How To Astral Project #5 – Projecting From A Lucid Dream

In this video, I cover how I use Lucid Dreaming to induce an Astral Projection.


hey guys what is today I thought we would continue the how to astral project series and the method I wanted to share with you all today is how to project from a lucid dream or how to convert a lucid dream into a projection now there’s got to be more than one way to do this and I say that because I’ve heard of other people projecting from lucid dreams but I’ve never actually read anything about this particular method that I use to project from a lucid dream it’s sort of a this is a result of lots of experimentation and trial and error so if you’ve got other methods of using a lucid dream to induce a projection please feel free to share help me fill in the gaps here alright so the the method that I use relies very heavily on the indirect method so if you haven’t watch my videos on the indirect method you’re welcome to go back and watch those but I’ll go ahead and just explain it real briefly here just in a nutshell so this makes sense the indirect method relies on the idea that you want to catch that transition between sleeping and waking and if you can catch that transition you can roll right out of body it’s almost as if the door to the astral is still just propped open and and you can just roll right out now the difficulty there is that you need to turn your attention to projecting and to your efforts on projecting immediately upon awakening waking up and I ideally like I said during that transition to wakefulness so it’s got to become an instinctive reflexive type reaction where you focus on projecting and you remain completely still hit so that’s that’s the toughest part when I wake up instinctively I started thinking about my day you know what I’m going to be doing at work that day I start scratching itching you know stretching yawning and by that point this indirect method doesn’t work anymore because you you’re too far out of the sleep state for to really take advantage of it all right but lucid dreaming can actually take all that difficulty out of the indirect method you can begin setting your intent and and building up your focus on projecting prior to even leaving the dream state so I’ll be in a dream I’ve become lucid I decide I want to project and I’ll start planning out how I want to separate you know am I gonna roll out of body am I just gonna sit up you know are you gonna climb a rope what our unit you plan your exit is essentially the idea and once you’ve done that and you’ve got a you know a set plan of action in your mind you initiate the wake up process and if you experience this the same way that I do the wake up process especially when self initiated from our self induced from a lucid dream can be much more slow much more gradual much more controlled than normally waking up you know to say an alarm clock in the morning and that slow gradual transition to wakefulness where your mind is conscious lucid aware and already set on the idea of projection through that entire transition makes it really easy to just roll right out during that transition and it gets rid of all you know the need for any sort of relaxation and techniques and you know all the various other things that you do with the direct method for instance to project so that’s all that’s all there is to it get in a lucid dream focus your intent on projecting plan your exit and then initiate the wake up process and during that wake up process just keep on going through this this that’s separation the separation effort until you actually feel it become real and roll right how to body or sit up or whatever it is now one thing I should mention is I found that it is incredibly easy to induce projection and separation symptoms or our sensations while in the lucid dream state so for instance the vibrations you know typically it’ll take me 15 to 45 minutes to just initiate the vibrational state or that jet engine roaring sound in my ears and that takes it takes a long time because I’ve got to get my body into that relaxed state get my mind into an appropriate void type state just in order to feel the sensations well what I found is that when I’m in a lucid dream it’s got to be because my body is so relaxed already and maybe I’ve got some sort of you know immediate connection to my subconscious mind or something but I’ll focus on the on initiating the vibrations for instance and just bam they’re there the vibrations just start during the lucid dream and so sometimes I you know I’ll use that you can use this as like a training type ground to gain comfort with the to raise your level of comfort with these sensations because sometimes these are it’s difficult to to make it through these sensations sometimes they’re very jarring very physical sensations and so I’ve used lucid dreams just to experience the the priests the exit sensations just so I can get more comfortable more and more used to them so that when I do induce them from other states I don’t ruin the state you know through fear or through excitement or anxiety or things like that so that’s one more thing to mention the other thing is that if you happen to miss that transition as you’re waking up you know from the lucid dream again you’re you’re already focused on this idea of projecting and you’ve already got this intent in your mind and you immediately can begin cycling through the techniques to induce the indirect method type projection so again even if you miss that transition not a big deal because you’re already in an ideal state to to put yourself back into a position where you can project so hopefully that makes sense this is a really great method if you are good at if you’re good at lucid dreaming or even if you only occasionally lucid dream but you’ve got some difficulty with the direct method and you know laying there until your body falls asleep kind of thing so hopefully that’s all hopefully that all makes sense with you guys and feel free to ask any questions if you need any clarification on anything share your own experiences please let me know if there’s other methods that you use to turn a lucid dream into a projection I’d be interested in hearing those since like I said this is sort of just a result of experimentation on my part as always like comment subscribe help me build this community I will talk to you guys later..

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  • Hi !! I’ve did this but had maybe 8 false astral projections because of that… but now at least I know how to recognize it very fast… I’ve still haven’t really astral project… look forward too !! Do you have tricks to help on that one ?? I can focus really hard but don’t seem to separate during this specific time !!

  • I’ve had lucid dreams turn into OBEs. It’s like your in a dream but then you realize the dream is an out of body experience. That’s happened to me quite a few times. Also I’ve noticed that everything I can do in a lucid dream I can do in an OBE. Like flying and moving really fast and manifesting stuff. I’ve also found that lucid dreams are a good time to practice astral combat. I’ve had dreams where someone or something would be chasing me and I would throw fire or lightning at them. One time I had a lucid dream where someone was chasing me through a mall and I used telekinesis to hurl a dumpster at him. Then another time I had a lucid dream where some creepy looking thing blasted my front door open. I manifested a force field where the door used to be and it couldn’t get through. Sometimes I’ve had to fight actual entities in lucid dreams. There a little bit harder to deal with but not much. So yeah if anyone wants to try to mess with me on the astral plane they should know that I have had a hell of a lot of practice and they may want to think twice.

  • I use lucid dreaming a lot more these days to induce an AP. My tech is more or less the same as yours. I’ve developed my own cues and boundaries over the years. My commands play the most important role, I.e . ” increase lucidity now” or ” keep eyes open (third eye), while traveling through walls or buildings” or ” astral project to ( wherever I’ve chosen )”. I had three indirect AP’s in a row last week. My vibration was high ( I can feel my vibration state just on the bridge of my nose). Most of these were linked to my lucid dreams. I’ve been working on remote viewing, upon exit from a lucid dream as well. My kind neighbors have written 3 letter notes for me for the past 10 years. I’ll AP upon intent to not only find the note, but read it, remember the content, and bring back the info to my physical body. I’ve found it several times. Once being so stoked, that when I found it, I decided to put it in my pocket. When I returned to my physical body, I then realized I wasn’t wearing any pants! Hence the verbal ‘ subconscious conversation with myself while in the astral, to cover all my retention bases! Thanks for the video

  • The problem for me is that when I’m in the lucid dream and i have the intention to Astral Project. I do in fact come back to my bed. Then i feel some intense tingles, and then i float out of my body. But then when i wake up, I realize that it was all still a dream. I dreamt I was having an AP, I didn’t really have one.

  • an easier method : when lucid just shout ‘dream go away”. Everything will like melt and you will find yourself in the astral realms/etheric realms (usually in your bedroom). No need to wake up.

  • I never had a lucid dream in my life.. Because I would wake up whenever I realize it’s a dream and since dreams are so fuzzy for me. Anyways this method’s not going to work for me I guess.. But it was great to see another video! please share your astral projection experiences when you have one. Always looking forward to your video post. Peace.