How To Meet Your Spirit Guides In The Astrals

Do you have spirit guides? Learn how to connect to your spirit guides and meet them for the first time during your projections.

Astral projection is easier than people try and make out sometimes. If you haven’t got results yet grab the free audiobook mastering astral projection by going back to basics and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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so you need to learn how to cleanse the energy and there’s a way to make sure that these thoughts don’t stick to you and that’s by being sentient and by being centered I mean you focus on who you are 3d is very sexual based so it’s going to be a lot of sexual based activities in the lower realms because you’re getting all their thoughts okay so what you want to do is by the way the only way you get there is if you’re vibrating on a similar frequency obviously if you’re etheric body which is made up of your thought forms its resonating on the same type of thought forms in the thrid Chrome which is compiled of thought forms you’re going to find yourself in that location so what you do is you sit within yourself and you just be honest with yourself okay given my metal state how I think about things where am I most likely going to end up and if it is going to be in this place how can I most likely not end up in that place how can I change the probabilities so if you’re thinking about certain things go into yourself and just get centered okay this is me these thoughts are coming from me I’m going to focus on the positive aspect love lasts have you made love Wow that’ll put your frequency way off the chart you’ll be really high vibrating high you’ll even bump into the high dimensions having people around you that loved you that will shift your thoughts into a pattern of thinking where you will only attract those similar experiences you’ll be surrounded by people in the asteroids that love you so that’s an automatic certificate to the higher realms not only that but you automatically just blast everyone away to thinking negative low vibrational frequency thought forms of that area so this is just centering yourself in the positive spectrum of your etheric body of the thought form of your energy field okay of the of the great of everyone’s thoughts there’s always going to be a positive and a negative okay so by you just sitting there and he takes like five ten minutes just look at the main parts of you that you know needs to be centered and just think about before you ask to project then you’ll be fine now you do get pretty good at noticing other people’s thought forms in the esta realm to the degree where you can just it doesn’t even faze you it doesn’t come near you even it’s not a vibrational match because you’re not holding the frequency so it doesn’t exist in your space that’s why you don’t end up in these locations but if you are in these locations you’re most likely going to be protected most likely by spirit guides or entities that have your back I said this in a video not too long ago my astral projection crash course which is a very easy crash course people popping up first time to check the comments and you’ll see after you’ve gone past roughly negative but I talked about how something went to touch me and I just burst out white light and in doing so their hands burn and they all just scattered the area shifting through dimensions if you can imagine everyone just running away from you and banishing as they’re running away walking through walls pure clear energy penetrated the room just clean you know when you open the cones in the morning and it’s like you just feel switched on and happy all of the sudden that serotonin bursts within your pineal gland just makes you feel really good and you’re ready to start all day that is what it was like how do you make sure something’s got your back well first off the first thing that came to my mind is knowing that you’re looked after we’re taking care of if you do a little slant meditation where you look back into the memories of your life and you look at all the small opportunities that opened up all the little miracles that made you feel as if someone had your back okay maybe you had to go home quickly from work just by so called coincidence none of the traffic lights were red they were all green every time and even when you’re approaching a red traffic light it just turned green it’s a school day and yet the roads are clear you just so happened to receive money in the post to pay your bills which you were worrying about thinking that it wasn’t going to happen you’re gonna become late within that area of your life things like this little circumstances friends that just show up out of nowhere because they thought I I just felt as if you needed my help so I came to Comfort un it may not say that if they just show up when you’re feeling bad well they just phone you or text you it puts a smile on your face maybe there’s some sort of intervention maybe songs swaying their thoughts on their end allowing them to communicate to you to lift you up you see this is how dimensional beings high dimensional beings communicate to you they’re going to communicate to you in ways you’re already familiar with and as your awareness grows of how many different ways these beings can contact you it’s going to change and when you saw astral projecting and you understand that they are there they’re going to show up and they’re going to pull you out of your body but they’re gonna warn you first normally as you’re drifting to sleep on your pillow you start hearing their voices and it’s a comforting warm feeling that’s another thing in the astral realms you can feel people’s intentions their thoughts coming off of them same with the voices so you’ll know it’s going to match that frequency you feel every time it feels like someone’s got your back in 3d hone in on that frequency and think about that frequency before you go to astral project and you’ll be fine you’re going to attract them okay another way they’ve talked to people is through double digits numbers 11: 11 five five five on my favorites and sevens I get a lot of sevens and a lot of zeros and a lot of ones especially within the two weeks that I’ve been giving out this content..


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  • I literally just woke up from trying to meet up with my spirit guides, but I got scared and panicked until I woke up.
    And what do I wake up to? Two very fitting Ryan Cropper videos at the top of my youtube feed.

  • I find myself really wishing I had friends who were interested or with more experience in these matters so I could have a personal reference. But these videos do help immensely so thank you!