I don’t think there is a direct connection.

I can say that I’m always in some kind of pain because I play sports, and am hurting myself often, and I get bad headaches sometimes too.

So I may go to sleep when I have a bad headache, because I am unconscious and won’t feel the pain during sleep.

And I still have AP no problem, if I have a headache or other pain. And I do acknowledge that during AP, I do not feel any physical pain at all, except the sensation of the Vibes, which are vibrations that I experience during the beginning of AP. When I was younger, I had written in my journal that the vibrations almost felt like it can be pain. But after a lot of experience, I think the sensation was so frightening to me during my first experiences, that I associated my ‘fear’ with the feeling of pain.

But now I know it is not pain at all. It is more like I am energy itself, and can control the waves and pulsations of this energy, and it may feel overwhelming and ‘electrical’, but it is not pain.

So yeah, you can have an AP with or without a headache, no problem.

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Causes For Headaches During & After Meditation. Third Eye Pineal Gland Activation & Cleansing

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Headaches After Meditation, Pineal Gland Third Eye Activation & Body Cleansing It’s normal to experience some discomfort or physical pain when you start to meditate for the first time. Some individuals, not all, experience physical pain or emotional turmoil when they first achieve silence of the mind and open the gateway to cosmic energy. Much cleansing occurs within both your physical body complex and subtle spirit body. Some stored up negative energies are dislodging and beginning to clear, causing some physical symptoms to occur.

Headaches are common, especially at the top of the head or the forehead due to the pineal gland, or third eye, getting a work out that it’s not used to. When you close your eyes the darkness activates the pineal gland, which then secretes melatonin into your cerebral fluid which starts the process of sleep. You are conscious however during meditation, but the same effect is felt meditation is conscious sleep. Turn out the lights, the pineal gland activates and the gateway to intelligent infinity opens.

You use your pineal gland during sleep and at certain points of the day while subconsciously sending and receiving energies and communications to and from the spirit world. However, the process of meditation gives your pineal gland a more strenuous workout than usual. If you rarely used your left arm and had to lift a heavy weight, it’d be hard work right? It might even hurt at the time or ache after. The same is true for the pineal gland.

You need to exercise this organ and increase blood flow by using it. It will become stronger as a result. During the first week or two you may experience headaches straight after meditation. The headache can last for several hours. There are two possible causes for the headache the new strenuous workout as already mentioned, plus the clearing of negative energies from the pineal gland and the head area itself. Imagine that many years of stress, anxiety, and negative energies have built up in this area before your spiritual awakening and urge to meditate began. The process of dislodging and expelling these negative energies causes pain and discomfort in the affected regions of the body.

As few as five to ten, half hour long meditation sessions could clear these blockages, but meditation should be continued to keep them clear. Pain can be felt throughout the body. One reason is that you may not be used to sitting in your meditative position, such as the lotus position. This may be resulting in some backache. Set down some cushions and give yourself a back rest to lean against.

Your body should adjust and get used to your new positioning over time. Pain can also be felt throughout your physical body, or in different areas of the body due to accumulation of negative energies. Daily stresses, worries and negative emotions are stored in several parts of your body, but each person tends to have a main area where these energies build up. Some people experience upper back pain, others digestive discomfort, others headaches, and so on. Have you ever noticed that during times of intense stress, your usual physical ailments flair up? You are collecting and storing your negative energies in the usual place in your body.

Once your area of concentrated negative energy accumulation is targeted by healing energies, a great deal of pain can be experienced in that area. You’re being healed however and you will feel better soon. When you first start to meditate, you open the gateway to intelligent infinity and cleansing healing energies. These enter through the top of the head, through the pineal gland and trickle down through your body. Your subtle body is cleansed and your physical body in turn is cleansed. Your chakras are being unblocked so that energy is free to flow in balanced amounts, your sub energy centers and energy pathways too are cleared and energized. Negative energy is ousted and removed. The mind is also rejuvenated by the in pouring of healing energies.

The process of cleansing the mind, and the unblocking and balancing of the chakras, can cause emotional flare ups and turmoil. You may find yourself thinking ‘why am I acting like this?’ You could become quite bi polar in your emotions, that is for instance, angry for a time and then very happy soon after. Stored up negative thought forms and emotional energies are being dislodged and cleared. This outpouring of negative energies can cause emotional and erratic behavior on it’s way out. While physical pain and emotional flare ups only occur for some people when they start to meditate for the first time, it should not discourage anyone from meditating. More and more meditation will clear your physical complaints and fully activate your energy centers, cleansing the physical and subtle body over time. Know that the benefits both physically and mentally will have a big impact on your life…


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  • Plus emotional pour outs of which I feel overwhelmed, must be the heart chakra being cleansed. I also believe this is linked to astrology, I am a cancer sun and cancer rising, this relates to cancer ruling the heart and being one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac

  • My God I had a terrible headache after meditation! Almost felt like a hangover even. I know it was from meditating because I did not have a headache before I started. After meditating, my vision was blurry. I also heard some noise during it like a ringing and perhaps even frogs. Undoubtedly a sensation around my forehead. Very curious as to whether my headache was from bad energy clearing or straining my pineal gland though.

  • but with me it’s different…i’ve been meditating for almost 4 years and i never experienced headache after meditation in my first 2 years of doing it..the headache’s started during and after my third year of meditation and they are still present..what’s the explanation for that?!..and also today i meditated and afterwards i started feeling pain in the front of my head between my eyebrows, now six to seven hours later in the afternoon and i’m still feeling this pressure at the front of my head!

  • I just finished meditating to help my third eye and had a horrible headache and found this video. shortly after I saw 11:11 approximately 3 minutes after the video ended. I have opened my third eye before and I am still waiting to see with it but I am sure it has been activated already if you can help me understand how to see with it please reply Ali I am your new subscriber.

  • I wondered why that happened and asked a lot of people. I tried meditation and went into deep meditation. Afterwards I felt horrible emotionally. So I never did it again.

  • Yesterday I feel my forehead are extremely headache after meditate kundalini, and my right ears sounds buzzing a really noise until now

  • Ive had a mild headache all day after meditation but felt very calm in my mild also all day… something is healing…

  • The pain in between my eye brows is horrible. Almost on migraine status. Ive only just started meditation about 4 days ago and this is how i woke up today. Any ideas on how I can get the pain to come down a bit. I have a job to get to.

  • love u all…i been having bad headaches for days should i stop for a wild or keep goin on with my goals…of life and is it normal being sleepy after…medetation…ttnk u

  • Thanks SO much for your vid! Right when I opened my pineal gland, I felt a spinning in my forehead, followed by a metallic grinding in my left ear, then I had a piercing pain behind my eyes. The pain, and other symptoms went as quickly as they had come on. I had a near OOB experience before all that came on–what a ‘ride’!