Easy Meditation For Astral Projection For Beginners.

Easy Meditation For Astral Projection for beginners.

This is a video for beginners who want to learn extra ordinary abilities of human mind.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

This is a complete course which guide the beginners to get a genius mind ,

when they perform these exercises, as well as a master of astral projection in which

any body may leave his physical body deliberately ,when he is in full conscious.

Watch this video from the beginning till end.

Astral Facts By: KQ

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easy meditation for astral projection astral projection or OB is a profound ability of human mind we will tell you how to achieve this ability by an easy way but before this take a brief note on in OBE you can go anywhere by your astral body whether your physical on the bed you can fly and go through the walls even you can go from the lava beneath the earth to get this ability your astral body should be so strong to come out from your physical body deliberately and to do so you have to do meditation what we suggest for you lay down on the bed or on an easy chair close your eyes put your hands besides you and leave your body loose now try to quiet your mind and let your thoughts go away take deep breath through your nose to your belly pay all your attention on your breath do this for a few minutes you will feel your body is relaxed now don’t move your body anyways be in this situation as you bear it or o’clock 3 to 45 minutes relaxation is the key of the meditation after a few days your body and mind will become familiar to this situation and you will feel quite relaxed and slowly you will go in the trance State now you have to do some energy work to strengthen your energy body feel some energy in your feet and going to your head and then return from your head to your feet after a few weeks you will feel some tingling and tickling sensation in your whole body this is another sign of success and with this a kind of twitching and jerking in your hand and feet or in your fingers can be start for some days or weeks and when you cross this stage you will go in full trance these are the signs that your energy buddy is activating and making a new astral body which is going to project in full trans you can feel submitting on your face and your nose or and in the neck area this is a sign that your throat chakra is activating and energy body on facial area is active these are called cobwebs in this situation you will feel uncomfortable but try not to move until this is unbearable scratch the area about your hand but in a small motion fashion sometime you will feel someone is pulling your hair or a tight band around your forehead this is due to crown chakra activation sometimes you will feel someone is pressing your forehead with thumb between the eyebrows it is a sign of Third Eye activation with this you will see some lights are swirling in front of your closed eyes pay attention on it with this your trance will go more deep your body will go very heavy that you could not move without your permission sometimes you will feel your own snoring it could be very intimidating but don’t be afraid it’s you are hurting your own because you are not one you are two now you are separate now in this stage your sponsor Luo’s astral projection will begin sometime you will awake midnight and you will feel your physical body is paralyzed and you will hear some astral noises and feel vibrations when vibrations stop simply turn yourself you would out of your body in deep trance you will feel electricity type vibrations in your whole body and with this you will hear astral noises that someone is striking on the wood or like chainsaw or road roller is passing by your head or radio static sounds and then they will stop now you simply turn yourself on the bed and you would be out stand up and go out your room and enjoy it thanks for watching like and share our video and subscribe to our channel astral facts so that you see our upcoming videos in which our expert KQ will give you profound knowledge of astral projection and meditation and will tell you how to get a genius mind for a successful life ..


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