither in real life or in AP life, I just have a snap shot photo of her in my mind.

So the AP world works along within the physical world, and there is overlap, but any connection that is made between the two have to be sought after and established because these are two worlds that play by entirely different rules and physical lawsalthough the places, structures, people and events may look alike. We can make changes in our physical world using the influence of our AP reality, and vise versa, but I think there is a distinct separation for a reason; it’s like our physical world is finitewe all die eventuallybut the world of AP is eternal, yet only recognizable as such via the experience of AP and such where we can see that the past and future are really the present, and time is not a factor at all.

So because of this ‘separation’, I can’t fly around over my neighborhood in the physical world like I can during AP, and I can’t gorge on a Kings Feast during AP and expect to wake up with a full belly.

So with the universe as our foundation, we were born into the ‘physical world’, which is really just a perception; given our 5 senses. Our ability to AP, is like an ‘added sense’ if you will, and this ‘sense’ allows us to consciously explore our inner ‘makings’ (inner world,) and manifest change and realities in our physical world that we otherwise can’t do if we can’t ‘see’ the workings of life via APwhich is a combination of physical thought process, and subconscious process acknowledged by physical thought (our thoughts require our physical brains.)

So AP utilizes our subconscious minds, that are also gateways, or ‘links’ to other subconscious minds, and can ‘wake up’ connections to all the wisdom of the universe itself; as long as we can keep making connections via AP.

I know this may all seem like hogwash and probably is, but these are thoughts based on my AP experiences, where I see the AP world manifest itself into the real worlde. g., self-healing and also see the past and future which is still just incomprehensible to me; so I just came up with some possible explanations based on what suits me I guess.

So when I feel bored of life, I may just fly up and out of my body and arm chair and see what trouble I can get into! But before I get bored, I gotta feed myself, so I’m gonna go to Mc. Donald’s right now first. : ) The term CONNECTIONS, seems to be an important word in all of this.

Someone mentioned exploring other universes and galaxies! Yeah baby! Our connections with each other and Earth are strong (making AP possible to begin with,) but other galaxies! We just gotta find that special gateway connection and exploit it! We need more pioneers in AP. : ) Maybe there is a healthy Mc. D’s out there somewhere…

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.


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