How To Astral Project: Vibrate Stage

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Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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Oh my hair looked nappy as polar let me go with that glove I’m stupid how y’all doing my little sages and shamans me I’m doing damn well complete honesty I’m doing better than damn well I feel like my entire life has recently just come full circle as if I’ve learned very important lessons I know I just I feel like all my mistakes have served to strengthen me in some way and honestly 2018 is already sucking my dick it’s about to be a Liddy here I feel as if I’ve reached a level of self realization that so few do and I’m just so proud that reached at such an early age and I want y’all to be self realized with me so come on in subscribe also I’m a life coach slash funny dude by profession so you know hit me up in the social media links down below IG snapchats in the facebook let’s commute that’s us so in this video we’re gonna be talking about how you can ask project once you get into that vibrating stage astral projection ribbed for her pleasure let me rerun real quick you see I have this one video for tips on how I got a natural projector tonight but if you guys would like to hear and see more of my goon like exploits they know feel free to subscribe Oh astral projection what that be astral projection is where your soul leaves your body and you are then free to travel other planes of existence or this very earth oh don’t give me that look it’s nowhere near as freaky as it sounds so for those new to the topic release any thoughts of astral projection being of the devil that’s triple stack misconstrued horseshit so put it nicely oh let’s recap astral projection happens when your mind is in the middle of a wake and asleep and you’re in the stage the most common symptom is this mass vibrations going through you when you feel these vibrations this is the prime astral is like astral liftoff to be honest to ever for many myself included people up this part through no fault of their own by the way because honestly it’s pretty freaky the first time it happens to you for somebody all like AJ but we want to know how to get to that vibration stage or you can check that out in my other video I’m doing a series to teach people how to astral project in different stages of astral projection be it sleep paralysis stage vibration stage etc but what is the vibration stage oh that’s simple of the vibration stages daemons taken over your body I’m sitting with you the vibration stage is your etheric body separating from your physical body when I say vibration stage just won’t feel like tingling as this won’t feel like your phone going off this will feel like a literal earthquake nothing less coupled with this earthquake shaking feeling it also feel as if something is just pulling you at like a thousand miles per hour my first tip for this vibration stage do not be scared and I see I know it’s hard to say don’t be scared when you’re trying to ask to project and this happens to you it can be freaky however this has happened to me several times when I’m not even trying to ask a project I just wake up at 4: 00 in the morning go take a piss come down lay my head next thing I know I’m just being like slingshotted I’m just like rah I just won’t sleep I got an a they am but you see fear war is the number one thing that will ruin this process if you feel that you are in danger then don’t trigger something in your mind I’ll go against the process it’s like trying to swim against a powerful strong current you will fail so instead you must flow with what you’re feeling and you must just surrender and accept and trust me as man like myself whose loves control and power that is a scary thing my second tip don’t be too excited now I know you spent all this time months meditating you’re like yeah we out your on our actual grind a lever too much excitement will cause the same result is too much fear it’ll snap you out of your trance like state and can end the process altogether oh and by the way when this process ends it’ll feel like you’re falling a thousand feet in space so you know just a little added incentive to not mess it up the trick to this is to be calm calmer you’re the more lucid you are however there’s a flipside to this the calmer you are the easier it is for your theaetetus officially be pulled from your this will increase the vibrations that increase the speed at which it feels like you’re flying kind of really I mean it’s like the calmer you are the freakier these sensations will get but I like weird so I’ll roll with it where’s your mom venus is an Aquarius so who knows maybe that’s why so you’ve released all fear you’ve contained on excitement the only thing left now is to be free be free my children now I call this the flash method have you guys seen the flash on Netflix now see I’m assuming that all my lovely subscribers have Netflix cuz I know that my little sexy sages are probably out here meditating and Netflix and chilling the flash has this one superpower where he Vista vibrates super fast when he vibrates super fast he’s able to phase through objects and you’re at this vibration stage I want you guys to visualize you’re a feared body just vibrating it should be extremely easy for you because you’re feeling these vibrations so really if anything you just kind of amplifying them a little bit remember it’s important to still surrender to this current that you are being subjected to they’re flowing along with it and increase in the vibrations visualize your body just like phasing through your physical body and just being released like it’s not kept backed by anything really all there is to it thank you guys so much for watching if you want to see more subscribe these..


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  • Ive been in the vibration stage so many time! I just wanna project. I cant help but start breathing really heavy. How do i control my breathing during this stage

  • I woke up this morning in the vibrational stage and felt my astral body leaving my physical body(or entering?). There was all this energy and noise in my third eye chakra. I was a wonderful way to wake up! Glad you are making consistent videos again, AJ.