Guided Astral Projection Technique Meditation // Mind Awake, Body Asleep

This meditation will guide you through a process of relaxing and calming the body, clearing the chakras, opening your third eye, affirmations and intention setting, hypnotic suggestion and breathing the physical body into sleep while the mind remains awake and aware, ready to travel through the astral realms. There is one hour of guided meditation and then 30 mins of music and isochronic tones for unguided meditation.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

WARNING – As your physical body falls asleep you may feel some bizarre visual, auditory or tactile sensations. Just relax and TRUST that you are completely safe.

If you find yourself in Sleep Paralysis then firstly try to RELAX and remind yourself, “This is sleep paralysis. I am safe. I am ready to astral project!” Then close your eyes and put all your attention on your astral, energy body. If you feel yourself being pushed in any direction then go with the motion. Stare into the darkness and if you see visuals start to appear then flow with them. You can reach your astral hands into the darkness too and see what you feel. Be patient, curious and keep your intention on your astral journey and allow it to materialise around you.

Enjoy your astral journey


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  • You make the best guided astral projection meditations, hands down. Your meditations helped me learn how to project, and I can’t thank you enough <3 The new content is appreciated.

  • Tonight by far has to be the closest I’ve gotten I believe I felt like I was about to leave my body I really believe I was about to leave it then I got excited and it went down from there 🙁 it’s a feeling I’ve never experienced till today can’t wait to try again tomorrow

  • Nothing like getting a loud ass notification in your headphones when you’re laying here trying to relax listening to this.

  • Left my body
    Was at the beach
    Bit a rock (I don’t know why)
    Went back into my body
    And now my teeth hurts
    Thanks Susannah

  • Susannah your videos are a God send. I started using them for astral projection and lucid dreaming but I also suffer from depression and anxiety and now I use your videos to calm down from panic attacks and anxiety especially when I need to go to sleep. Your videos and voice are unlike anything else and please know that you are making a difference in people’s lives. Much love and gratitude to you.

  • For those of you that are having issues projecting, dont try this at night before you go to sleep. Its extremely difficult to project when your mind and body are wide awake. Your mind and body are programmed to fall asleep at night due to them practicing every night to do so. Remember the key is to get your body asleep while your mind is still awake and focused. DO THIS when you first wake up. Its a 100x more easier since your body is already asleep and relaxed. You dont have to do it immediately when you wake up. You have about an hour upon awakening before your body becomes fully awake. Good luck and hope this helps most of you.

  • So some crazy stuff happened.. I lift out of my body, through my roof and then I’m standing, everything is white.. Nothing else around.. So I turn around and there’s a lion, it seems calm and strange.. It said “You’ve a large part to play, now leave”.. I fell through the floor and back into my body then woke up.. Now I’m freaked out lol


    I have sleep paralysis ever since I was a child or ever since I can remember. It was the usual sleep paralysis, where you’re aware of whats around you however you can’t move, etc……….Whenever I was in this state I used to always feel a being sometimes doing things to me, choking me, sometimes I couldn’t breath as the being would be sitting on top of me and it always felt like the same being usually. I thought there was something mentally wrong with me and it got to the point where I was having this so frequently. I was so scared of going to sleep because it felt so unknown, the weird buzzing noise, the weird chain like noises rattling in the background, the weird presence of a being thats always there watching me, touching me, without me not able to do anything, the body vibrations, the more i tried to wake up the worse it got. I dreaded going to sleep because 100% of the time I would have it, sometimes i would fall asleep after school on the couch and have sleep paralysis. While in it i could hear my mum in the kitchen talking to my dad while cooking and i would try scream for help but i couldn’t move my mouth, I was so scared and i would awake i would ask them why they were talking about so and so or why they didn’t help me. They would be baffled as to how i could hear when i was asleep, i think they just thought i was pretending to sleep……………However the more I had sleep paralysis, the more i got so used to and it got to the point where I actually got bored and tired of having sleep paralysis and became kind of annoying……….the fear wasn’t there anymore, and it was like a routine almost. Like hello other weird dimension, hello weird presence, hello noises and voices, hello body vibrations, hello mum and dad having conversations and i can hear them, oh hello weird being that’s now trying to choke me and touch me inappropriately……..


    And then HELLO puberty and I began experimenting in the sleep paralysis, I thought to myself okay i’m having this almost every night i might as well just embrace it for what it is and not be scared of it anymore. I kinda looked it as wow not everyone experiences this and can do this………….. It got to the point where my experiments became a bit weird, I would try and sleep with the being and actually enjoyed this state. I couldn’t wait going to sleep and experiment in my early pubescent teens. Suddenly the being became the prey and I the predator………..(I know weird)……….. What I didn’t realise was happening, I was actually astral projecting out of my body without realising thats what I was doing. I just thought okay how do I get to the being thats watching me or floating above me, how do I no longer be stuck in my body. Sometimes the being would get really angry watching me trying and would scream/roar the most fudged up demonic like noises in my ears.The last time i felt that being was actually dry humping it out of existence while floating to the roof of my bedroom ceiling……..I never saw that being again, every night i would have sleep paralysis and that being would be gone forever, like it got sick of me and left, I was sad and almost felt like a breakup in a weird way. Now sometimes i would have other beings visit me but not the same, some were plain old evil feeling (like you know thats some ex serial killer demon presence), some nice, some playful, some just rude but not the same as my first being. Sometimes if I didn’t feel like interacting or try talking with them I would just ignore them as they would ignore me too as they would try and go about there usual sleep paralysis business, rattling there chains, trying to intimidate me, it just got boring. I think somehow these beings feed off different emotions or different energy expelled from the body so hence why they try and intimidate people and why in cases of sleep paralysis theres always the same themes presented…………….But because it didn’t really phase me, the beings got less frequent as somehow they know i’m not simple to feed off so they just don’t visit me anymore……..


    So now i’ve lost the fun that made sleep paralysis fun, the beings no longer really visit me or if they did it was just infrequent or as soon as they did they would leave. I kind of imagined or likened it to someone in there head office putting a big red warning stamp on my file or my forehead lol. So there I was just lying in bed in sleep paralysis and all just riding it out until i woke up again and this happened for quiet awhile i remembered. One day i watched on tv this weird documentary about astral projection and sleep paralysis, and i was fascinated by it mainly i was fascinated by how common the experiences of sleep paralysis amongst people were and so many people recalled the same sort of beings and noises that it fascinated me. I mean I always thought what i could do was just in my head and something only i’m experiencing. But then to hear so many people from all walks of life experiencing the same experiences or beings doing the same things to them when they had sleep paralysis was truly eye opening, because surely if it was an individual mantle disorder why are the same people experiencing the same succubus throughout history and now.

    So I started experimenting again and trying to astral project in my state of sleep paralysis because i was always conscience in my sleep paralysis. I remember i had floated out of my body but i could never go past my ceiling, always in my room. Then one day there was this new being in my sleep paralysis, it was a friendly being almost weirdly human like, somehow like i connected with this being on a human level (at that time i was heavily into meditation)………like every other being felt not human if that makes sense and they felt almost other worldly like………….Then this being floated into the ceiling and I followed the being scared that I was going to lose it and the connection we had, I broke through the ceiling and it was like I entered some sort of worm hole that went on forever and then next thing I know i’m floating above another planet, I could just see several planets and moons so close to each other, some planets had that halo band around them, it was the most beautiful sight i had ever seen…………. And then all of a sudden the worm hole appeared and i was sucked into it but this time somehow not by choice, it was like the wormhole was a different being now showing me all the different places that it wanted me to see……….One place was the most beautiful beach i had ever seen, I was walking on this beach, the sand so soft, the water so warm, calm and the colour of the sea was a blue purple like glow. I looked up and the planets were so close and bright. I started crying because i had never experienced such beauty and then all of a sudden the worm hole presented me with like a portal like substance of several different places i could go to. it was the weirdest thing i had ever seen, in these little floating orb portals i could see different cities but not earth cities, different planets, different beings, different places, different structures and pyramids, just different………..But then somehow i felt this pull, it was like a string was pulling me back towards my body and i just remembered falling. I fell so hard that i fell into my body, i woke up falling out of my bed, I immediately looked up at the ceiling and saw 3 orbs floating above me and floated and disappeared into the ceiling………from that day on i was an astral project believer………I think what had happened was meditation seemed to have amplified or took me to another level of astral projection, or maybe opened my mind up to other astral projectors or different beings. somehow maybe another astral projector or a super being saw or could feel that i was trying really hard and helped me really astral travel. idk I really cant explain how I did that …….

    Now because of uni and work and trying to start a business, my spiritual side has kind of not been the same because i’m usually always stressed out and don’t meditate as often as i should. I still get sleep paralysis and i can trigger this state whenever I want……..however the astral projection is limited (I think because i don’t meditate anymore). I still astral project but only to other earth cities only. Like just last night i astral projected into some randoms room………..Although I think somehow i’ve opened up something in me that I shouldn’t have…….it’s weird now sometimes just before going to sleep or if i’m tired and i just close my eyes i can see other people in the darkness of my eyes, it’s not so visual but almost like i’m seeing with my feelings, almost like a different sense if that makes sense. Like now i can sense/see other people on earth just going about there daily lives, having coffee, in a business meeting, just random people, i can’t choose what i see. For awhile i used to see accidents or other people getting murdered, it was weird…….I used to try and look up murder crimes on the news but the things i was seeing or sensing just wasn’t detailed enough. Maybe if i practice meditation again i can do more.

    I love the mind, its so beautiful and powerful but be very careful to what you open your mind up to.

    ANYWAYS if you’ve gotten through reading this, thank you and share your experiences and thoughts too i’d like to know too!

  • lol make sure to turn off autoplay before you attempt these methods, i was in a very deep state of relaxation and out of nowhere i hear a car advertisement, waking me up and ruining the whole process :((