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hello and welcome to this guided meditation my name is Jason and over the course of the next half hour or so we will journey into relaxation leaving your thoughts and worries behind as you saw through the sky this is a meditation about flying if you are uncomfortable with heights or nervous about the idea of floating on the air don’t worry as long as you listen to the sounds of this meditation no harm can befall you you are entirely magnificently safe free to drift with ease of any a great burden with this in mind make sure you’ve found a comfortable position and when you are ready settle in and let your eyes drift closed take a moment to get back in touch with your breath how does it feel to inhabit your body right now are there any areas that seem more tense than usual can you let go of that pain just for a little bit and now turn your attention to your mind to the constant dialog that accompanies you through your waking life are there any sticking points in your thoughts or does your stream of consciousness flow through your mind easily nothing left behind if there is an issue a memory or a person who keeps cropping up ask yourself if you can let go of it just for a little bit even the most pleasant of thoughts and memories can cloud your meditation experience keep you from focusing and enjoying the present moment when you are ready turn your attention away from your body and your thoughts and toward your breath let the oxygen flow a little bit slower a little bit deeper and as you breathe allow your conscious mind to shut down and your imagination to awaken your body sinks deeper into the chair or mattress as your imagination wakes up bringing you visions of bright blue skies the sensation of flight imagine yourself standing up from your chair or bed wherever you might be right now imagine yourself walking out of this room all the way to the front door of your home or office as you stand outside on the sidewalk you take a giant leap into the air as you do so you find the air support you hold you suspended on your next inhale the wind catches you lifting you gently upward or quickly or as slowly as you would like you are flying in control of the direction and the speed of your path take a moment to experiment with your newfound ability dipping and twirling through the air as the wind tickles your cheese far below you the ground looks like thousands of tiny rugs all laid together pinpricks of light spill across the landscape like glitter punctuated every so often by the fluffy green of a stand of trees lakes and rivers squiggle through the dusty plains and grassy Dells houses are sorted neatly into little rectangular yards divided up by narrow ribbons of gray pavements highway and interstate roadways meander around sharp mountain peaks the vehicles traveling along them with tiny flecks of color even the most chaotic sites where the construction projects or road work are neatly organized from above everything has a pattern articulated through swoops and grids and arcs visible only from the air if you would like now you can take some moments to examine them more closely or you can simply let go and enjoy the experience of flight the air supports you boys you up carries you along on it’s warm currents you can feel the resistance against your arms a sensory knowledge that tells you exactly how sharply you can turn how deeply you can dive how quickly you can stop midair your body understands how to dip and twirl how to saw or slow down without your mind and necessarily knowing what must happen you are fearless carried by the knowledge that your muscles know exactly what to do with this in mind allow yourself to soar to dive to Bank against the wind allowing the sensations of flying to leave daily worries and stress far behind you you are as magnificent as an eagle as strong as wise as utterly in control as a majestic bird of prey enjoy it as you saw along you encounter a flock of birds perhaps geese or songbirds on their migration somewhere following invisible ancestral flight plans through the clouds if you would like you can fly with them for a bit body instantly attuned to the way the air washes across their wings over their backs bearing them effortlessly along the wind you can speak with them enjoy their chatter or savor the silence and whenever you want you can bank with the wind off in another direction swooping low over mountain canyons and desert flowers feel the air temperature change your speed increase and decrease or with the easy confidence that your abilities bring there are some rain clouds off to one side if you would like you can fly through them feeling the cool rain on your back and face as you dance with the raindrops as you spin through the air gracefully entirely in control oh you could fly to where the Sun is just rising feeling the warmth of the morning creep over the horizon watching it gild the clouds with a heavenly light anything is within your reach here high above the earth here amongst the clouds you are completely safe and entirely in control your every moment as graceful as a ballet dancers and now allow yourself to hear the call of your physical body the beckoning of the place where you began this meditation there is no rush to return instead let yourself frolic amongst the clouds dip between the travelling currents of air savor the grace and power within your body enjoy the tranquility within your mind watch the world below noting its geometrical rhythms the colors melting into one another give yourself a few moments to find your home or office amongst the neatly organized buildings below you and when you are ready begin your gradual descent allow yourself to circle savoring the rush of air against your arms that particular pressure that assures you that you know exactly how to fly you move more slowly more confidently the lower you get at first the sites below you grow gradually larger sinks slowly down to the ground outside your home or office with a deep breath you open the front door move inside head back to whatever room you began this meditation in when you arrive you see your physical body calm relaxed resting take a moment remember the sensations of flying and when you are ready reach out your hand to touch your physical presence and feel yourself re inhabit your body when you are ready allow your eyes to open this meditation is drawing to a close and you are back amongst us just as majestic and graceful as when you were soaring amongst the clouds you..


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