Forced Astral Projection 101

Practical technique to force astral projection. Please have a companion while performing this and not to be used frequently due to the fatigued it has in your chakras and vital energies. First make sure you have a bed or sofa behind you, bend down and place both hands in the floor; then make your entire body tense as much as possible for the entire period of this technique. breath 15 times as fast as you can, then 15 slowly and on the last one breath in as much air as you can and do Not let go un bit of air. Then, stand up quickly maintaining your body tense and look as hard as you can at the palm of your hands. When you come back keep in mind not to move your spine in order to allow the memories settle down in this level of counciousness.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

The text:

for those of you at the no 1 spend months or years training before you can try offer protection because I know that many of you very simple and in water all you guys do is bang out the floors make you fight your entire body tense and then 2: 15 breath real fast and 50 more learn hello you know the last one breathing switches you can Oh there that you can hold and non legal a single leader near leader and then after that you just get up with your body tense and you look at your hands and you try to see through them and please make sure that you have been on you a full hour bad because once you go you’re bugging more exactly alright so basically you pin down to the floor they do make you different I’m body thirty times and then you to take things right very they use 15 very close and then the only last one you can Erica can maintain your body very times you go very fast and it 20c be on your hand don’t let it go what single drop and you’re not value most likely move that unit have projections for the first time try one or two times or three times it should be more than a couple tiny quality work the first time so the biggest storage and work..


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