How To Astral Project-Candle Technique

Greetings I am Rion your Host on this Journey in Remembering your True Self. May our shared Experience Bless us with Abundance and Understanding:)

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blessings family and welcome to how to ask for project I am your host Rihanna I am here to show you guys a technique that I developed believe when I was 19 years old I reloaded these videos the technique I taught myself was 19 on my original channel 0 7 and it was how to project Wolverine you might have seen it you might not the key to this equation is keeping this technique is actually using the candle in this technique it allows your focus or they always talk about how important is to spill the mind and to gather all of your focus for what you can do this you can actually block out the outside world get into your Center and then you can actually achieve many great things so with that let’s begin all you need to do to try this out at home probably guys around the planet they would love to we’re going to turn on your third eye your pineal gland your gods eye this technique will eat you in understanding the focus necessary and the importance of sticking with it just for you guys know before we started it took me 8 months before my eyes came on completely eight months of doing this technique every single night and I will show you the progression of that where you might only for the first couple of days first week and I’ll explain to you more about that do it so here we go first thing you do get a lighter get a white candle light it up as you like the candle this is what I want you to focus as you kind of zoom in and you’re staring to handle you will notice where the flame actually hits the atmosphere around you know the air space around that flame there is a space maybe one to two millimeters depending how big your flame is up in your hands okay what I want you to do with your eyes lock on to the space between where that flame is and actually where it’s the atmosphere there’s a little magical space in between there where I call that magical space our dimensional rift between dimensions fire has always been used as a gateway between and doorway between worlds always been ours will be always hesitant okay so and you’re staying in this little gap what happens I remember you guys are never experienced we were watching TV sometimes and we look within the team you look back in TV you might be looking a little 13 inch TV box and the TV looks like it’s you know huge TV your eyes playing tricks on you sometimes may be staring something or stare at your phone and your eyes gonna do they kind of lock on and they really zoom in the same type of thing which I’m asking you to do right now with this point your eyes are going to adjust and then readjust and it just and then readjust so you can lock on to the border if you’re familiar with the magic eye posters came out in the 90s it’s a it’s a basically 2d image a bunch of fractals I’ll put one behind me however when you stare at the 3d image or at the magic eye poster all of a sudden your eyes adjust relax just relax all of a sudden here comes that 3d image that pops out of the TV again another reflection of staring at the edge or the barrier as your I just rang at this candle I want you to feel your need to expand what happens for me and for me in this density everything is very very for us however your energy bodies in our energy bodies when we truly get into our power they expand you guys have ever seen the movie Tron when Tron’s dad you know the main characters dad when they want to go gets hurt the dad wants to fix her DNA pull it up her DNA and then it expands it so you can see what he’s looking at and then he can adjust then you said files a bad game puts it back into the construct what I’m getting to is as you expand your vision expand your mind start utilizing but I’m gonna give you a little tidbits of hints because I want this to do people different than the original video you watch now back to the candle once you have that barrier blocked in it’ll take you between eight to ten minutes the first time casually look up and what you’re going to see in the beginning is you can see the reflection of that little candle a little angry that burned it you know your focus point of your focus and you turn your head here he’s got a little candle move right it’s gonna go over here go over there wherever you feel it it’s gonna move around that’s not important this is important where that refraction settles is important or that is your focus this cameras gonna move all the way around so it’ll handle it all the way around also it’s gonna stop immediately stops right here okay through the side it stops right here where my fingernail is right okay now that is your focus point okay you can also do this you can also do this with the Sun during Sun gazing during the dawn or dusk hours native way is that if this one is orange or pink you’re good to go if it’s called yellow not the best time to Sundays just give me a little heads up out there and be very careful with your eyes now as you’ve locked into your focus point and you have it in front of you this is practice for you when you lay down literally you be in your room right now in the dark just got this you know flame burning right here in front of you with your eyes lock on to it now go lay down on your bed you’re sitting up your bed lay down close your eyes you will still see the in grain of that flame in your eyes when it with your eyes closed or it settles this is what I want you to do I want you to understand that your vessel your body is a finishing and engine which runs off your heart I want you to remember the amount of draw and force that exists inside of us I want you to remember these things is supernatural force of the universe which costs us through our veins so as you’re sitting there I want you to pull that energy up in the ground tell you laying flat on your back I want you legs to your stomach the Chivas or hit your heart only you flex and want you to pull all of that energy from your life force and I want you to move it up and then I want you to direct it right to your pant leg and what I do is is kind of like a waiting guys it comes up and then it crashes comes up it arcs and then it locks on in crashes okay just like a wave your energy your energy signature and it is your will which power this way so as you feel that energy rising in your body it arcs the Anglet back towards your little triangle your your third eye and so what you do take that energy focus it right you block on right or that focus point that candle is its focused okay now I want to add the rotation there we go everything in the universe rotates we rotate around the Sun we our DNA rotates everything is rotating always around us understanding this so to go counterclockwise spin here we go here’s my target I want to I want to get to my target fit in the walls that be reality this way counterclockwise and she begin to draw this hoop of energy to help you in the beginning imagine a hula hoop full size in front of you big golden we go take the outer perimeter that and work your way in towards the center of that Hulu tighter tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter until you go right back to the your focus point and then gosh with it they’re not boom what you’re trying to literally do which I didn’t understand when I made that first video is I am literally willing my constant is to pierce through the veil and I’m taking all that if it’s me I’m focusing all down all my energy focused down to the size of something let’s say a needle and the tip of that needle penetrates right through the veil it penetrates with your force your frequency and energy through this veil okay so counterclockwise to drill in drilling in you’re drilling one thing guys one thing about a tornado you’re skimming is that have a huge tornado I’m in the eye of the storm you rotate this tornado horizontally rotate it this way and drive all the energy coming up from your body arcing and then pulse hit you focus point the pulse shot up again your third eye which is right here right here pulse the faster you can pulse the faster you can maintain that focus the faster some of things what’s going to happen is it’s your block going to this focus point this flame which is burning inside of you it brighter you can see if you just reflected and refracted that image now as you do that you want to travel towards that focus point so your mind’s eye I’ll take you a while before you’re getting closer and closer and closer to that focus point you’ll know you’re getting closer to your focus point ladies and gentlemen because that little pinpoint or that flame that focus point will get bigger and bigger they’ll start like this big I’m gonna be bigger and bigger until that sphere that focus point that flame you actually go right through it okay just keep it’s a very odd sensation and you’re gonna feel frustrated in time so I want you to know that that is absolutely normal you were trying to manually reset your suit that is what you are truly doing you are manually resetting your consciousness your suit to operate in the manner in which you know it does operate any not what this place has told you and in remembering yourself I’m going through the wormhole all the sexy the wolf’s cartoon walls are moving caves I’m kind of tripping out on kind of tripping out stay on your focus point stay on your beads day on your focus point stay on your feet what’s gonna happen is you’re going to got what I call the roller coaster you’re gonna go up they’re gonna go down all the side of your here we reach that focus point you will go through it and what it feels like is like kind of like a roller coaster sensation when you’re riding with it now it’s not no longer separate from you that sphere of light is now around you entirely and what you’re actually doing is you’re actually traveling right your mind is traveling through this veil through this construct to a place where your multi dimensional roots were falling all right back to you check this out counterclockwise to drill it clockwise to pull things to you see when you’re aiming using your third eye and you’re going through the astral and the walls are rotating the keys the faster the rotation of the balls spin here’s your focus point there’s the spin okay the walls be rotating do not focus on the rotational spin focus on your focus point here is your target here the factor wall spin the faster the speed okay so it first don’t be going like this the walls are kinda okay the faster the revolution the faster the revolution the faster the acceleration Apache travel free now this technique is just to open the door to some of the experience you guys are gonna have it is a way to manually go through the veil with your own will it is whether you can work on this in Europe either in your in your apartment in your home in your bedroom you by yourself or disclaim technique until you can actually learn once again how to utilize your pineal gland and utilize that God and utilize see and utilize understanding more about who you truly are and that is why I made this video for you so guys we turn your third eye on I want to show you some things that you might experience well it understand if you’re living in a big major city or you’re living in a place that has a lot of history when did you even further die on your period peering through the veil and practicing some of the spiritual component entities beings consciousness you know by you through your house on your property you see interacting and a different dimension of plate with you here’s some things understand you are that eternal being that actually chose to take a physical form there is no difference between that entities however in the physical in this game there are certain things that you’re able to do in this suit that is very powerful transmutation in that indigo flame you know so what I want you to so when your third eye does come on and you do see some things that you might not be accustomed to remember this it’s all a phase in your transition if you’re what we’re walking down here or the basement what you’re saying and we’re making our way up to the 1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor 4th floor or the fifth floor and we’re making our way up to understand as you go up in frequency so does those characters elegant grace and beauty so sometimes when you first get your eyes open you’re actually staring at some aspects around you might get a little spooked but you’ll understand there’s a duality there is light and there is a night so I want you to understand that and walk into the light trust her heart but understand that it unity consciousness and unconditional love is everything everything however in the beginning is first turning of your third eye on your first behaved ascendancy the most important thing for you to understand is balance balance balance balance resonate everything you see with your heart called down your protection call down your light and airy feel my first driver dude this guy’s house house for projecting every time I felt a little reader nervous my start see me dudes remember in all this I was always you know only those things that exist my order of life they stand you my presence you know boom did it work out there Archangel Michael my highest self come to me now my higher yourselves help protect me I feel a little weird won’t even drop down boom and then you go put your hands up if he exists in the eyes or light they’re all like yeah we’re still here you know so understand that those types of interactions will make you feel more comfortable with what’s going on energetically the spiritual around you mind you all of this is always going around those 24 hours 365 when if we’re 75 quality spiritual energies are always going on a difference is body conscious of it or not so regardless of what you believe you know regardless of where you don’t understand it this is always going on around us all of these dimensional planes always multiple multiple dimensional realities and aspects consciously here in a consciousness Indonesian right now it’s conscious everything’s conscious energy remember of energy or made of Stardust okay all of these elements you always must remind yourself just sometimes wake it up and all of a sudden I take that black pole off you’re like why what is this you know and you get that fear comes up I just want to understand to always go into your account mantra always talking your hai sub hi ourselves coming to protect me after like that until they’ve got a place help me and I always recommend a team my medical officers that are on my street always come down here and the last thing I’ll share with you is that this is a free will on earth and to always remember that you really want that change inside of yourself if you really want that change you know your environment your abundance you must ask for it ask any showers ask for the love ask for the healing right and ask as you feel right in your own but your own speak truth start putting one positive foot in front of the other and taking these picking on these deeper questions in life like why are we here why did I’ve incarnated on this planet and what are some the things that I would like to accomplish in this lifetime these are things to grow so with that my family’s know that I love you very very much more videos to come I’ll see you all very soon you..


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  • Very very good prep expo for the masses. Everything was spot on. The candle tech is a very old tech, awesome that you have shown the expansion of your focus in a clear vid on the “how to” of ap. Looking forward to seeing the full vid with everything uve wrked on