I have had many, I can astral project at will and I teach how in the How to Astral Project course.

I will share one of my experiences here, for you to see an example of a short projection:

I was lying in bed, already thinking about getting to sleep and I was in a vibrational state (strong vibrations throughout my body). I knew that I could make an astral trip, although I had not thought of it at first. It was going to be the first time I’d made a face-down trip (I always make them face-up). I visualized my body becoming lighter and began to “push” my astral body out of the physical body. Momentarily, I found myself floating above my body, and I had no difficulty in deciding where to go. I visualized the Pleiades, and at that same moment, I could see the earth moving away. More or less in 3 seconds, I reached the Pleiades. And they are 400 light years away! But as I said, there is no distance, and that distance of three seconds is symbolic because I try to put it on this plane. A 4D experience does not “enter” into 3D, just as a 3D soccer ball does not fit into a circle painted on a sheet (2D). I found myself floating inside a planet, with a reddish sky and orange ground. There were natural formations like obelisks and other rocky structures. I decided to mark this point as reference point A (it is important to put reference points in lucid dreams and astral travel, to have a better memory of what happened).

After enjoying this state for “a while,” I was going to visualize a particular area in the Pleiades … and as I did and I started to float … OPPS … I ran out of fuel! I appeared again on my bed, and after the appropriate reality check, I saw that I had woken up.

The experience had lasted about 10 minutes. And this trip was short because it was not planned. Therefore, I never focused on concentrating the energy to carry “more gas” in the astral body. When it is time to plan a trip, with meditation, attitude and appropriate aptitude, you can extend it your projection for a longer time. However, as time ceases to exist at the Astral Plane, it does not guarantee that the journey lasts longer. What you are guaranteed is That your trip will intensify much more and, besides, you will go to higher planes, and you will vibrate more.

I make Astral Projection Questions & Answers videos over , I keep adding questions from here, as well as questions that my students have. The most common questions are in my first Q&A video:

To find out more about how to do astral projection, you can read the entire blog entry and a lot more at my blog right here.

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