Yes you can and I have done so. In one instance during the late Summer of 1965, whilst serving in the RAF at Kinloss, I was in the habit of phoning my mother from a phone box on camp, every Friday at around 7.30 pm., knowing the dog would have had his evening walk and my mother would be relaxing at home ready to take my call to check on her welfare. I got no reply when I called and I was concerned she may have had a fall or collapsed in which case I could have got help from the local medical emergency services. So I quickly left my physical body in the phone box and astrally projected, “flying” the 400 miles to my home, only to find that she was running late on her dog walking. So I waited until she entered the house and gave her time to get up three flights of stairs and get her breath back, before I called again.

On another occasion I was having something of an adventure, just keeping within our own solar system, attending a psychic fair, on Mars, where all visitors and stall holders were using their astral bodies so no problems as regards climate, oxygen levels, etc. I spoke to a couple of travellers from a nearby galaxy who invited me to go back to their abode. We took what seemed to be about 10 minutes to get there, bearing in mind there are no speed limits in astral travel. Just imagine you have a row of ping-pong balls, eight astronomical units long and you push the ball nearest to you, the last ball in the row would move along at the same instant as the first one. So we went to this planet (Nibiru) eight light years away and checked in at reception where I passed the exam for temporary admission and was briefed by reception staff as to what was permitted and what was forbidden.

Having already been admitted to the Quaker community and holding the belief that all human life is sacred, something which got me into a spot of bother in the RAF, I had to pledge not to injure or show violent intent towards any Nibirans. Clothes were optional as the climate was very comfortable, so I chose to put my clothes into a storage locker which is common practice at naturist centres / sun clubs on planet Earth. Nibiru has no medical facilities as no-one ever gets injured or sick. There is no crime so no Police force is needed. There is never any darkness as one of three stars is always above the horizon. As one sun sets, the next one rises, etc. The suns are part of a community group, being Sirius A, B and C, so instead of many planets orbiting a single sun, as in our Solar System, in the Sirius galaxy the three suns orbit a single planet. All residents are anatomically different to humans on Earth in so far as breathing goes, having a combined set of gills and lungs, thus eliminating the risk of drowning whilst swimming underwater. Thus death is not an option. Parachutists always have walk-away landings, unlike myself who has NEVER walked away from any of my 12 landings so far. So no more broken ankles, or foot bones or spinal injuries, (landing on my coccyx).

So, once you are out of your body, practice travel within your house, then move outside, through walls or closed windows, getting experience of hovering, like a helicopter; using thought processes, travel to a place of your choice at the speed you want. Once you have confidence in travelling on planet Earth you can go farther afield but make sure you do not go where you are not wanted which is tantamount to visiting a foreign country without getting a visitor’s visa before you travel. Finally remember to be a good ambassador and do not get earthlings a bad name.

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