Easy! Astral Projection Tool – Theta Binaural Beats For Astral Projection

This audio track has been designed using the research of several sources to create a BiNaural Beat that will assist you in performing astral projection easily. It will also aid in keeping this state of awareness.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

There are many easy ways to astral project and many people who try do not put in the correct effort or practice to succeed at this brilliant discipline. To be successful you will need to take 30 minutes to practice your chosen method. stick with one method. Do this 6 times within the space of 6 weeks in order to be successful with astral projection.


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  • word of advice… dont read the comments before you use any lucid dreaming or astral projection tracks. it will put negative thoughts into your mind because of the negative comments, and will cause you to not enjoy the experience. think positive, clear your mind… and relax

  • Pity the soul who is limited by one perspective in life. You who hold your Christianity to be the one and only truth in life, therefor you close your mind to learning new possibilities. You won’t find what you refuse to seek. You are like the scientists from long ago, who were convinced that the Earth is flat, refusing to believe anyone else, while smiting them for believing different. Your thoughts are solely based on your current frame of knowledge. Letting go of all your preconceptions and beliefs will allow you to open your mind and learn new things my friend.

    To put in perspective, if 500 years ago, I told you that “there are millions of tiny creatures crawling around on your skin” you would call me crazy, satanic, and lock me in an institution. WHY? Because you can’t see it. Microscopes have not been invented. Fast forward to the present. We don’t even give a second thought to those microbes on our skin. We know it to be true from science and evidence, and we look back on people of the past and smirk at how foolish and unaware they were.

    Well, that’s you right now. Living in the present, restricted by your narrow view of reality based on your single-minded beliefs. Maybe one day you can open and expand your mind, read about other cultures, religions, and then you will one day see the big picture. You will learn that your religion is not the only correct one, but that all religion is correct in their own perspectives. You will also learn that science and religion, are two different paths converging towards the same goal.

    Spirituality, is simply the practice of shifting perspectives. We don’t have a soul. We ARE a soul. We have a body. We aren’t humans trying to have a spiritual experience, we are spirits, trying to have a human experience.

    Try looking into the history of humankind and realize how ignorant we were. Now place yourself in the future, and look back towards the present and realize how ignorant you may be right now.

  • This one gives me anxiety for some reason, lol.. and when I pause the video, I start hearing this super weird woooshing gurgling alien sound lol .. I think I’ll stick to my normal relaxation binaural beats .. mama ain’t ready for this one lol

  • I’m skeptical about that first comment, ive had plenty of lucid dreams without beats and im attempting my first time with them. Wish me luck, much love.

  • Guys, before you sleep at night, put ur alarm to ring after 6 hours, when u wake up, to something, like drinking, going to piss etc, then go back to sleep, and do astral projection, only your eyes will be tired, and you will be sleepy, so its easy to relax and perform astral projection. Good luck

  • It feels awesome to read that others experienced AP. I couldn’t make anyone else around me understand. I am everything, everything is me! Life got a whole lot better. Love is incredible. Happy travels.

  • I had the weirdest experience on the 08/09/2014, what I think was an out of body experience while listening to this.

    I’ve never astrual projected before and I’ve only been using them for the last few months.

    I went to sleep at around 10pm listening to this. I laid my arms by my side and drifted off to sleep. That’s when the experience started, I was riding my bike on the streets in the dark. The streets were lit with amber street lights, as I was riding there was talking in the background like a car radio speaking about the news or whatever radios talk about. I was riding around for a while taking in everything I see as it was no where I’ve been before. Then I started to approach a group of people hanging around in a garage, the background noise immediately stopped, they were encouraging me to come over to them. There was something very dark about them, something I was afraid of so I rode my bike faster to get away from them.

    At that point I passed a girl riding her bike and nearly crashed into her, I apologised and she said “it’s ok, stop” and I carried on riding. Then almost instantly after, I ended up riding into someone, it was the girl, I immediately recognised her as I have met her before in another bad dream I had when I was again listening to these binaural beats.

    She had greasey dark blond hair, a withdrawn face like she had abused drugs and dressed roughly.

    She told me i could die like I nearly did last time, she seemed really concerned. Saying how it’s nearly over and really hopes I make it this time. Then a man walked past in a hooded jacket or just a Jacket but I couldn’t see or can’t remember his face.

    He said to her “your looking after him aren’t you?” she replied “yes, I think he’s ok now” to which he said, “He’s on his last legs make sure you are” he didn’t look at me or talk to me directly but I swear it was someone I know who has died.

    Lastly she said to me, “you need to go now”

    Then I woke up at 11:40, now I would normally think wow that was a bad dream and think nothing more of it. But the worst thing is, I woke up with my fingers curled up tight into my hands, my writs stiff, bent facing inwards on my chest and my whole body had pins and needles. It took a while before I could move. The position I was in reminded me of the position I found a dean man in a few years back, or like a new born baby. It was like my body went into that position because I wasn’t in it and it was dying.

    I’m 30 years old and I have plenty of dreams of all types good and bad but nothing quite like this, where I wake up in a strange stiff position with pins and needles all over literally paralysed for a moment. I remember every last detail as if it was real and happening. Like I said I’ve had loads of dreams but I never remember them like that. Very vivid.

    I’ve had time to analyse what happened, I think I left my body as that’s what the binaural beats were meant to do, the group of people calling me over was death in some form or another which is why I was so afraid to go over. Then the girl tried to bring me back to my body because it wasn’t aware of what was happening and started to die. The man I think I knew which is why he wouldn’t show himself to me but I’m not sure about the girl. Then when I woke up, my body started to come back to life slowly as I returned to it which explains being paralysed having pins and needles and being stiff in a position I can only relate to death.

    Never again!!!

    What’s your first thoughts to that?

  • Haha to the dude talking about this being a satanic thing and that ‘jesus’ is the way has got to be the funniest joke ever if you understand who yashuv-el aka ‘jesus’ was and what he was about when he was here on this planet which you can CLEARLY see just by reading the stuff he talks about and not only that religion but along with muhammad and other idolized spiritual travelers. ‘Jesus’ was apart of NO religion at his time and was also considered a rebel in his time because he followed NO RELIGIOUS PATH BUT HIS OWN SEEKING OF SELF TRUTH & ENLIGHTENMENT and which is clearly obvious from many scriptures that he was very experienced when it came to out of body explorations which is why he states what he has seen while he was out of body, it’s just that the way they have written it in the bible can be taken in a largely wrong way (just look at the world and tell me people have this shit all wrong) and by “seeing god” he was referring to seeing the source of all creation which is WITHIN ALL OF US. Leave your body and just demand to experience your higher self and you will experience what he experienced. we are all one, people. When someone is shouting out and bashing against anything like the dude whos calling this natural process of and out of body experience (which happens and has happened slightly every single night of your life in order for you to recollect energy for the coming day) a witchcraft satanic act, just ignore them because they are scared of everything around them because they do not understand and clearly are attached to misguided information without even experiencing it all to begin with! Which in turn leading to fear ruling over their entire life when fear itself is something that can only be created IT DOESNT EVEN EXIST. LITERALLY. Ask yourself are you scared right now? No? Then what creates fear, is it an object that you have to bump into in order to catch or are you unconsciously creating it from the inside because of the lack of control and knowledge over your mind and body? Exactly. Peace be with all of you and trust your soul enough to see that you’re seeking out OBE’s for a very important reason, don’t let others ruin anything for you because literally nothing in this infinite universe can ever touch or harm your soul only you can commit that act towards yourself because your soul is just essence it has no form or substance in its true ultimate state, go outside of your body to realized and experience that shit. PEACE!

  • i saw myself from a third person perspective from the ceiling looking down on my three dimensional body meditating and in that moment i was convinced i had died. but i still kept my eyes closed no matter the circumstances, and i’ll tell you i haven’t been the same