I first learned of Astral Projection (AP) when I was a kid, from reading the Marvel Comic Book called Doctor Strange, back in the 1970’s.

I then developed a passion to AP and after two months of wishing for it every night, I had my first AP, highlighted by an overwhelming feeling of Vibrations and leaving the body. So I learned by experience after just really really wanting to have an OBE/AP.

Later, I read all I could about it in the Libraries, and book stores, for free. You can just read them real quick at the storeshelps if you can ‘speed read’.

But why study it, when you can just experience it if you really want to. : ) The reading I did just gave me some ideas of what I could do with it, but I was also a little disappointed that so many others have been doing AP for such a long time before me. I had thought I was a special super hero type, haha. But turns out, anyone can do it if they really want to, I think.

So I accomplished AP on my own really, just after getting the idea from Doctor Strange. I also leaned I can see the past and future with AP, and also heal. I don’t think I have read anything yet about this association with AP yet though. I have not read anything on the topic for like 20 years or so now.

I do know someone had recommended me to visit a website called the “Monroe Institute” I just googled it, and it is a real site that studies AP or something, so this may be a good place to start.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.

Tips For Making Astral Projection Much Easier


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I’ll talk to you again soon…


g’day folks my name is Robert Bruce and this is another aspirin bottle company up and this one is about the difficulties of having an out of body experience how difficult it is and what you have to do to achieve it now it is actually surprisingly easy you hear a lot of things about astral projection OBE about how difficult it is and all the problems people have with but it’s actually very simple the biggest thing to overcome is the most bit effect and that can be overcome by keeping your OBE very very short so you don’t lose a memory of it and this is what most people fail because they will lay down their bed or down the chair and go for a relaxation exercise and then perform an out of body experience technique astral projection exit technique and then they will induce an astral projection of feel the sensation see whole body vibrations rapid hearts scent beat sensation and the falling sensation and get out of the body as simple as that but if you stay out too long you know you’re likely to lose the memory of it very easily now if you start any longer than 10 seconds to start with you’ll find the chair every second that goes by during the OBE your chances of losing the memory increase because your physical body mind is going to nosedive into sleep because once you once then once but occurs you are you and you have an after projection in progress your physical body mine is left and feeling very greatly weakened provo tired and it will think it’s failed because at the exact moment and the ones but effect everyone will stop now when it stops suddenly like that it means an astral projection has succeeded but you’ve lost the memory of it because you’re remembering only your physical body mind sight and then you will you know feel very tired and fall asleep and likely your astral double will not come back in time to cause sufficient arousal to download the memory of that and so you know it will get lost during the night and you wake up several hours later and you know no memory of the OBE or you remember moving up to the OBE you may remember some unusual sensations but that’s it you don’t have the memory when you actually succeed and you will succeed time and time again but you will lose the memory each time because if you can overcome the the fear of OBE which is primarily the that we have like a natural instinctive fear of separating from our body which is equal to death to dying and that’s a very natural instinct and also our fear of the paranormal fear of the unknown if you can overcome those things and have a little bit of courage of video I’ll try that you know I’ve read a bit about it and I think yeah it’s a quite a safe thing to do you and it is you project an energy copy of yourself out of body and the real you stays inside your body all the time but all the all the techniques we teach towards are having an Africa Junction the deep physical relaxation the deeper mental relaxation and controlling your emotions and all these things here which I fundamental OBE a lot of people they become these very very quickly they were just I had literally had students who’ve never heard of it before like you know read a little bit about it you know ten minutes reading and then they’ve sat down a lady on their bed and done it successfully and other people will work at it for like a year I mean really work at it before they start getting their first success but the the same reasons apply I mean if you can get into a rotten estate and I become the any fear and trepidation you might have to induce an alphabet soup rejection you will usually succeed if you can get relaxed enough but as I said remembering it is a different matter because the vast majority of people are not disciplined enough to return after 10 or 20 seconds when that magic window which allows you to download the memory is still open they go out and they explore further and usually it’s something that arouses the physical body which will pull them back in which will allow them to capture that memory like a a truck going by hops a horn or your partner snores or turns in bed or telephone rings or something to snap your back at just the right time to download that memory and but beyond this the learning deep physical relaxation and mental relaxation are normally beneficial to life and this is what meditation is all about but also for having an after projection it allows you to approach it on a more level playing ground rather than rely on a better beginner’s luck and to you know work at it to become progressively better at it so you can have more frequent more control astral projections now learning those skills may seem difficult in the beginning you may find achieving deep physical relaxation difficult where you work for a progressive tensing relaxing of your body you know your shoulders your legs and and using other techniques like using solid commands and informations to relax your body and then to relax your mind so your foot words are reduced and it is a more relaxed mental state and that takes a little that’s a bit tricky it could take a little bit of work so you have to work at these things now when you first start doing them it seems difficult and laborious it’s like learning to walk for a baby you’re learning to ride a bicycle or do anything new it seems difficult but if you keep at it we develop like a it’s like how we develop muscle memory for learning walking in bicycling and many other things you know by practicing exercises over and over again like practicing any cop any for martial art you become better at it you know you develop muscle memory and it gets smoother and smoother as you become more not trying to this it’s exactly the same with learning deep physical and mental relaxation every time you do it it gets a little bit easier you gain a little bit more control when you remember things that you do the bright end is this like it’s a little bit easier every time and what was once really laborious in the beginning if you do it every day if you do that every day for a month you’ll find at the end of a month it’s really quite easy and when it’s easy and you start focusing more on these subtle nuances of making your physical body more relaxed you know searching for knots of tension and the same of your mind and then we start moving into the other oscillate induction techniques which is very simple you imagine basically a downward scenario you can imagine in an elevator and it’s going down and you can feel it going down and you can see the like the elevator shaft is like a mining elevator and you can see the shaft rising around you as it you know rocks and bricks in the elevator shaft as you feel yourself sinking we can imagine you’re stepping down large steps a downward motion or you can imagine that you are have smoke rings you know billowing up over you over and over again and you feel yourself moving downwards or you can feel you’re like Alice in Wonderland and yet diving down the rabbit hole and you’re looking back up and you can see the shaft of the hole moving upwards as you fall down down down but and that seems quite difficult to do thus far but it gets easier and easier and we’re a bit of practice you’ll find you can achieve a deep state of physical mental relaxation and enter a nice altered state also called a trance state within a few minutes so women were not women seconds with more practice you literally sort of nose dive into this deeply relaxed state in in a few seconds when you had a lot of practice and that makes things like astral projection that a lot easier to do it a lot more less than a lot less time consuming because then the early day she may spend like an hour trying to relax your body in your mind in order to do some of these things because we have to emulate the sleep state I mean you want to put your physical body to sleep want to keep your mind away so that you can then project out of your body as I said borrowing beginners like it’s we need to do a little bit of work on these things and we try this for yourself I mean when you go to bed next tonight laying bed on your back and hold your hands up with your elbows resting on the bed vertical off the bed and allow yourself to go to sleep and as you do that you’ll find when your hands start to drop as you start to fall asleep here we jerk you back awake again and do that you know 20 thirty forty times and you will hover on the edge between being awake and sleeping and you’ll experience an altered state for a little bit longer than you normally would do and that’s what you’re aiming to do when you are inducing an altered state you want to hover on the edge of between being awake and asleep now most people find astral projection fairly easy if they approach it with a little bit of courage a little bit you’re not open minded and do a little bit of work on their posture and position of isolation and it’s really quite a simple thing to do but and some people find it a lot harder depending on how much of a naturally relaxed person they are that makes the big difference if you are a natural day dreamer at school or in you you’ll find astral projection is very very easy if you were a natural day dreamer just remember that day dreams they don’t bring it bring that back to you again and go through an astral projection technique and you’ll be out in no time but remember crucial to success is to ten seconds out dive back into your physical body passionately shouting your success and then write down a couple of key words and then you’ll now you then have a conscious exit astral projection as a part of your purchase personal experience and memory and thank you for your attention and I will see you in the next video..


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  • i don’t know why every time i see one of your videos i can’t just finish it, i find them so boring…. and the thing is that ii’m interested, but the voice (monotone) and that green background just don’t help me

  • This man is a supposed “spiritual master” but yet he has a commercial system setup where one’s credit card is required, even if you are going for the “free trial” version. I’ve been able to learn and study things that have been a million times more profound and life affirming than what this man “charges” for, and top of that, what I’ve learned I have not had to pay a single penny for and has already been made available to the public unconditionally.

    You have alot of explaining to do Mr. Bruce

  • i’m sorry but a little objection needs to be done: the REAL you is the part that leaves the body. what’s lying in bed is a 3d model of a much higher being, it’s pretty much a diving suit for our consciousness. i’m not saying our phisical body is worthless, au contraire, it’s the only way to experience life in this lower dimension, but although we all obviously fear phisycal pain and illness, it must be acknowledged it’s temporary.

  • The prerequisite for a successful projection should be mindfulness. Refer to Eckhart tolles inner body technique in power of now

  • most of the Christians posting in the comments still have 3rd grade perceptions of a god. He is not an old man in the sky whit a white beard, he is everything. He is every single thing that exist(nonliving or living) you as well as a pencil are a projection of god, so is the universe and the planets and even the ever expanding universe accompanied by the sky and nature on earth and other planets.

  • Really good techniques :
    -imagine swimming in the pool and concentrate on water going through your fingers
    -imagine holding a cellphone (with buttons), concentrate on the feeling of the buttons

    Always roll back your eyes towards the center of the head.
    NEVER move a single muscle.
    Can mix these techniques with no more than 4-5 seconds on each at a time.
    Once you can Feel the water or cellphone, you need to acknowledge (not think) the “noise/vibration sensation” (the frequency change) and when its High enough – its time to leave the physical body.
    Easiest way is to Roll Out (in 1 fast move). Getting up straight in case of doubts might leave your lower body glued to the bed.
    Use earplugs and eyes sleeping mask (sunlight and street noises are the main distractions).
    Can apply this ANY TIME of the day

  • I wish people were more open-minded to this type of stuff, I told a few friends of mine about this and none of them took it seriously no wonder why not many people know about this or practice it

  • This is nostalgic. At this time, we were learning how to use cameras and microphones and green screens. I forget why we shared this particular video. But, aside from the technical trappings, it still has good content. So, thanks for watching.

  • I cant seem to maintain a constant pattern for my breathing. anytime i pay attention to my breathing I start breathing really fast without really trying. I feel this constantly stops me from AP. help pls? 🙁

  • You’ve taken ages to explain what a tip is and not how to, its more about memory this video. Why can’t you just sum up a few useful tips on how to project like the title says, and keep em short, direct and to the point.

  • I made this happen once and what I remembered was that of being happier than I can ever imagine and when I returned I just wanted to go back and leave this world. I was very sad to be back on earth and the trapped feeling.

  • I read your book “Astral Dynamics”. all I can say is AMAZING! You are the only person I know that presents this information in a clear and easy to understand language that is based as much on science as possible. Also, your thoughts on tactile imaging vs the standard concept of visualization has accelerated my ability to achieve what i will call a Balanced Energetic Trance State. I have a very logical mind that does not accept things very well without intense scrutiny, and it becomes a problem when my spiritual beliefs and my logical mind go to war with each other. (a funny way of saying it but it is true.) Thank you sooooo much for bringing this skill into a more logical frameset because it has helped me understand soooo much more than i understood before i read your book. If you ever do a revised edition or an extended edition that includes more thoughts or refined thoughts about the subject matter, i will be the first to buy it. Once again, I thank the creator for people like you that live in my time and allow me to learn so much more than i would otherwise.