Easiest Way To Astral Projection: Astral Simulation

The SPHERE OF LIGHT is the Easiest way of Astral Projection. In SPHERE OF LIGHT your body launches you off to Astral without even you actually trying.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.


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  • the laugh is because you feel like a demon is next to you when you project thats what i felt like at least but when you get out you feel like your on some kind of super mdma that wil make you feel like your in a real life dream world and you feel super euphoric

  • The fastest way to astral project:

    1.Relax your body by laying down

    2.close your eyes focus on breathing

    3.point your eyes toward your third eye (forehead)

    4.Wait for around 2-5 mins

    5.You’ll start to feel different and maybe even pressure on your head

    6.Try to pretend you’re levitating

    7.Your astral body will go up

    8.Have a great time!

  • There is nothing to fear of in the astral realm guys. Being scared will just put you back in your body and end the experience.

  • I recommend for beginners to look at Miss Wee’s YouTube channel. Her videos are relatable and funny! She really helped me 🙂

  • I subbed because I LOVE to learn the method asap because have to talk with my guids for help in my life(with my higher self)

  • My experience with this was, I slept in a kiddy bed all my life and one day while it was sunny out I wanted to sleep on my parents bed and It was so so so comfortable that I fell asleep instantly while I was in a dream I think I was trying to kiss a girl and I wanted to kiss her so bad that my whole body started to vibrate and 1 maybe 2 seconds later I woke up and was confused at what just happened I was parlized but I wasn’t scared this time because this happened to me so many time as a kid then I just started to look around,but how Is my new answer, and soon I was wonderin if something was gonna appear after thinking this about 9 seconds of looking around I saw a black figure ripped up clothing like a fat homeless man but did not know the back to the front of this figure I tried to find the face I did not! Everything In the room was very detailed almost like I was awake! This was during the day so I saw sun light. After Thinking of waking up I closed my eyes after I though the figure was racing towards me so I closed my eyes and woke up and I felt like I did not sleep at all(cool)! Yes this is all real! After this experience I tried this again and again and did it but when ever I get the chance I would get the vibrations and could go into the astral realm I would be scared to don’t know why? Oh also my energy I have acquired from beginning all this I can now feel my astral arm,legs, lifting up and my bottom of my body when laying on my belly it overlapped my back as if I where extreamly flexible I can feel energy and I can now hear my own thoughs only then in deep sleep but not asleep works only if I’m awake. If you wanna hear more subscribe to my channel for more! I’m still trying to master this though! When I was trying to kiss I think I realeased energy. I can somewhat channel energy like a nood very nooby! I force energy!

  • first time when i tried to astral project, i was scared of the vibration.i had to wake up agien. i took my iphone and then to youtube, but i dint watch anything, i was just scared to sleep agien.
    so i said to my self: a deamon will not take my body when i’m not scared.
    so i tried agien. i felt when i fell in sleep but i could still think and hear. Then i felt the vibration agien, i started to think about something i want or do, that way i wont get scared. then i started to hear a medley play very clearly (pirates of the cariben) it calmed me down and i felt something flying out from my body. it felt wierd, but awsome in the same time. suddenly i felt i were flying. i was thingking about what was around me. i felt that i was moving around the room, but i could not see anything, i decided to sit down on my bed where i was sleeping. i was starting to se, not clearl. After some fue minutes i started to se better. i was just walking and flying around my house. i could do whatever i waned to do.
    that was awsome!!!!!!!