As far as Astral Projection is concerned, forget about connecting it with String Theory. There is no scientific evidence of astral projection.

I think, although that one must not close the windows for something that currently seems impossible to answer. Personally, I feel sad for those people who say that according to science “this certain thing” is not possible. This shows the ignorance of these people according to their preconceived notions about the world. A knowledgeable person should always say that till date, science has no evidence for that particular strange phenomenon.

That being said, I would not say astral projections are hoax. In fact, there are more people claiming its correctness than the people who deny its existence. It is therefore not correct to say that string theory or any other scientific framework cannot explain astral projections. Maybe in future they can. Let’s hope that we all have an open mind for accepting those phenomena which currently seems impossible and if later proved by science.

Note for the readers: I myself have no prior experience in astral projections ;D. I could be wrong when I say that there are currently no scientific evidences for it. A thorough research might yield a better result.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.

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