How To Astral Project – Beginners Crash Course

Astral projection vs. astral Travel how to astral project for beginners as I easily guid you through the 4 steps in order for you to experience your first astral experience for the first time 🙂

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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my name’s Ryan James cropper I like to be called Ryan JC it’s the first initials of my middle and my last name and I have a channel on astral projection and I also teach it for a living as the astral project which is pretty cool and recently I’ve had a video called the astral projection crash course right I’ve had this video on my channel for over a year and I’ve been asked to remake it a beginner’s guide a beginner’s astral projection video and I thought okay oh this is this is fine fun without remake it and I’ve been asked to make it more clearer for other people to understand know there have been people who’ve been able to do this first right I like to give a shout out to Jordan Reese who managed to actual project on his first try he says I’m going to try again tonight but I was surprised that it worked on my first try it’s crazy how real it feels now astral projection does feel real and I’ll tell you why later on in this video but today just now I’m going to be telling you how to answer projector beginners crash course yeah because a lot of people may not know everything about it and they want to get into it fast they won’t actually get quickly you know they don’t have much time to learn all the ins and outs and that’s fine you know you can find that on my channel we do just pick up a book right but in this video what I’ll be talking about is a way to get you up your body tonight like today like we’re going to get you out today granted you understand what I say throughout this video now there’s a four step system which I learned how to do that together from my own consciousness my own experiences through trial and error when I was 16 and it had never failed me since until I decided to redevelop my technique on how the actual project which is so complicated I have to actually teach people in Skype calls I can’t actually just make a video on it because it says two different ways of going a little perceiving it or looking at my technique I’m currently doing today which is just the mind it’s just a complete mind blown thing it just it takes time but in this video I’m going to tell you a quick way a shortcut semester project so it’s pretty much like this okay let me tell you a bit about myself first i’m ryan JC again and i died when I was 16 full on drowned to death I died I’m gonna make a video on that on my channel at some point but the reason why I’m saying this is because after I died and came back I were flooded with memories of when I used an astral project as a child at the time I didn’t know what it was called and the time was astral projecting I had absolutely no idea what it was I was doing like at all I just I just didn’t know and then when I came back and I was flooded with these memories I started looking into other experiences similar to us I living I neared if experiences you know because it got my attention the things that I saw after I died and the people out there experienced the same thing and after looking into it enough I realized what it was cool and after I realized this at the age of 16 and put together my own technique I ended up doing it on command whenever I wanted it got so bizarre to the point where I ended up doing it twice every day for 14 days to two weeks twice every day I wrote them down in a book a notepad I have over here I decided to make my channel to talk about my experiences okay now this is literally like the beginners crash course the beginner’s guide to astral projection now just before I tell you how to do this I bring it down very simple right here full tips and I put the four steps in the description below also I’ll also pop them up on the screen in text at some point real quick difference between astral travel and astral projection and astral travel is when you project an aspect on your consciousness without the astral body so you won’t have a form when you do this and when you’re actually traveling around you can see wherever you want to see and look into anyone’s window who can spy on anyone I wouldn’t recommend it it’s kind of weird I can actually feel you staring at them you know where you feel like someone’s watching you kind of thing and you can go anywhere any way you want and that’s absolutely only the experience is less realistic because you’re not bringing with you your counter on your astral counterpart which is your astral body and that is when it’s then called astral projection okay so that’s the difference between astral travel and actual projection actual travel is when you travel with your consciousness as your projection is when you project with your consciousness attached to your astral body which allows you to feel much more real wherever you go it’s not HD it’s more crisp much more of a realistic experience when you astral project so real quick to say that real real but I’d like you guys to share this share this make this thing go viral because I’ve got another version of this on my channel and when this video goes overboard when it comes to the amount of use then I can finally delete that one so I really don’t like having coffees you know when it’s like you’ve got copies of music when you’re i. Tunes or just try to you nuts yeah so the first thing you need to do is you need to lay down lay down on your back very very simple stay on your back okay most people when they get comfortable on their back they breathe or however long they want they they just focus on their breathing and they’re laying there and then they relax right on your back now you could do this slightly set up a little bit if you put a couple of pillows behind your head stop you from falling asleep if you like it’s clearly fine and you want to lay down and that’s the first thing you want to do okay first thing you want to do is lay down second thing you want to do is the first person this is a physical your eyes like this and it’s like you can look through your eyelids and see your hands first person and you want to first personally imagine yourself lifting out of your body and walking around the environment within your room you want to imagine literally feeling the texture of your wall you want to imagine rubbing your feet on the ground when I imagine tapping noise clap your hands do what if you like sing if you want it okay just make it so it feels as real as it can if you want to imagine it’s snowing outside you crack open the window it’s freezing cold by all means do so anything to make yourself really put your attention on what you’re doing okay and you’re excited about what you’re doing you want to do it you put all your attention on it that is what it means to really focus when you’re not trying to be focused or just really exciting people your attention something it makes things a lot more easier it makes it a lot more easier to stay on target when it comes to you doing these steps is when you’re really excited about astral projection for the first time which you should be able to do as I have been getting messages look at that one that I told you about earlier with Jordan how he was able to do on his first time and you’re surprised that it worked I think that was within like a week of me posting the one that I posted last year which was basically the same thing I’m talking about here with this one’s more Christmas okay so what you do that once you do that and it gets easy all you’ve got to do now is bring your awareness back into your body okay now when you bring your awareness back into your body you’ve got doing is like open your eyes or blink kind of things quite simple but then the third thing you do is you make an intention you make an to notice your body falling asleep notice your body falling asleep and if you’ve ever made the intention to wake up in the morning and make a cup of tea then congratulations you qualify for this third step if you’ve ever made the intention to wake up in the morning and make some toast or some cereals and shreddies some Quito’s whatever’s your flavor the congratulations you’ve you’re going to be able to do this okay maybe the intention is just making like a mental note to do something that’s wrong it’s really that simple if you’ve done all this stuffing congratulations you’ve initiated to being able and perfectly capable enough to make this third step happen which is making the intention to notice your physical asleep making the intention to make your physical body or sleep okay if I may I said it to folks it’s really that simple okay now it’s often easiest to do this step when you remember a time in your past where you’ve already noticed yourself falling asleep you know when you feel that job thing feeling when you feel you’re gonna fall out of your bed or when you’re late you lose what went of your physical body but you don’t really care kind of thing and it’s just blackness void and you’re not even thinking about what it is that you’re seeing coming into your head kind of thing those moments when you notice your physical body about to fall asleep where your consciousness is aware enough for you to catch yourself noticing yourself slipping into a deeper state of consciousness to the point where you then follow on to falling asleep all you’re doing is making the intention to notice when your physical body gets to that stage okay right then the fourth step is after you’ve done that okay after you brought your wareness back to your body after step one which is laying down you then turn to any side that you fall asleep on which is then when you set the intention which is the third step then after you set the intention which is the third step you then want to basically bear witness to whatever happens next because what happens next is if you’ve done this correctly you’ve understood what I’ve said you should be able to get the vibrations now when you get these vibrational states of happening happening then to you within this next stage it’s not gonna be did I actually do that I’m not sure maybe I didn’t expect no you’re going to know when you’ve experienced the vibrations it’s going to be very very obvious okay it’s going to be very apparent now what’s happening to you has never had before it may excite you a little bit it may shoot up the adrenaline it may make you nervous because it’s loud it’s incredibly loud it’s incited like your pineal gland for starters so don’t worry you’re not good death okay it’s inside your pineal gland and it makes your entire being vibrate to an incredibly high pitch like white noise kind of on steroids okay so you’re going to know when this happens and it’s not going to be I’m not sure what kind of situation you’re going to know it’s going to be completely alien you’ve never had it happen to you before in this way so once that happens it will die down and once it begins to die down the next thing that happens is all you need to do is literally get up now your physical body you won’t get up but you do need to get up as if you’re in your physical body now let me kind of wake you like what so what you do is you get up as if it’s your physical body your physical body and your astral body are in two different locations but your mind is tethered to your astral body in the present moment after the fourth stage is complete so when you get up only you ask your body will get up your physical body will stay wherever it is in 3d so I’m right JC so you’ll be about do it share subscribe like comment do what you like this video make sure it goes above the last one how to actual project crash course this won’t be called how to astral project beginners crash course and again I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you how to do it okay that is you lay down first person intention and then observe their witness online JC I’ll speak to you guys pretty soon..


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  • 1. Lay down
    2. Imagine you are moving/doing things in first person and imagine that you are feeling what you are doing as if you are actually doing that thing
    And then bring your awareness back into your body.
    3. Set your intention
    Make the intention to notice your body falling asleep (a mental note to yourself).
    4. After you notice yourself falling asleep you should get vibrations, once it starts to die down, or once the vibrations have died down, get up, just get up as you would with your physical body and if everything was done right you should leave your physical body behind.

  • Woa dude! I tried this technique about 30 minutes ago. I got to the point of the vibration thing. I felt this vibration overcoming my entire body and in my head. it was distinct and loud! I felt like i could not breath. Your right, it is a trip and i knew it was it but i was afraid to let go and i just saw trippy geometric pasterns in my mind that were very vivid. I felt like was being sucked in but I got pulled back. Dang gonna try this again. High Vibes man!

  • I heard my father saying about astral projection,One say at night he suddenly came out of his body and saw his body was lying and sleeping ,he thought that he was dead ,He went up to heaven and saw heaven …Then he came back ….After some days he saw a movie named “Baba” (a Tamil movie) directed and acted by Rajinikath (He is a deep meditator) where he saw a scene of heaven that he actually seen when he astrally travelled …