When you reach this state, you are almost done with the astral projection exit phase. When you overcome sleep paralysis with vibrations you pretty much only need to push out with an exit technique. I talk a lot about them on my blog, and you can check it out clicking here. However, I will share some here also:

Rope: Visualize a rope hanging right in front of you. Visualize your astral arms reaching to this rope and as you pull, focus further on your vibrations.

Rolling: Start rolling in bed, left-right-left. Of course, you want to visualize this and not attempt to move your physical body. You might feel a jolt at some point when you do; next roll, visualize that you are rolling out from within you.

Levitation: Visualize yourself lighter and lighter, almost like if you were filled up with helium. Visualize the sensation of floating and visualize that you are just floating above your body.

Stand up and leave: Sometimes, it is much simpler. Just visualize with your astral body that you are leaving bed like if it was morning. Place your feet on the ground and stand up. You might feel tingling in your back; this is your astral back separating. Just walk away, and you will notice you are in the astral.

Teleporting: Start visualizing space around you, visualize hard and desire to be there. You might suddenly find yourself in space.

Asking for help: You can ask to your loved ones and your spirit guides to pull your astral body out. It can be scary and can jolt you, but this is only the first few times.

And you are out!

While you are out, there is still one last phase you need to be aware of. Technically, you are already out in the astral, but you want to make sure that you immediately leave from your physical body’s presence.

If you are close to your physical body, you will return. The first attempts will lead to this result most likely, but with practice, you will learn to go away and not focus on your physical body during your projection (if you do, you return.)

The easier techniques to avoid this are: asking for help and teleporting. You will likely find yourself far away from somewhere (and far away from your body!). The other techniques will probably make you float above your body. The very first moment you notice you are in the astral plane, visualize elsewhere. Whatever you want to visualize (even nothingness is okay too), to leave your room ASAP.

I make Astral Projection Questions & Answers videos over , I keep adding questions from here, as well as questions that my students have. The most common questions are in my first Q&A video:

I pretty much shared everything here, keep up the good work as you are in the final phase, it is much easier. I do also have an astral projection course which you can check right here. I like to answer questions, so I keep creating new videos with Questions and Answers (10 at a time), and as I type this, I feel drawn to add your question to my upcoming third Q&As!

I hope this answer helped you and to see you on the astral plane!!

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Astral Projection.


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