How To Astral Project – Beginners Guide & Tips

Handy techniques and instructions on how to begin your astral projection journey. From a beginners perspective, keeping things simple and easy for you and sharing my first astral projection experience.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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I’m relatively new to this so um yeah maybe maybe it’s easier to learn from someone who’s just started rather Masson he’s had like extensive experience and and maybe takes the little things for granted um so what is astral projection ah I don’t know like I’ve been researching that and everyone’s got their own ideas about what astral projection is for me it’s when my astral body um or my energy body leaves my physical body and I’m completely conscious during that time I can control and do whatever I like what led me to astral projection was actually an incredible dream I had a lucid dream that I had and I spoke to a girlfriend about her and she was like you were astral projecting and I’m like we didn’t even know what it was I didn’t even know that that was a thing and that’s what people did I had been meditating for I don’t know maybe two months before I started to try an astral project and I think that is really important so if you can try to meditate for like 20 minutes a day I know meditation can be really hard and frustrating what I used to make it a bit easier was just guided meditation audios from that was really helpful because when you’re new to meditation it’s like stop thinking and you can’t stop thinking do you think your entire life and then all of a sudden you’re told to stop and it’s just you get frustrated with yourself and and then ends up being like the opposite to meditation is this self destruction start meditating and kind of try to get in tune with your own body’s vibrations maybe about a year ago I didn’t even know it was my own body’s vibrations even back then I was just thinking what the hell’s going on I’d lie in bed at night and it usually happens when I’m really really relaxed but I’m still awake and I just felt the bed vibrating and I woke my boyfriend off and ice Tommy are you masturbating and he’s like wow I’m sleeping what are you talking about and I was like I was like what the hell if he’s on this plane what the hell was that and yeah and then maybe about a month after that I felt the exact same thing and I said they clicked same thing to him the poor guy um and I don’t know so he tells me he wasn’t who knows whether that’s true but um yeah that’s how I feel my body’s what own vibrations when I’m completely in a like relaxed meditative day I’m just like mmm we’re trying to get in tune with that that vibration I would go to bed about half an hour early mind you when I first started astral projection or trying to astral project I astral projected one week after I started so that was pretty cool so for those who have been continuing like trying over and over again don’t give up you’re probably just getting closer and closer to it um hopefully I can give you some tips on how to get that so meditation I would go to bed half an hour early and I would play an astral projection guided meditation on and they play these kind of really cool sound frequencies that supposed to enable you to astral project it never actually worked for me but what it did get do for me got me to the vibrational stage and um I’ve had the vibrational stage where it just feels like this this strange vibration but then the one that actually got me to astral project with a spinning vibration is a room number one tip your body needs your physical body needs to be rested for me personally I’ve astral projected five times now and I’ve never done it before I’ve gone to sleep I’ve always done after I’ve slept so in the morning so I would suggest waking up maybe sending your alarm half an hour early waking up and then when you go back to sleep trying to astral project then or astral project try astral projecting during the day that is a really helpful tip I mean going to bed a bit early and just trying to get to the vibrational stage is a really good idea it’s just good practice just to get to that stage but I think you it’s that in between stage of being away from falling asleep and when you go to bed at night you just it you know tip number one definitely try to do it when your physical body is rested so get up a bit early in the morning we’ll have a nap during the day I love nothing during the day um okay then so meditation vibrational speech when you’re in your vibrational state what’s really helped me is not to vote focus on the vibration it’s like for example when I look straight ahead but I’m noticing what what I can see on the side that is similar technique I used with the vibration so I’m noticing the vibration but I’m not focusing on it I doing really tried it like as soon as I start focusing on the vibration it it seemed to disappear so what I do is I think of a flower and and I also devote a tiny bit of my focus to the vibration and then that’s when it picks up as I warm mmm and then you hear this noise and it sounds like me when I’m angry it’s like it’s really high pitched and when you hear it you know what if you think you’ve heard it you probably haven’t heard it um and after you hear that noise you’re in so my very first astral projection experience after a week of doing the going to bed early and practicing them the meditation and getting to the vibration of stage one actually going all the way through after a week of doing that one morning about seven o’clock in the morning I work hard switched on my phone um checked out Facebook as we do pretty thing to do first thing in the morning but oh well and I am following this guy who astral projects any new status he wrote something like it’s great to hear everybody’s astral projection stories and I was like ah why can’t I do this Soto my phone off again and I started meditating and then I just felt the mmm and I did not focus on it but at the same time just a tiny bit of focus I started to think about a flower and I also said I’m not scared just take me and it’s true I wasn’t scared at all and I really think that if you are scared that might be holding you back anyway so as soon as I said that the vibrational stage just picked up it went wall and then went and then I heard the high pitched sound and then BAM I’m in space and I’m kind of passing this orange planet could have been Mars but I don’t know intuitively I thought Jupiter no idea why but whatever and so I’m just floating past this planet and I said in my mind take me where you think I need to go and so I get slammed back into my body in my bed and then I start spinning on my bed and it felt like I was just in this crazy on this crazy ride it just went so I put my hands out as you do when you’re on a ride and as I reached my hands out my physical body became more conscious so as I poured my arms back in I start to rise above my body so I see my body on my bed I float to my bedroom door through it then down my hallway through my front door fly ungracefully mad to a nearby park was just like wow it’s just really not very grateful at all um go to a nearby park do a bit of spinning action there then I returned back into my room decend back into my body and before I become conscious I am I see this really incredible vision of a checkboard with every second square um have a human eye just going room just staring at me so I had like 40 eyes just staring at me and I thought it was really cool yeah like when I saw it I was like what the hell does that mean but I’m just bringing to a couple of friends and stuff they seem to think and I guess I do my mind’s eyes just got a bear its opening up which is cool um yeah and then I woke up and the strange thing about my whole astral projection experience is that the song Blackbird by the Beatles was playing the entire time never even heard of that song before I am I had to Google the lyrics that I knew and then I found the song and played it on and also well the cool thing about it is the lyrics they’re so fitting it’s like all my life I’ve been waiting for this moment to arise Blackbird fly um despite being really terrified of birds I don’t know maybe this is like an indication of a new beginning a new exciting beginning but I was really really really excited and really really grateful that I could astral project within a week of trying um no one else really should Mike’s like I think my sister thinks I’m a bit crazy main tips in astral projection is there’s a lot of warnings about astral projection and kind of like evil dark entities latching on to your energy body and then when you return to your physical body you have a lot of like health problems get a lot of bad laughs and just oh I just feel like you attractive in this reality and any other reality you attract the projection of yourself so if you’re in a pretty place and a really dark place um I don’t know I don’t think I would recommend astral projection I think sort your out because I don’t think that is like I don’t think it’s it’s the way to go because you don’t want to risk that you’re really doing and saying that I do say prayer at night before I go to sleep not every night but most nights I will say something like to my angels to God to my parents because my parents died surround me with the golden light protect me from any evil entities if I do an astral project and then I imagine like a golden light surrounding me and I personally believe if it’s really comforting and you know your perception is your reality so if you believe it is true research different techniques we’re all unique we’re all different some stuff have you no work to me other stuff will work for you um also definitely utilize the guide the astral projection guided meditation tutorials on they’ve been really helpful especially for me to get to the vibrational stage another thing I think um stops people is fear um because a couple of times when I was when I got to the vibrational stage before I went to bed um I just feel my heart gone boom boom boom boom and I just felt like just an influx of anxiety and butterflies at the same time and I was scared I was scared but I was trying to relax and the time that I actually did it I wasn’t scared at all I was just like take me so I do you think that fear can can be one factor on stopping people from actually getting into the next dimension um another thing about astral projection once you start doing it it’s pretty exciting and kind of addictive um I did it like one week after I was I was trying and then I did it one week after that and then I didn’t do it for about three weeks and I was really kind of obsessed about it and I’d say to Tommy um I don’t even know why I can’t do it anymore I couldn’t even get to the vibrational stage and he’s like maybe because you’re trying too hard maybe because you’re just so obsessed with it and I think it’s true so I think it’s important to have fun with it and not take it too seriously so why should we astral project why should we give it a go I feel like we’re just we’re all born into this world so pure and so untainted and then we grow up and we just get conditioned with all this we’re told that think that things are important that aren’t we study our asses off for god knows how long we get it go to university get a degree in some course we’re not even interested in then we get a job that’s incredibly uninspiring and we get married to someone we don’t love and then we have children because hey isn’t that what we do um I just feel like astral projection it it makes you question all that it throws you into this other dimension that you didn’t even know existed and you’re like whoa and you question everything you believe in and I think that is pretty incredible and we don’t know much and it’s really cool to kind of step back and say actually I know very little and there’s so much more to learn so astral projection is inspiring in that sense another reason to astral project is because it’s pretty friggin fun waking up in your own bed and walking out and kind of just wondering that’s really cool um but another things that I got from astral projection was you experience what it’s like not to have a physical body and as cool as that sounds when you give back into your body it’s like well what I have here and what I lived through every single day is pretty awesome so you kind of you don’t take your body for granted kind of want to nurture and take care of it and be grateful and experience with it and yeah it makes you just appreciate your physical body because we’re being put in this physical world for a reason so let’s kind of like live life in this world and you know as cool as it is to kind of jump into different dimensions um let’s not forget that we’ve been put in this world and into this body for a reason..


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  • love you for how genuine and authentic you are!! I’ve been repeating what you say when i get those spinning vibrations..that you’re ready and “take me where i need to go” kind of thing. it actually caused me to start floating up and i freaked out lol. I will try again sometime soon

  • I love your personality-you are so beautiful
    I AP spontaneously on occasion and will start to meditate more in order to do it on command and have more clarity. I just learned how to fly into space but fear sent me into a free fall back to earth (pain free hard landing haha). I can relate to your comment about flying gracefully. I don’t fly graceful yet either – practice makes perfect

  • I appreciate people like you so much..keeping it real as possibly can be and not making it seem like you’re more advanced than others simply because you have APed when a viewer hasn’t. You are proof that AP is real and I love that you shared the beginner’s perspective. I am a beginner too. I hope I can fly out of my house the next time I AP, oh my goodness…I get butterflies just thinking about possible astral projection experiences.