How To *Astral Project* (Beginners Tutorial)

I wanted to share an astral projection technique I have started using that is giving me really great results. I myself am a beginner at this but I know a lot of you are wanting to astral project so I thought I would share my experiences and make a short tutorial to help you out. Be mindful this isn’t the only way to astral project this is just the technique I have been using with great results. Some of you may have had an OBE/Out Of Body experience when you were not sleeping. I consider this a different phenomenon and have some experience with this as well.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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what’s up everybody useful Astro social guy right now I’m outside in the backyard just absorbing in nature just listen to the birds chirp also we got some dogs barking and stuff got a lot going on out here but what I wanted to talk about in this video this astral projection and astral projection products some of you out there that don’t know what it is most people that are into a cult information and you know learning about their selves and inner work and stuff like that or energy manipulation psychics you know they know about astral projection and astral projection is basically something that it can either happen by accident or it can be a skill that you train for and basically it’s like a out of body experience some people will call it an OBE or ubi or anything like that basically you have an out of body experience while you’re sleeping I guess that you would say I guess at other times like some people take like different drugs or things like that to have out of body experiences which I had an out of body experience that way too but I’m not going to talk about that in this video that’s a whole different story but but yeah me personally I don’t have this natural ability to astral project so I actually have to train myself to do it and although I haven’t mastered it I wanted to share you know my experiences with it so far and also the technique that I use that is giving me the you know the best results because I have tried like one or two other techniques in the past and I didn’t really have any results and let me also say that I’m not really like trying to force myself to astral project I haven’t you know I’m not trying every day it’s not something that I feel like I need to just have it happen right now but you know there’s certain times where before I go to sleep I’m like you know what I’m going to go ahead and try to astral project so also let me just mention that I did have some dental work so I’ll be talking a little bit weird if you you know watch my other videos and stuff you’ll notice that maybe I’m talking a little funny but but anyways so astral projection is basically when you have an out of body experience while you’re sleeping and basically you’re attached to the silver cord it’s almost like an umbilical cord to your body that it that you’re attached to and when you leave your body you can basically travel to different dimensions different planets different solar systems you can travel here on earth and this is like it can be real time stuff it can be in the past or the future from what I’ve heard though only experiences I’ve had so far have been real time but yeah the technique that I want to share with you that I’ve been using with and I’ve been having good results is basically you know when you close your eyes you see these these lights like yellow red green you just see these different lights and shapes and everything forming and some of you may even get pictures you know I’ve had this happen where you know I get certain pictures and the colors but usually you know it they’re lines and shapes looks like energy um what you want to do is before you go to bed or you can also do this any time during the day just try to make it dark in whatever room you’re in and quiet if you have animals or anything you might want to take them out if you have a significant other or brother or sister or whatever that sleeps in your room you may want to try to do it when they’re not there because you can wake up really easily if someone you know wakes up and moves or make some noise or anything like that or your animal makes a noise this has happened to me from personal experience you know I have a cat and when I’ve tried it in the past sometimes she would make some noise and she has a bell around her neck and not wake me up as well as my girlfriend you know there’s times where I tried to do it and she might turn over and move and then it wakes me up but what I do is I close my eyes and what I do is I just focus all my attention and you know I put all of my focus into these lights and I just stay concentrating on these lights and I try not to doze off that’s pretty much the hardest part is trying not to doze off because you can just end up falling asleep and you know and just have a regular dream or not dream at all or whatever and just totally skip out the astral projection apart now I’ve had two experiences with it so far that have worked and it has been the only two times I tried it and I’m going to go ahead and try to get to nine to five some really good results I’m going to make another video sharing that and basically what happened to me I’ll share you my experience I don’t know if this is how it will be with everyone I have heard similar experiences from people that astral project was basically I was focusing on the lights when I closed my eyes the colors it’s usually like a yellow red and a green those are usually the colors that I see a lot but and sometimes I see like a purple color too I don’t really see blue as much and I guess I see a little bit of orange but I don’t see a lot of blue but I do see purple too and sometimes I see just like white uhm but usually yellow red green and purple and I just focus on those and I don’t try to make anything out of those colors and shapes and everything I just let them form and I just basically pay attention to what it’s doing and I try to keep myself awake and aware but also not try to force being awake and aware if that makes sense because I find if I try to force myself to stay up and things like that it doesn’t really work it’s it’s kind of like a thing where you have to just teach yourself to be aware but not be so conscious that you never actually get to astral project um but yeah also when I do that I noticed that I start to hear these really weird sounds like a it started off this last time I was I was really aware of the sounds that were going on in my head or you know outside of me I’m not sure where the sounds are coming from I’m guessing from inside of me and first it sounded like a buzz and sometimes I hear this sound when I doze off to sleep but it’s basically like it’s like I hear like this this zap of energy or something and sometimes this actually wakes me up when I’m going to bed you know I his I wake up and I go like that sound again I’m not sure exactly where it comes from but I’ve heard of other people um you know having experiences with sounds as well see my cat she’s coming along for the ride but uh yeah oh yeah she just had kittens she had five kittens so she’s having some fun now now that they’re getting older and she doesn’t have to watch them as much even though she still does watch them um but yeah I hear this sound like this and then what I noticed this last time um it probably happened before but but I noticed this last time is that I started to hear like this sound like out here decision and then I would just tell myself just you know keep keep your focus on the lights and the tension on that and just be aware of what’s going on don’t try to force it and so I kept doing that and I eventually would hear and it usually be when I’m starting to doze off and then what ended up happening is I start hearing a continuous sound in this sound the best way I can describe it it sounded like a couple of table saws going off like one on this year and one in this year or this side of the head and this side of the head and I just use and I just uh you know was aware of that sound going on and I pretty much knew that I was probably going to astral project when that was going on because I’ve heard of other people having experiences where you hear different sounds it could be things like that or the sound of chains or ringing in your ears or to feel like your chakras are spinning or you feel like you’re vibrating your body can feel like it’s going to sleep and needles are you know poking it all over and stuff like that I didn’t feel any of that but I just heard these sounds and it was just sounding like the two table saws going off and then I dozed off like I actually do stuff but then when I became conscious again I was actually astral projecting I was floating above my body and from what I could feel the only thing I could really feel was I was weightless I couldn’t really feel like you know my skin or anything because essentially I was out of my body and that’s just the way it felt to me was like I was weightless and I was a part of everything if that makes sense and I actually like I could see like my eyelids open when I became conscious and I felt weightless and I was floating above my body right above the bed and I opened my eyes and I just looked around my room and I was like whoa I’m astral projecting and here comes a bluejay roofie you guys hear it there all these animals are coming around right now but uh but I just experienced this weightless you know body I guess my third body my astral body and I just looked around my room and I was like whoa I’m really outside of my body and I can see my room and it looked exactly like my room um be mindful also I was wearing uh something over my eyes I like to wear things over my eyes sometimes when I’m sleeping when I want to make sure you know no light creeps into my you know vision or anything so I had something over my eyes so it wasn’t like I was just waking up and I was looking out actually my eyes were covered in the room was completely dark and I was able to see my room and I seen the pictures on my wall I seen the plants on my dresser you know everything was exactly like it was before I went to sleep and then for some reason I decided to just go to sleep I was like whoa this is cool you know but you know this is a little too much right now I’m going to go ahead and just go back to sleep and then I just dozed off and I actually don’t remember anything else that happened that night but that was my big experience so far with astral projection and it’s from using the technique of just focusing on those lights and just being aware and just but as well as not trying to force it and letting myself you know letting my body relax and letting my consciousness basically relax and the first experience I had with it which was interesting that I should share was I did the same thing I was focusing on that and I heard that but I didn’t hear a continuous like a table saw type sound but I heard that continuous I mean not the continuous sound but I heard this issue and what happened was that time I actually felt like I was out of my body but I was in complete darkness it was like I was in this void and my body felt weightless except for my feet were still attached to my body I don’t know if anybody else experienced this but my feet were still attached to my body and I was trying to actually pull my feet out of my body because I was conscious but I was in this void of dark of dark you know I don’t want to say darkness because that can mean two totally different things but everything was just complete dark there was nothing in my surroundings I felt like I was floating above my body but my feet were still attached and some people I guess call this the void and I was attached just by my feet and I was aware that I was coming out of my body but my feet were still attached so I was trying to kick my feet out of my body and trying to like push out but what ended up happening is I ended up actually uh coming back into my body and I ended up waking up so that was my first experience when I tried this particular technique and then the second time was the first story I gave so every time I’ve tried this technique I have had um good results those two times those two experiences I had those good results and what I want to be tonight is hopefully when I actually do come out of my body and astral projection to go out and explore this time I also feel like it might be a good thing to not go out and explore so much on your first try you know maybe just come out and looking like I did you look at your room and your surroundings and see everything and if you feel comfortable with that then you know go out and explore more but that’s I guess where my comfort level was at the time so pretty much those are my experiences and I think that you should try this technique out I had results the first time in the second time and hopefully the third time I’ll have results I have tried other techniques that didn’t work for me I had lucid dreaming and stuff going on but that was pretty much it and right now this blue jay let me just show you real quick about this blue day there’s these two blue jays I think they’re a couple that go around and they basically terrorize all of the animals like right now he’s he or she or whatever is terrorizing my cat and just bugging it but they also I’ve seen these two blue jays terrorizing squirrels and other birds like for some reason they go around and they’ll just be terrorizing and fighting them like I see them fighting with hummingbirds all the time and a couple of these other birds and then they come around and actually bother my cat too which they’re doing right now but I’m telling them you know I tried to tell him like calm down one day she’s gonna get mad and get you like the other day she was in the front yard and the same blue bird that’s messing with her now was messing with her and she started you know getting down in her lower low stance and just Y wiggling her tail in the blue Blue Bird got on the grass with her and was getting pretty close so my cat was ready to attack it but then it happened to turn around and do some stuff and then fly away so you know it’s very interesting to observe because I come out here all the time and I see this blue jay always messing with other animals I guess you know not only in the animal world I mean in our world with the humans even though it’s the same world you know I’m saying but you know although humans you know do things like that it’s like I see the animals can do the same thing but that’s pretty much it that that end part isn’t really related to the video just something that’s going on right now so try this technique out if it doesn’t have people happen for you on the first time just keep on trying it you know try it when you have some time to yourself and you can get the darkroom and just relax or you know just every night when you go to sleep try it and you know you can try out different techniques as well I’m going to be probably trying some different techniques out in the future if this technique doesn’t seem to work well right now it’s giving me good results so that’s pretty much it I want to thank you for watching you can find more information on astral sourcing calm and pacing y’all..


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