How To Protect Yourself From Negative Astral Entities

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the astral plane is a real place that can easily be experienced by us lucid dreaming ho bees and astral projection are all doorways into the astral plane which is an entirely different dimension of the unfair se but just like any plane of existence there are entities that that inhabit the astral plane who want nothing more than to trick you scare you manipulate you and mess with you psychologically if you are in the astral plane and don’t know how to navigate it to protect yourself you can wind up in the hands of a negative astral entity who wants nothing more than to mess with your mind and scar you psychologically they can’t kill you a harm you physically but if you are not protecting yourself then can leave a permanent impact in your mind and energy field here are some very useful ways to help protect yourself against negative astral entities one pray in the new age community we are toward self empowerment and sometimes resist the idea of praying because we don’t want to surrender ourselves we feel it makes this powerless helpless but the truth is you have angels guides and a Creator that are on the other side of the physical plane and are eager to lending a hand of comfort to you the astral plane is not the only spiritual plane there are many other higher glory realms populated by beings of light that want nothing more to reach out to you goodness and fairness prevents them from violating your free will when you pray surrender and reach out from your own free will you will always be heard and protected to control your thoughts an uncontrolled mind can breed paranoia and fear which should literally magnetize is negative astral entities to you whatever repetitive thoughts of fear you have playing through your mind will manifest in one form or another during an experience in the astral planes or out of body it will either manifest in the form of a shadow self a negative astral entity or a landscape remember that spirits of darkness feed off of the energy of fear practice meditation in your waking life to learn how to develop a new relationship to your mind and experience yourself as something beyond your thought stream learn how to ground yourself in the present moment and silence your mind your understanding of your mind in waking life will translate into your experience of other dimensions you can then choose not to give in to thoughts of fear and paranoia and you will no longer be an energetic magnet to beings that feed off of your fear 3 raise your vibration in the astral plane think of having a high vibration as a form of preventative medicine against negative astral entities it’s much harder to protect yourself against something when it is already in your presence it’s kind of like trying to fight off the cold when you already have a sinus infection versus fighting it off with proper sleep and diet prior to it reaching the point in the first place remember that no demon are astral and taken torment you if you are protecting yourself if you are cultivating love within yourself praying for protecting from your heart and create energetic shift within yourself to raise your vibration you are going to be vibrationally incompatible with negative entities who want to scare you on P late you you you..

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