We will have to approach this situation with a few questions first, as this ghost lingering at your home might not be an entity at all (better than saying “ghost” hehe). However, if you are saying it happens during astral projection, maybe it is something else. I normally recommend taking a look over my blog for this, as I do talk a lot about astral projection. I also have here a lot of answers regarding this topic, as it could be many things.

Find out if your “ghost” is really an entity or not.

Ideally, you want to find out if:

You can sense this entity when you are not attempting astral projection.

Your meditations and introspection times, are they interrupted? Attempt to raise your vibrations, is there any resistance beyond yourself?

Do other household members can sense this entity, or maybe something “off” with home?

Any physical signs? (Not necessary, but obvious if present.)

If the entity is real or feels real.

There is no need to freak out, first of all. If you are asking if there is an entity in your home, it is very unlucky to be a dangerous presence or that you may be harmed. Otherwise, you would have noticed, so if there is something, it might be just static energy, energetic leeches or an entity that is “there.”

You will be able to deal with this by yourself:

Burn white sage or palo santo around the entire home. It is also an excellent practice to do this before every projection.

Set the intentions for the entity to leave. You can focus on “any energy that does not serve my highest purpose.” Focus on raising the vibrations of the area.

Visualize white light and love being sent to this entity for it to please leave.

Probably, you will be ready with that, and you will not have further interruptions.

There is no entity.

I believe this is the most likely reason, and I can tell you why in two words. Sleep Paralysis. It is common in sleep paralysis to see:

Demons or ghosts.

Murderers, shots, screams, babies crying, explosions.

Feelings of pressure on our chest, usually fear triggers here.

Physical body is naturally paralyzed due to a natural mechanism, however, trying to trigger “flight” and not being able to move, brings a lot of fear.

It is a normal process that you need to cope with it. Why we have these hallucinations? Well, it is all the junk from the daily trash and fear we are given since children.

It is easy to deal with sleep paralysis if you do not focus on it. Focus on raising the vibrations instead. In my blog link above, you can visit a lot of astral projection entries, where some are Q&As videos that answer most of these questions. If you prefer to learn everything about astral projection in a nice video course, you can grab it here and special deal for fellow readers here!

With this answer, you will get rid of the ghost problem, one way or another : )

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.


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