How To Astral Project #4 – The Indirect Method

Another “How to” video on Astral Projection, this time focusing on the Indirect Method.

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hey guys what is this is going to be the next next video in the series on how to astral project so if you’ve been watching so far what we’ve talked about all just revolves around what we call the direct method and the direct method the idea is no lapse and consciousness between your waking States and your projection so somewhere in the middle there you make this transition leave your body and never lose consciousness and we talked about all the challenges that presents not an easy thing to do so today what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about the indirect method and it is a significantly easier method of projecting still has one major hurdle that you need to overcome but in my personal opinion far easier than learning the direct method now that being said I would highly recommend that you still spend time on the direct method still learn to put your body to sleep learn to keep your mind awake and reach that void state really the more methods that you’ve got under your belt the better chance you’re going to have a success because these methods aren’t interchangeable do you use them at different times and so if you can really become accomplished at more than one you’re really going to raise your your success rate alright so the indirect method the difference here is you get rid of all those prerequisites learning to put your body to sleep and laying there for hours on end and the reason why is because it’s performed immediately upon waking up so your body’s already in that ideal state now the author that that I got this from that talks most extensively about this is Michael Radhika the Russian author of the book the phase I’ve mentioned it before and again I highly recommend this book especially since it’s free I put a link to the PDF in the description down below and you can buy a physical copy if you’re one of those that likes to hold a physical book in your hands but really at least check out the PDF it’s a lot of really great information and much more detail than I’m gonna be able to go into here so he’s one the second author who mentions this very briefly and he doesn’t talk about it he doesn’t say in direct method but he does he’s really essentially describing the techniques or that they and the approach of the indirect method is Robert Monroe now Robert Monroe everybody’s familiar with him and his third book ultimate journeys the third of his trilogy he makes the comment on one single page that there’s a point where he wakes up and during that transition to wakefulness he rolls out of body and the words he uses is it was absurdly easy now here’s a guy who’s been doing this for decades and maybe he’s used this technique before maybe he rolls out a body when he wakes up regularly but the fact that he only recorded that particular technique once in his entire trilogy it said that he had rolled out when waking up rather than laying down waiting for the vibrations and then and then rolling out you know it’s stuck with me it had an impact on me and I thought this is a guy who’s been doing this for decades and he finds this particular method absurdly easy and it’s definitely worth taking a second look at and so it gave me the motivation and incentive to actually go out and really try to accomplish this alright so the idea with this is that you want to catch your body in that state between waking it’s between sleeping and waking kind of opposite of the other of the direct method so the perfect time to catch this is on a weekend when you’re not waking up to an alarm and think about a time when you’ve had maybe you’ve been dreaming and you’ve had this very slow transition from sleeping to waking maybe you’re waking up from a dream and it feels very slow and gradual and very controlled and very relaxed and when you wake up maybe you’re still groggy you could easily just close your eyes and go back to sleep if you wanted to that is the perfect state that you’d like to catch that you can really take advantage of with this technique now if you miss that state but you can still remain completely still when you wake up and just instinctively reflexively turn your attention toward projecting it’s possible to put yourself back in that state so that you can project and that’s it’s almost like you just begun right in the void state so again you’ve bypassed all of that pre work that’s required for the direct method so how do you do that how do you how do you learn to just instinctively reflexively just try to project when you wake up well I tried a couple of different things one of them which I’ll share with you did not work at all and the other one did so um the first I thought you know maybe I could just do this through will power through intent so before bed I would say to myself in the morning I am going to just wake up and I’m gonna think about projection immediately focus on projecting I’m not gonna move and I’m gonna get out of body alright so I tried this night after night week after week and it didn’t work I even wrote down not paid on pieces of paper you know 100 times I will hold her completely still when I wake up I will project when I wake up I will completely still I will project and it never failed I would wake up and immediately I would yawn and stretch you know with my eyes and scratch and then I’d start rolling out of bed and right at that point I would say oh yeah I was supposed to project and by that point it’s too late so I finally gave up on just the willpower alone and maybe you’ve got better willpower more intent than I do but I just couldn’t make that work so what I found that did work for me is I recorded my own voice saying remain still and project no I took that recording and I turn it into an alarm and I set that alarm to go off in an earbud in my ear every two hours throughout the night so every two hours I would hear my own voice say remain still and project well it’s really easy when you’ve got instructions sounding off in your ear to know exactly what you need to do so every time every time that would happen I would immediately just try to project let me be clear that waking up to an alarm is not the ideal state you want to be and in fact I have never projected when I woke up to an alarm that transition to wakefulness is too abrupt you wake up far too completely and you are too far from that borderland state that you want to be in to actually project so this it works as a training regimen very well in fact for me but I never actually got real projections during these training exercises so I would wake up and immediately I would put my focus on project and keep my eyes closed remain completely still if I would give it my all at with all my hard effort intent I would just put everything into you trying to project knowing it wasn’t going to work pretending it was going to and you really want to do this you can’t do this half heartedly because what you’re trying to do is build a new habit you’re trying to ingrain this new process in your brain and half hearted half hearted attempts aren’t gonna work you got to really try and then after each attempt to just go back to sleep you wait for the next alarm to go off and you try again again giving it your all every time doesn’t matter if you’re tired it doesn’t matter if you feel like it you give it your all every single time and what I would relate this to is building muscle memory all right so I’m I’m a guitar player for those of you who play instruments out there you can relate to this I’m sure and maybe there’s other sports and things like that that you can relate to this as well but you do an action enough times and it comes to it becomes a habit for your muscles and you gain this kind of muscle memory so when I play the guitar and I’m holding chords you know at first for several months it was very difficult and I really had to think about where to put my fingers and it was a struggle so months later down the road my fingers just go there instinctively and I said I’m gonna play an a chord and my fingers do it and I don’t I can’t even explain how they do it they just know how to do it and they do it so that is the point that you want to get to with this you want this reflex to kick in almost to the point where you can’t even explain how it works but your body just immediately tries to project during the transition to wakefulness and if you can build up that reflex and get to the point where you can just instinctively project without being able to explain how you’re even doing it then that is perfect that is the ideal state now I’m not there yet maybe 30% of the time I can catch these transitions and if you can catch this transition and you’re not asleep yet or not asleep anymore but you’re not awake it is as Monroe puts it absurdly easy and this will sound incredible but you can just roll right out of body it’s like you catch the door to the astral still open it’s it’s amazing how easy it is now what if you miss that transition what if what if you you wake up and you you can still hold completely still you still remain you know eyes closed laying there you don’t move and you turn your attention to projection but you missed that transition well there at that point what you’re gonna do is you want to cycle through techniques to put you back into that borderland state where you can push the door open just a little and squeeze out all right so radula in his book he give us a lot of really great examples of techniques that you can do and the whole idea behind these is that you’re going to cycle through them and the whole idea behind cycling through multiple techniques is that sometimes one technique will work better than another and it’s really a good idea to have multiple techniques to go through in case you’re in one of those cases where one works one day and it doesn’t work the next day so then you’ve got a back up plan so what you’re gonna do is you’re going to pick three or four techniques and there’s different categories of techniques personally I find that it works really well to pick at least one from at least each you know each category make your categories different and the reason why is because there may be some times where you really respond to visual type techniques another times you may really respond to movement based techniques so pick one from each category and you’re gonna pick these techniques you’re gonna select them the night before and you are really gonna just run through these in your head over and over again you want to just you want these techniques to become habit just like this projection you want you don’t want to have to think about what to do when you wake up when you wake up you wanted to just come naturally and you’re gonna you’re gonna want to know exactly what to do and exactly which technique comes next and never just be laying there and wondering what’s next right so talking about the different categories let’s start with visual so one that I’ve talked about several times it really just comes naturally for me that works well is seeing through my closed eyelids in my sleeping mask so what you’ll do is you wake up you focus on projection and for three to five seconds you’re going to just intensely just look at the backs of your eyelids and you’re going to try to see through your eyelids with as much effort and intent as you can put put into it and during this process you’re going to try to really relax yourself further get closer and closer to sleep without slipping into sleep while you try to see through your eyelids now if that starts to work after three to five seconds you’re gonna stick with it just keep doing it because you are now experienced something non you’re experiencing something non physical and if at any point you experience something non physical you keep on proceeding with that action that brought that sensation about now if it doesn’t work you’ll move on to the next technique after three advice it’s another example of a visual technique that I’ve used it works well as seeing remote locations and it might not be a location I’ve ever been to but it’s almost as if you’re peering through a window at some city street or something and again if this is if it becomes not imagined but you really are seeing these things through your closed eyelids then stick with it and if you’re not three to five seconds passes you’re gonna go to the next technique okay so the next category let’s talk about auditory techniques so the one I have been successful with more often than any other is really just listening in to internal noise now everybody knows what everybody knows where the ringing in your ears sounds like right everybody’s got that now if I just intensely listen to that ringing I can hear multiple layers of ringing I can hear different tones of ringing in my ears and if I listen a little closer sometimes I can hear like a low rumble in the base in the background almost like a muscle car gunning its engine and if I listen closer sometimes I can hear the periodic pulsating rushes of energy that always turn into the vibrations now if in three to five seconds or at any point through this rotation of techniques if I can hear that pulsating static I’m gonna stick with that because I’ve through experience learned that that pulsating static turns into the vibrations vibrations allow me to project and that I’m set if three to five seconds pass and I don’t hear anything non physical I will move to the next technique so other techniques auditory type techniques I’ve never actually personally been successful with but I’ve read other people have used is listening to music so immediately try to hear music in your ears or in your head and if that sensation becomes not imagined and you really are hearing this music stick with it same thing with hearing conversations hearing people call your name if at any point you are convinced that that’s a real a real sound that you’re really hearing with your physical ears then stick with that otherwise you move on and try another technique all right so the next one now these are the ones that are the most successful for me because I tend to respond very well to motion based techniques so movement and motion based I’ve already talked about the they’re coaster you know I’ve mentioned that many times I really like the rollercoaster technique where I picture myself going in loops backwards and if at any point I feel that that twinge feeling in the back of my head that I mentioned that I always feel before the vibrations start then I will continue doing these loops with my rollercoaster if that doesn’t work after three to five seconds I move on another one that works well is what radula calls phantom wiggling and you may have heard of this this is just trying to move a non physical body part so let’s say you try to move a non physical finger or foot or something and if at any point that sensation becomes real and it feels like you’re really moving a body parts stick with it keep doing it otherwise you move on personally I would have I would modify this technique just a little bit and I wouldn’t call it phantom wiggling I would call it phantom flailing now I say that because just like with building this habit this intent in the first place where you’ve really got to put all of your effort and all of your focus and all of your intent into it and you can’t do it half heartedly a phantom wiggle of a finger really feels half hearted to me and I’ve never been successful doing that for me that the wiggling motion really works better as a flailing motion really just swinging my arms back and forth or really swimming vigorously through the water or you know something like that where I am really just putting all of my effort and energy into this movement its engine is non physical movement and if I can do that you know at least half the time the sensation suddenly becomes real and can lead to the vibrations and and I can get out so try phantom wiggling I would pet into that try phantom flailing I think it works better and one more and I’ve got this one this one from William bule man this one actually works really well for me as well I’ve used it a few times recently and this is a reach for a location that you’re not physically capable of reaching so personally what I do is I reach for the carpet on my floor now this is a good three feet below where my hand is hanging off the edge of the bed and even if I were to hang my arm off the bed I still can’t quite reach the so I will focus on stretching and reaching and reaching and reaching for that carpet and if there’s a point where I can run my fingers through the carpet then that’s a non physical sensation it’s an easy signpost to say continue continue with what with what you’re doing and if I can run my fingers through the carpet I start grabbing at the carpet and if I can grab at the carpet I’ll start running my hands into the carpet and into the floor and I start feeling the inside of the floor and usually by the time I get to the about to that point the vibrations will kick in and I can roll out alright so those are movement based the last category I would call other the other category and these are a little bit harder to describe and I think that radula really had a hard time describing these as well because he claims that they work incredibly well in his book but his description of them is very lacking to the point where it was it was frustrating for months while I tried to figure out what the heck he was talking about and he calls these two particular methods straining so straining your brain for instance and he says you gotta strain your brain you don’t have muscles in your brain but you gotta strain it and so I thought I don’t know how to do that I looked on other forums I found other people who were frustrated by his lack of information on how to strain your brain and after months of trying different things I actually accidentally stumbled across I think what he’s talking about so I’m gonna try to describe it a little bit better here in case anybody else is run across his description and been equally frustrated by it so for me when what it feels like is for those of you who are into any sort of gymnastics picture standing on your head or doing a headstand or even just hang your hang your head down between your legs and let the blood flow into your head and you start to feel this pressure inside your head now once you feel that pressure imagine what it would feel like to pulsate that pressure almost like you’ve got a heartbeat in your head and it’s pulsating stronger and weaker and stronger and weaker now keep in mind this is non physical this is all creative visualization type stuff and you’re not really trying to force blood into your head when you’re doing this but I’m trying to describe what this sensation feels like now when I’m when I actually perform this technique I’ll feel the pressure of my pillow in my head so that’s a real physical sensation I try to imagine what it would feel like if that pressure on the back of my head were to push itself forward extend itself forward and expand to fill the entire inside of my skull and then I will start strobing that sensation on the inside of my head and it’s so it’s still gonna take some practice I understand that’s it’s a strange thing to think about doing any sort of straining of a non muscle type organ but give that a try because when I’m able to do that nine times out of ten you look it’ll kick off the vibrations if I can get that sensation to feel real and I can really feel that pulsating pressure those vibrations come very quickly so the the last one straining your body without straining your muscles now this one I’d like to say I advise against it go ahead and give it a try but really the reason why I don’t recommend it is because it’s very similar to straining your brain so first of all I think that is effective enough but second of all it’s very easy to do that one wrong straining your brain you can’t do it wrong right there’s no muscles in your brain to strain so if you’re feeling something you’re doing it correctly with straining your body without moving a muscle it’s very easy to accidentally tense an arm or tense a leg or tense your stomach or something it’s very easy to tense a physical muscle while you’re trying to induce this non physical sensation so I I’ve tried this and it never fails that when I review my body from head to toe and I really try to evaluate whether I’m fully relaxed or not I find I’m gonna earn the 10 its tensed or my leg is tensed and and it’s because I’m trying to strain my body without using a muscle but it’s very very natural to actually strain a muscle while you’re doing that so give it a try if you’re interested if that doesn’t work for you stick with straining the brain because it’s very difficult to do that wrong if you feel anything you’re doing it right all right so pick like I said pick a number of techniques four or five you’re gonna run through these cycles as soon as you wake up when you wake up don’t move immediately turn your focus to projecting and then just start going through these cycles of techniques one over three to five seconds you’re gonna stop if you ever feel any non physical sensations I’m sorry don’t stop you’re gonna not stop if you feel any not physical since you’re going to stop rotating you’re gonna stick with that technique that provided you with the sensations and if they if it stops working if that technique suddenly becomes less effective then you’re gonna switch to the next one and continue on alright so these techniques they provide a couple of different things it provides you a signpost to tell you I’m getting closer because you start to feel non physical sensations you know that you’re getting closer to that borderland state where you can successfully project and second once they have started really starting to work usually they will actually turn into that vibrational state which for me is a prerequisite to getting out so that is that is the indirect method in a nutshell and now I know this might be a whole lot of new information for a lot of you out there because this is like I said not one that has regularly talked about some please if anything is unclear or if I didn’t explain something well or you want me to go into more detail please let me know feel free to comment ask questions I’d love to hear your suggestions on other methods to train your body into into the having this reflex because for me that alarm method worked but being that the intent and will method did not I’m sure the alarm method maybe won’t work for everybody so any other suggestions or ideas we’re definitely welcome as always I’ve got my blog below it a link below I written out this entire thing in text so you can go through and review this again because it’s a lot of new information probably and as always like comment subscribe help me build this community and I will talk to you guys again soon have a good one you..

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  • Easiest way i have discovered to go out of body is by physically draining your energy to the point where sleep is easy.. Also you can not sleep the night before to exhaust your body… Once the body wants to rest… you can easily remain mentally aware.. Now the hardest part is overcoming your demons.. I say this because in the state between states.. You see feel and hear energies that will scare the crap out of you… You need to train yourself to not be terrified and surpass that level/dimension/whatever you want to call it.. Once you overcome your fears and show that your not scared.. You can go to wonderous places that i cant even describe.. Truly is a wonderful experience. IMO nothing in life compares..

  • I’ve been wanting to make a recording of myself too. I was thinking of using binaural beats as background sound, go thru the- relax every body part, move your astral arms, guide thru visuals, catching ball, feeling rope, roll back & forth, etc, then bring up the intensity, raise my voice and say things like- “LIFT OUT NOW!” “ROLL OUT NOW.” Paul Santisi uses that style for his guided meds and it works, so I’d love customize his theme to exactly what I respond to, make the perfect guided meditation.

    My dogs used to distract me as I’d practice AP, until one day I realized they were actually helping me. As I was trying to AP I started to fall asleep, my dog barked and it thru me into a hypnagogic state, I then fell back asleep, another bark, back into hypnagogic, as this went on and on I caught that perfect moment in the hypnagogic state and I rolled right on out. I’ve been able to repeat this several times, doesn’t always work, but no one technique works every time. Perhaps I should make a guided astral med using a barking dog…

  • What do you mean by “just trying to project when you wake up”? how do you just try to project? do you mean just thinking about projection upon awakening? is that enough to trigger a projection. I’ve never projected, so I wouldn’t know how to project upon awakening. What exactly do you do when you wake up and your intention to project is already set?