You don’t say anything about what the fears are, so I will have to address this in a very general way. Many people fear it because they think it might go wrong and mean permanent separation from the body, and so from their life and the people they love. There is no disrespect meant here, but after scores of them, the notion of this makes me laugh. The trick is staying away from the damned body! Another thing to think about is, from my own experience, it’s not some kind of weird alien thing that only certain people can do because of a quirk in their nature or something. You do it every single night without knowing it. You already are doing it. Can you stop that? Can you change it? No. So, what’s to fear? In this sense it’s happening with or without “you”. Besides, doesn’t that imply that there’s far more to each of us than we remotely believe? Why miss that part of things?

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Overcoming Fear Of Astral Projection And Shadow People

I’ve been getting a lot of request to do a video about fear and entities (or shadow people) in the astral plane. A lot of people worry about being possessed or getting lost while Astral Projecting. SO HERE YOU GO! I will debunk some of these misconceptions and hopefully ease your minds! Hope helps you get one step closer to an amazing experience! Enjoy!



what’s going on everybody hope your day is going well hope all is going well I’m getting a lot of questions a lot of concerns about fear and astral projection and pretty much is holding people back from projecting its you know they can’t fall asleep because they’re too worked up about the thought that an entity can come on and grab them when they way from the body or they’ll get lost when you know they’re out in the astral plane all these crazy things people tell themselves which are actually not very crazy since I mean it’s so such a strange concept but um I just want to go ahead and ease your mind on those few things because um first off it’s called astral projecting not actual leaving or you know escaping you’re just simply projecting a copy of your subconscious into the astral plane you’re not your soul isn’t leaving your body your soul in your body’s kind of one of the same so you know don’t think that you’re going to go out and project and then you’re lost and then you’re by just going to lay there lifeless for like ten days because that’s not what happened you’re pretty much tethered between you and your body there’s a special connection that the mind and body has that the second you think about your body you’ll be right back in your body that’s also why it makes the astral projection so difficult you know because you have to stay focused and very come vision when you’re in the process of astral projecting you’re laying in bed you know and then you find that you got a couple limbs out of your body you know your astral body your astral arm is kind of out you know so is your leg and you’re rolling over but as soon as you think about your body you’ll just fall right back in like a ton of bricks and that doesn’t matter where you’re at you can be you know somewhere in the sky flying around and as soon as you think about your body you know you’re gone you’re back in your body so um don’t worry if you if you see something out there that you don’t like just think about your body real fast and you’ll snap right back into it and the third and final reason you can you know take Oh chill pill relax is because you’re not going to encounter any entities or anything crazy like that while you’re projecting that’s on a different plane that’s what they call the ethnic plane or something like that on that quack I’ll not pronounce it but the ethical plan or something like that is not it’s not the same plane it’s on a different frequency on that frequency you’ll probably see a nice I’m not sure never been there but um astral realm is kind of it’s beautiful it’s it’s it’s very heaven like almost there are number one experience I had I was laying in my room in my dorm room and um Thunder sleep rises and stuff I was like cool I’m about to ask reject and I got my body and I was in my dorm room but things were different the window by my window on the side like over there it was much larger much much larger it’s weird how things change in the astral plane because everything might look different you know there’s only been most of time when I’m doing it I don’t think you know clearly enough to even take a glance in my hands and see what it looked like or even take a glance around the room you know I’m so you know focused on you know going that as soon as I see that window I head for it and I just jumped through it and I’m flying I’m flying to where right now I want to go and it’s not usually it’s not as vivid and clear as you might think sometimes it will be but for the most part it won’t be and that one particular experience I flew out the window and in front of me I’m never forgetting it was just this giant mountain and um and right in front of it was just pine kind of not a pond more like a glacier like a it was it was just so breathtaking and you know so I went down and I decided hey can I go in water can i you know what’s gonna happen if I go on water and there was water there and I went in there and I was just sitting standing in the water under water just looking around down there and I and I don’t know much after that because if like the first 10 seconds is usually what you we’ll retain more than anything but sometimes you’ll retain more it just depends on how often you project but um look at me I’m getting off subject but no you ought to be afraid of anything because you’re not going to encounter anything after astral plane is heaven like it’s not you know anything that you saw in an insidious that movie it’s nothing like that nothing like that at all so um hope this answers your questions hope you feel bit better about projecting hope you able to you know relax next time and focus and and then your heart isn’t you know beating out of your chest because you’re afraid of what might happen I assure you it would be just fine and you’ll have amazing experience so click here work on me let me aim it upright boom right up nope right there click there if you want to go ahead and check out my tips on astral projection hopefully they’ll help you project a little bit easier um it should they will be it will be trust me and um yeah have a good one and I hope that this eases your mind any more questions concerns or anything else send me a message comment whatever you want make sure you subscribe and I’ll catch you next time..


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  • I do that same thing with the window, just instead of going through the window I go to outer-space… The urge to do this is so strong. Been trying to overcome it so I can get into remote viewing around my house, would be cool if I were able to remote view randomly generated data and evaluate the accuracy upon waking.

  • we are stronger than them if one tries to bother you just tmuse your inner energy shout to send them away , they inly have power if you give it to them through fear.

  • I’m just scared of sleep paralysis I don’t wanna experience that at all. I know that during sleep paralysis you project what you think so if I’m positive and think happy thoughts I won’t experience anything too frightening but idk sleep paralysis is the thing holding me back probably. But thank you for the video!

  • Excellent Video! Thanks for sharing

    I was a scared crow and all my friends used to tease me like anything.
    I was feeling low confident and low self-esteem.

    My brother introduced me to this “no fear” mobile app by lokesh , which made me manage. my fears in a very methodical way and now because of this my fears are reducing one by one.

    I am much more confident and people are amazed at me!

  • Hi Gordon, I often get these weird dreams or Im not really sure if they are dreams, but I’ll share the weirdest one which is the first one I had , I was sleeping all normal .. And suddenly I feel like im being pushed out of my body, not really pushed but like when that was happening i saw my own hand getting out of the real hand i hope you can understand me.. And then i was getting closer and closer to the ceiling.. Then i turned around and i saw my self sleeping but i couldnt see my eyes, i just saw two black holes instead then i got scared so i got close to my body to try to see my eyes.. Then something pushed me right back in.. When i woke up i felt very strange and with alot of pressure.. Can you tell me if it was a normal dream or lucid dream or maybe i did astral projection without noticing?

  • You do realize. of course, the dangers of a lower 4th dimensional entity latching on to you from within their realm as you enter back into the earthly realm do you? These beings will do anything to latch on a “live” through you and/or your body making your life hell. For this reason, astral projection is highly dangerous and not recommended.

  • When i first done this i was stuck on my couch not being able to move and a shaddow like figure tried to grab my arm and pull at me. And i saw a light on the roof in the corner of my room with hundreds of lights or orbs flying out of it in all directions. Im too scared to attempt it again because i seriously felt like i was about to die.

  • My experience with this has been fear..mostly because of the movie Insidious lol. But really it has been fear. I dont do it very often because of fear. The 1st time I notice something was different was when I fell asleep and the sleep felt like the best thing in the world. It was a state relaxation and it just felt soo great n free that words cant describe. Then I noticed that I could see everything in my room very clearly as if I was awake. When I notice that I am not dreaming I instantly get scared and wake up in jolted type feeling…very fast with a jerk. I have yet to see my actually body though because every time I realize what I am doing I instantly jolt awake.

    Great information…I feel little better lol but still scared lol.

  • So if you sleep nude and you project do all the other beings laugh at you because you forgot to put on your cosmic clothes?

  • I guess it’s different for everyone cause I sometimes see evil entities right before i leave my body. but when tht happens i’m usually too scared to leave and wake myself up. I have seen dark spirits growling floating towards me about 3 feet high in the shape of a person but covered in darkness. I have felt like something was trying to possess me but i was always able to fight it off. One time I felt like I was actually changing into something else. I could feel the evil and it felt so good i wanted it. after I came to, i realized it was false happiness. idk i know this sounds pretty crazy but its true. thats does not happen all that often but sometimes. the possession feeling has only happened once or twice tht i could remember. other trips are usually pleasant.

  • A friend of mine told me that he encountered an entity that scared him in the astral. When I was a child, I had an out of body experience and I encountered something frightning as well. Ive seen videos from other youtubers (that claim to astrally project) warning about negative entities that try to mess with you. Apparently the entities are attracted to fear, so if you are fearful, you may attract frightening things to you. You might have better control over your emotions than a lot of other people do, which is why you dont encounter them

  • Question: I’ve been using an astral projection audio meditation at night when I lay down that has a lot of affirmations and what not. Couple times recently I will become conscious and it feels like my whole body is covered in like an electric field or something….its interesting. the other night it was accompanied by a dream where I was floating over a waterfall. Do you think this is a possible sign of a body exit?

  • It’s films like insidious that drives fear into people, don’t take Anything seriously about insidious , nothing in the astral realm can hurt you!

  • The weightlessness makes me feel sick and the vibrations make me just want to open my eyes, how to i get over this? I really want to progress.

  • I’ve only known about this channel for a few hours but I have learned SOOO much!! Thank you very much for these videos!!!

  • Actually, before astral projecting many people will feel like their heart is pounding out of their chest. Thats is not your heart though, that is your chakra that is connected to your thymus gland. So don’t be scared if you feel pounding on your chest. That is your body producing enough energy to project consciousness outside of your physical body. 🙂
    As of Gordon, you are only saying this off of your experiences. There are dark entities and beings.
    No, they cant take over your bodies or physically harm you in any way. They can however mentally harm you. They can take energy or cause trauma. Gordon, you are having heavenly experiences because your vibrations are higher. Others may not have the same vibrations as you.
    There is something you can do though. Just think of someone you love or something that makes you happy to raise your vibrations. When you’re in the astral plane, just remember that you create your own reality. If you enter it knowing you’re scared, you will see things you fear.
    I recommend practicing meditation before you attempt astral projection.

  • Uh….I’m afraid to experience shadowpeople while awake, let alone when astral projecting…. I’m working on getting to AP but going to do it step by step. And hopefully I will not meet the shadowcreeps.