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good evening from vineyard el Mar Chile and welcome to crossing the threshold my name is joseph kenneth from the university of metaphysics and i’m one of the cofounders of the lightbody traveller society now we’re gonna be covering a lot of material here in a relatively short amount of time so if there’s anything that’s unfamiliar to you or not completely understood as I explain it be sure to post any questions or comments in the comment section down below not being said tonight we’re going to examine just how to begin crossing the threshold from within a meditative state and into a safe out of body State and we’re gonna do this in a way that everyone here no matter how adept new to or even skeptical you may be to this subject that you can begin to leave your body in experience firsthand the freedoms and bliss of our body travel now as you can see from the picture on your screen there are quite a few life altering advantages that come from achieving astral projection first of all understanding and experiencing the previously unconscious gaps in your existence due to having low or even no dream recall secondly of course you become more lucid into dream states obviously in your astral projections and even back here within your daily life and this is not to mention the heightened clairvoyance increases in psychic abilities the opening a third eye or Kundalini activation but possibly the most important thing that happens once you’ve consciously left your body is that you actually experience and know beyond the shadow of any doubt that you are immortal in your true nature you proved yourself through your own experience that you exist beyond the third dimension and that you won’t somehow be taken out of existence when you physically die and this is big don’t underestimate the power of this kind of knowledge this level of knowledge I myself have had two near death experiences and remember feeling a deep rush of excitement both times about after the initial rush of fear of course but both times I knew that I would be free in a split second and be able to continue my journey beyond my body now this may sound a bit strange to some of you or even grim and I’ll give you that but after spending vast amounts of time within the astral and spiritual realms life here does become more of a stepping stone experience than your entire existence does that make sense so let’s look at some of the personal tools that we work with when beginning to we’re setting out to accomplish astral projection as you can see there are three basic facets of yourself that you need to work with and eventually master when seeking to achieve regular astral projections first you need to strengthen your will because without this underlying drive if nothing is actually accomplished remember that most of the events in your life have been accomplished through the drive of your will secondly you need to focus your desire and this means that you must deeply desire the result of leaving your body I always compare astral projection to learning a new instrument or new language to really go about developing any new skill like this especially one that’s still considered supernatural by the masses and even to the average rational mind you need to have both your will and desire well in check so that they’re working as tools in your favor and not against it and of course you need to develop your imagination and we’ll talk more about this in just a bit as well as all three of these personality facets when we go into the energy work portion of this event okay so let’s begin with some of the most effective meditation methods for inducing astral projection and I have to mention here that an astral projection meditation can be a bit different from the standard daily meditation in a basic meditation you’re looking to clear your mind and shut down the exterior environment to enter into your internal reality and ultimately into a state of cosmic unity with source now in an astral projection session you’re actually looking to develop a series of memorized exercises that take you from a light meditative state and over the threshold into an out of body state are you guys with me now as you can see the main points to keep in mind here are proper positioning an AP meditation does not require the standard Lotus posture you can rehearse your astral projection from savasana corpse pose in a reclined chair at roughly 37 degree angle or even sitting in a hard back chair to maintain a deeper awareness that should go through your exercises and you also want to do mental exercises I should say you also want to develop a strong mental and physical relaxation technique so that your physical body can enter a state of waking paralysis and your brain waves can slow down to oscillate into a theta state of about four seven Hertz also holding your awareness within the breath as with any meditation technique is also key and we’ll talk about some really awesome ways to come into a deep focus breath awareness state in just a bit you also want to develop a strong and reliable method of energy work to fish pre stimulate excuse me your energetic body and again we’ll look a bit closer at this aspect of really AP meditations in just a bit you need to develop a working knowledge of your brainwave states and accurately bring yourself into a self induced trance and we’ll look deeper into this as well and ultimately what separates in AP meditation from a basic meditation is that once you’re in a place of complete and utter relaxation deep within your trance you need to have a focused ability to shift your perception throughout your immediate environment now virtually every exit technique in astral projection revolves around altering your perception and then transferring your conscious awareness into that location without distraction and we’ll look at some awesome exit techniques later on as well so to exercise the imagination one of the first methods that we train an initiate in the light body travelers is to place two hardback chairs in the center of the room and then go through a very specific relaxation exercise while sitting in the front most chair now having entered this deep physical relaxation state we then teach them to physically stand up and walk to sit in the second chair behind them they’re then told to manifest the precise image of themselves sitting in the front most chair and watch themself perform the exact same relaxation series while sitting right behind themselves now when they do this they’re also instructed to double the relaxation that was created while sitting in the front most chair and this basic relaxation and imagination practice is just an awesome way when developing the initial ap meditation because it almost immediately develops the imaginative faculty while getting the physical body into a deep relaxation state now a few minutes ago I mentioned an awesome breath awareness technique and this is taken directly from the Ru Vedic teachings from around 5,000 years ago what they taught and understood is that the breath was the constant motion that connects all five layers of the self and by placing your conscious awareness into its flow hoop of the breath the meditator could instantly unite these five aspects so let’s look at these layers here in the diagram the outermost being the physical aspect followed by the energetic aspect followed by the emotional aspect or the lower self then the mental aspect or the higher self and finally at the center we see pure spirit or source so again by simply placing our conscious awareness into the breath and watching it flow through all five of these aspects as the diagram shows you can almost instantaneously merge into a focused state of oneness and it’s pretty cool I know a lot of you listening may use this technique and know what I’m talking about I was actually shown this method in an RV video workshop about seven eight years ago and to this day haven’t found a quicker way to enter into a focused state of breath awareness so if you’re not familiar with it definitely try this out now to begin working your way from a relaxed state of breath awareness and into an actual astral projection meditation you will need a solid energy work system and most of you know energy work goes from way back in history throughout many cultures in the formulas acupuncture Qi Gong Tai Chi even yoga and Reiki and probably quite a few more than I’m not even mentioning here so it’s not uncommon to activate the energy body through a simple awareness exercise and begin to stimulate the energy field that encompasses the physical body and what’s key to remember in any energy work system is that where awareness goes energy flows so you can literally place awareness into any part of yourself and easily stimulate the energy field with a little practice and I’m sure most of you listening were aware at this hour light body travelers at a new work system is actually based in the Kabbalistic philosophy of Rabbi Israel Ben and his writings on the Ruach in the 13th century now for those of you who maybe aren’t as familiar here with with Kabbalah the Ruach is the center section within the Tree of Life and it contains the aspects of the middle self which are your desire your reason your intellect your will your memory and your imagination and what we teach in the LBT is to create a spiraling vortex of energy within each five of the limbs the fifth being the spinal column or human body so looking here the diagram you can see how each of these self aspects within the Ruach can be turned into a manageable for us to create a strong energetic sensation throughout your personal energy field and there’s a much deeper teaching to this technique that involves exploring your personal psyche to identify confront and eventually master all of these aspects of yourself and we’ll be doing some intense workshops with this energy war system in the middle of this year so stay posted on that and have you any of you who are interested in this authentic form of self mastery and illumination through this catalystic system that you can see here the red section identifying the Ruach or the center section of the tree and remember that the Ruach is actually defined as the machine created by the mind for exploring and experiencing the nature of the universe so think for a moment about how your desires have actually been the underlying driving force in you ever since you were born we actually are at our inner core our desires and then think about how your intellect or reasoning ability has rationalized concepts to make them a reality from a logical perspective and look at how your will has been the vehicle that puts your underlying desires into action and actually molds your entire reality in this way I also think about how your memory has allowed your life to unfold in a cincuenta sequential order and give you a sense of self through recalling relationships and experiences and look at how your imagination has literally invented your entire existence now most people still hear the word imagination and associated with daydreaming or fantasy but what is not totally realized yet by the masses is that the imagination is the key player in making a reality manifest and that you and me actually exist in the imagination of a collective being who is dreaming this entire reality and this being is also a larger piece of me and you are you guys with me and you go just a small step deeper into this we see here that within the Tree of Life there exists four worlds or really layers of the psyche and we can think of this as the dreamer actually imagining and then manifesting a reality in a spiritual or energetic sequence right over the human body here and this is really the coolest part about catalystic philosophy is that we see manifestation or creation unfold right over the human form so think about this up here in a salute we see the world of archetypes above all creations still unmanifested moving down then too briea we have the world of creation and it’s no coincidence here within this location over the brow or the third eye just in front of the pineal gland and this is actually where a manifestation occurs to make you and me real within a physical plane experience then we see yet Ciroc the world of formation where elements and ideas we get to mold and take form right there within the Ruach of course as you can see and this is where our middle self forms our experience and explores the nature of our existence to mold a self identity and finally aasaiya the world of action and this is where the self can begin to play out the role of the character that it first created in the higher realms of the psyche so getting back to our energy work you can see how by understanding the Ruach and its compositional makeup of yourself it’s possible to begin using each of these energetic currents to powerfully stimulate the energetic field and ultimately this begins to generate your astral body and get it ready for a clean separation in the following moments of your AAP meditation so the idea here is that once your energy body is stimulated you want to begin raising your energy and placing some spiritual fuel into your astral body and we find an awesome technique within the Taoist teachings and I keep in mind here that Taoism was officially founded in the year 142 C II and it’s claimed to be a direct wisdom teaching from celestial masters now what the Daoists do to charge the astral body just before takeoff is very very cool and I can tell you that this stuff really works when separation is a bit of a struggle sometimes so let’s break down the diagram we see here first we need to utilize mula bandha this means that we ever so gently want to flex the pubococcygeus muscle which is that part of the perineum just between the genitals and anus now as a reference this is the muscle flex twin holding back the flow of urine it’s also the muscle flexed at the moment of sexual orgasm so by gently flexing this muscle we’re actually locking in the Piranha or life force and guiding it upward through our own microcosmic orbit as opposed to letting it leak out and be lost now by inhaling deeply and guiding this life force up your spine or sushumna nadi then circling it around the crown of your head then through the exhale pushing this charged energy down the front of your face down your chest and place it to rest within your Hara or solar plant solar plexus excuse me just below the sternum every time you place this Parana energy here at the end of the breath cycle see it as an expanding glow of energy that’s charging your astral body I always repeat this but whether or not you understand the reality of these micro cosmic orbits or not they are real and I can testify that I’ve done this from this exact technique from deep trance States and literally been shot out into open space in my astral body and on that note I do realize that if you’re new to some of this stuff it does begin as imaginary but with dedication you will experience the reality of all of it and again do not write off the imagination as fantasy now in the diagram we see the words Pingala and Eden at ease bridged in front of the meditators mouth so what does that mean well the way we bridge the polarized energy streams of our being which the Hindus titled the Pingala and Eden at ease is to gently rest the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and this is because the roof of the mouth and tip of the tongue are where the two primary energy channels begin and end with in your microcosm or human body and what this does is actually creates an energetic bridge that unites the male female polarities of our being and allows the flow of our microcosmic orbit to charge our astral body correctly remember that bridging this polarity gap with the tongue is also used in pineal gland activation and most advanced spiritual life tivity it’s pretty ancient stuff and I just want to throw that out there for those of you who are into experiencing actual spiritual ascension so that’s the energy raising technique from the Taoist teachings and I can tell you it’s one of the most powerful tools that I personally have come across in my own astral projection I’ve actually performed this within my astral body and been transported immediately to intense spiritual planes because what this does within the out of body state is drastically raises the frequency of your current state and sungazing there’s really more to this than we have time for but to quickly go into this ancient spiritual practice regarding the astral body it’s a seriously powerful method of charging it up now to actually demonstrate the real power that the Sun provides to us through Sun gazing I’ll just share this tidbit quickly most scientific reports regarding Sun gazing talk about the man Hira upon my neck who was studied by a team of medical doctors from the University of Pennsylvania through the funding of NASA now he was observed for 24 hours a day seven days a week for 100 days straight and clinically confirmed to be surviving in human form through Sun gazing and occasional water and soy milk now Hira has been a sungazer for over 12 years according to his reports so that means that you and I are supposed to just give up eating to look at the Sun now I also have to mention from a safety standpoint here that Sun gazing should be done at sunrise and sunset when you’re beginning this is when the solar rays are a lot less intense and you should start with about twenty to thirty seconds twice daily then you increase your Sun gazing time combine it with walking barefoot on the earth for about 45 minutes so there’s a whole practice here that can be developed but regarding an astral projection we know really amps up our astral body and allows it to separate easily within your sessions sungazing also nourishes your spirit now remember that our physical bodies are actually a complex composition of elemental properties and when we stimulate the element of fire through sungazing we’re actually nourishing this elemental connection sungazing can also help activate your heart chakra now most of us know that the heart chakra is directly connected to the Sun or solar awareness level and also looking back at the Tree of Life we see that tip earth is the solar center of Union within the self and obviously the more we nourish our heart center the more we unlock our inner cosmic love and keep in mind here that we’re talking about the frequency of love here and not so much the emotional aspect emotional love can sometimes be very conditional in that it’s dependent on a return we love a lot of things from this plane because they create an emotional response within us but cosmic love or the actual frequency of love exists way beyond the conditions of emotional love and this is what we’re beginning to unlock through sungazing practice so that being said getting back to the astral body energy I’ll say that Sun gazing is a highly effective and accurate method of charging up your astral body and separating easily within your sessions and the main reason for this keep in mind is that we are elementally charging our being with pure active force which is of course the element of fire and the Hermit assists have understood this for thousands of years and use a lot of elemental invocations in their rituals and prayers for this very reason in the LBT we actually teach a really cool meditation for trance induction that connects you directly with each of the five elements including fire while you work down into the depths of the yourself and into an empty void of an unmanifested experience from which where you begin your exit technique so let’s go ahead and look at self inducing trance on that note now however you want to enter a self induced trance there’s a few points that you always want to keep in mind first of all you want to be in moving downward with clarity and focus you want to actually secondly create a sinking feeling within your body you want to hold crystal clear focus with the power of your will throughout this little journey and you may want to gently even roll your eyes up in your brow center to create that sinking feeling within yourself and this action is actually known as the third eye trigger which can help really help the separation process during your exit practice now the most important part of self inducing trance safely is to understand how your brain waves oscillate you need to keep track of your state of awareness and fill your mind getting clearer into a focused trance state as your brain waves begin to oscillate slower and slower and from a technical perspective not that you have to have this memorized but you’ll feel these little drops going on and it goes obviously from the waking state of alpha to a relaxed beta state then to a deep meditative theta state and if you slip and lower into Delta you’re you’re usually out of the game and into unconscious sleep states so the goal for advanced spiritual practice work is definitely the theta state with your brainwaves resonating at a comfortable 4 to 7 Hertz per second and you’ll know when you’re here because there is a crystal clear focus in your mind’s eye and it’s very good feeling very calm but very exciting at the same time it’s the exact mental destination you want to reach to begin accomplishing astral projection and here’s an image of the actual transformation technique that we teach in the LB T which involves merging with each of the five Hindu Tata symbols and what this does is actually energizes the astral body with each elemental property as the practitioner voluntarily moves downward into a focused trance State and here we see the symbol of Akasha merging with the meditator on the right now let’s look at when you should be practicing all of these techniques to maximize the result there are actual proven timeframes that work best for astral projection and really all spiritual work as you can see here you want to be well rested so the early morning is recommended somewhere between the morning hours of 4: 00 to 6: 00 a. m: is without doubt the highest statistically proven timeframe to leave your body and this doesn’t come to us from modern science it actually comes to us from Hindu wisdom now they realize many thousands of years ago that in this time frame of what the human brain observes as a 24 hour day there is naturally an equal flow of Parana in both the Pingala and a Donati’s and what this means is that typically both nostrils are receiving equal amounts of air and because of this the balancing of your right and left brain hemispheres it creates the desired theta brainwave state that we just talked about now there’s actually an almost perfect four to seven Hertz pattern here and it’s funny because if you look at almost any advanced spiritual culture in any time period you’ll find that their holy men and women were performing a lot of spiritual work in the early hours of the dawn as you can see here avoiding heavy foods specifically meat which tends to keep the astral body tied to the physical body through the strain of heavy digestive processes a few quick other tips here retaining sexual fluids increases your Kundun energy levels and bear in mind that your Kundalini is a sexual energy and when you utilize it for spiritual work and astral projection you’re actually pulling it up your spine above the sacral center where it’s generally released through sexual orgasm so charging up this energy force can really be an important aspect here and of course wear comfortable clothing to avoid physical sensations and discomfort because discomfort keeps the mind focused on the body so once you’re here in this focused trance state in the early hours of the morning with a fully stimulated and charged astral body and what else is left to do well you guessed it simply apply your favorite exit technique I always say this because it’s always true but if you learned how to properly put your mind and body into the proper state the separation of your astral body is almost unstoppable actually once here it’s harder to stop the separation process than it is to induce it so keep that in mind and never skip over the learning of getting into a perfectly numb focused trance State so let’s look at some effective exit techniques now I want to focus here on three highly effective and classic techniques that all deal with transferring your conscious awareness into an altered perspective with clear focus and this is what the separation process really comes down to holding awareness outside of your physical self just long enough to generate your astral body that sounds easy right but in all seriousness if your desire will and imagination are all tools working for you and not against you the separation process really does come quickly and again don’t underestimate the importance of getting into the correct trance state and relaxation state before applying your exit technique and you will cross the threshold here now most of you have used or no of the rope technique and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve climbed right out of my body with this one the rope technique is the fallback method for me when I’m unable to just sit up or step out of my body the idea here is to simply manifest a clear image of a rope hanging just above your physical body and then raise your astral arms up to grab on and start climbing upward your only job here is to watch your hands climb the rope and relax your physical body as it begins to tingle or vibrate just witness the action of climbing the rope that’s it and you can start to look down at the room for a few moments whether imaginary or or not makes no difference remember that from within this state wherever you’re placing your conscious awareness is where your astral body will start to move to another awesome exit technique is to actually become your reflection and this is actually really fun and you don’t have to have a physical mirror in front of you you just want to see a clear reflection of yourself directly in front of you you can watch your reflection breathing right along with your physical body whilst slowly beginning to see yourself through both perspectives you want to start seeing yourself not as your reflection but from within your reflection does that make sense and the longer you can maintain this perspective the easier you will begin to tingle and vibrate to separate your astral body from your physical and we can see here how this would look from within the actual astral state or etheric state and the exit technique of becoming the self above yourself uses the breath to build a floating image I personally like to transfer my breath awareness into both of my ears and watch each exhale secrete an etheric fluid that rises above me to rebuild my own astral body just above me and this actually takes about seven full breaths to completely construct my new body and then as I then I can simply look down at myself clearly back in my meditating body by holding this perspective clearly for just a few seconds I can usually begin to vibrate or simply slide out and take flight and here’s an image of the position shifting technique that we teach in the LB T you can see how from the center point the meditator learns to actually move into each of the six surrounding energy points and then see the room from each of these perspectives and this technique specifically uses the breath to glide your conscious awareness into each of these points and the cool part of doing this is that you’re actually usually already breathing from within your astral body once separated and this gets you immediate stability in your new state and you can usually stay out longer with perfect or a cleaner focus and you can travel to your choice of astral or spiritual planes and this technique was actually spawned from France Barden’s ap writings in his book initiation into hermetics for those of you who are interested and at this point all you need to do is completely relax once you’re out and enjoy the freedom and your success of getting out remember it’s actually easier to take flight than it is to try to walk on astral legs so if you’re beginning just fly also having a pre planned destination can really help the outing unfold with more clarity so it is a good idea to be clear on where you want to travel to or what you want to accomplish before your session maybe you’re looking to get some work done or test some results but if you’re looking to just leave your body and enjoy the outing certainly you can do just that now it’s really important to proceed with confidence once you’re out if you’re timid about the new environment you will probably go straight back your physical body and snap into an alpha state meaning you’re awake I can’t overemphasize the importance of relaxing within the astral you really have nothing to fear because most of the time the first outing will take you into what Robert Bruce refers to as the real time zone and it’s very much like your 3d reality but with a few fluctuations depending on your level of lucidity so there will be humans roads cars earth sky water and so forth it’s a close resemblance to what you experience here in your daily life so you can interact in this plan with some familiarity to its nature and remain clear and calmer because of this moving into the higher astral frequencies requires a bit more spiritual maturity but it’s still nothing to fear as long as you’re in a healthy place karmically ethically mentally and of course spiritually and that’s a whole different topic that thing but it’s the basic idea in being accepted and functional within the astral and spiritual worlds now we’ve touched on a lot of information here but this is really just the tip of the iceberg we’ve set up a full fledged advanced spiritual Learning Center through the website so that those who really want to begin experiencing their immortal existence can begin to do just that shifting from a conscious state of daily life and into our out of body State does require patience and dedication but if you apply these techniques and the powerful tools of your will desire and imagination you will essentially cross the threshold and experience your conscious immortality I thank all of you for listening to our lecture this evening and personally invite you to share your thoughts comments and questions in the comments area below and if you haven’t just yet continue browsing our website looking at the deeper menus and I welcome you to look into the join us tab to become part of our community and advance in your spiritual growth thank you have a great night you you..

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