How To Astral Project Full Version

How to Astral Project-full Version- is the culmination of variant videos created to help those who would like to develop their 3rd eye. I hope this technique and description helps you. 🙂

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Text version:

now it seemed like it’s my family I wanted to make a video on astral techniques there are many different ways to astral project and if you are familiar with my earlier videos on astral projection how I use the candle to train not only your focus with training or third eye to be used in a much different way than it usually is which in 3d isn’t very much at all so I thought I’d start off by where it all began get a white handle sending a cup of room comfortably can be in your bedroom maybe in the living room don’t have the lights on too much brightly because what I want you to do is focus on the flame what you do is you stare at the flame let me do this in real speed for you guys so you can suits just put this on relax and I recommend putting some isochronic tunes on after you have your focus point let me explain this to you now when you’re staring at the candle your eyes lock on to it as you’re staring at your own can oh you’ll see that there’s a flame inside the normal flame and there is a border of this flame that dances around the outside of the flame okay it’s about yea big and it’s actually where the heat from the flame touches the atmosphere okay so what you do is you lock on to it with your eyes preferably towards the top of the flame just because that’s where the heat is the greatest you stare at this until you have the image ready right now of the flame ingrained into my vision now the flame will move don’t move here at the ingrained right you do this for about say love this is your first time May 5 to 10 in on it I mean that you know sometimes when you guys watch television and you’re staring at the TV and all of us on the TV even though it can be 10 15 feet away is zoomed in and it’s this big your eyes do funny things okay what I request is that you have that same effect when staring at this candle meaning that right now and you’re staring at it you know it looks very very small the little border the dances around the flame but when you focus all of your intent and you lock your eyes on it it will zoom in and all of us in the candle be right here and you can see the border around the flame that dances around it so you now have the flame engrained into your eyes correct look away easy to do is now close your eyes you know close your eyes and you’ll see your focus point move okay move wherever you want you know to go up but I’ll go left or go right but where it settles which will usually be dead center right here the tip of my finger is where my focus point is very tip my finger your eyes are closed you see the little red dot okay to the tip of my finger now what you do is mind you you only need to do the candle technique until you can see or feel where your third eye is this technique is simply to give you a reference point once you guys move past the point where you’re now you can know where your third eye is wherever you look in a room wherever you are night or day you can focus your eyes do that magic eye thing they lock on there’s your focus point okay close your eyes get in a seated position mind you when you are doing any of these type of astral projection techniques or anything form of meditation the main thing is if you’re sitting up is to keep your back straight why because that keeps all of your chakras aligned that is very important because the energy must flow freely through your body okay now if you’re laying on your back you can sit up in your bed look at the candle get it engrained blow it out blow out your candle lay back in bed in a comfortable position right before you go to sleep there’s your focus point now this is the next steps which I will walk you through and the progression okay so you have your breath your breath is your intent your breath will focus your intent or in whatever direction you will it what do I mean by that I mean when you exhale your breath and you put your energy and intent into that breath you can use it just like a bull’s eye you know it’ll lock on to whatever you wish to lock on to in this case your third eye mind you must remember too that even though you can’t see it at first you have energy streaming off each chakra each of your chakras and as you begin to activate your pineal gland which is located dead center of your brain which is your true lens more of these things become apparent to you in this video series I hope to explain the baby steps to get you to the more advanced stuff and here we go again so NASA projected I could go into the star field to the candle technique and the first time I went for like a minute and a half and then I fell asleep then the next night you know I’m followed my focus point a little farther you know down the room you know before TAMU is or more followed it followed equality fell asleep over the progression of a couple three four five months of doing this every night certain things when I was us projecting started to change and I knew how important it was something didn’t he said you must focus on your focus point everything that is you do not and like I said in the first videos when you’re also projecting you’re following your focus point down the wormholes what you’re actually doing is navigating through mind space to a place where you can actually see you’re navigating through this maze this matrix and you’re coming out so I know that now so when in the beginning you’re the KO technique you’re following your focus point stay on your bead it is very very important as what you are doing is training your mind and focusing your intent in a way that you’ve never done before and what I say all of that is you on a focus point and all of that is you focusing I mean all that is you everything that you are made of vibrating focusing all of your intent all of your mind completely quieted on one thing that type of intent and focus is the difference between doing something or not one thing that is the difference and no one’s really ever asked you to do that in your entire life focus all it is you into one intent having that background information why some things might slow you down you’ll begin to understand that to put all that is you into one thing is a very very very powerful thing and you will need that to bridge the gap between the third dimension which is you’re seeing with your eyes every time you wake up and the dimension you are wishing to travel to which is called astral projection astral travel there are many different definitions or vocabulary terms for what this is however I hope these baby steps will help you in the right direction now let’s explain what happens so in real speed just copy me okay when I go like this then I take it up then I take it out so you have your focus point your eyes are closed your focus point is right here okay you know how that ingrained and stop moving you’re locked onto your little red dot your green dot your purple dot whatever color or in some cases someone’s just a gray little dot you lock on your focus point okay and what I mean is when your eyes are closed your eyes are still looking okay it’s like in the beginning when you guys are doing this technique my eyes are closed but underneath my eyelids they are focused they are they are completely focused on their target even though my eyes are closed okay as you begin to get better you begin to use just this eye which is your true I your true lens penetrates your forehead right here okay in the beginning it’ll be about the size of my fingernail okay and it’ll be open and then it be closed will be open and it will be clear closed it’s not this technique takes time but I’ll show you how fast you’ll get with it so follow me exactly take this up you breathe in breathe out take it take my energy swing it back or bring it forward and I put my hands together and what I do is now the whole time I do that my eyes underneath my eyelids are locked on my focus point now for a shortcut what you can do once you have it is you squint here your eyes are still focused on the on the focus point what that does is that causes the energy to come up your chakras right into your your third eye right here so if you imagine the visual you can see my energy body right now the energy is coming up my body hence the stretching it’s bringing it up and it’s putting all my Chi right to where my third eye is okay so in one motion you squint your eyes your eyes are looking dead ahead you see your focus point and what I want you to do is kind of squint a little bit not any not anything crazy what you’ll find is the colors will raise your vibration will raise because you’re not going out the front door of your body your true I lock on your focus point you exhale now you do this sitting up in the darkroom or you can do this laying down in a darkroom the issue is that in the beginning it is much easier for you to do these skills and learn this ability in the dark that is you know you have a candle lit your candle you lock on your point you blew your candle out lay down in the dark you have some nice isochronic tunes I’ll put the link in my website basically it’s just even Enigma or Enya the issues that you need something cool common relaxing and it’s almost like travelling music okay you don’t want to fall asleep mind you the best time to do hasta projection is right before you go to bed because you are at the most relaxed state okay so in real time here we go take it up take it out find your focus point you press and what you guys can do is when I breathe out you can actually see it hit my focus point and push your breath can push that door open for you meaning that there’s a door that many you are hitting and you’re bouncing off you can’t go through the little wormhole what does he mean try locking your breath and below the door open okay which is your focus point you go right through it okay so now you’re in okay I’ll explain to you what I’m seeing now in the beginning which you will see is your focus point and what you tell yourself is in the beginning I’m getting closer I’m getting closer I’m getting closer I’m getting closer what is that what do I mean by that I mean that your focus point is here you are getting closer it’s like if you’re traveling you are traveling right you’re getting closer to your destination and this is what happens your focus point will keep getting closer and closer and closer and closer and closer and closer and what happens is it starts to spin okay you see a clockwise spin remember a clockwise spin to travel forward to pull something to you counterclockwise okay how do you do that okay I’ll get in that one second let me just take those that are just at this step okay getting closer getting closer you’re getting closer and closer office on you’re in look you’re in the vortex for text you’re in the wormhole now as you’re traveling your vortex your focus point will start doing this it’ll start moving okay the hardest thing to do in the very beginning is to follow your wormhole takes all of your focus all of your intent all of your being to keep your bead what do I mean by keeping your bead I mean following your focus point if you want to imagine you are following a ball of light down a wormhole and you’re trying to keep it in sight if you’re right here here’s your focus point you’re going down a wormhole so you’re getting closer you’re getting closer okay I was on you caught you caught your focus point now you’re in a wormhole okay and now what you’ll see is you’re not going to see your focus point anymore what you’re going to see is the opening at the tail end of the wormhole you’re traveling down so you’re in this big wormhole you’re just gonna see the opening at the end okay this little opening and you’re traveling you’re now traveling like I used I like to use the analogy of the roller coaster because ever it’s familiar and I think people can it becomes more the more of a game but more of a sensation that you will be undertaking you’re going up you’re going down you’re going left you’re going right okay so you’re traveling down this wormhole focusing on the opening point and off you go okay you’re traveling you’re traveling now in the beginning some of you will just be able to make it into the wormhole or fantastic it takes time practice mind you the only thing slowing you down in this place is you there are no breaks yes are some things and some abilities that some people may possess and some things that you may have to fix to make it happen that fast for you if you are older age being a first waiver you might have had a slight calcification of your pineal gland through various things in your environment if you want more information on that you can simply google calcification of the pineal gland and read about it this video series I’m not going to address that however I will address a technique of how to astral project so you’re going down your wormhole skate liver oil has been known to help by the way you’re going down your work okay you’re traveling you’re traveling after about 810 minutes sometimes 20 minutes depending on what speed you’re going okay you will hit the star field with that what does that look like that means you will you’re going through my office and you’ll come to a space okay and you begin to see stars going back boom boom boom boom little stars boom boom you might see a face come in and look at you and then step out of the way what is that that means you have now entered the astral you are now in the astral however you’re not in a stable place yet to you know get off the roller coaster hold up here let me get out no you’re still working on your foundational structure of your own construct in grasping this new ability which you are learning right now okay so as you’re going starfield start field don’t stop in look out the stars as they go by okay if you do this you might just get stopped there there’s many people that are just stuck in the star field okay I want you to go past that and the goal of this thing I will get to is awesome okay just work you through it you’re heading towards your focus bond you see your focus point I’m getting closer I’m getting closer I’m getting closer I’m getting closer all of a sudden you are inside your focus point then turns into a wormhole you are then travelling forward okay keeping your eyes locked on your bead which is to tip the opening little part of the wormhole you’re traveling could have a red tint a green tint a purple tint okay a yellow tint you’re going boom you’re traveling okay now you’re into the star field stars going by boom boom boom boom okay when this happens you must stay on your bead you stay locked on your on your bead okay you travel down this one and so all of a sudden it’ll kind of stop like instead of the Stars going by like boom boom boom it always kind of be like and you’ll be able to look left look right look left and you’ll be able to see full amount okay now what did you just do you have just not only left your body but you have separated yourself threes in the front door of your body out of this dimension you are now being able to see what you consider if you were Native American the spirit world you are now past this third density okay some of the things to help you accelerate faster when you’re going to do body activation is very important in developing the rest of your skills understanding your chakras understanding how they work understanding that your true self lies within not outside all the truth that you will find always comes from the inside out and to be aware of that and understand that now while you are charging in the morning the easiest way to do this in a more cool common collective manor is I’m going to give you a little tip on how to direct your charge and a way in to do so that it enhances what you’re trying to do when you go outside in the morning look up at the Sun put your left hand up towards the Sun put your middle finger over where the Sun is so it’s not shining in her eyes turn your hand your left hand ninety degrees to the left and where your palm is in relation to that Sun is where the true Sun is the true power source the brown dwarf resides the Sun you see every day is reflector it is still used as a reflective tool as your DNA is being activated I wonder what that consists of so to understand that when you are charging now your new lock on point right there behind me okay you now have your huge lock on right which is to the left of the Sun you see every now what I usually say is in the beginning was they had to sit me down and explain the experience and explain explain the steps to get to a place where you can really just go outside and say hire yourself charge me up now you can still say that but they first showed me a more basic way of how to charge show me was with your eyes closed looking at the Sun we then adjust your focus to the left hand side of the Sun where the brown dwarf resides and they say charging me up and what I see is one of my higher selves then pulling like it almost like a cable down and attaching it to my heart now before even that stage the first stage you can do and you guys are loving this let’s try so many guests and see it is you go to the left where the that ground dwarf is you put both your hands up and what you’re going to do is they’ll being a little pulse so take a little pulse of life they’re going to be completely aware of what you’re trying to do when you’re doing this this inner dialogue is higher self I would like to charge I would like to charge from the truth source the true power source of which this planetary system resides it so you put both your hands up and it’s almost like you grab that pulse and you squeeze like this and what I want you to do is watch that pulse that’s now in your right here by your palms actually go down your arms and watch it go into your heart chakra boom and then do it again so you lock on again eyes are closed you hook up with the Sun you look to the left of the Sun where you have your gauge which we just gauge where it was okay so good luck there’s the true Sun hands go up you grab the pulse of light you squeeze you watch the energy come down your hands and down your arms and your shoulders and in your heart you can watch it on both sides this one will come down around loop and in and when while you’re charging now also be aware of your energetic field expanding next pulse you do right grab comes down in your heart chakra you’ll see your energetic field push out again and then again and again you are expanding your energetic field now with that knowledge how do you get to doing that another cool tip you can do is while you’re in that meditative zone say you’re outside setting yourself now inside kind of imagine is a little darker maybe our blinds closed whatever you you step back inside kind of half in half out and then while you’re in the darker space keep with your eyes closed after you’ve charged about 20 30 minutes look down at your body look down at your arms you will notice they’re glowing you know at first it won’t be like they’re glowing but you’ll see like oh this is this is new with your eyes closed you’ll be able to see your arms see your body see your legs and is the more light and the more you charge the more vibrant that like some compost when you’re going to the wormhole you found like oh this is a really cool speed can I go faster yes you can hit the gas all you have to do is walk on your beat again pink energy up well that’s your forehead boom and you step on the gas and what it’ll look like is there’s a little it looks like a little starburst mine it’s like a little bit of energy and then as you squint and get big you lock on your point all of a sudden you’ll go and then it’s dislike in the beginning it was like a little burst it was like a little poof like hit the gas a little bit it looks like a little bit of glowing debris that boom like a little ball of energy boom you step on the gas now as you get stronger that little ball of energy that helps you boost will get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger to the point where you actually might have to hit your brakes a little bit now when you penetrate the dimension with your third eye you must understand too that sometimes you blow right past where you want to be it’s like it’s like being in the freeway oh I miss my exit so this is what I mean by that there are various bandwidths to travel on okay the one I recommend traveling on would be yellow yellow to blue okay we are in the red zone currently on planet earth and it is shifting okay and we’re going from the route shocker you want imagine your bottom chakra to your stomach chakra okay we’re moving up okay so when traveling some things to pay attention to when the faces and stuff come in you can simply tell yourself to I want like to go I my past videos I’d say go blue now going blue is awesome however if there are many things that you would miss if you simply only exist in the blue realm the orange yellowish tint is where most people in the Astro can actually sit have a conversation and be with one another when you go blue you’re actually going above that okay and just know that each color if you want think about I’m seeing yellow I’m seeing purple I’m seeing these different colors what is that you are writing on a different bandwidth okay so imagine if this is a stream okay there’s the red stream the yellow stream the green stream the blue stream as you’re going up your chakras rival in the same situation say you wanted to hang out with somebody that’s in the yellow you must come up to the yellow and then ride that stream or bandwidth it’s a frequencies what I’m truly getting at because when someone says to me you know these spiritual people need to raise your vibration help them raise their vibration what does that mean I mean the inside my vessel which isn’t three eat your vibration actually begins to raise and what’s a physical attribute attached to that Ryan well I’ll show you this is what I mean by the vibration which comes from the inside out okay remember your oxygen is your fuel pot bellied breath clockwise spin to go lock on your focus point focus point here crown focus point hands go together hands there’s energy you actually come off the tips of your finger so when I go like this I’m going focus point crown focus point crown I tie them together then wrap them directly over your crown chakra head you press remember your breath is what can blow that door open if you’re magic you’re in Lord of the Ring you know Bilbo Baggins house it’s a little a little circle door right right that little circle door your breath I imagine that circle door is your focus point and imagine when you breathe out with your intent it blows that door okay that’s a new little tip for my family your breath has abilities in its own your breath can do many things you’re staring at you lock on to the border the dances around a little great border when your eyes actually lock on to it they have the same effect as they zoom in right there engaging this is a shortcut to have your mind your mind’s eye engage into a different type of wave that you normally don’t use okay so in that same way what happens is let’s find a decent one here the same way your eyes can pull a 3d image off this page turning a 2d platform into a 3d image in the same way what is happening is that your pineal gland is doing the same thing it is taking a 2d image and making it a 3d image just as your eyes lock on to the to the beam so on the border of this flame that zooming in as it zooms in and as you look away and you see where your focus point is it’s the exact same concept so I said in the beginning maybe if you’re having a really hard time finding your focus point once you have the focus point engaging that lock on sequence right I would practice with the magic eye book until you can turn the page and boom the 3d images there and then boom the 3d images there that’s the step second thing is as many of you will find when you’re phasing or just doing your normal astral projection stuff that you might see animals you might see obviously icon all kinds of stuff right stuff from Earth stuff that’s not from Earth now it’s so normal to me to be in both places that it seems at times that that world that dimension of reality feels more comfortable than this one I wish to speak about from my hearts and the things when you see your higher self for the first time I really can’t explain that feeling of emotion and joy and I understand that in the App. Store can be very tricky some things to Gate guide and age you especially when you’re getting your eyes for the first time in this incarnation is only those that exist in the highest order of light and they stay in my presence only those that exist in the highest order of language stay in my presence only those beings that exist in the highest order of life may stay in my presence and only those beings that exist in the highest ray of light they stay in my presence and in this reality that we are living sometimes your higher self higher selves and most importantly your highest self which in all reality is your most evolved self how is that running as you work your way up the dimensions and the rings of enlightenment you will notice that your highest self is the most evolved because it has the biggest heart means that it possesses the most unconditional love for your construct and you are allowed into the upper dimensions because you are a pure and solid a beautiful beam just loves mines you love is the highest vibration because there is no negative repercussion from loving words it’s just love it’s awesome and mind you in the beginning of your awakening so your family will use any type of interaction tool that will aid you and starting to graphs a bigger picture you know it’s baby steps baby steps so I hope this helps and the concepts of which I speak of there are many different paths towards your own awakening in life and the one thing to recognize though is that even though there are all these different plants right and all these different ways to get there they’re all going the same direction to the same place which is your own individual ascension and wake hope so my analogies help you in your own understandings also be aware of you know just cuz I got my eyes first doesn’t mean that your ears your throat chakra being activated or your hands your sensation being activated first it’s just as valid and just as important I didn’t get my ears about six months after I got my eyes so everyone’s different it’s like you can for example the best soccer player isn’t the best baseball player this baseball player isn’t the best basketball player depending on your skill and your gift that you’re naturally gifted with you could have the best ears on the planet if you have the best sensation on the planet have the best eyes on the planet whatever that category is as many other senses beyond that but I’m trying to say that if you get your sensations first one of my members on my team has very very excellent sensation is higher self Ingo is it right or left to try right hand if it’s right which my left hand a bit if it’s left this fast and if it’s a maybe twitch both hands a little key for those feelers out there those healers you know you can any yes or no question in the universe you can ask an answer is it yes touch my right hand does it know the beginning when the activity of your hands they have to be your palms first right here and it feels like a light breath when they’re when they’re actually making contact and touching now your ears at first you might hear a little chatter but the most important thing about having ears is as follows one stream of consciousness per being keeps it very simple for the 3d vessel to understand what you are trying to communicate for example I’ve some being over here that wishes to speak with me the easiest way I deal with that is yo dude you want to talk to me talk my higher self higher self and talks to being translates what you want we’re right you wanted to know when you were going to bubble up but when you actually have allowed beings to talk at you like you do in a cafeteria or something gets very disorienting for us especially we’re waking up in 3b and to simply say if you have something to say to me say to my Higher Self my Higher Self in my own voice will tell me what you said and ask and I shall apply it’s very simple one stream of consciousness and the beginning just very simple answers and keep that simple what else like I said again anything negative being repeated any feeling of negativity for these sensitive people out there remember when you’re in your heart space and you’re actually feeling your heart space and you’re inside that green diamond of safety you will feel other people’s fields around you push on you and to be aware of that into a whole Jordan but here’s a little tip that I just recently learned that when if you focus on your breath and you inhale in Excel and imagine all your higher selves inhaling and exhaling at the same beat inhale all together and the exhale when you can complete that that psycho oneness to be one with the one to be all and know all is to be a part of all to understand the construct and the foundation what this is which in many ways very commonly said this is the root level of Ascension if the Tree of Life if I was the Tree of Life let’s just say where I would be in this dimension I’d be at the root level on the root some underground women literally at the roots but as the roots shift the whole tree ships the roots must be strong or the tree will not grow to be big and strong you are at the root level of Ascension you want another visual you’re in an elevator you’re at the mall get in the elevator with the ground floor you hit three door opens you get off you’re are you are in the third dimension what you will learn to do through your eyes the projection in your energy body activation as well as your mantras you can google it get the pattern get the color sequence down it’s very important every human being at seven chakras when you do that and then have a reference point of the color remind you know as I told you about writing the bandwidths same colors same sharpness same thing it’s just different ways that you have to conceive your environment to you for your own perception to be able to process the information and then use it in a 3d format and this transitionary time and process that we’re in developing those basic understandings is what’s going to make this a cool calm and collective transition for you what I can say is focus on your diet in the beginning you’re having a hard time focusing remember you are in a machine of flesh which you put in you are what you eat right no red meat me personally like hamburger is like that all issue is that no food that actually has no true purpose in your vessel I’m not saying everyone’s happy vegan chicken fish whatever you want to do but the issues that need to start working your way towards a healthier style of living that’s what I’m trying to get to you you control your own destiny and however you see fit to do that however I will say something very cool calm and collectively if you are in a Ferrari right so you’re inside of a Ferrari you go to get gas and you put diesel in that Ferrari it’s not going to run it’s not going to run properly maybe you can’t you maybe can only go 20 miles an hour when in the construct you can easily go 220 why the fuel that you put into that vehicle is what’s relevant don’t put diesel into a Ferrari a little tip for you things like that you got to make it really practical very very practical and common sense doing your mantras will help you out so activate your comlink it also aligns your chakras in your life you will find that sometimes when I say static what does that mean it means a negative entities or negative situations that will approach you and your decision and responsibility and taking the reins back into control of yourself is something that will help you steal your mind get more confidence all these things yoga is a great thing to practice you stretch you know it’s an awesome stretch it’s an awesome workout in strength training working out is definitely necessary because it helps imagine if you’re working really hard on the inside your house to projection you’re doing your energy body stuff but you’re not working out or not you know jogging or doing something remember you are in 3d so anything that you can do to help accelerate that activation I mean like getting outside getting some fresh air getting some Sun working out it’s just going to improve your life and it’s very important and it’s not so much just for the physical thing but it’s where your mental you will find that sometimes you have a really stressful day you go to the gym after work you come home and get out of that steam room coming down you know come down the escalator go to your car and you know what you’re not that stressed out anymore you know but if you go home and you choose to instead of doing that work out deal you choose to sit in front of TV and drink a beer for example you’re not benefiting you’re not helping yourself you’re just repeating the same cycle that you’ve been doing for the past 10 20 30 40 years you are not we’re doing the same thing over and over and over again and it’s not benefiting take care of your vessel take care of the mind pay attention to the food that you did drink plenty of water and these little tips I hope will help you and the future is awesome and makes fun one our future and who we are is about to be revealed to us as you remember who you’re and where we’re going you let go of the pains of the past and we need to be present moment you need to be present right now not thinking about tomorrow a week from now when this is due well goddess want to get to work so I can go on vacation all these things you put up in front of you all listening to remember in the past god I can’t believe she said that about me I’m not like that or this or you get in a fight of the co worker or you’re getting five necks girlfriend or not these things in the past right you just need to focus on the present right right at this exact second this nanosec focus should and push that’s all you’re going to do I love you very much namaste in luggage aware of your light do you aware that you only wish to communicate with light beings in the divine we are light beings at our core and even those that exist in the lower dimensions some of them have just forgotten that simple fact that at the core of every being lives the heartbeat of Source pulsing and just that some beings are playing that role of separation which is ending very very soon so love you guys all very much during very hard Oh..


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  • This is a very ancient and revered yogic technique, known as Trataka meditation (with candle flames commonly used as focal point). The yogi’s say this technique will increase powers of concentration, focus, willpower, as well as claimed siddhis or psychic mind powers. Some peeps also say it is very good for astral travel and lucid dreaming practice.

  • i saw this a few months ago and it was my first attempt at astral projection. It was very effective but as soon as i reached the separation part i got scared and came out of it. the feeling of splitting apart and becoming 2 different bodies freaked me out.

  • I always have trouble projecting. It seems like no matter how long I try to get to the vibration stage I end up just getting so tired that I roll over and fall asleep. I literally spent 2 hours last night building up through stage 2 before I thought f it. I do recall that while I was letting the movies play in my head like you said to not force it I would catch myself drifting off then realizing that my body felt unusually light or heavy. Am I doing it right? Am I supposed to just fall asleep or keep my conscious awake?

    Been trying for years and only time I get vibrations is when I realize im dreaming then I lose control of my dream shortly after.

    can you help explain what am i am doing wrong?

  • Hello i keep staring to the flame for about 10 mim but still when closing my eyes my focus light stays for a while and then it dissapears in less than a minute. There is anything i can do to keep my focus?

  • Just want to report back after the last comment. I’m not sure which part of the method is doing this, perhaps its the part where you squint and direct your focus forwards towards the point, but doing this exercise for just 10 minutes or so gave me a level of clarity in my vision I haven’t had in years. Normally without my glasses I can’t see at any distance, even right in front of my face is blurry, but after this exercise I could see perfectly for around a metre to all sides. Makes me wonder if my eyes aren’t as bad as the optometrist says and perhaps they’ve just gotten used to the focus of my lenses. I’ll be experimenting with this more and seeing if my vision improves further – but thought I’d include this so any others with myopia etc might consider trying it 🙂

  • i have a question. why is it that when ever i try to document the places ive been like draw them and capture the picture, why is that when ever i try to remember i see it but my mind goes blank? are we not allowed to document the places in picture? this has puzzled me for sometime now.

  • Wow! This is quite impressive there is incredible information here. This guy is giving a very advance course. Could it be too much for a novice like me? It is certainly worth the try. I Just want to Thank You! For the incredible Video and Explanation. Thank You!