How To Astral Travel For Beginners

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your piece today I want to talk about how to astral travel for beginners this is more so of a video to prepare you for astral travel as opposed of like actual techniques if you want actual techniques I can do a part two but for now this is more so of the type of mentality you will have going into your astral travels and what I’m showing you on the screen is some of my digital art to give you a feel of what the astral looks like for those of you who are never seen it it’s like formless even though you can see what it is it’s very loose it’s very firmly so when you’re in the astral it’s like you can you will be able to tell what things are but it would be very very vivid and very very lucid so the first thing is use your memory to elevate yourself mentally meaning everything is based on memory if you don’t have access to your memory of course you’re not gonna remember your astral travels or your dreams because the thing is astral traveling it’s nothing new it’s nothing that we haven’t been doing our whole lives we also travel pretty much every night it’s just that you don’t remember it so really the thing is not to really teach you how to astral travel is really just to remember your travels that you’re already doing every night and you do that by having access to your memory because most of us our memory is locked down meaning whether you work in a job or you had to go to school or basically doing anything that you were doing on a daily basis and this repetitive is boring and all that stuff you tend not to want to remember your days because it’s not really nothing to look forward to like how many of us really enjoyed working a nine to five doing hard labor or even just sitting at a desk in school for those of us who are spiritual it was pretty much hell so we learned to develop the technique of erasing our memory because we didn’t want to remember shit anyway because it was like the same shit was happening so in order to tap back into your memory you have to learn new things every day whether it’s a new word a new phrase or anything as long as you’re doing something new every day you pretty much have a reason to wake up in the morning I understand what motherfuckers they don’t want to wake up in the morning cuz they don’t want to go to work they don’t want to deal with the day that’s perfectly understandable but when you dedicate yourself to remembering and learning new things you have something to look forward to and you can use that however you please just make sure that you are learning something every day and you commit it to your memory it’s not enough to like read books and take notes and all this shit like I’m going on reading notes but if you commit it to memory you don’t need this you have your mind and when you have your mind anything is possible the next thing is study your reactions to stop bad shit from happening meaning like I was saying earlier it’s more so of since we’ve been programmed to have certain reactions to certain things we tend not to want to remember this shit or we don’t know why we react in certain ways for example if you hit your foot you’re gonna yell out or whatever your reaction is but that’s a programming reaction that’s the probably the same reaction you have for years it probably dates all the way back to your childhood so a lot of a lot of our reactions date back to our childhood and we pretty much have we just repeat the same shit over and over and over again because that’s the only thing that’s in our memory is all of the batch all of the trials and tribulations and all that shit because like I was saying we we don’t commit daily shit to memory so the only thing in our memory is the shit that we’ve pretty much been going through our whole lives and this is why we constantly go in circles because we’re only we only can go as far as our memory allows us to go so if you’re not learning new things every day don’t expect new things to happen it’s pretty much straight like that the next thing is use your speech to get out there and teach meaning if you have some knowledge if you have something to say you have to exercise your speech and get the truth out here like it’s so many people out here that don’t know anything just so many people out here don’t want to be spiritual that won’t information like this but they don’t have access to it because how many people are really teaching about this this is like an abstract concept for most people because we’re really talking about things that you can’t physically touch you can’t physically hear this is all my power this is all like mine physics metaphysics right if you’re talking about metaphysics you’re talking about something that you have to deal with with your mind so most people can’t even grasp grasp concepts like this so if you have any type of knowledge you know I mean it’s your responsibility to teach and by you teaching you’re gonna get that energy back and you’re gonna pretty much set yourself up to land good at the end of the day next thing is giving love freely will uplift humanity basically what I just said like the more love you give and by love I mean like you’re doing things without wanting something in return or you’re not even really taking it personally like if somebody cusses you out you don’t take it personally even if somebody give you love you still don’t take it personally it’s about not being attached to all this all these things because this is what they do with Fame like with people who get famous they get caught into the the like people who screaming her name and all that stuff they get addicted to that and when they fall off that’s why everybody just become silent at that point because it was all fake in the first place so that leads to the next thing singing through illusions stops any and all confusion meaning once you realize that this shit is temporary this material shit ain’t what they wants you to think it is they saw a bullshit and our life is really to prepare for death what I mean by that is when you die you become free and if you didn’t spend your life acquiring knowledge about what happens after death and all that stuff conquering your fears if all you were doing was working on the fives and paying bills all your life when you die you’re gonna have to repeat this shit again however if you spent your lifetime acquiring knowledge you pretty much free yourself from having to repeat that shit again so next thing is creative energy so always be expressed passionately meaning your creative energy doesn’t supposed to be like a good way to put it is if you’re speaking truth truth should be spoken with enthusiasm like you shouldn’t be whispering truth people whisper lies people talk low when they lie so if you’re speaking truth you should you should speak to shit with confidence because it’s creative energy especially you know when you’re talking about spiritual knowledge it’s pretty much it’s a personal thing and everybody has their own interpretations of what everything means so if you really believe in yourself and you believe in your truth then it should be spoken passionately and the last thing is control of time gives one access to the greater divine meaning when you manage your time correctly you become in tune with the universe God whatever it is that you call it but you have to manage your time correctly meaning there’s a time and place for everything and most of the time we get thrown off by our addictions whatever your addiction is if you have any that would rose soft meaning like for example if I was doing this video right now when I got hungry and I just start the video and ate some shit then that led to me not getting back to the video watching TV or whatever other type of bullshit people do then they never get back to what they were supposed to be doing in the first place that’s a distraction that’s an addiction and now your time management is all fucked up because you allow something to sidetrack you and you never got back to what you originally started so when you combine all of these into one whole science and you take this into your dreams into your astral travels you use your memory you control your reactions you’re using your speech you’re getting love you’re seeing through the illusions you’re using creative energy and you’re using proper time management I also travel it will be easy as fuck I’m just telling you right now like if you’re not weighed down by chemicals and meats and processed foods and all this bullshit they use to control us astral traveling will not be a problem this is why I always recommend fasting because the more you and the sense suffer the more you gain as they say no pain no gain if you can fast which can be painful but the benefit will be you’re gonna be more lighter you’re gonna be able to remember your dreams you’re gonna be able to astral travel more easily as opposed of you’re heavily weighed down by processed foods and you wonder why you can’t do anything spiritually you know I mean so that’s just a quick little shit so I want to know more to see me I’ll not do a part two so peace..

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  • Thank you. I don’t eat heavy, I fast, I use all natural products I control mind… I guess my problem is memory. maybe I should go through the pain of not smoking weed at night.

  • Well why dont you tell us some of your astral travel experiences. On a lot of your videos, you go in grave detail about how to do certain things and its all heavily appreciated. We need more people like you sharing their knowledge of these things. However, I do feel like the message would be a lot more powerful with a few of your own personal experiences doing these things you’re describing. Just for the sake of curiosity and a better understanding.