Astral projection is a bit like remote viewingin the former, one’s spiritual body leaves one’s physical body, while in the latter the viewer receives impressions of a target, perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles away. Both purportedly allow the individual to travel to other locations.

Remote viewers have been studied by CIA with some limited success[1]. Astral projection is also mentioned in CIA studies conducted at SRI[2], but there appears to be some confusion as to the Psycho Kinetic (PK) phenomenon itself, as the experiments are reminiscent of earlier Agency efforts to study remote viewing with Ingo Swann[3].

While astral projection, like much of parapsychology, remains a fringe science, remote viewing has provable scientific data.

So, my answer to your question is this: While you may believe in astral projection, there is no provable evidence of its viability in Intelligence work.

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Meeting People On The Astral Realm

Here I give a few tips on how to meet friends or others in the Astral Realm along with a story of me seeing myself in a particular celebrity’s home. It’s strange, I’ve kept this story to myself for a few years not sure how you all would respond to it because I know I can’t prove this so I’ve kept it silent. I won’t ever reveal who I’ve seen but.. if you want a more detailed story vote for it and then I’ll think later if I want to or not. 😉

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Write up:

hi everybody Melinda lines here I have one of these questions that I’ve been getting for a while and it’s a pretty common one so I’ll do the best I can describe this next topic it’s about astral projection people have asked can you meet people on the astral realm if so how and why why are we able to how can we do that meeting people in the astral realm you have to understand first and foremost that the astral realm is a different level of consciousness not just a dimension dimensions are basically based on the consciousness that’s how we travel so there are dimensions and there are levels of consciousness it’s kind of one in the same sort of they’re separate but they’re still kind of the same it’s hard for me to describe that’s the best way I can really say but as far as meeting people on the astral realm I have done that when it came to meeting with my good friend who passed away back in 2012 him and I we did meet on the astral realm and it did appear as if it were a dream but when this happened it was very real I’ll never forget it I woke up we didn’t plan it it was after I think we were already on the phone and it’s funny I’m feeling him touching my cheek right now um and what happened was is we we made love on the astral realm now can this happened with every single person in their own experience on the astral realm it depends I cannot say yes and I cannot say no it depends on the desire for both people wanting to meet each other or the desire for the one person to want to be there now the desire the passion is something that you don’t force it’s something that you just feel that you really want and even then he and I didn’t expect this to happen we didn’t we were not aware that that’s what happened and when it happened it was as if we woke up in our but it was still us there are parts of me where I feel like it wasn’t just the astral realm but it was a higher level so maybe that doesn’t really count I guess because it did feel more real it didn’t feel like the astral realm it was different but either way they’re still they’re still very vibrant and lucid and the reason why I know this was an actual astral realm meeting experience was because the next day I told him how I dreamt of him and we never talked to each other about it but he said he did too after he passed away a few mediums confirmed to me that what I had experienced what he had experienced was real and it wasn’t a dream both of us were too bashful to tell each other what we dreamt of we didn’t tell each other about it we were we were not embarrassed but just we were still friends so but we were still in love with each other and when you have that powerful love this is what drives that more than just a want of I want to do that for fun or whatever the love was what drove us there I also believe in a lot of ways it was also a blessing a gift from source from God for us to have that experience at least once before he passed away or transitioned I like to say to the other side but ways in order to be able to do this from what I’ve learned so far is you have to meditate a lot some people may argue against this but um I do believe that meditation is key because this allows this soul to be able to get to a higher level frequency and more importantly to clear the mind from the chaos of the world and the stresses this helps a lot a lot of people have experienced that after they start doing meditation they will be able to start astral projecting even by themselves because of this especially right before bed right before you fall asleep this is very similar to just like a regular astral projection by yourself but what you could do experiment with a friend or somebody you know you would like to meet on the astral realm it and you would meet them and you would do your best to meet them is what I’m trying to say my throat’s a little parched and this helps a lot because when you have the tube though you and your partner basically you and your friend whoever and you guys have the desire to want to see each other this is where it can help maybe to be able to see them on the edge till realm so try that for a while talk with them openly you know do some more reading about it and watching other rs and maybe watching other videos to really see how this could maybe work for you and come up with your own plan or idea and what makes you more comfortable and the key is to go to sleep at the same time it can’t be at the different time some people may be surprised but it has to be at the same time and there was another thing that spirit remind me of is the other reason why me and my friend met on the astral realm is because we were far apart we could never actually see each other I live in Alaska he lived in Utah and this was a very big strain on our relationship as friends because we couldn’t physically see each other we never actually did meet physically we only met online but which a lot of people don’t know that but when this happened it was so real I mean very real and as far as the astral projection experience and meeting somebody on the astral realm there’s a lot of other ways you could go about it but these are the key things that I really want you to focus on now as far as communicating with this person it’s telepathy basically but you can also physically speak out of your mouth on the Ashville realm I have experienced this as well I don’t really understand how that’s possible because it’s your astral body but I’m not an expert really a national projection I’m just describing what I know but from what I’ve experienced so far you can speak out of your mouth or speak to lepa the wise telepathically on the Austral realm but again it takes time if it happens for you that’s great I would love to know your experience about it please share at the bottom of the screen but as far as this I hope this helps I don’t have any other tips as far as how it works I have had other experiences where I’d even uhm I don’t want to say it but there have been a few times where I even found myself in a few celebrities homes during astral projection don’t ask me how I’m going to ask you why I really don’t know why and there was a few other actors or other like people that are well known but and I would like see things on there in their house that would happen and sure enough it would be reported in the news of course I can’t validate that I know it looks like I’m making this up but I’ve talked to my friends about this I even um I even wrote it in my journals I have loads of these all over the house because I write I write a lot so you can even have astral projection experiences where you could find yourself in other people’s homes in other people’s environments you could be walking down the street you could be walking around your house and you’ll still see people walking around doing whatever and you’re like wait a minute wasn’t I sleep and then you wake up and go holy crap that was so real this happens it’s very normal and it’s it’s it’s because of your astral body your your soul I believe it’s your soul people argue that but this is what I believe and it is a part of you that you are embodying temporarily as far as the astral body it’s weird like it’s not I do feel in a lot of ways the astral body is a lower vibration than your then your full higher self and you really no longer have this body that’s when you know like when you pass away when you die then your your higher self can now be limitless in whatever full force or shape or or identification that you want to be but at the same time I’ve even experienced other things where you know you could transform I’ve heard of this too like shape shifting I don’t know a whole lot about that I have had my own experiences there but that’ll be a whole other video but I hope this works I hope this helps you in some way but if you have any other questions thoughts concerns or ideas please make the comments below and I’ll do the best I can to answer any other questions you may have but love light and blessings to you and please subscribe but god bless..


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  • The reason why she cannot explain consciousness and dimensions is because she does not know what she is talking about. Consciousness is to be aware, dimensions are other realms of reality, and the two are very different.

  • I believe loved ones do definitely manifest in dreams. I met with my cousin Tom a few years after he passed. We met on a bridge in Chicago on Wacker Drive. It was mystical. He only said only a few words – “I love you.” I felt it was very real. He was my best friend from 1968 until he died in 2007. He was my touch-=stone. .

  • Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.

    Isaiah 8:19 ESV / 90 helpful votes

    And when they say to you, “Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,” should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?

    Deuteronomy 18:9-12 ESV / 75 helpful votes

    “When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

    Leviticus 20:6 ESV / 71 helpful votes

  • oh and i have been realy tired with my eyes closed yet somehow could see my room through my eyes even though they where closed. have you ever heard of this before?

  • I’ve had dreams of meeting Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Beethoven, and Chopin…The dream of meeting Mozart was the most vivid…When I pass on, I’d really cherish meeting Mozart’s spirit/soul and listen to his beautiful music played in Heaven, then I would travel the universe, listening to the music of the stars, constellations and galaxies…always learning new melodies, harmonies and vibrations…and meeting other musicians and composers…

  • Yesterday was my first time to control myself during astral projection. When I’m in this state, I feel like I’m a wind that blows me in every direction. I feel weightless. So I jumped out in my bed, i saw a young woman who doesn’t look like a ghost or a scary entity. She actually saw me too and she disappeared suddenly. It seems like I scared her. I’m wondering if she’s a wanderer too. Everytime I’m doing astral projection, the colors are distorted but the place is still familiar…

  • i KNEW i wasn’t crazy, when i was a kid i read a book that had this phrase “put our heads together and we can dream the same dream” and so we repeated it as a joke, went to sleep with out heads together very excited and Sure enough we WERE in the same dream, he can tell you as CLEAR as i did we were both in that dream everything he did i saw, and everything we said we remember, as far as speaking i think we did both telepathy and normal speaking that is faint but i CLEARLY remember the routine and dream we had,

    like i hear you guys say in your videos “if you get scared or freak out it ends and you go back to your body” , that is why i KNOW we’ve done it because that ALSO happened. IMMEDIATLY

    (don’t laugh) once he pee’d on my head in that dream i got upset and surprised that it was REALLY him doing it we BOTH simultaneously had awaken, we weren’t exhausted tho, maybe because we were kids and it was only about 20 seconds worth of the experience, but never the less i will NEVER forget it. it’s never happened again but now i’m gonna give it a shot BEST experience ever

  • IMO astral projection better than sex and drugs….. It is honestly what saved my life ….If you find it impossible to astral project save up some moiney and buy Robert Monroe hemi sync after just a few times listening you will be able to get out of body without any effort.- the astral realm is my escape from this sickening 3d (666 matrix) reality.+ you can have mind blowing astral sex and fly through time n space…. Over met lil Wayne on the astral plane and smoked a joint with him it was realer than what I am typing now.

  • The next time you meet someone from a future astral realm, Would u mind asking him for May’s winning lottery numbers?

  • The mind is so powerful, it is your main power tool to astral project I realized. I lay down every night with the intention of astral projecting and repeatedly telling myself I am and will leave my body. Finally on the 30th day of trying, one morning I did every technique and told myself I would over and over that I would leave my body (this took about an hour) next thing I knew I was in sleep paralysis finally leaving my body. Your intent and thoughts will guide you to it if you are persistent. Come to find out I wasn’t ready when I left my body and saw myself asleep and felt other presences in my room so I went back, but always remember nothing can harm you and always ask for protection from your angels and spirit guides and you will experience astral projection. it is a life changing experience to know your soul exists without the physical body.

  • I’ve been able to leave my body during sleep but the one problem I have is with leaving my house, for some reason if the doors are not open I cannot leave the house and go outside. But I can put my hands through things like I’m a ghost. Also things are not the same as when I wake up, my heater would be off in real life and in the astral realm it would be on for example.

  • Let me tell you about my Astral experiences I woke up in my favorite singers body while still in a dream and a few times i shape shift and I can fly I even went to other dimensions and I saw that I went up in space and I saw that there’s multiple earths and I went to the wrong one and I also have powers. All during astral travel. And I also told myself I want to be free like I want to be free from my physical body. I do not have the heart to end my life. Even though I do want to go back home.

  • Be careful what you wish for. There are reasons God told us not to mess with a LOT of this “new age” stuff. It again, is not of God. We are not “gods”, but, OUR FATHER is the Great I Am. I just know i’m sensitive, BUT, I don’t “tap” into it because if God wanted that for me, wouldn’t tell you NOT to dabble in anything NOT of Him.

  • An incubus is a Lilin-demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon women in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. Salacious tales of incubi and succubi have been told for many centuries in traditional societies. Some traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with an incubus or succubus may result in the deterioration of health, or even death!!how can u be sure that it wasnt this ?